Looking for team or partner for streaming sites

Im looking for a team for streaming movie sites.its very hard to work alone to update daily.

Volleyball team

I would like to hear your favorite volleyball team

ux designer – What to do when people in your team say “I have no feedback” in a design critique session

it’s good to hear that you are putting in effort to gather as much feedback as possible on the designs at the beginning and also in the process. Good designs save time, cost and everyone’s efforts in building products.

However, engineers do not do critic designs. They are trained to make things work, and not deciding the manner which things will work. As an analogy, architects and civil engineers co-exist in a construction project because architects set the direction of how the buildings should function and look like, and engineers follow the direction to make sure the buildings are built to specifications. You don’t ask an engineer to critic on the architecture of the building. Instead, you consult other architects to check see the aesthetics, functionalities and usabilities of the building design.

If you are restricted to getting feedback on the designs from your team, perhaps due to project confidentiality, you may consider asking for design critics from the graphic designers, and/or front end UI developers in your team. They would have a better sense of what works well with users compared to backend developers (no offense intended). This is because graphic designers and UI developers need to work with the user in mind, as compared to the backend developers.

When presenting the user research, business goals and strategy to the team, you have to be as objective and as factual as possible. And lastly, if there is a disparity in job rank, e.g. if you are their project manager or supervisor, you may not participate in the design critic session and allow the team to submit their feedback anonymously, so as to get the most out of their ideas.

Hope this helps and good luck!

I want to bet on my favorite team.

I want to bet on my favorite team. The thing is, I’m not sure about sites that offer sports betting services. Tell me a good bookmaker.

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tools – collaboration way with team members

I recently joined a new design group as a project manager.
I found this group worked in a pretty low-effective way while we all work from home because of Covid-19.
So beside me and developers, there are two designer, one for UI/UX, one for vectors.
The graphic designer finish some vectors and upload to G-drive, and then send a message to tell the UI designer to apply it in Axure, me and other team members can only give some advice once they updated the file on G-drive.
This is so old-fashion way to work as a team, so I decide to ask my team to try some web based collaboration platform.
I did some research, and here is some products meet my requirements, pls give me some advice, thanks.

Invisionstudio https://www.invisionapp.com/studio

Mockplus http://mockplus.com/?hmsr=mr

These two platform all suppot Axure, and offer a collaborated platform for PM and developers,
I need some advice to decide which one should I choose.

Microsoft Team Members are not in the associated SharePoint site Members group


I created a Microsoft Team which created an associated SharePoint site.

I created a SharePoint List on the site and have granted the default Members group a custom permission level on it.

The custom permission level is nothing fancy, it is just designed to let users add items, but not delete or edit them.

I believe, by default, Microsoft Team members are added to both the Visitors and Members groups.

Desired Behaviour

Users who are members of the Microsoft Team are also in the Members SharePoint group and therefore can be granted custom permissions on lists etc.

Actual Behaviour

Users only have Read access on the list, which is the permission level that users in the Visitors group have.

Microsoft Team members do not seem to be in the Members group and therefore do not have the custom permission level applied.

I think I may have caused this behaviour by clicking on the Settings cog in the top right of the site and changing the Members group permissions in the Site members section:

enter image description here

enter image description here

If that is the case, how do I get the Microsoft Team members back in the Members group?


I am confused because the site still lists the Microsoft Teams Member count:

enter image description here

Related Screenshots

....sharepoint.com/sites/group-name/_layouts/15/groups.aspx page:

enter image description here

....sharepoint.com/sites/group-name/_layouts/15/user.aspx page:

enter image description here

Clicking on the default Owners/Members/Visitors links does not list any users, however when i click on the Members group and then New and Shared With – the Owner and Member groups seem to be listed, eg:

enter image description here

enter image description here

Checking permissions for a Microsoft team member:

enter image description here

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How broken are Office 365 SharePoint permissions?

dnd 5e – Ideas on how to handle a denying/unaware team attacking player?

Short: Right now I’m thinking about our next session and how to handle a PC who has attacked us the second time with an AoE spell. To defend him: he’s denying that he has done it intentionally and even saying that he doesn’t know anything about it.

First: I don’t want/need the best solution, just some ideas – like “how would you react?”.

But I will start by describing the whole situation:
We are a group of 5 PC – there are two double-pre-mates and I’m the lonely fifth one.
Two sessions ago the fighter in question attacked two of us the first time while we explored a mine occupied by wererats and some following smaller ones. The first small rat attacked him, as he’s always the one going first. Our archer, the rat and I were attacked by black tentacles getting out of the face of our knight and/or the rat – as the rat bite him in his face. The rat was slashed in three parts and the archer and I were lucky enough to dodge.
After we cleared the room we surrounded the fighter and asked him what it was, if he has any explanation or why he did it to us. He has only answered that he doesn’t know what it was and he hasn’t done it. We told him that we will watch him and aren’t really trusting him anymore.

Some days (in-game) later we got to an old cathedral occupied by orcs and ogres. We attacked the orcs with the help of the wererats, as the cathedral is the real home of them.
While fighting the first ogre (the fighter his accompanying cleric and I) these black tentacles popped up again, this time clearly out of his mouth, and attacked the ogre, an orc, the cleric and me. All were damaged (necrotic) and also prevented reactions for one round as we had to get rid of these tentacles first.
During the fight we haven’t talked about it as there were a lot more orcs than we thought first. The end of our last session was that we have “finished” (we haven’t checked the cathedral – only surrounding) the fight. We’ve lost some wererats and we all are heavily damaged, nearly all spell-slots are used and we have this big-black-mysterium in our group.

As it was the second time, this time we were damaged and we’ve clearly seen that the origin of these tentacles is the fighter we have to react somehow.

My current idea is to call the archer, as he still doesn’t trust the fighter and was betrayed in his past, so he will very likely support me. After this I would like to approach the fighter and “command” him to drop his weapon and get on his knees. I have placed a force-ballista (artificer) during the battle and can use my crossbow. If he doesn’t follow we get to the first problem – if I really attack him he will get very likely unconscious as he has 4HP remaining. Should I? I’m a lawful-neutral/good dwarven artificer, trying to get part of “Hammers of Moradin” and waiting for a sign of Moradin himself that I’m worthy to join the hammers.
So from my perspective it would be possible for my PC to attack a presumably lying, betraying, team-attacking, necromancy casting human fighter.
But in success-case, he’s now on his knees, I would at first arrest/tie him, ask him again in hope that he will talk more about these tentacles and otherwise transport him to the next town to present him to the local guards or similar and get him judged.

Now the question: do you have other ideas? How would you react? Everything is possible/valid response – as I’m pretty new to DnD (it’s my first campaign) and I want to get some ideas about what else could be possible.

What is your UX Process as a team?

Hello fellow designers,

I’m Anmol working as UI/UX Designer in a fintech company. I wanted to take inspiration from designers all around the world regarding their UX process as a team. Below is a picture of something that we practice in our company. I’d love to hear from you guys regarding your process and take inspiration to improve our process.

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