domain name system – systemd-networkd: define DNS via CLI for the managed link

I want to define the DNS for an interface managed by systemd-networkd via cli.
The file system is mounted read-only, so is there any way to do this without manipulating files?

I tried for example:

systemd-resolve --interface eth0--set-dns --set-domain lxd

This gives me the error:

The specified interface eth0 is managed by systemd-networkd. Operation refused.
Please configure DNS settings for systemd-networkd managed interfaces directly in their .network files.`

I also tried:

busctl call org.freedesktop.resolve1 /org/freedesktop/resolve1 org.freedesktop.resolve1.Manager SetLinkDNS 'ia(iay)' 2 1 2 4 8 8 8 8

Which causes the error: Link eth0 is managed

I would like to manipulate the DNS servers during runtime. This is not a problem, when they get lost on reboot.

Thanks in advance. πŸ™‚

dnd 5th – For experienced / longtime players DnD 5th and Pathfinder 2nd. Could anyone simplify the "major differences" in style, system, players?

I know this is a bit of a "broad net" question. I am currently moving to 5th after years of activity (after leaving 4th) from 3.5th.

I joined "AL" locally when I came back to DnD (5th now) but I'm … A little disappointed.

The mechanics seem "secondary" to the role play seems "primary".

I have spent the last 13 years or more away from TT-RPG

I want a very mechanical game with other players who are also "rules to their letter experts"not yourself"RP-actors".

Is "Pathfinder 2e" the system related to D&D, currently popular enough to find players, which suits my needs?

I played D&D: Basic, Advanced, 2nd, 3.5th, 4th (twice), 5th (about 10 times)

j & # 39; I do not played any version of Pathfinder

macos – the Time Machine menu in system preferences shows no backups

Time Machine says that this computer has never been backed up … but it is!

System Preferences

When I enter Time Machine, I can still access the backups.

Time Machine

I checked tmutil machinedirectory and it points to a valid directory on the external hard drive containing all of my backups. tmutil destinationinfo refers to the external hard drive. More important again, tmutil latestbackup refers to the last backup to the hard drive.

I think i might need to run tmutil associatedisk or tmutil inheritbackup but I don't want to risk corrupting my backups without knowing more.

reference request – Energy estimation for linear hyperbolic system (without Fourier)

Where can I find proof of an energy estimate (under appropriate assumptions) for the following linear hyperbolic system which is not based on Fourier methods?

$$ frac { partial U} { partial t} + sum_ {j = 1} ^ m A_j frac { partial U} { partial x_j} + B cdot U = 0, $$
or $ x in mathbb R ^ m $ and $ U in mathbb R ^ n $ and $ A $ is a symmetric matrix.

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Useful tools and tips for a streamlined dynamic database search system?

Recently, I was in charge of developing a search system integrated into an existing website which searches in a database with a parameter (identification number) and returns data such as name, etc. The database is updated approximately every month.

I have a little knowledge of HTML / JS / PHP and I could probably learn enough in a few weeks to complete, but I was wondering if there were existing tools and technologies to facilitate this project?

Additionally, the data that is added to the database comes from responses from a google form, so there is a way to streamline this by adding this data directly to the database rather than having to manually enter or upload a csv file and write a script add to the database?

computer vision – Estimation of the laser plane for a laser-camera system?

I need to set up a line / plane laser projector system and a web camera to locate the 3D position of the laser in the camera image. I have read / encountered several resources but the idea is not yet quite concrete in my head.

So my intuition is that since we have a configuration of a laser projector and camera, and we want to find the position of the laser point in the image – we have to find the “ correct '' laser plane & # 39; & # 39; which cuts the camera / image plane. I am confused as to how we find the relative pose of this plane relative to the camera, and how can we use it to find the 3D coordinates?

cpu – What can we vertically resize a system to infinity?

Vertical scaling has its limits.

These limitations are called Physics and Engineering.

It turns out that physics doesn't like to do too much work in one place, and our current engineering skills can only compress so much useful work before it becomes a unnecessary noise.

As for current performance:

  • You can search for the references of the different systems that you plan to use.

  • You can go even further and compare a benchmark with a workload similar to the one you have in mind.

Answers to your direct points:

  1. Stupid answer: in the year 2020, somewhere in the range of 64 GB to 1 TB depending on the specific hardware, could be more, but it quickly becomes expensive.

    • No stupid answer: = Min(2 ^ bits in the pointer * number of system provided heaps, Max OS support Memory, Max supported Ram Module Size * Available Ram Slots)
  2. Dumb answer: In the year 2020, a few to a few Tera bytes.

    • No stupid answer: = Min(max file size in File system * Max number of files in file system * number of supported file systems, Max OS Support for File-system size, Number of available Drive Connection Ports * Max size of installable storage modules)
  3. Dumb answer: Bits per second. Although you are talking about application specific speed, in which case simultaneous connections or requests per second are better measures.
    • No stupid answer: the slowest point on the network. This will likely be the Internet link itself, or the application responding to requests from the network. Although it can easily be one of the intermediate network devices.

user behavior – What is the best way to map a product's notification system?

I'm looking for design research or some other method used to map the frequency, priority and intensity of notifications based on emotion, behavior, etc. of a user.

This method can be applied to any user task in which we would like the user to finish. How could we map the email marketing system, push notifications, SMS, product notifications (full screen modal, toast, etc.) and other notification methods in a way significant that does not overwhelm the user, but always keeps them on track to complete the task.

Is there a method to map user behavior and how the frequency / timing of notifications directly affects this?

I guess a user route map could work here, but I was looking for something that directly matches notifications in digital products. It seems to me that there is an intrinsic design possibility to balance the frequency / intensity of notifications and the behavior / emotions of a user.