[ Technology ] Open question: Why are freelancers more attractive than more normal jobs?

[Technology] Open question: Why are freelance jobs more attractive than more normal jobs? .

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I want to buy paid articles on such sites

cybersecurity, technology, internet security, online protection, cybersecurity guides.

Not related to Internet marketing topics (mainly SEO). An appropriate website should have technical guides ("How to", etc.), as well as websites related to cybersecurity.

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Can the technology companies of the world assume the responsibility we give them?

Wow, where to start …

Over the last 20 years, we have been transferring more and more personal data to large, often American, private companies, and Cold Fusion is returning to it in a mini-documentary of about a quarter.

Among other things, how does competition in the technology sector work, what responsibility do technology companies have for the information we share with them, and how is this reflected in freedom of expression? We also talk about cryptocurrencies, especially the cryptocurrency Libra, the currency like Facebook and some of the largest technology and payment companies in the world are late.

The big question that is currently being debated is whether these giant corporations are starting to become a bit more powerful for the good of society and whether they should be split into several units. What do you say about this? Comments are at your disposal.

Have you ever seen this video on Youtube? What do you think?


where can I get resources like blockchain technology in C ++

I found a lot of pdf files on the Ethereum Smart Contract and the JavaScript cryptocurrency. I always want to know about resources like C ++ cryptocurrency. Let me know about good resources.

Windows Desktop Application Development – Technology Choices

What is the future solution for developing a map-centric Windows desktop application right now?

I have to start a new project for which the client needs a native Windows 10 desktop application, since important requirements will be extensively used on maps: drawing a lot of elements on the map, drawing of polygons and custom lines, infowindows, contextual menus and very likely representation of 3D models (although this is not certain).

It has been a long time since I have developed for office environments, I ask for your help and advice. Is UWP a viable and future option? Is WPF still an alternative? The most important from my point of view is to have a technology that allows me to work effectively with the cards (good rate of FPS and good performance in general).

Thank you in advance the community.

GET – ConversionXL, Dan McGaw – Optimizing Your Marketing Technology Stack | NewProxyLists

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ConversionXL, Dan McGaw – Optimizing Your Marketing Technology Stack


With the right set of tools, you can finally get the desired marketing results.

What is a stack of marketing technology?

Marketing technology allows you to gather various useful tools to track the entire customer journey while measuring the ROI of your marketing efforts.

Your "martech" stack may include marketing automation software, data analysis and routing tools, a customer relationship management system, live support and chat systems, community forums, prospecting tools, etc.

It is almost impossible for most businesses to create the right stack from the beginning – unless you are getting help from an expert.

With dozens of competing tools to choose from in each of these areas – and the tedious frustration of integrating multiple platforms with the help of code or API –

During this eight-course course, marketing expert Dan McGaw will show you how to evaluate, eliminate, and integrate the tools that will help grow your business.

You will learn exactly how:
Choose and set up the right tools – Do not waste your monthly marketing budget on forgotten or unnecessary subscriptions
Create a Taxonomy Guide to Grow Your Business – Imagine the confusion you'll avoid by helping everyone on your team use the same words for the same concepts
Integrate tools to create a holistic marketing machine – Stop exporting and importing data from one platform to another
Configure segment.com to leverage your customer data – Use your existing data to create a better customer experience generating higher revenue
Track tracks and engagement scores to identify interesting leads – Instead of guessing who might be willing to sign up or buy
Getting fucked without engineering – no coding required
Convert more customers with your tools – Set up your stack once and watch it do the hard work for you

What effective marketing technology will allow you to do

Choose with confidence the right tools for your business

There are so many tools on the market at the present time (over 7,000), it is sometimes difficult to choose an email provider. With Dan's Rapid Product Evaluation Matrix, you can be sure to engage with the right platforms.

Build an integration plan and have your tools spoken

Each stack of marketing technology requires integration. Planning is the most critical part of creating a successful stack. That's why this course includes templates to guide you through the planning process.

Discover the keys to a seamless integration

A truly reliable tool integration occurs in two ways. First, give your engineers a structured integration plan to avoid any development delays. Second, hack together the tools you need (no coding skills required).

Earn an increase or promotion to improve your analytical and operational skills

Marketing technologists are among the highest paid marketers. During this course you will learn the basics of marketing operations and how to configure your analytics tools for useful data. You become a much more valuable member of the team.

Improve your sales and marketing conversion rates

Once your new stack of tools is operational, you'll be able to automate the processes you've always done manually. You'll run tests across multiple channels, platforms, and audiences (and your analytics will tell you exactly what works or does not work). With all these business processes, you will see conversion lifts in all areas of your sales and marketing.

This course is for you if …

You have explored some marketing tools, but you have not decided which one will bring you the most
You have started collecting data from various tools, but you need to group all the items together.
You want to know more about marketing automation, analytics, CRM, data conduits, support systems, live chat, forms and prospecting tools
You have a general understanding of automation and marketing integration, basic skills in Google Analytics reporting, and some technical know-how (or Zapier experience).

This course is probably not for you if …

You can not look at numbers, graphs or data, but rather trust your instincts.
You are not currently working with any technology or marketing tool
Want to know more about advertising or content marketing tools
You want to deepen technical integration using Google Tag Manager or code

Skills you should have:

A general understanding of marketing automation.
Basic skills in creating reports with Google Analytics.
A basic understanding of how to integrate tools.
A little technical know-how and experience Zapier.

Your complete curriculum:
Optimize your stack of marketing technologies

Lesson 1

What is a Martech stack and how does it solve my marketing problems?

Contrary to common practice, a stack of marketing technologies is more than just a collection of disparate tools that you have used to run campaigns. This course will cover:

How to think about your stack and the types of tools it should contain – You may just forget a platform that can grow your business.

What problems the right battery can help you solve – Freeing up more time through automating your tracking and generating processes is only an early start

Lesson 2

Choose the right tools for your stack

With over 7,000 tools to choose from, the selection process can be confusing or tedious. Dan's step-by-step approach will help you evaluate and choose the best marketing and business intelligence tools to meet your needs. Here's what class 2 will include:

Ways to discover new tools to keep pace with innovation – so you always have the best tools in your class
How to keep your stack organized – No more searching for data on bad platforms, or asking, "What tool is doing this again?"
How to choose the best tools for your business model – Not all marketing tools are created equal and will not suit all your business
Dan's simple method of choosing tools and presenting the results – It is not enough to find the right tool. You also need the membership of your team

Lecon 3

Integrate the battery

Everything in your stack of marketing technologies must be integrated with your site, your products and other commercial tools. Do things right by knowing shortcuts, shortcuts and business secrets. We will go through:

What does the process of integrating different tools look like – and how to configure integrations for faster data transfer and reduced redundancy
Why Tag Managers Are a Boon to Marketers – Your Google Analytics Team will be thrilled with it

Whether or not you use a client data platform for integration – not all companies need this type of tool. But if you do, it can change the situation

Lesson 4

Build your stack taxonomy

Whether it is automating marketing and sales processes or helping you get reliable and meaningful information, your technology should energize your business. But if no one knows how things are named or where to find information, you have no chance to convince your team to adopt new systems. Sometimes boring but extremely important topics include:

How to build a taxonomy and a schema sheet – Normalize your stack structure and your names in an easily scalable and referable document
The right way to name the actions your users take – For things like "qualified prospect" to have the same meaning for everyone in your business
How to store important demographic, technographic and firmographic data – Good classifications facilitate search, sorting and segmentation
How to maintain data governance in your marketing stack – Make sure your tools generate reliable, uncorrupted data every step of the way.

Lesson 5

Data-driven analysis

With the right analysis setup, your data can tell you a lot about your customers. Whether you want to understand demographics, firmographics, or just learn more about people's behavior, it all starts with the right analytical setup. Dan will show you:

How to improve your reports and KPIs – Stop following custom metrics and start generating more meaningful reports
What analytics can help you track your behavior – Often the behavior of customers and prospects can tell us more about their needs than the customers themselves
Why is Google Analytics no longer sufficient today? Complete your main analytical platform with tools that fill in missing gaps.
How to track phone calls in your analyzes – Give a more complete picture of the origin of your earnings

Lesson 6

Capture emails and generate more leads

Whatever your business area, catching emails must be one of your biggest priorities. This course will show you tools and tips for generating more leads with a richer context. We will answer questions such as:

What are some of the leading providers to help you capture emails? You may want to consider how these tools fit into your email marketing platform and what data is most useful for your marketing team.
What are the different types of lead generation solutions? Choose the right tool for your audience, your business model and the information you need from prospects
How can we collect email addresses and enrich them with valuable information? Receiving someone's e-mail, that's fine, but receiving someone's e-mail while learning more about it, is much better

Lesson 7

Automate your marketing

Automation is eating the world – and businesses that do not use it will be too. Discover the key players in marketing and how to choose an automation tool for your business. Dan will also unveil simple and effective marketing automation techniques that will help you customize your marketing (and remove heavy work from your calendar). You will learn:

The main features to look for in a marketing automation tool – Sort the real sea players from imitators
How to map the fields of your automation tool to the rest of your stack – Form field values ​​are landing where they should, each time
How to Present the Cost of a Leadership Tool – Advocate for a valuable tool in the most persuasive way possible
Create a progressive profiling integration program to improve customization – We'll discuss what to ask and when.
Customize each point of contact for your customer journey. Thus, not only will YOU generate higher revenues, but they will also be satisfied with your service or product and will be loyal to your brand.

Lesson 8

Relationship management with CRM

The demarcation between marketing automation tools and customer relationship management (CRM) is fading away. That said, there are still "worthwhile" CRM tools that help you better manage your customer relationships. If you have a sales organization, you must have a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool. In this class we will cover:

Your main considerations when choosing a CRM – Indicate if your team will be able to adapt to it or not
Why CRM is no longer just a sales tool – It's time to break department silos and work as a team
The attributes of CRM that matter most – Ignore bells and whistles in favor of tools that allow real and actionable information

How to integrate Salesforce's "action tracking" into your analytics tool – Know who the customers are, what they've achieved, and what you need to do next.

Show off your new skills: Get a certificate of completion

Once you have completed the course, take a test to be certified in building a stack of marketing technologies.

Add your certification to your resume, LinkedIn profile or simply get the well-earned increase you've been waiting for.


What is Salesforce Technology? – Everything else

Salesforce is a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) platform that overloads all parts of your business that interact with customers, including marketing, sales, commerce, service, and business applications. of development.

Salesforce Online Training

need to work independently in Java technology

In fact, I have a total experience of 8.7 and a java 6.2 experience in software, I am basically a Java developer, but I am still not able to work autonomously in java.Please suggest how to work autonomously in a java project? In fact, I need the help of my colleagues to work. in java, for example, I do not know how to implement jpql and I do not know the difference in exact implementation between front-end and back-end. and I do not know eclipselink, once, when I realized a project. If I took an online help like a stackoverflow site and java websites, that's fine, but it's a shame to take help from colleagues (it's a performance issue). Please suggest how to overcome this problem? Thanks in advance

Selling – Kyanon Digital – Innovative Technology Partner for Market Leaders | NewProxyLists

If you have your share of indefinitely delayed projects that work with cheap "outsourcing workshops" that end up costing you more in the long run, then you can appreciate the importance of having the right technical partner by your side who is dedicated to making your product a reality. High technology engineering requires a combination of skilled and experienced developers, good business sense and sufficient creativity disrupt entire industries, values ​​that we encourage and stimulate in our daily work environment.

At Kyanon Digital, we specialize in construction advanced technology solutions through Product Engineering and Data engineering, with a large portfolio of hundreds of projects successfully implemented in the United States, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Southeast Asia. Work closely with world leaders in the market and emerging startups, we provide the operational efficiency and technical expertise necessary to identify, validate and deploy the right product according to the needs of your business.

We use Agile development methodology to create customized productsensuring consistent results and timely deployment even changing the requirements. Like your dedicated technology partnerWe are with you every step of the way: conceptualize and detail the specifications of your project, to implementation and scaling globally.

[IMG]A flawless stay

Our teams of high tech champions will help you innovate, disrupt and maintain the competitive advantage through the industry with:

Product Engineering

  • Customized software
  • Web Application Development
  • Native / cross-platform mobile apps
  • ECommerce Solutions
  • IoT
  • AR / VR

Data engineering

  • Ingestion of data
  • Data Architecture
  • Data visualization
  • AI / ML

If you're more interested in the technical capabilities of our engineers, take a moment to review our wide range of technologies:

[IMG]A flawless stay

Our model of engagement varies from as a team, where we build a fully dedicated team of passionate engineers with the right skills to develop your product, or Project based if you have already detailed the project specifications but do not have the technical resources to implement it. Like your dedicated technology partner, we take on operational responsibilities at every stage of your product development cycle, while keeping our customers informed frequent updates of progress and total transparency.

[IMG]A flawless stay

"If you can not feed a team with two pizzas, it's too big." – Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon

On the basis of the golden rule of the richest man in the world, we build Two successful Pizza teams able to attack complex systems and engineering challenges through proven development practices and meticulous quality control. Being part of a tight team promotes interpersonal relationships, rewards autonomous innovation and promotes a productive environment.

You want to learn how to build your next project with your own dedicated Two-Pizza team? Contact us and we will help you get started on the right track with a exclusive, without commitment 55-minute technical consultation about your product.


A flawless stay

Interested to know how we bring digital magic to real life? Let's review the details of some of our partnerships:

  1. Collaborate with the global leader in mobile telephony to reduce time-to-market for its marketing campaigns and develop a customized brand watch platform to track, analyze and streamline its marketing operations.
  2. Reorganization and upgrade of the intranet system of a world-renowned research institute, improving workflow and operational efficiency, reducing manual effort by 60%

Do not just take our word for granted; Read what our customers have to say.

Let's talk about how we can bring your next project to life. Click here to claim your free technical consultation, exclusively for NewProxyLists members.