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Start: February 13, 2020

Growth fund technology


Our program is for people who want to achieve their financial freedom but are unable to do so because they are not financial experts.
Growth Fund Technology is a British investment company that works on investing capital in high-yielding business processes. The priority of the company are the business processes which are formed on the basis of innovation.

Limited time offer!

10% bonus on first deposit

Instant activation. Can be withdrawn without any limit after the end of the plan.

Investment plan:

Start / schedule for 24 hours

Amount spent by the plan ($) Hourly profit (%)
Package 1 $ 25.00 – $ 50.00 5.00
Package 2 $ 51.00 – $ 250.00 6.00
Package $ 3,251.00 – $ 1,000.00 7.00

Standart / hourly for 12 hours

Amount spent by the plan ($) Hourly profit (%)
Package 1 $ 50.00 – $ 100.00 10.00
Package $ 2,101.00 – $ 500.00 11.00
Package $ 3,501.00 – $ 2,500.00 12.00

Super / hourly for 6 hours

Amount spent by the plan ($) Hourly profit (%)
Package $ 1,100.00 – $ 500.00 19.00
Package $ 2,501.00 – $ 5,000.00 20.00

Minimum deposit: $ 25

refferal: Up to 10%

Pay. systems: Perfect Money, Payeer, NixMoney, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum

Script Gold Coders

SSL certificate

DDOS protection

Check and sign up

Instant withdrawal

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The FTC wants to know the acquisitions of large technology companies

The FTC wants to know the acquisitions made by large technology companies, Alphabet Inc. (including Google),, Inc., Apple Inc., Facebook, Inc. and Microsoft Corp., which were small and went unnoticed, going back the past ten years.

paper – 1909 Photo printing technology

I am wondering about the prints from a photo album from 1909. It looks like they were cut by hand from larger sheets – many are not quite straight and the sizes vary. Some are framed in white, while others bleed on the edge. The paper is quite thin.

Because the prints are pasted on black backing paper, I cannot look for marks on the back. I posted an image from a typical album page. The print size of the top right image is 4-1 / 4 "x 2-1 / 2".

Can anyone explain how these images were printed? Did they come with multiple images on one sheet? What explains the extremely thin photo paper? And was it typical at the time?

user expectations – VP of the product without experience in software or technology companies

Has anyone worked with a product vice president who had no experience with software or technology companies? Unfortunately, I learned on the first day of my job that my manager had no work experience in the tech industry. It comes from the management of products in the field of physical goods and simply "learns" the agility and the functioning of things in the digital world. It is frustrating to say the least. I blame myself for not having deepened the interviews on his experience. He mentions that he worked as a product manager for over 15 years, but did not state that it was only for manufactured physical goods. I automatically assumed that he had technical experience since the role was for a digital product. I have come to blame him because I feel that he has somehow deceived me to accept the offer. I have started to realize its lack of knowledge, do not give valuable information and do not have a clear strategic vision. He also hired product managers with less than a year of experience to be part of his team, so I feel like they don't know any better. I am currently the only Product Designer in the company who has been hired on the proposal of another product manager. Before my role, this VP didn't even know what UX was. Apart from that, I like the mission of the company, the autonomy, the flexibility and the people. I keep coming and going if I have to suck it or look for another job.

virtualization – Does VMware Workstation support PCI passthrough with VT-d technology?

Is the VMware Workstation Support for v15.5.1 USB Passthrough on a host composed of Z68x chipset with Intel i7-3770 CPU, who have the VT-d activated functionality (also called: IOMMU virtualization)?

The USB controller is the NEC/Renesas µPD720202 chip, connected to the CPU via the PCI Express bus.

architecture – Is there a technology to execute code by sending an e-mail?

I am trying to call an API based on the content of an email. Is it already possible? I understand how to call an API or create a micro-service, but it seems to trigger code when someone sends an email is esoteric.

In my research, it seems like I need an smtp server and a pubsub data structure. However, in the implementations I found on GitHub, it seems that they are more suited to sending emails rather than triggering code when ; a user receives an email. I would prefer not to use sengrid or its aws.

If the smtp server is what I need, do you think it's something I can finish in a semester.

java – Change of frontend technology from JSF to Angular

Here is the situation.

There is a new project approaching, it will be a continuation of the current project. JSF development takes too long. The plan is to move the front-end technology from JSF to Angular 8 – the front end mainly consists of forms with complex components, therefore part of the plan is to use a form generation as self-hosted, due to sensitive data. The non-technical people involved in the project would use the form generator by dragging and dropping. Does that make any sense? Is it worth it?

Indian writer related to technology / SEO required !! LONG TERM

I am looking for a technical writer capable of writing on technical and SEO content. We need a lot of content on a regular basis and this time we are only looking for INDIAN WRITER.
So, if anyone of you finds this job suitable for you, please send us your contact details and samples to:
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Good luck!
Thank you!

Which course / language / technology to study?

I studied programming many years ago, but I had to stop.
Which course / language / technology would you recommend me study? I need to find a job quickly.
Thanks for the answers.

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