Payment – Portfolio Management, Deposit and Withdrawal System used by HYIP, etc.

I've seen a lot of HYIP sites (scam) and they all look alike. Despite their fraudulent appearance, what I like about these websites is that they accept deposits in different currencies, BTC, ETH, XRP, XLM, ZEC.

As soon as the user deposits an amount, he receives a confirmation by mail, etc.

I believe that behind most of these HYIP sites, some teams are involved. My question is: do you think that they use their own custom solution or that they use software available to manage the repositories? If so, can you list some solutions that can be used to create a website that supports cryptographic repositories?

The requirement would be to have an address for each customer or, in the case of XRP & XLM, to have a specific label associated with the customer. Just as cryptographic exchanges work.

Until now, I've found, but at first glance, this does not seem to be what I'm looking for ….

Agnostic System – How to discourage banal play?

Structure the game differently.

Give time to your time, make regular work too rewarding to interact with the game itself, indicate the plot about events at your players rather than the things your players are looking for, or a number of other things.

Do not make mistakes, If you allow this type of game to lead to success without inconvenience, you will never be able to convince your players that this strategy is not effective. Because if it can succeed without any inconvenience, it's probably a dominant strategy on any other possibility.

If the game is set up so that players can choose to burn for three months and the plot will wait for them, there is no inconvenience to allocate unlimited stopping times to accumulate resources. Players do not spend their time or attention on mundane and boring tasks, but they get the same rewards as they did.

They can also spend indefinite shutdown times in a particular forest, reaching an infinite level of progress in your system and thus having endless options for resolving conflicts at a time that suits them. the best. Think of it as follows: What are the real life factors that prevent a person from working for three months and then become an unstoppable hero of action?

The most direct solution is to prohibit or counteract, formally or informally, strategies that allow ordinary tasks to achieve goals in play. You can do this with a specific player-MJ agreement that states that they will not behave. in this way or, at the other extreme, could make time play a crucial role in the game, so that spending enough time on mundane activities to earn money and make money trivial challenges too. means that the opportunity to participate in these challenges has passed.

If their job is to steal an artifact, maybe it's only in town for two weeks as part of a traveling exhibit in a museum. players basically can not wait to try to get the artifact.

If the elements of the plot are things that can happen to the players, whatever they do, you can refuse to allow them to spend three months doing ordinary work without meeting the content you have planned.

Perhaps the useful equipment is it so expensive that sweeping taverns soils never generate enough revenue to buy it, and playing with the content you have planned is the only way to get that kind of money.

As a game master, you have unlimited options to apply the items you want to apply. You do not need to, and should not expect to, simply accept what any player suggests at any time. As in NautArch's answer, a 0 session is a great way to get everyone on the same page. But even without such an agreement, you, as GM, have much more control over the feasibility of these ordinary gaming styles than you think.

Use this power to bring the game to your players!

Block – Non-Selectable Entry: Catalina Update Added: UpdateSystemLanguages ​​Attempts to Change Your System Settings

I have just installed an additional update of macOS 10.15. In the release notes, an item in the list indicates

• Fixed an issue that prevented the Setup Wizard from completing during some installations.

Ironically, this did not happen when upgrading to Catalina 10.15, but this problem occurred after the installation of this update. Here is an image of my screen after the update and my Mac rebooted (about 30 seconds after it appeared):

UpdateSystemLanguages ​​is trying to change your system settings

In the image, the entry of the foreground dialog box for "Password" could not be selected and attempts to change the user name did not occur. had no effect. The selection of "Change Settings" had no effect. The dark modal window behind the dialog box is Setup Wizard. At this point, I selected "Cancel" and the dialog is gone, but nothing else has changed. I therefore thought that it was necessary to be patient and I moved away from my computer to do something else. I came back after about 10 minutes to find that the Setup Wizard window was still present with a rotating "progress" indicator, but that applications opened before my Mac update had reopened behind the Setup Wizard. The menu bar was not visible either. Any attempt to interact with another user interface with the help of my pointer (mouse cursor) would be ignored and would simply cause the refocus window of the Setup Wizard. After waiting an additional 5 minutes, I decided that this problem should not occur and I pressed Control+Option+Order+Power button to start closing my Mac. This action resulted in the closing of all other applications, but the Setup Assistant window remained with its "progress" indicator. I waited about 2-3 minutes without change before deciding to move away from my Mac to give it more time. I came back after about 10 minutes to discover that my Mac was off. (I'm glad I did not have to press the power button.) I restarted and everything seems normal until now …

It was a very frustrating experience and I wonder:

  1. What could have caused this?
  2. Is there anything else I should consider to avoid potential future problems related to any cause?

character creation – Does the order in mode break the system, and if so how?

Some time ago, I encountered the following statement from Reddit, which makes me think either that I do not understand how the modes work, or that there is something incomplete or wrong in the statement (I asked the author of the statement to give follow-up clarification, but did not receive any). I realize that it is unfortunate that I quote someone else who said a thing a long time ago and who asks Stack to help me understand how Modes works. and if that work is flawed, but I think my question is based on that quote. makes it more rooted in the context that caused my doubts.

The modes, as presented in ARRPG, are ripe for abuse. In fact, you can abuse it without even planning a character's min-maxing. Two players can take the same modes and simply change the order and end up with characters with one of them having +1 to +2 offsets compared to each other on most of their skills.

The key is to take as the last mode the one that brings improvements. If you take this mode as the first mode, it gives some advanced skills, but by taking a heavy first mode and improving the last mode, you can push more skills higher.

I keep reading back the load pages and have a hard time understanding how the command mode works to produce disparities in the sum total of a character's skills. From what I've read, the order does not seem to be relevant because among the two modes, the higher is taken. I also do not understand the distinction between a "heavy skills" mode and a "heavy improvement" mode. What could we say by that?

Am I missing something in this process? Am I missing something in the surroundings process? Or does the statement miss / understand something wrong?

Automatic backup and protection system for Openload and Verystream videos 100% FREE | NewProxyLists

Active since 2016, is a protection service for external videos such as Openload, etc.
In addition to offering many protection and encryption services for your videos, stramdefence is the only service to offer an automatic backup of your videos on and
How it works? Each time you insert an integration into streamdefence, the system creates a copy of your video. If your video is deleted (for DMCA or other), the system will make the backup appear automatically. You can see here an example of video with openload, but also works with Verystream

For customers who use wordpress, we have a plugin that allows you to automate everything. your videos will be protected by posting normally. You can download it here.

The service is 100% free without registration and your videos will not be deleted anymore;)


usb – How to bypass the system dialog to request access to tablet data on Android tablets, especially those from Samsung?

The "Allow access to tablet data" dialog box is a security dialog box. Therefore, it is not possible to "work around" this dialog within an application. As it is not yet possible to identify a PC via the USB and MTP protocols (it is possible that this is possible in the future with an authenticated USB key), there is no option like " always allow this computer to access my files ".

Otherwise, anyone with access to an unlocked Android device could simply copy, for example, all photos and videos from the device via USB.

The only known way is to enable the "Developer Options Dialog Box" and permanently set the "USB Configuration" option to "MTP / File Sharing".

You can also use Android ADB (Debug Bridge) (ADB) instead. At adb level, computer authentication allows a computer to permanently access the device via USB. Of course, ADB is disabled by default. Therefore, the user must first activate the Develop menu and activate the ad.

Designing the Payroll Management System Database

Payroll Management DataBase Design System, let me know if I was wrong normalization so I can denormalize if it is good, give me a little like.

enter the description of the image here

Where the official operating system, "non-custom firmware" "Android is looking for version updates?

When the "New update is available" pop-up window appears on the screen, has the operating system been sent to the manufacturer's server or to Google's servers to download the update? In other words, who is the update editor of the main version from which the OS is looking for updates?

bitcoind – Running multiple instances of bitcoin on the same server system

I want to run multiple instances of bitcoind on my server to support RPC intensive read applications.

Following links:

how to run multiple bitcoind nodes on a server?

Running multiple complete nodes on a host

Is it possible to run more than one client instance on a machine?

How to run two instances of bitcoind on the same Linux computer with different configuration files?

suggests that by using different conf files and data directories, we can run multiple instances.

However, I doubt that in each case we specify different configuration files and data directories on the same binary file. bitcoind, for example.

bitcoind -datadir=./bitcoinNode1/ -conf=./bitcoinNode1/bitcoin.conf
bitcoind -datadir=./bitcoinNode2/ -conf=./bitcoinNode2/bitcoin.conf
bitcoind -datadir=./bitcoinNode3/ -conf=./bitcoinNode3/bitcoin.conf

Does even single binary bitcoind will handle the request for all instances (bitcoinNode1, bitcoinNode2, bitcoinNode3)? In this case, the load will be on a single bit and I have a doubt about the performance gain.

Or is it better to create different binaries bitcoind1, bitcoind2 etc. for each combo config + data_dir?

Thank you.

upgrade – MacOS displays a badge notification in System Preferences. How can I make it disappear?

The badge notification is because he wants me to go to Catalina. I never want to upgrade to Catalina because my hardware is too old to perform under a newer version of MacOS than I already have.

How can I reject this notification or have the notification badge disappear?

I've tried System Preferences -> Notifications, to see if I could turn off all badge notifications from the System Preferences application, but that does not seem to be an option. And really, I do not want to disable all System Preferences notifications, I just want to tell him to stop harassing me about Catalina's upgrade.