blockchain – Are tokens a catch-all solution to any financial technology problem?

In short: Other than asset or money transfers, are there problems in the world of financial technology that cannot be modeled as token transfers?

If the chief economist of the world bank came to you one day and asked to make all financial procedures in the world operate on the blockchain of your choice, with smart contracts, which problems could not have been solved by tokens, and would require a custom smart contract or a new transaction primitive?

Longer version:
As we know, tokens are a very fundamental primitive in the blockchain world.
There are all kinds of tokens, both fungible and non-fungible, as well as plain tokens like in Bitcoin, or tokens that preserve the privacy of the parties in the transfer as well as the amount like in Zcash and Monero and there are also standards for tokens, such as the Ethereum ERC20 token standard that declares several operations (balanceOf, transfer, transferFrom, approve), etc.

So I am essentially asking whether tokens really solve all problems in the digital finance world? Are all problems in Fintech reducible to a token transfer / token issuing operation in a token smart contract ?

Of course, I am aware that blockchains solve a wider variety of problems, for example in industry it is used for supply chain provenance, digital identity, etc. while in academic works, blockchains are used for digital voting and private auctions. However, to the best of my knowledge, financial institutions do not deal with these problems.

history – Did Polaroid’s patents on integral photography describe a different technology than what Polaroid used?

I had a colleague at Polaroid in the 1980s who told me that the patents Kodak was accused of violating did not describe the system that Polaroid was actually using in its SX-70 and Spectra film, but instead described a chemistry that Polaroid had decided not to use. Polaroid kept the better system as a trade secret.

I’ve looked through coverage of the Polaroid v. Kodak case for several years and have been unable to find any substantiation to this claim. I’ve also read in some cases the same plants were producing both Polaroid and Kodak film. So I’m not sure what’s really going on.

My colleague also told me that during discovery a memo from Kodak was found which stated that Kodak knew that it was in violation of the Polaroid patents, but that Polaroid would probably never sue because of the expense. Likewise, I’ve been unable to find reporting of this memo. You would think that it would be in the court record, but I haven’t been able to find it (and I assume it’s huge).

So I’m looking for an answer to this question — Did Polaroid’s patents on integral photography describe a different technology than what Polaroid used? I don’t know how to even research this question, other than lots of Google searches…

Neutral – Looking to adopt new technology | NewProxyLists

We are a tech support company. We are providing 24×7 support and server management.

Being support company we know some of the technologies like AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Openstack, VMWare etc..

We are always willing to adopt new technologies so we would like to know if anyone can share any other technology or list of technologies which can be considered.


Turn around Cell Phone Lookup – Technology That Can Fulfill All Of Your Investigative

People grasp the high innovation world that we are venturing now. There are numerous devices that are coming each month on new form programming, similar to mobile phones. PDAs help us in speaking with our family, family members and companions. Individuals may be specific in its highlights however it is pointless thing to talk about. The most significant motivation behind why you are having a PDA is that you have to speak with others by sending messages through content and calling by utilizing your mobile phones.

In fact, having a PDA needs your consideration particularly when somebody messages you and you don’t have a clue who claims that telephone number. You will be irritated and will physically look by asking your family, companions and family members if that number is put away in their telephone directory. It is a serious deal when you don’t have the foggiest idea who possesses it since you may believe that it might be something to cause you hurt. What you don’t know is demonstrated to hurt you. Presumably, you will search for a telephone index and locate that number which is viewed as a hard undertaking. You may mishandle through telephone registries, or different assets, for example, the free venerate PDA queries on the web and come out with nothing.

Link Between Blockchain Technology and Social Media

Platinum Crypto Academy


Link Between Blockchain Technology and Social Media


Traditional Social media platforms have become one of the most popular applications in the worldwide.

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How new Technology Helps On Forex Trading – General Forex Questions & Help

Hello Guys,
Forex trading is a risky business. But if you do hard work and perfect experience can provide you success on Forex. Today is the globalization world. Day by day science invent new technology. that’s technology helps our daily life and our professional life. So, here are some analysis about new technology and forex trading. actually I want to show you how new technology helps us with our forex trading. 

According to the foreign exchange (Forex) broker Alpari Philippines, a mobile app that lets you track your daily spending plays a vital role in ensuring success in Forex trading. What used to be a tedious activity that is done manually can now be solved with a few taps on your smartphone. It is not the only technology continue to make Forex trading method is simple, though.

The basics of Forex

To get into Forex trading, one must first understand what is actually involved.
Simply put, traders anticipate changes in the exchange rates of different currencies worldwide. They exchange one currency for another, in the hope that the value of the purchased currency will increase versus the currency used to purchase-in other words, more and less. A closer examination reveals that the history of the Forex trading industry has been around even before the Common Era (BCE). Silver and goldsmith basically moneychangers from ancient times.

The forex industry is a reflection of this technological revolution; where once the flagship platform offered by most brokers was a desktop platform, now the innovations in internet accessibility are leading to more traders than ever favouring the flexibility offered by mobile trading apps and mobile enabled websites. Within the financial sector, forex trading has historically suffered from a false perception that it is reserved only for the elite trader that has the extensive experience necessary to successfully navigate the markets. However, with the rise of the mobile era, this persona is changing.

Technology And Forex Trading These Days

It’s worth noting that the modern Forex market is open 24 hours a day on weekdays. Paired currencies and traded based on the quoted price, in three sessions spread throughout the day. It allows investors in various parts of the world to trade in different time zones. Not surprisingly, many Forex traders call the largest and most liquid financial market in the world. Fortunately, you no longer need to physically go to a money changer to become a Forex trader today. In fact, with the right tools, you can easily do it in the comfort of your own home. This is a blessing of new technology.

Artificial Intelligence And Future Of Forex

Even artificial intelligence (AI) has managed to find its way into the discussion of the overall Forex.
According to experts, combining AI in Forex open up a world of possibilities for predictive analysis. In short, this will allow traders access to predictive analytics software from AI. Through predictive analytics, the trader can make a better strategy for trade, based on existing data on market trends. And with AI basically do the heavy lifting, traders can focus on planning the transaction instead of manually monitoring and analyzing data themselves.

Freedom and mobility
The technology revolution has led to a higher level of freedom and mobility for investors who are now able to monitor pricing and pip changes from almost anywhere as long as they are connected to the internet. Even the once restricted space of air travel is now no longer a barrier to internet access and online trading.

Social media and the rush to copy trading
The explosion in social media in the past decade has subsequently led to the creation of entire online communities where like-minded investors can share up-to-the-second market insights. Whole communities of traders can get real-time insight from some of the most successful traders around the world literally at their fingertips and this access to shared knowledge and experience is providing additional confidence for investors.

Moreover, I want to say another important information is, Many new technologies are being invented day by day to make our lives easier. You will find information on various technologies on the Internet. But if you want to be the first to get the latest information on modern technology, then Hide protection technology explained the site is the best for it. As people’s lives are improving day by day with the touch of technology, human privacy is also under threat. So, using this advanced technology in the right way can only help you to provide maximum security of your privacy Hide protection technology explained. There are many types of privacy protection information you can find on the Internet, but you must first understand how effective it is. But I think this site is helpful in giving you information and advice on real privacy protection. This is an Arab Blog, Contains a large number of technical articles and exclusive explanations related to technology.

Hope you understand that, how new technology help us in our Forex trading.

Thank you.

Application technology of oil diffusion pump

Application technology of oil diffusion pump

Because the partial pressure of the extracted gas above the steam stream is greater than that of the gas in the steam flow, the gas molecules are continuously diffused from the higher pressure area to the lower partial pressure area, and are collided by the supersonic steam molecules. Thus, the gas molecules get a velocity component pointing to the front stage of the pump. From a macroscopic point of view, it seems that the gas molecules are gradually transferred by the steam flow Push down. After several stages of compression, the gas with larger volume and lower pressure has become a gas gap with smaller volume and higher pressure (more than 10-3 Torr) when it reaches the front stage space, and is then pumped away by the front stage mechanical pump. The steam from the nozzle flows to the wall of water-cooled pump, condensed into liquid, flows back to the fractionator, and then heated into steam. In this way, a low pressure area is gradually formed at the upper end and near the nozzle, and the pressure in the container is continuously reduced.

The high-speed steam flow acts as a barrier to the high-pressure and strong gas in the front vacuum chamber, preventing it from returning to the high vacuum end. The high vacuum end pressure of this kind of pump can be generally as low as 10-8 Torr, while the front stage pressure can be higher than the first 10-1 Torr. Therefore, the gas compression ratio is as high as 100 million times, which is also an incomparable advantage of other pumps. However, due to various reasons, the vapor molecules in the pump liquid will inevitably flow back into the high vacuum end and pollute the vacuum system and the evacuated vessels or devices, which must be eliminated.

The efficiency of the pump is more than 50% under the conditions of different pump structure and diffusion mechanism, The maximum working capacity per kW is higher than 1 Torr · L / s, the back pressure of the front stage is better than 0.5 Torr, the limit pressure of direct pumping without cold trap can reach 1 x10-9 Torr, the pumping rate has been increased by two times compared with the old pump, the maximum allowable discharge pressure and durability have been enhanced. Generally speaking, the key problem is that it is possible to obtain ultra-high or extremely high vacuum and “clean” vacuum by oil diffusion pump due to the development of low vapor pressure pump liquid and backflow control. As long as the influence of dissolved hydrogen in materials can be completely prevented, thoroughly baking and degassing, and penetration can be prevented, the pollution caused by the outgassing of materials and pump walls can be reduced as far as possible. It seems possible to obtain the ultimate ultimate pressure of 10-16 Torr with diffusion pump.

Oil Diffusion Vacuum Pump

Dry Type Oilless Vacuum Pumps

SSR Roots Type Blowers


What are the main limitation of Blockchain technology and what could be an ideal solution?

If Blockchain allows to store data in an outsourced environment without having to trust the peer hosting the ledger and is not a perfect solution to protecting data from unwanted usage.

So then what are the main limitation of this technology and what could be an ideal solution?

Phonegap application development technology – Cryptocurrencies Corner

The vast industry of smartphone apps development no more remains fragmented as phonegap is there to connect the gaps between the individual development platforms i.e ios,windows and android. It requires coding only one and the application will be compatible with several mobile platforms. Besides,the outcomes are even better than mobile resonsive websites. We think that it is an intresting and effective platform for developing crossplatform mobile application using single html and javascript. Our vast range of services to enterprises with respect to their business-critical data have established our valuable image in the market. We,at mobiloitte effectively manage the client requests for phonegap app development which includes its architecture,design,development,deployment,testing and marketing services

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