How do I delete a custom template from the "Theme Editor"

I just deleted the custom template file (archive- (example) .php)
from "../wp-content/themes/(custom_theme)/"
because I no longer use it.

But it still appears in the "list of theme files" in the theme editor of the WordPress admin page.

How can I delete it?

Copy the Sharepoint sub-folder (template) and apply copy permissions

Is there a way to modify this script here:

be able to copy / create and apply perms to subfolders? (For example: -> LibraryName -> Template Folder -> SubFolder 1 etc?

I tried to modify the variables, but it doesn't seem to be able to "find" subfolders.


What is the name of the design template for pop-up integration jumping step by step (picture)

we would like to implement features like below, but i can't find the name of this ux model.

This screen is from the GSuite administrator, but you can find it in many apps. He jumps step by step by introducing and focusing on major changes.

enter description of image here

How do I get the SharePoint List / Library Template ID?

I'm looking for a way to see the list / library template ID, var g_wsaListTemplateId. I have referred to a VAR which shows me that the null value does not know why this.

Is there an easier way to find it?

The page template does not appear in the page options

The page template that I created inside my child theme does not appear in the Page Attributes -> Template drop-down list.
I tried to move to another theme and come back, I checked that my php comment at the top of the template was correct (and that no other page template shared the name I gave it gave), and I made sure my index.php was present and working.
I am using WordPress 5.3.2. It has been over an hour since I created the model, and it still fails to display.

Template for the formula $ Box ( psi vee phi) Rightarrow ( Box psi) vee ( Box phi) $

I am new to LTL and am trying to understand how it works. My question is: is there $ sigma $ this:

$ sigma models ( Box ( psi vee phi) Rightarrow ( Box psi) vee ( Box phi)) $

I know it:

$ sigma models Box psi: forall k , (( sigma, k) models psi) \
sigma models ( psi Rightarrow phi): ( sigma models neg psi) vee ( sigma models phi) \
sigma models Box psi iff sigma models neg Diamond neg psi $


$ sigma models ( Box ( psi vee phi) Rightarrow ( Box psi) vee ( Box phi)) iff \ ( sigma models Diamond ( neg psi land neg phi)) land (( sigma models ( Box psi)) vee ( sigma models ( Box phi))) $

I guess there aren't any $ sigma $ because

$ sigma models Box psi iff forall k , (( sigma, k) models psi) $


$ sigma models Diamond ( neg psi land neg phi) iff
exists k , ((( sigma, k) models neg psi) land (( sigma, k) models neg phi)) $

Is my thinking correct?

8 – Printing a date in a template file

Whenever I want to print a date, I get this error.

Warning: illegal offset type in isset or empty in Twig Template-> getAttribute ()
Warning: array_key_exists (): the first argument must be either a string or an integer

I have tried with the following, but I still get PHP warnings.

{{'now'|date('Y')  }}

{{ node.field_status_update_date.value|date('n/j/Y') }}

{{ node.field_status_update_date.value }}


plugins – Add a clickable button Before After Add-On – Slider Template in Slider Revolution

I got the cursor revolution license and added a before-after cursor model. And I changed this cursor content with mine like photos, logo..etc but there is a problem when I try to make the button clickable, I mean when I add the Action (simple link) to the button the text in the button disappears. Anyone have information or had a problem like this? Can anyone share their opinion / experience please?

terminology – User interface component or design template for juxtaposing images for comparison

This is a concept / design model that I saw for the first time during an interaction on a website to show the before and after images of a natural disaster event.

Since then, I have seen it appear in different places, but mainly used to display before / after images in an interactive side-by-side comparison. Here is an example that I saw on a website showing the transformation from one type of image to another.

enter description of image here

Would this UI component be classified as a cursor, an image interaction or something else?

This is the only implementation of the design model that I have seen (with the cursor in the middle of the overlapping images) but if there are observations of alternative designs, please also add them to the responses.

tables – saving data in a quick template

I have a user model defined as follows:

class UserModel: NSObject {

var firsname: String?
var lastname: String?
var mail: String?


and in one of my http requests, I catch the json response like:

guard let mail = jsonArray(0)("mail") as? String else { return }

So when I print the mail print(mail) it works well and prints the correct mail chain, but when I try to save this email in my user attributes it gives me a nil value.

guard let mail = jsonArray(0)("mail") as? String else { return }
    self.user?.mail = mail
    if let mailUnwrapped = self.user?.mail {

am i missing something? Any help please! Thank you