domain name system – Static website I am hosting cannot be reached and the server IP cannot be found

I recently used Google Domains to register a domain and have connected it to Google Cloud Console to manage a static website. I followed the Google Codelabs guide to set it up and faced no issues. However, when refreshing my website, it still doesn’t load and my browser (Chrome) gives me the following error message:

This site can’t be reached’s server IP address could not be found.”

As well, going to gives me another error message:

Your connection is not private

Attackers might be trying to steal your information from (for example, passwords, messages, or credit cards).


…Which is confusing, because I was under the impression that a .dev domain suffix gives SSL certification by default.

However, in my Google Domains settings, the website content appears as it should in the minimized preview that exists in both the Domain Overview panel and Website panel. It has been over 48 hours, so it should have updated by now if it were just a delay issue.

For reference, this is what my Custom resource records look like, and these are my bucket details in Google Cloud Console. If it matters, I am also using a Mac.

Any help is much appreciated!

c# – System Design – ASP.Net MVC Preparations

I’m about to start an mvc project with Repositorty-Service pattern and I’m first gathering information. Therefore I’ve got few questions that I need clarification before I start implementing.

In my company, most of the mvc projects developed by senior developers possess common features such as :

So my questions are :

1) Do I always need a caching mechanism and logging and Security(Encryption – AES…) in an mvc app?

2) When do I need them? I mean in what situation do I need caching and logging and Security(Encryption)? please give me detailed answer for each for clarification.

3) Is it fine/professional to use in a real-world project, the default ASP.Net MVC authentication code that gets generated when you create a new app? as I’m building a quite big (not very big) web app with Repository-Service pattern and I just want to reuse the default MS ASP.Net authentication (to save me time) instead of writing a new one.

4) Do I need to use SQL Server or MongoDB as database? I know that MongoDB is best suited for scalability but I don’t want to use a library which I’ll be forced to dig in to its library DLL and modify some code in order to make it work, as I don’t want to waste my time as the project is timed.

2013 – Appointment System in SharePoint

I want to create a appointment system in SharePoint
There is an Internet SharePoint site where users can take appointments from website and visit the client after he got appointment date and time,for this functionality is there any built in web parts or any out of the box feature present in SharePoint 2013.

rooting – how to upgrade operating system of micromax E311 device for a novice user

I have Micromax E311 phone.
For some reason the settings of phone have become unreachable. So on the display I see icon with a mechanical gear on it but when I tap it then
I get a pop up Unfortunately, Settings has stopped.
I click Ok.
Then again same message pops up within a fraction of second this keeps happening then I restart the phone somehow and if I touch settings then same thing happens.If I don’t touch the settings icon there is no problem I can keep using the phone.
So I am not sure what is the OS in this phone my guess is it has been formatted to factory settings so it having Android 4.4.2 I read many tutorials about rooting the phone and installing custom ROM on it.Like

After rooting an Android phone, you can switch the operating system
ROM whenever you want. The rooting process removes the preinstalled
operating system on the Android phone, replacing it with a rooted
Android OS.

as given on

How to root any device

How to install custom rom

How To Install Custom ROM on Android

For my device flash rom

What I am confused with is to upgrade my device OS to android 10, first I should replace the ROM and then do “something” as mentioned on lot of forums or what exactly I should to to upgrade the OS of my phone.
I am very confused with all the tutorials available on internet.
I want to know simple steps in bullet points like

  • Step 1 change rom
  • Step 2 change this
  • Step 3 change that
  • Step 4 boot phone.

Meaning such a guideline will help me when I reading tutorials and I am getting confused with them.

what is system centered design?

I can’t understand the idea or concept of system centered design.

I have tried surfing the internet for it but it mostly directs me to user-centered design.

what is system centered design?

Thanks in advance!

optimization – Can LASSO algorithm solve for sparse $w$ in an under-determined system?

Consider the model $bf y=Xw+n$ where $bf w$ is a sparse complex number vector of length p, X is a N x p known complex number matrix, and $bf n$ is a complex Gaussian noise.
I’m confused because the literate answers yes to my question (in the title), but when implementing most of the functions provided in:
I get invalid solution.

Is LASSO supposed to solve an under-determined system?

8 – Layouts using the grid system

How can I lay out blocks or paragraphs using Bootstrap’s grid system? I found this seven-year-old answer and am hoping things have evolved since then, and if so would like to know how.

My best stab at cobbling together something at this point is to use Paragraphs for the content and use the Block Class module to assign the desired Bootstrap class to each paragraph type. Is there a more obvious and cleaner solution to the problem in Drupal 8?

keyboard – how to disable system autocorrect?

Gboard has a toggle to disable/enable spellcheck completely, but using 3rd party keyboards such as AnySoftKeyboard shows this annoying red-underline and suggestion-box spellcheck and it cannot be disabled. the spellcheck is actually part of the Android system, not part of AnySoftKeyboard.

how can i disable spellcheck for the whole system
how can a dev implement a toggle to disable the spellcheck like Gboard does?

Support System: Traders’ Lifeline – General Forex Questions & Help

“I knew that it was a golden opportunity and that I had screwed it up. I swore to learn everything I could to achieve complete mastery in this field (trading).”

There are crucial factors that contribute to the trader’s permanent success in the markets. You probably know some of them; but the one which is mentioned in this article may come as a surprise to you. Without it, you can’t last long in the markets.

A support system is defined as the sources of encouragement, inspiration, and knowledge that enable you to continue your career as a trader in spite of the challenges you come across along the way. Support system also comes in forms of social trading, signals strategies, funds management, trading rooms, courses/education, forums, books, role models/mentors, etc.

Personally, I need to confess that some of the examples mentioned in the paragraph above were responsible for moving me ahead when I reached a roadblock in my journey as a trader. I was contemplating giving up when I came across some people who’re now my direct and indirect mentors. I came across some books and articles. I came across some generals of the markets and I saw their long-term performances. I came across the secrets of success and the reasons why a large percentage of people find trading difficult. I thought to myself, “Man, if these guys can make it, why can’t I?” I was determined never to give up, and I’ve not regretted that decision.

People who’ve given up trading mayn’t realize the benefits and opportunities they’ve thrown away in ignorance. We can’t get inspired by fatalists.

Indeed, some who’ve given up mightn’t have done so if they’d access to support system or made use of it. While there are some whose mission is to discourage people from trading (since they themselves don’t know, or are unwilling, to know what it takes to be a profitable trader), there are some people whose mission is to encourage people and help them become the best traders they can.

Support system is copious: all around you. Why can’t you make use of it? When you start facing the reality of the markets, there are those who’re ready to make you employ trading principles that ensure your victory. You won’t miss you way.

Psychology is important in trading, and so is support system. They sometimes go hand in hand. Certain traders have been lucky enough to have triumphant pros as their masters who take their hands and lead them to safety on the battlefield. When you’ve someone who’s successful and who’s ready to show you the way, your learning curve would be sped up, providing that you’re willing to be obedient.

For you to succeed in trading you need support and encouragement – not discouragement – from your folks, mate and buddies. Whether you learned the art of trading by trial and error or you were shown the way from the beginning, this thing matters more than you think. With support system, attainment of success may be less difficult than we imagine.

Actually, our goal is to make average gains that are bigger than average losses over the time; not only to appear like a smart professional or impress people with our knowledge. To achieve this, we make use of rational methodologies that make us survive the vagaries of the markets, since we don’t gamble.

The quote at the beginning of this article is from Bruce Bower. Another quote from him ends the article:

“If you don’t have a consistent methodology, then you will end frustrated with trading. As glib as it sounds, the solution is to trade better. Focus on defining a methodology that works for you and to keep your risk limited… In the process, you will learn to trust your system and your emotions will naturally calm down.”

Physics’s system – Game Development Stack Exchange

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