mining software – Connection problem on the Slush pool with GUIMiner, I have tried many host addresses to connect, each time the target computer expressly rejects it

I am on Windows 10 with GUIminer, I want to exploit the slush pool but every time I enter each host address, I see that it does not work on the slush pool. I entered the correct connection for my miner and on GUIminer, it says that the target computer has expressly refused it, I also have the Bitcoin core and I have no not finished downloading it, the Bitcoin core and GUIminer are on my external drive, can that make it difficult?

so what is the problem and how i can solve it please. Thank you.

dnd 5th – Does the target choose which side it moves to for the Wall of Ice?

Your GM decides who decides where the creature goes

(…) If the wall crosses the space of a creature when it appears, the creature is pushed to one side of the wall (your choice of which side). (…)

(…) If the wall crosses the space of a creature when it appears, the creature is pushed to one side of the wall (your choice). (…)

(…) If the wall crosses the space of a creature when it appears, the creature in its area is pushed to one side of the wall (…)

Unfortunately, it doesn't say how to determine which side of the wall a creature ends up on, but a reasonable assumption would be to govern it identically. force wall and stone wallthat is, the launcher decides. Of course, this part is not explicitly indicated and therefore it is ultimately left to GM.

A creature does not get a save against being surrounded by a wall of ice (or one force wall)

stone wall actually continues to say:

If a creature was surrounded on all sides by the wall (or the wall and another solid surface), that creature can make a Dexterity saving throw. If successful, he can use his reaction to go back to his speed so that he is no longer trapped by the wall.

There is an explicit save throw that allows a creature to escape stone wall. A force wall or wall of ice does not grant such kindness to those who are trapped. If they did, they would say it, they don't say it, so they don't do it. Spells only do what exactly they say (except GM fiat of course)

International targeting in the Search Console – we mainly target the United States

we want to target global traffic but prioritize traffic from the United States. At the moment, "international targeting" in the Search Console is not defined. The site is hosted on a server in Europe. We use Cloudflare CDN.
Are we changing "international targeting" to "United States"?
Would that improve the ranking in the United States and affect the ranking existing in other countries?
Are there other methods that people would suggest or is it better to leave international targeting blank?
Thank you for your help

ssh – Can I install CentOS via target disk mode on a MacBook Pro 2010

I have an old 2010 Mackbook Pro, but the graphics card is dead, so the display is useless. Can I reuse this as a headless server by installing CentOS via target disk mode from my current MacBook Pro (via Thunderbolt cable)?

Once I have installed CentOS, how can I SSH in it without displaying on the host machine to get the credentials?

Would there ever be a need or a way for target nodes in Ansible to communicate with the control node?

The Ansible control node communicates with target nodes via ssh. I was wondering – would there ever be a need and a way for the opposite to happen – that is, that the target nodes communicate with the control node?

dnd 5th – Can the Heat Metal spell target hellish war machines from Baldur & # 39; s Gate: Descent into the Avernus adventure?

By gross Yes or No

As described on page 216 of the BG-DiA, an infernal war machine is "made" and "made of iron". It is therefore a fabricated metal object, therefore a valid target.

However, it also states that "the statistics of hellish war machines work like that of a creature", which means that you could argue that they count as creatures. So there is some DM discretion on whether to treat him like a creature. So ask your DM if he treats him as a creature, it is a valid target for creature targeting spells. If it is not, it can be targeted by the heat metal.

This could be argued both ways. He says, "like those of a creature", which would involve treating like a creature. But at the same time, functioning as a creature would imply that it is not a creature and that it should be treated more like a wielded magic object.

Personally, I would lean to treat them like creatures, there is an aspect of balance, many spells cannot target objects, which limits how you can fight one.

If you treat it like a creature, it cannot be a target for heated metal.

Now suppose your DM indicates that he treats it as an object, you can answer some of your other questions.

Note that nowhere in the spell is it said that the object suffers damage, so the vehicle itself will not be damaged if it is a question of ;an object.

Can they continue to pilot it:

Well, you can continue to hold a sword on which it was thrown if you save successfully, so you should be able to continue flying if you save, you will only take damage each turn. I would also say that, just like armor, you continue to suffer damage if you stay inside, internal passengers would flee or be damaged. External passengers can simply let go like a shield weapon. But does that get into the gray area of ​​what happens when you throw it on an iron ladder that someone climbs or on an iron cage with a prisoner? The fate leaves a lot to the DM.

dnd 5th – What is the size of a target on which you can launch Heat Metal?

I was running a game and the group was trying to get away from a flying Illithid raid skiff. It was made of metal and had two Illithid crew members on deck. The bard of the evening launched Heat Metal on the hull of the skiff. I didn't know how to make it work, so to keep the game moving, I made it as close to RAW as possible. It was a metal object made within reach, so everyone on deck had to take damage and try to save it. If I had more time, I don't know how I would have governed it.

As it stands, I can think of a few possible alternatives and I want an external input.

  1. In the rough, the entire metal shell heats up. (As I played it)
  2. The target spell on the shell plate, and heats that, anyone in contact with this plate is affected by the spell. (Each plate is made, then assembled, a little prickly.)
  3. The spell fails because the entire object was not within range. (Very Nitpicky)
  4. the spell only heats a certain mass or volume, perhaps an area 10 feet by 10 feet from the hull. (Assuming the armor of a huge giant is only very large)

The first option has the implications that you could throw it at an aircraft carrier and condemn them all.

Option two implies that only one piece of armor full of plates is checked by the spell and that heat is directed to the others.

Option three implies that casting a targeting spell when only having a creature hand in range would fail.

Option four has the consequence that its heat is of limited range.


gallery – Set the default image link on a large target in the Gutenberg image block

I'm trying to make the Gallery block to link to the big picture (not in full size), how do I do that?

function modifyLinkDestinationDefault(settings, name) {
    if (name !== "core/image") {
        return settings;

    settings.attributes.linkDestination.default = "media";

    //Set image size of link target here?

    return settings;


possible new target URLs from current accounts.

I receive the same message thousands of times, I deleted / blocked the domain / URL in the global system as well as in the specific project (after deactivating all projects except one to isolate the problem)
the same message over and over again is: –
15:46:00: (-) 1/1 PR-0 too low –
15:46:00: (+) 001 new target URLs possible from current accounts.
it is already listed in
project> options> jump sites with the following words in url / domain

macos – You tried to install Catalina in target disk mode …. built my mac?

Okay, maybe I bricked one of my MacBook Airs.

I am writing this message from the working MB. I have another one with a dead display. I connected them through Thunderbolt and mounted the broken one as a disk on the one that works using target disk mode. Then I used the disk utility to reformat the disk to APFS, Guid Partition. Then I tried to install Catalina but it says "You cannot install on this volume because it is a Mac in target disk mode" (see screenshot.)

Have I created an unrecoverable situation?

The only solution I can imagine is to remove the hard drive from Mac Bum, put it in the working Mac, install Catalina this way, and then put the drive back in. Both Macs are out of warranty so this is anything … but I wonder if there is a less complicated way out of this hairy situation?