down temp or permanent?

My site is down. The link in the ads by here at Webhostingtalk stalls with about: blank in the address box of the URL. Finally, is displayed in the address box with the following message:

The connection has expired's server takes too long to answer.

The site may be temporarily unavailable or too busy. Try again in a few moments.
If you can not load pages, check the network connection of your computer.
If your computer or network is protected by a firewall or proxy, make sure Firefox is allowed to access the Web.

I can not connect to cpanel because it tells me that my login information is invalid.

Does anyone know if it is temporary or if the company is bankrupt?

java – Saving a file in Temp and deleting a checkbox is considered a wise choice?

My team and I have this Desktop Client developed in JavaFX. It basically has a checkbox "Remember my password". If the user checks this box, restarts and reopens the application, the user must be automatically logged in. I'm using a cheap trick by simply saving a temporary file to the temporary directory. It is encrypted and contains the information required for this feature. It just checks to see if certain information is present – if so, log in and access the dashboard.

Now, what they want is if the user logs out (it's different from just closing the app) but the box is checked before, the next time it opens application, username and password will already be present. As I thought of a solution, my teammate suddenly pushed a solution to this problem. If the user checks the box, he / she saves the information (rewrites the file) in the temporary file. If the user unchecks the box, the file is deleted.

Is this a safe practice?

Thank you Abigail for the comment. But, apart from the fact that it is saved in the temporary directory, suppose I save it elsewhere, the actual function of saving and deleting a file when you check a box is an "acceptable" practice?

How to open edge temp file? [migrated]

Does anyone know how to open the Microsoft Edge temporary folder or its location? I can not find or open.