lens – Effect of increasing sensor size or focal length on the resolution of the target object

Your assumptions are exactly the opposite of what is really happening.

In the first scenario, you further enlarge your subject. The subject therefore covers more pixels on the same sensor because it occupies a larger part of the total area of ​​the image. Since the number of pixels has not changed, your subject covers more, because it is larger than it is projected on the sensor.

In the second scenario, your subject covers the same number of pixels in the center of the sensor, but the area around your subject is now wider.

If you double the width and height of your sensor, you will quadruple the area and the number of pixels. 2,000 pixels in an area of ​​8 x 8 mm corresponds to 8,000 pixels in an area of ​​16 x 16 mm. But the size of the subject projected by the lens is the same, regardless of the size of the sensor. It just shows a wider angle of view.

There is a third scenario: keep the same lens and sensor size, but increase the pixel density so that there are more pixels in the same sensor area. This will increase the resolution of your subject if the limit of resolution of the lens had not already been exceeded by the resolution of the original sensor.

pathfinder – What is the result of an action prepared to move the target triggered by an attack attempt in melee?

The melee attack fails and it no longer has any action

Prepared actions occur before the action that triggered them:

You can prepare a standard action, move action, fast action, or free action. To do this, specify the action you will take and the conditions under which you will perform it. Then, at any time before your next action, you can take the prepared action in response to this condition. The action occurs just before the action that triggers it. If the triggered action is part of the activities of another character, you interrupt the other character. Assuming that he is still able, he continues his actions once you have finished prepared action. Your initiative result changes. For the rest of the meeting, the result of your initiative is the account for which you performed the prepared action, and you act immediately in front of the character whose action triggered the prepared action.

If the target still has actions (not 5 feet, fast action and free actions), he can still execute them, but he has already used his movement and his standard actions.

dnd 5th – How does the attack of a target affected by the sleep spell?

If the circumstances give a result an advantage and a disadvantage, it is considered that you have none and you get a d20. This is true even if several circumstances impose a disadvantage and only one grants a benefit or vice versa. In such a situation, you have neither advantage nor disadvantage. (Basic rules)

A creature that is affected by to sleep is both unconscious and inclined.

As you say, attacking a creature on the ground at a distance of more than 5 feet is disadvantageous. However, all attack rolls also benefit from their unconsciousness.

Since you can not have both on the same role, they cancel each other out and you have neither.

Of course, if you can get within 5 feet of the unconscious creature, you make have a benefit (twice) that reduces to a simple advantage on the roll.

In Delphi XE8, I can not find Linux in the list of target platforms

In Delphi XE8, I can not find Linux in the list of target platforms. How can I get Linux in the list of target platforms?

imac – mojave target display mode

I'm trying to use the target display mode with a MacBook Pro (late 2015) as the main computer and an iMac (late 2013) to switch to TDM mode. Both devices are running the same version of Mojave (10.14.5). By following the steps outlined here when I press the iMac + f2 command, nothing happens. I have tried with a razor keyboard that I regularly use with an Apple Bluetooth keyboard.

Modified geographical target of my blog on the Google Search Console, how long will it take to see the results?

Changing the geographical targeting of my unlisted blog to my country about a month ago, but so far, I have seen no results, I have seen no effect of the change. How long will it take to see the effects of change?

theming – Adds a target blank to a href in a custom Drupal 8 module

How to add target = "blank" to a href in a custom Drupal 8 module? Below, I have the image being wrapped by the uri. I do not know how to add target = blank & # 39;

        $ element[$delta] = table (
& # 39; # theme & # 39; => & # 39; image_formatter & # 39 ;,
& # 39; # item & # 39; => $ item,
& # 39; # image_style & # 39; => & # 39;
& # 39; # url & # 39; => $ uri,

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dnd 5th – Can multiple creatures benefit from several Hunter Mark spells cast on the same target?

The fate of the hunter's mark says:

You choose a creature you can see in range and you mark it mysteriously as your career. Until the spell ends, you deal 1d6 extra damage to the target each time you hit it with a weapon, and you have an edge over your wisdom check (perception) or wisdom check (survival). ) to find it. If the target drops to 0 hp before the spell ends, you can use a bonus action on your next turn to mark a new creature.

Here are the rules on combining magic effects:

The effects of different spells add up while the durations of these spells overlap. The effects of the same spell repeatedly launched do not combine, however. Instead, the most powerful effect – such as the highest bonus – from these castings applies when their durations overlap, or the most recent effect occurs. applies if the castings are of equal power and their durations overlap.

For example, if two clerks from the cast bless on the same target, that character gains the benefit of the spell once; he or she can not roll two bonus dice.

An interesting situation appeared in tonight's match where a comrade (Paladin Revenge) and I (Ranger) launched the Hunter's Mark on the same target and attacked it on our respective turns. I wonder if the above rule relating to the combination of magic effects should have prevented us both from taking advantage of the fact that Hunter's Mark is directed at the same target or not.

The reason I'm not sure is that, unlike Bless, which only affects the target (s), Hunter's Mark seems to be more of a link between the launcher and the target and that, of some way, the caster is also the target of the spell. … I do not know how to formulate it correctly.

Can multiple creatures benefit from multiple Hunter Mark spells cast on the same target?

AWS ELB target group mapping

I am new to AWS and I have installed ELB. I have worked in the LTM F5 and I have some questions about hosting applications in ELB.

  1. Do we really need a CNAME to route traffic to the ELB FQDN?

  2. If so, how can I host multiple applications (since I can not use the same fully qualified domain name ELB for all applications?) Or how will traffic be differentiated at the load balancer level .