touchscreen – Nextbit robin not responding to my touch, instead tapping random places

I have a nextbit robin, but whenever I turn it on, things get selected. It’s random where things are being selected for the most part, but it has been opening and selecting stuff in the bottom right corner quite a bit. I thought I saw something about “System UI not responding”, but I’m not too sure. The top and bottom part are orange, otherwise nothing changed visually. Restarting the phone hasn’t helped, and even in sleep mode it keeps doing stuff like turning on and off the flashlight. I did take it apart a few months ago to replace the battery, and the volume couldn’t be redone. Not sure if that has anything to do with it, though

magic trackpad – Is there a mouse that supports tapping as a left click?

I am looking for more movement leeway and thinking of using a mouse with my MacBook. But physically pressing a mouse key to left click is not that nice an experience after the trackpad. Is there a macOS supporting mouse that accepts tapping as a left click on it (just like in the trackpad)? Would the upcoming magic mouse models support this feature?

Earn money easily by simply tapping

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passwords – What can be done to defend against keyboard acoustic tapping?

Not much in terms of practical efforts. The paper "Acoustic Emanations of the Keyboard" by Asonov, Agrawal gives rise to some potential direct countermeasures:

  • Using a non-mechanical keyboard, p. Eg a rubber membrane keypad. This greatly reduces the audio transmittable identification. Unfortunately, they are not very comfortable to bang on.
  • Record the sounds on your keyboard and play them continuously in random order. Personally, I think that would drive me crazy.
  • Play loud white noise hoping your tinnitus will not end up.

An indirect countermeasure is not having microphones in range. Do not use a microphone on your computer and place your phones in some kind of soundproof container.

At the end of the day, I imagine this threat only applies to cases where a nation-state actor is targeting you. At that moment, to take over James Mickens, you will still be on Mossad.

Fast and easy tapping tool of the REST API

Hi guys,

I am looking for comments on my secondary project I am working on.
I needed a tool to quickly design and simulate our REST API. I've used Postman, my team mates have suggested a

Both tools are pretty good, but both have missed some features I was looking for:
– ability to simulate delayed responses (fixed or random delay from a given range)
– dynamic responses (use of request request data – query string, URL parameters, headers, etc.)
– model language in the answers
– possibility to add false data (email, addresses, uuids, names, etc.) in the answers
– recording of queries, statistics

That's why I decided to create such a tool by myself. It's almost ready and I'm looking for a possible user feedback – would you use such a tool?
Let's say it will be available for free (basic version, with some limitations) with the premium version available, for a few dollars a month. Would you like to pay for such a tool?
What features can you find useful in such a tool? Thank you in advance for your comments.