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Take the pulse of what consumers are looking for and sell your brand to a highly targeted audience instead of shooting in the dark. Design marketing campaigns that rely on AI-based consumer and competitive information, obtained from Web and mobile.

Design digital campaigns that not only effectively engage consumers, but also help you understand what works and what does not work in real time. Gather purchase intent and target customers with lucrative offers and marketing communications that can convert their intent into action, boost brand awareness and sales of the company.

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So we have another very very bad experience with hostmastered.

I found hostmastered here in webhostingtalk. I was looking for cheap hosting to host some of my satellite websites and they had a lifetime offer of 25%. I have not checked any other user reviews, my fault.

The problem is that they terminated my account without notice. Not an email, not a notification, nothing. I had three websites hosted there, with almost no traffic, but I had paid for a full year and I had 8 months left.

When I came back from a long trip and found it, I contacted them. Their response in each ticket is always the same: "Your account has been closed and we can not restore a backup according to our TOS, we only keep 7 days of backup".

I have therefore lost all three websites.

I know that there are a lot of reports of bad experiences with them, but I really encourage you to stay away from them. Better to pay a few dollars more for another hosting and avoid losing your websites.

Thank you for reading.

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Accurate Visions Inc., is an advanced email marketing system with unique features. Our system allows you to create, send and manage your newsletters with complete statistics on the behavior of your subscribers.
Our experts will understand the needs of your business to design smart strategies that ensure strong support for effective contact with your critical customers (difficulty locating).

Whatever the sector of activity, the B2B sector has understood the benefits of being part of an online sales environment. For businesses, this reality could not be different. Like end-users who can not imagine today without a computer to support their buying decisions, businesses are looking for new ways to buy and sell, made possible by the online world, where they have access to a multitude of opportunities and suppliers.

New technologies and concepts are transforming businesses, creating new models and channels, and revolutionizing business engagement with their customers and partners.

The experience of the founders of this company is differentiated by the knowledge of processes, trades and digital technologies, combined with new strategies to generate business.

By targeting your contacts, you have the ability to control exactly who will receive certain e-mails, based on the manager's status, demographics, location, and other data. That is, this targeting ensures that customers receive content tailored to their specific needs and interests.
With this marketing strategy, it's very simple to personalize your message for each category of customers, promoting a higher conversion rate.
With each email sent, consumers are exposed to your brand. With strategic planning, smart design and targeted content, your business will create consistent value and stand out. So, when a customer needs products or services, his or her business is much more likely to turn those prospects or their potential contacts – into customers, as well as prospective customers into loyal customers.
Other Precision Visions Services Benefits:
Establish true contact with your audience at the highest level
Use the largest and most relevant relevance for maximum customer retention
Even at a lower cost, you can improve your ability to attract the right audience to your website
Optimize your conversion rate
Significantly increase the traffic on your website

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Because I was too pretentious to solve it, I have had a server idle for a few years and I seem to have missed a lot of changes.
I got it from Softlayer, now it's at IBM Cloud.
When I checked their current price (I was expecting the old hardware to be cheaper), I was extremely surprised to find that they still offer the same hardware, but the price is 4 times higher (about $ 1,200 instead of $ 300 that I pay).
Basically because of the cost of bandwidth (I have 20 TB on 1 GBit / s ports).

I've already done some research on this forum and found some comments stating that it's a "joke" that IBM only offers 500 GB per server, but I have not found any other details.
As I said, I have not paid attention to the last years and I am totally overwhelmed.

Is IBM Clound Bandwith really worth so much? Or in other words: are there people who pay this price?

Well, as mentioned above, I was basically looking for a lower price and found out that I was actually paying a lot less than they are currently asking for the same setup …..
So I'm not sure if I have to cancel it or if there are actually people who would be happy to take over the conditions that I have there.

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Hi everybody

New here, so apologize if it's in the wrong section.

Anyway, I have a customer who wants a website on which customers can log in and request quotes on
certain types of services. like insurance, medical help, etc., etc. This request would be sent to him by e-mail.
where he then compiles 3 quotes for the request, then sent back to the customer. After the client
choose one of the quotes, they pay a fee and say that the quote reflects the payment, so my client can put his
customer in contact with the service provider.

I spent most of the day yesterday testing various plugins without success. Well, they all
worked as expected, but I guess I need something more specific. Basically, I need it
it looks like this plugin
Where "Services" lists all WooCommerce products. Then by clicking on "Send a request",
All this information is sent to the WooCommerce backend as a quote, which my client can do with
it's what he needs.

WooCommerce is mainly used for payment gateways.
Once a quote is accepted, the customer's customers can simply "Order" and the
the transaction is over.

Any plugin recommendation (free / paid) would be greatly appreciated.

Software change .. | Money maker talk

Hey, again, I'm posting this for my mom!
I've already posted something on my mom's groceries in Toronto. Currently, I am looking for an accounting software for his store. She has been using Quickbooks for a few months now and is planning to move to something less expensive, which could be used under mac and android as well.
My friend suggested a commercial software and document management company in Toronto. I've visited their website and found that they had long experience in this area. This is not urgent, but mandatory!
We do not want to move quickly to cheap software, but we need robust and efficient enterprise software. If anyone on this forum has already used the mentioned software, comment on your suggestions.
Quickbooks Pro is slightly overpriced for a grocery store, it costs around $ 300 for a single user. So we need efficient and less expensive software, the sounder.

WordPress beginner | Talk Web Hosting

WordPress beginner | Talk Web Hosting

& # 39;);
var sidebar_align = & # 39; right & # 39 ;;
var content_container_margin = parseInt (& # 39; 350px & # 39;);
var sidebar_width = parseInt (& # 39; 330px & # 39;)
// ->

  1. WordPress beginner

    Hello, I'm a beginner here, so help us with tips.
    I want classfields site, I decide which model I will buy. Now, how to connect this with the website, hosting, .. I do not know the right word.
    In addition, I am satisfied with 90% of the template theme. I have to translate this into my language, how to do that?
    And also, to delete some things, and maybe come back at the right time, probably not but leave this option open.
    Thank you and sorry my english is not perfect.

  2. Quote Originally posted by stefs1
    See the article

    Hello, I'm a beginner here, so help us with tips.
    I want classfields site, I decide which model I will buy. Now, how to connect this with the website, hosting, .. I do not know the right word.
    In addition, I am satisfied with 90% of the template theme. I have to translate this into my language, how to do that?
    And also, to delete some things, and maybe come back at the right time, probably not but leave this option open.
    Thank you and sorry my english is not perfect.

    Much depends on how this template was downloaded. Did you download demo data? If this is the case, you can keep what you do not want to publish immediately by changing it to "Draft". You will also need to modify your menu to reflect only the pages you want to see. You can normally connect a theme to your website by adding the theme in WordPress itself or via FTP. Of course, you have to install WordPress first. If you have cPanel and Softaculous, installing WordPress is as simple as that.

    ProlimeHost – Dedicated server hosting and VPS KVM SSD
    Three data centers: Los Angeles, Denver and Singapore
    SuperMicro Hardware | Multiple providers of bandwidth | 24/7 engineers on site

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my experience with Vultr | Talk Web Hosting

Above all, because of its simplicity. YMMV, but among others, here are the reasons why and how I use Vultr for my FreeBSD, Squid & Apache client deployments:

– They offer FreeBSD that we use exclusively.

– they have a data center in Tokyo, Japan

– Their cheapest VPS FreeBSD package is $ 2.50 / month for 500 MB of RAM, 10 GB of SSD and 500 GB of bandwidth.

– They allow to attach an ISO image (from their library), restart it, run the installer, detach the ISO and boot from the target drive.

– for each instance, you can add 2 additional IP addresses (each for $ 2 / month). In addition to this, you can add 10 additional "reserved" IP addresses (each for $ 3 / month) and attach to instances residing on the same datacenter location. Need more? Just drop a ticket.

– They provide access to the console in the dashboard, useful for troubleshooting SSH connectivity issues.

– login and account management support multiple 2FA methods (no SMS option at the moment)

– The account dashboard is very responsive and provides a clear view of bandwidth usage, CPU utilization and ongoing charges.

– The configuration of the rDNS / PTR records is a child's game.

Overall, very satisfied because I spend less time on deployments, so more time for my family.

DNS help | Talk Web Hosting

Hi everybody,

Sorry for the vague title, but what I want help with is the combination of DNS. We currently have two virtual machines as shared hosting servers and each has 2 name servers 1,2 and 3,4. 1,2 are on 1 machine and 3,4 are on the other. At this point, it's not really a problem because I know which ones are, but eventually, when we grow up, we'll have 1,2,3,4,5 and 6 etc.

I've seen a lot of other hosting companies that have just 4 name servers 1 through 4 and that seem to handle all the DNS for all their servers. That's what I want to achieve but I can not seem to see a way to do it.

Does each one advise how to do it, what is the best practice, and how embarrassing would it be to make these changes in the future?

Thank you

CPANEL 404 & # 39; d problem? | Talk Web Hosting

So I could not access my website through the temporary IP address that was given to me because it gave me 404 times and asked me to contact my host with the cpanel logo below.

I passed from onepanel to another because the other was bad and wordpress did not stop planting, so I changed my host. Idk if I did something wrong before migrating but now WordPress does not work on the new cpanel host because I get a 404 error and my host told me to empty my cache, which made me confused, but I did it anyway to my DNS, but the problem does not stop recurring thoughts?

In addition, AUTO-SSL does not work and it seems to have stuck with the old host in their CPANEL because it works in one way or another but I already changed the IP address of the new host, so I do not really know what to do here.

I'm using a shared web host

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