java – How to display several databases and their respective tables in `JTree`

I have several databases on localhost (photo of them), they have at least one eatch table.
What i want to do is JTree which shows everything tables from the eatch database.

An example for my case would be:

testjava (root );

   users    (child);

I tried lots of things but nothing worked for me yet.
I got to the point where I can at least sysoutprint the table names from the eatch database on my server.

                            String() types = {"TABLE"};
                            DatabaseMetaData metadata = connection.getMetaData();
                            ResultSet result = metadata.getCatalogs();
                            while( {
                                String aDBName = result.getString(1);

                                ResultSet rs = metadata.getTables(aDBName,null,"%",types);
                                while( {

Here is the swing program where the planned JTree should be implemented.
the JTree will be on the right side of my SplitPane.
my program so far

If you need more information, let me know so I can update this post as soon as possible.

html – How to style th and td tables individually

When you create a table, it does so automatically without creating rows.
If you want to make your table a grid, you just need to add in the style section:

table, td, th{ border: 1px solid black;}

However, by coding this automatically, all of the tables you code have 1px rows of solid black. I have tried to put separate tables in a class like:

blah blach


blah blah

After that, I typed in the style section: