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How many tags can I use to separate a section of text?

How many tags can be used to separate a section of text?

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How many tags can I use to separate a section of text?

Can not display more than 5 tags of a custom message type

I saw this thread:
https://codex.wordpress.org/Template_Tags/get_posts and I made the changes of a value of -1 in wp-includes / post.php, but I still only show five results when I select a tag. I have the impression that it is because I use a custom message type?

I used Toolset to create the type of custom message called "songs" and I want to display all the songs with the tag "mbira". There are several, but I only have five:

Does anyone have any idea of ​​where I should look to change the default number of tags displayed? Would it be somewhere in the Toolset plug-in folder, or is it still part of the main WordPress files? Thank you!

Edit: For what it's worth, I just put a test tag in my usual "post" type and I can see it as an option in the type of publication "songs" too, so I guess they share at least the same pelvis tag.

How to save / reapply custom ID3 tags (not downloaded) to MP3s?

I have seen various readers, song library managers and other applications strip their tags of MP3 files. It is therefore not difficult to delete or modify batch tags by mistake.

I've seen a lot of suggestions for automatically downloading ID3 tags for MP3, using various applications. But they all come from the database (or shared) of each application.

How can I backup my tags locally (and by backup, I mean: be able to reapply easily – that is to say: the restore function of the backup), using my data, and do not worry the crowd does not do it my way? Preferably, without simply duplicating all MP3s.

Prefer windows, but other solutions are welcome.

IOS 13 Voice Control Accessibility Feature – is there a way to create more custom actions (instead of just creating a link to accessibility tags)?

The new voice control API is really great, it's the one where you can talk to your iOS device and perform actions. (Apple video)

My only complaint is that finding information about this is a bit difficult. I do not see any WWDC video on it, and I can not find any other documentation.

It is essentially powered by accessibilityLabels. Since each accessibilityElement element can only have one accessLabel, it is (after what I can see) limited to that.

Is it correct? Is there a way to provide users with more custom actions? For example, there is the Custom Accessibility Action API which allows you to add others by sliding up / down with VoiceOver, but these In no case do they seem to be available for Voice Control, it is simply the accessibility label.

It's a really great API, but with custom actions and VoiceOver rotor actions, I can normally provide actions more easily accessible to users, and I can not understand how to do that for a user who uses the control voice.

posts – How to hide HTML tags on revision comparison pages?

I can see the html tags on the comparison page after revision by default. Is there a filter or other useful method for hiding these HTML tags? I just want to use this comparison view to check for content changes (text). I am not interested in HTML formatting, etc.

I want to do some simple php regex, but I do not know where.

meta tags – D8 – Linker to display title, image and link summary

I know I've seen a module that does this at some point in the past but I can not find it for the moment. In Drupal 8, I have a link field. I want to retrieve the metadata of this link in order to be able to display the title / summary / image of the link via a trainer (think of how Facebook displays the links). I do not remember if it worked on the server side, storing the information in the drupal or client-side database via javascript (and for the prototype I'm building, it does not matter).

I would appreciate any help before deciding to go write it myself.

labeling – fuzzy tags in GeoGraphics

I want to keep the same GeoZoomLevel, but increase the resolution of the labels. I have trouble controlling this:

GeoGraphics[{Green, Polygon@Entity["Country", "Greenland"]}, 
 GeoRange -> "World", GeoProjection -> "Equirectangular", 
 GeoZoomLevel -> 1, ImageSize -> 1100, GeoResolution -> 4, 
 RasterSize -> 900]

enter the description of the image here

php – Selects content between tags using regex

I therefore need to select the content between all

Keywords. They look like this:

//Code i need to get

I've tried creating a preg_match_all but his selection of the tables I want is not

$data = preg_match_all('/(.*?)/s', $page);

What should I change in my regex or what is wrong?
Thank you to all of you.

game maker – Using string_wrap_width on a string with tags

I've created a drawing text script that extracts tags from a string and then converts these tags into new drawing functions. Having that, I can not distort the string with respect to its width because it will check the unlabeled string. Thus, when I delete the tags, the line break positions are wrong.

The string looks like this after using draw_text_tag without string_wordwrap_width:

Using string_wordwrap_width + draw_text_tag with the tags I've used below will give this:

If my string has tags, they are removed from the string with the help of draw_text_tag which draws it on the screen without markers, the line breaks become incorrect positions and the width also has an incorrect value.

This script places # sign whenever pos_current strikes the width value.

#define string_wordwrap_width
/// string_wordwrap_width(string,width)

// Declare variables
var pos_space, pos_current, text_current, text_output;
pos_space = -1;
pos_current = 1;
text_current = argument(0);
text_output = "";

// Word wrap
while (string_length(text_current) >= pos_current) {
    if (string_width(string_copy(text_current, 1, pos_current)) > argument(1)) {
        if (pos_space != -1) {
            text_output += string_copy(text_current, 1, pos_space);
            text_output = string_insert_tag("#", text_output, string_length(text_output));
            text_current = string_copy(text_current, pos_space + 1, string_length(text_current) - (pos_space));
        } else {
            text_output += string_copy(text_current, 1, pos_current);
            text_output = string_insert("#", text_output, string_length(text_output) + 1);
            text_current = string_copy(text_current, pos_current + 1, string_length(text_current) - (pos_space));
        pos_current = 1;
        pos_space = -1;
    if (string_char_at(text_current,pos_current) == " ") {
        pos_space = pos_current;
    pos_current ++;

// Finishing the text
if (string_length(text_current) > 0) {
    text_output += text_current;

// Replacing unnecessary spaces
text_output = string_replace_all(text_output, "# ", "#");

// Return ouput text
return text_output;

The next script is string_insert_tag. You need a string and insert a substring in index position in which it jumps a certain length if the current position is a label.

#define string_insert_tag
/// string_insert_tag(substr,str,index)

// Declare variables
var substr, str, index, cst, cet, cct, ast, aet, act, l, cstl, cctl, astl, actl, p;

// Set variables
substr = argument(0);
str = argument(1);
index = round(argument(2));

cst = '(colour=';
cet = ')';
cct = '(/colour)';

ast = '(alpha=';
aet = ')';
act = '(/alpha)';

l = string_length(str);

cstl = string_length(cst);
cctl = string_length(cct);

astl = string_length(ast);
actl = string_length(act);

p = 0;

// Skip colour tag
while (index > 0) {
    if (string_copy(str, p, cstl) == cst) {
        p += cstl;
        p += string_pos(cet, string_delete(str, 1, p));
    } else if (string_copy(str, p, cctl) == cct) {
        p += cctl - 1;
    } else if (string_copy(str, p, astl) == ast) {
        p += astl;
        p += string_pos(aet, string_delete(str, 1, p));
    } else if (string_copy(str, p, actl) == act) {
        p += actl - 1;
    } else {
        p ++;
        index --;

// Return string
return string_insert(substr, str, p);

I would like to know how I should go to fix this problem.

Thank you.