Switch the T2 UK Visa for ICT to General T2

I am a Syrian citizen living in Dubai. My company offered me to settle in the UK under the T2 Visa for 2 years with a good salary (I am a qualified IT consultant). Do I have the option to upgrade to the T2 general visa in order to obtain nationality and public relations after 6 years?

Is a visa required at Narita airport to change terminal from T2 to T1?

I will travel from India to Canada. I have to change flight at Narita Airport. my departure flight is from another terminal. do I need a visa to change terminal in Narita from T2 to T1?
Thank you

What are the causes of these white rings in images taken with Contax T2? Is there a fix?

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What are these white rings that appear on my movie? How can I prevent them from displaying in images? How can I delete existing images?

$ T_2 $ -spaces for which each non-empty subset is a withdrawal

Let $ (X, tau) $ be a $ T_2 $-space such as for any non-empty $ A subseteq X $ there is a retraction $ r: X to A $.

Does this imply that $ (X, tau) $ is discreet, that is to say $ tau = { cal P} (X) $?

transit – Are there different buildings T2 and T3 at Sao Paolo GRU airport

I will be returning from Montevideo to Amsterdam with a transit via Sao Paolo airport.

I have a simple ticket (reservation)

I found a previous thread according to which 1.30 hour at Sao Paolo airport should be enough for transit. I will only travel with carry-on baggage and no extra bag (and willing to run to reach the door, if needed).

Are T2 and T3 terminals different buildings and how long does it take to reach one to the other?

I arrive at Terminal 2 and have to take my flight in Terminal 3 and should we go through security checks again?

T2 Calendar

@ shaun
I put
Website Money >> T1 >> T2
Do I have to enable the scheduling option in my T1? What do you recommend?