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T1 to T3 connection at DXB, different airlines

Fly from LHR to DXB arriving at 23:45 on BA (Terminal 1). Purchased a separate ticket (separate PNR) on EK from T3 at 2:15. I understand that BA will not interpose my luggage until EK. So I have to pick up my checked luggage on arrival at T1, then proceed with the check in with EK.

Is it even possible remotely with a 2 ½ hour connection at DXB? Then same question reversed a few days later with a 3 hour connection, although I heard that EK can combine bags with a BA connection.

Is a visa required at Narita airport to change terminal from T2 to T1?

I will travel from India to Canada. I have to change flight at Narita Airport. my departure flight is from another terminal. do I need a visa to change terminal in Narita from T2 to T1?
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stability theory – $ x_ {t} = 1-x_ {t-1} $ has a stable steady state solution?

In the state of equilibrium, $ x = x_ {t} = x_ {t-1} $. So, I can solve for the steady state value of $ x = $ 0.5.

The general rule for determining steady-state stability is that the $ | text {slope} | <1 $. But here slope = 1, can I say that the state of equilibrium is unstable?

Graphically, the image looks like this
enter the description of the image here

So I am not quite sure how to trace the oscillation around the state of equilibrium.

Arrival and departure of T1 Sydney Airport

We arrive at Sydney Terminal 1 at 6:45 and T1 Sydney at 9:50 to Nadi Fiji, is it possible? What procedures will we go through?

Arrival and departure T1 Sydney

We arrive at Sydney Terminal 1 at 6:45 and T1 Sydney at 9:50 to Nadi Fiji, is it possible? what procedures will we go through
thank you Paula

Equivalent wording of $ T_1 $ condition.

I was asked to prove the following theorem:

A space if $ T_1 $ if and only if the following is valid:

For any subset $ A $ of $ X $, $ x $ is a limit point of $ A $ if and only if each neighborhood of $ x $ contains an infinity of points of $ A $.

I know how to prove the $ rightarrow $ direction, but given the equivalence of the v.s. number of points that he crosses $ A $, I do not see how we could make the link with the $ T_1 $ state.