Sync multiple Document folders from different sharepoint sites on PC

Is there an easier way to sync multiple document folders/library from different Sharepoint sites within my organisation’s Sharepoint to my Windows explorer? Currently the only way I can see this can be done is to go to each of those sharepoint sites online and clicking “sync” on each of the documents folder. I was wondering if there might be a converged solution to sync the top level site which then only shows the documents folder from the sharepoint sites I have permission to access?

I’d like this so everyone in my company don’t have to spend time syncing every folder individually.

Any help appreciated.


sync – Keep Ubuntu installations across multiple systems equal

Is there a way to have lets say to computers running Ubuntu, and every time I install something to one system, it somehow syncs up with a server, as to what was installed, and as soon as i start the other system, is installs the same programs/packages? Bonus would obviously be Even file syncs, without relying to much on Dropbox, OneDrive, etc …

sync – Best way to share Shortcut to File stored in SharePoint – Can’t access URL in File Explorer without Opening IE First

I’m trying to find ways to share a shortcut to a file (Excel Add-In) I have stored in MS Teams/Sharepoint.

So far I’ve gotten it to work via “Sync/Shortcut” and by opening the files in explorer and creating a shortcut then copying it.

I looked into opening files via “File Explorer” without using a shortcut/sync feature by using “Classic Mode” in IE to open files, but I noticed that FE wasn’t able to get back to the FE URL unless the user has first opened it via IE and even then, it must be done each restart of the computer! So, that method seems out unless somebody knows a fix for that.

I tried using:

start "" "%systemroot%explorer.exe" "\"


"%systemroot%explorer.exe" "\"

Today I resigned to at least get it working, and setup instructions on how to use “Sync” which is the reccomended method by microsoft, but then I found when I tried to hyperlink the “deploy” script, that MS Word doesn’t allow Environment Variables (%USERPROFILE%Sharepoint...) inside Hyperlinks in a word document!

Now I’m wondering if there is a way I can prevent users from accessing/downloading files unless access via “Sync”, but I don’t like how “Sync” doesn’t make a shortcut under File Explorers “One Drive”.

I see now that if I add a shortcut AFTER sync, it won’t place a shortcut under “One Drive” in FE, but I’m wondering if I add a shortcut, then sync, do I get the benefits of Sync and it’s under File Explorer? Note: I just tried to sync after shortcut and it says “You’re already syncing a shortcut tot a folder from this shared library”.,general%20availability%20in%20September%202020.

As it stands now, I think I’ll direct users to hit “Add a Shortcut”, then navigate via “File Explorer” as I can’t use Hyperlinks still to reference “One Drive” in the MS Word document that details this process and then create the shortcut/run the deploy script.

Does anybody have suggestions on a best approach for this?


Sync exchange with local calendar WITHOUT granting permissions to gmail or Samsung

It’s pretty simple, what I want, I think:

  • 1 local/offline-only calendar on the phone (default Samsung app)
  • 1 on-line exchange calendar (automatically synced)
  • ability to show one or the other or both at the same time in the same view
  • notifications coming from both calendars, as if they’re both local

I do NOT want:

  • to associate a google account with the phone
  • the gmail app to be in any way involved
  • to accept Samsung’s request to hold my personal information for 5 years on their servers
  • any kind of sync involving e-mail, contacts etc etc.

It amazes me that this seems nearly impossible to do. Is it/how?

Gradle sync failed: Se ha anulado una conexión establecida por el software en su equipo host. Android Studio

Android studio me marca este error y lo he desinstalado y he borrado la configuración anterior porque pensé que era un problema de compatibilidad pero no, no tengo idea que qué puede estar pasando, cree un proyecto nuevo cuando actualice a la ultima versión y nada, no tengo ninguna configuración ni nada de versiones anteriores y nunca me había dado este problema.

Android studio me marca este error y lo he desinstalado y he borrado la configuración anterior porque pensé que era un problema de compatibilidad pero no, no tengo idea que qué puede estar pasando, cree un proyecto nuevo cuando actualice a la ultima versión y nada, no tengo ninguna configuración ni nada de versiones anteriores y nunca me había dado este problema.

Sync MySql Replication from Master2 to Master1 after failover

Due to Disk space issue Master2 server crashed and it was rebuilt again using mysqldump of Master1.
Both Master 1 and Master2 are in sync and Master2 is in Read_only mode.
During the crash, I stopped the Slave instance in Master1 and it’s been over a week now. Now how to restart replication from Master2 to Master1.
Can changing the Master Log position in Master1 to current Master2 status works?

Sync company calendar to google calendar

I would like to view my company calendar (Hosted on BlueHost) on my Google Calendar. Is there a way that I can do this?

MySql Master Master out of sync

I have 2 MySql nodes with Master-Master Replication set-up.
MySql1 has read and write access and is in current state.
MySql2 has only read access and stopped working due to space issue.
How can I fix this issue and resync it.

plugins – Is there any way to sync Facebook Comments and with comments on WordPress website?

for this purpose you need to use page builder, I cannot specify now but I am just telling you to use any page builder.
copy the embedded URL( must log in through Desktop)
when you click on the copy the embed code of a post then you can paste it in your page builder code or HTML section.

Add Facebook Comments to your Page
Facebook Comments are a simple way to put public comments onto your website.

according to Facebook help support and an article I go through click here

Head to Facebook for Developers.
Enter the URL of the Facebook comment into the configurator.
Click “Get Code”
Copy embed code provided (after entering your website’s information) using the CMD+C (on Mac) or CTRL+C (on Windows) shortcut.
Head to the PageCloud page you would like Facebook Comments to appear on.
Paste the embed code directly onto your page using CMD+V (on Mac) or CTRL+v (on Windows) Shortcut.
Click “Save” to save your changes to the page.
Click “View Live” to see the Facebook Comments on your page.

Add a Facebook Video to your Page
for understanding, you can go through this article facebook embedding

password management – Are Brave Browsers Sync encryption parameters secure enough?

I am considering switching over to Brave and maybe also use it’s sync feature for settings, and maybe even passwords if it’s good enough. I do use a password generator but out of laziness I happen to sometimes store passwords locally.

In their FAQ they state that they use a seed that’s then stretched with scrypt(N = 2^13, r = 8, p = 11). This is the first head scratcher. According to C.Percival, the KDFs creator, in 2017(!) 32k iterations should be made, iirc the recommended parameters back then were (N=32768, r=8 or 16, p=1).

Second, they use AES128-CTR-HMAC, which is not listed by SSL Labs best practices.

The question is, does any of this matter? Why, why not? Would you deem Brave Sync secure enough to use for syncing passwords across devices, given that my devices are properly protected and I only sync passwords to accounts that matter less or that have 2FA if they do matter?