Web crawlers – If all web pages are interchangeably linked by taxonomy (categories), do I still need a site map for SEO?

I have a mediaWiki website with about 350 web pages.

If all web pages, without exception, are interchangeably linked by taxonomy (categories)and, in addition, there are also other indicators for web pages, such as a "page of all web pages" or a "recent changes page",
do i still need a sitemap for SEO?

A problem can occur if I forget to add a category to a page.

customization – Add a custom taxonomy slug to the URL of the custom message type

I have a custom message type named "blog" and a custom taxonomy named "zone" (both are configured using the CPT UI plug-in). I've also used the code below to add the taxonomy slug in the URL, so that standard WP POST has the URL structure:% area% /% post-title% / . What can I possibly add to the code below so that my CPT named "blog" also has the URL structure example.com/%Area%/blog/%post-title%/ if it is even possible? Otherwise, a structure of example.com/blog/%Area%/%post-title%/ would be nice too. P.S. taxonomy "area" is available both in the standard WP Blog and in the "blog" CPT.
Thank you guys!

add_filter (& # 39; post_link & # 39; area_permalink & # 39 ;, 10,3);
add_filter (& # 39; post_type_link & # 39; area & # 39 ;, 10, 3);

function area_permalink ($ permalink, $ post_id, $ leavename) {
if (strpos ($ permalink,% area%) === FALSE) returns $ permalink;

// Get a post
$ post = get_post ($ post_id);
if (! $ post) returns $ permalink;

// Get the taxonomy terms
$ terms = wp_get_object_terms ($ post-> ID, & quot; area & # 39;)
if (! is_wp_error ($ terms) &&! blank ($ terms) && is_object ($ terms[0])) $ taxonomy_slug = $ terms[0]slug;
else $ taxonomy_slug = & # 39; primary_area & # 39 ;;

return str_replace (% area%, $ taxonomy_slug, $ permalink);

database – Code to insert TAG WordPress taxonomy

I have made a serious mistake. I delete a lot of TAG from the database of my blog.

Many TAGs have become orphans. And yet, unfortunately, many articles contain keywords that refer to deleted tags.

That is, several links are broken and return "Error 404 not found".

This affects the indexing of my site.

I would like some help!

Do I need any SQL code to insert orphan tags?

The code says:

About the table structure:

The version of wordpress installed is as follows: 5.2.1

MySql 5.0.12

Can someone help me?

I'm waiting for a return.



8 – How to obtain taxonomy values?

In my user entity, I have a term reference. In this vocabulary, I have a regular domain. How can I recover the value of this field? I've tried the below in devel / php to no avail.

$ user = Drupal  user  Entity  User :: load (17);
$ dept = $ user-> field_department-> entity;
 dpm ($ dept-> field_administrator_e_mail-> value);

My ultimate goal is to send the email to the service administrator when creating a user.

UPDATE: I've also tried the below:

$ user = Drupal  user  Entity  User :: load (17);
$ dept = $ user-> field_department;
 dpm ($ dept-> name);

Ultimate parent taxonomy in sight

Hello, i am new to drupal, i am currently a web developer for a company and i have to tackle a project in drupal 7, read tutorials and look crazy, i found solutions to some things, but I'm stuck there indicate the process and the question in the end to contextualize, you have a page in the views called home to this page must add a category and some terms create the taxonomy view and I've added a block and told him to post the house later list to I did not have the format and proceeded to create the theme in the views, until I was fine but at the time of rendering I do not know how to translate it, since I'm doing custom fields, but I do not know how to put it as a parent. Thank you.

Step 1
enter the description of the image here

2nd step
enter the description of the image here

step 3
enter the description of the image here
step 4
enter the description of the image here
step 5
enter the description of the image here
step 6
enter the description of the image here

Here I could not insert the "{ul}" and a parent line

8 – Problem context filter with views using the taxonomy term name

I've encountered a problem using contextual filters that looks like a bug, but when I encounter what seems like a bug, it's because I'm doing something wrong and I wanted to see what people here think. My problem is that the context filter on a taxonomy name does not seem to work when there is another vocabulary in the system with two identical term names. Let me explain further.

I have two different types of content (content types A and B) and each is configured with its own taxonomy vocabulary (vocabulary A for content type A and B for content type B). Then I created a view for each type of content (view A for content type A and view B for content type B). For each view, I would like to filter its respective content types by taxonomy name. I created contextual filters by introducing the field taxonomy associated with the content type and selecting the "Name" contextual filter. It works fine until the second vocabulary is created in the system.

Now, the A and B vocabularies have some overlapping term names and when I use one of the overlapping term names in the contextual filter, nothing is displayed in the view. The context filter works if you use one of the other non-overlapping term names. If I delete or rename one of the overlapping term names, it will work suddenly without any problem. Moreover, when I configured the first type of content with its vocabulary and view, I created the second type of content, the vocabulary and its visualization worked perfectly. It's only the presence of another vocabulary that could have two identical term names. I have a problem where the popup filter does not work anymore.

                Vocab A
the trucks

Vocab B
the bikes

"cars" in this example would be what I mean by overlapping names of vocabulary terms. These are not the same terms, but identifiers of different terms, they just have the same label.

I use Drupal 8.6.13.

Has anyone encountered this problem? Is it me or is it Drupal?

Thank you!

taxonomy – View taxonomies that used

Well, I need the display names of the taxonomies used by the post of a special taxonomy.
For example, I have a taxonomy for restaurants and in this taxonomy, I have two parents: City and Country, so I have a taxonomy page for the countries that display the restaurants of this country and the names of the cities that have messages to display and I do not have any. I do not want to show the names of cities that do not have a message on the country page.
I hope my description was clear.

How to print the id taxonomy term by URL by program?

In drupal 7, I would simply print the ID of the taxonomy term from a URL such as http: // localhost / mysite / taxonomy / term / 1 on the code to use in the function. Thank you in advance

Display of a number for custom message type and taxonomy

With the help of WP Job Manager, I would like to present a section on a page in which I can display 4 selected categories and, under each category, a number of lists.

I have the custom message type "job_listing", the taxonomy "job_listing_category" and the tag ID for each of the categories (eg 106).

Looking for SE for a few hours in vain – any help is welcome. Also, is there a way to do the same thing with a shortcode?

Hide parent terms in the view block of taxonomy terms in Twig

Try to hide the first two terms (or the first two levels) of my SEO by twig. The list itself is a view block using the term reference tree formatter.

enter the description of the image here