hi,i have asus tablet po24 android6 and i want to root my tab,plz huide me one by one way

plz help me one by one way to I can root my android6 ASUS po24 ,I try some ways but not worked ,why?

ubuntu – Boot from USB in WT10-A Toshiba tablet

I am trying to change OS of WT10-A Toshiba Tablet from windows 8 to Ubuntu. I go to boot options after attaching bootable usb. USB shows up there in boot options there but when I select USB, windows OS again starts. It does not start from bootable USB.

Boot Options

when I goto BIOS Settings to change Boot priority Order, I can not get the Boot priority options there

BIOS Settings

Can any one help me to resolve this issue?

screen – RCA tablet with External Monitor (Need Portrait Mode Help)

I thought that I would be able to turn my monitor on it’s side, place my tablet in portrait mode, and have the external monitor mimic exactly what is on my tablet screen.

What am I doing wrong? I see no options on the monitor that say “portrait mode”, and I don’t see anything on the tablet that indicates how the output on an external monitor should look.

I’d really appreciate some help!

applications – What apps are prevented from Amazon Fire tablet

I am thinking of getting an Amazon Fire tablet HD 8 however I have heard that Amazon restrict the apps that can be installed on it. Is this the case? Or is it just the Google Play store is not available? Because I’ve also read that because it’s android based, it is possible to install google play store.

Can apks be downloaded / installed from other sources? Specifically I need to know if particular apps are available on it (FlipAClip, Soundtrap) as not having these would be a deal breaker.

charging – How to keep running Android tablet with dead battery

I‘m using Android Galaxy View tablet as photo-frame, integrated in the wall with AC adapter connected constantly 24/7. The problem is the battery inside tabled dies each year. And when the battery is broken the tablet switches off automatically, regardless of AC adaptor connected.
I tried to replace the battery last 4 years. Replaced 4 batteries already. But currently I cannot find any batteries for this device anymore. The tablet is not in production for many years already.
My question: is there way to avoid switching tablet off while it connected to AC with broken battery?
I‘m able to switch tablet on with power button. But it works this way – just several hours. Then it unexpectedly switching off. Looks like Android monitors the battery and shut downs the system if battery is 0%?. Can I disable this monitoring somehow?
Another question: can I change shutdown to reboot? The point is power button is hidden under glass frame covered the tablet. And it is not easy to press it when i need to switch the device on.

ZH960 tablet, suspicious hardware parameters, what to do?

This is a fake.

Probably the “producer” bought tablet with 1 GB RAMs, and flashed them with a firmware lying about their hardware. However, some simple adb shell commands show the real hardware capacity:

enter image description here

Fact is that the device has 1GB RAM and a 16GB flash. It is today a low-end device, overwritten with a faked firmware.

The internet is full with

  • Unclear / contradicting “specifications” of this hardware.
  • Warnings about the scam (example).

I could not find any trace of the producer. Most likely, the model does not even exist.

If you bought this table, here is the time to initiate a customer complain. If you can not, my sincere condolences.

tablet – Lenovo Yoga Book with Android – how to use the drawing pad outside Note Saver?

I have Lenovo Yoga Book Android tablet, which has a touch-keyboard, which can turn into Wacom-like drawing pad.

It’s amazing, it can even open 360 deg. and be used as a Wacom-like sketch pad, without the display, and it saves the drawing using the app Note Saver.

Now, because of Corona, I would like to use it to draw on meetings, instead of a whiteboard.

That can be done on the display even with the stylus. But the sensitivity is not as good as with the pad – sometimes, when writing fast, it misses some strokes.

However, I haven’t find any way to make use of the drawing pad, other than the Lenovo’s app Note Saver.

I assume they have their proprietary API which apps do not implement. Is there any HID abstraction layer that would allow me to draw on the “keyboard” / drawing pad with a stylus, in all apps?

Lenovo Yoga Book with a drawing

How to connect DOK and keyboard to Toshiba Tablet

I have Toshiba AT10-A-104 Tablet with microUSB and Bluetooth.

How can I connect DOK and keyboard to this TABLET?

tablet – Transplant USB C port to Samsung Tab S T700?

I am buying a Samsung Tab S 8.4″ T700. I was wondering if there were a part to replace the micro USB port with a USB C port. Poking around it looks like there are lots of T700/T705/T100 replacement micro USB ports, but it could just may to be too have gotten a C option.

Thanks for your help, have a nice weekend, and stay safe!

What is the safest way to root my ZTE K81 tablet?

I want to root my tablet but the websites that I have found on the web so far haven’t been of much help for me. I am wondering what the most recommended and safest way to root my tablet is.