5th dnd – Does the effect of the command spell take place immediately when it is launched around the target?

The target must pass the Saving Wisdom save roll or follow the command on his next turn.

If you had to launch Command as a reaction (for example, prepared action or opportunity to start a war) on the turn of the spell's target, will the spell's effect take place immediately or in the next turn?

for example. If I held the command spell and triggered it when an orc appeared at the street corner and told him to "crawl", would that end the turn of the orc or lorry? Orc will complete his turn without being affected, only forced to crawl to the next turn? ?

Grovel: The target falls flat and then ends his turn.

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5th dnd – Can the Mirror Image image be the target of an attack or an effect?

the mirror image spell description said

Whenever a creature targets you with an attack for the duration of the spell, roll a d20 to determine if the attack is targeting one of your duplicates instead.

It does not prohibit targeting illusory duplicates themselves, especially for non-hostile effects.

For example:

From Boss Goblin

Redirect Attack. When a creature, the goblin can see the target with an attack, the goblin chooses another goblin within 5 feet of it. The two goblins change places and the goblin chosen becomes the target.

Tipsy Sway's description of the Drunk Master's Monk

Redirect Attack. When a creature misses you with a melee attack roll, you may spend 1 ki point in reaction for that attack to hit a creature of your choice, other than the attacker, that you can see within 5 feet of you.

Note that these are just examples. The question is whether duplicates can be targeted by an attack or an effect.

It should be asked if only an effect specifically calls the creature as its target can not target the duplicate copy of the mirror image or any effect is simply unable to target the copy, only the original user.

Import target URLs from other URLs verified by project / from a file

I would like to separate logic such as identifying / registering websites in multiple engines, and then other projects can use those URLs, either registered by write_File, or by some other logic. Is there anything that can help now?

Scanner Page – How to target text in a paragraph?


I am currently working on unrelated mentions and discover that using the intext: the brand name is not enough. I have therefore used various operators, but I have to check whether the name of the mark is in the text or not. For this type of link creation, heading targeting is usually a lost cause. I was trying to figure out how to use the page scanner plugin to detect


but in my tests, that does not seem to work. How could we accomplish that?

Thank you!

Can you mix 10GB and Infiniband for iScsi storage target

I configure a Fedora server to serve as an iScsi storage target. The main storage network will be Infiniband 25 GB. Is it safe to also allow access to the target via 10gb Ethernet?

5th dnd – Can the fantasy killer spell be cast on a target on the other side of a wall of strength?

Assistant 1 throws wall of strength which surrounds Wizard 2. The two assistants now have full coverage against each other. For example, now they can not launch fireball one against the other, because "nothing can physically pass through the wall" according to its rules.

But what about fantasy killer? Description:

You tap into the nightmares of a creature you can see at your fingertips and create an illusory manifestation of his deepest fears, visible only to that creature.

I think wall of strength do not help against fantasy killer because nothing physically passes through the wall, but I wanted to confirm if that is how RAW works here.

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spells – Can I prepare an attack action to fire when the target is flashing again in the Material Plane?

If my target casts the Blink spell and then blinks to the ethereal plane, can I get ready to attack them as soon as they reappear? For example, "shoot them with an arrow when they flash to the Material plane?"

I wonder about the scenario where the evil Blinks and the PCs, who launch a good initiative, are still waiting to wait for the villain to come back, and then unleash the hell at the same time on the villain. This seems to take some of the power of the spell and I would like to have other perspectives on it.