Indian citizens – Can I work temporarily in the offices of my company located in the Schengen area with a Schengen type C visa and in the UK with a level 2 visa?

I am an Indian national working in the UK with a level 2 visa. I have recently received a French Schengen visa with multiple entries of 2 years and I have used it to travel to France.

My UK company has an office in the Schengen area (not in France) and as an employee I can be allowed to work there for a week or two to experience and know the team .

I understand that my Schengen visa would allow me to travel to any Schengen country for a business meeting, but is it ok to work as planned in my situation? If not, what visa do I need and its acquisition would cancel my current Schengen visa?

dnd 5th – How can I temporarily blind an opponent with the command spell?

I love the lot orderand I'm looking for a way to get someone to go blind temporarily. Yet, for my life, I can not find a solitary verb that means closing my eyes. It's funny how the English language is bad, haha.

What order can I give with the order a spell to temporarily blind an opponent?

installation – Can I temporarily install a package with apt

I often find myself interested in trying different packages to solve a problem, find the one I prefer and compare their benefits. A trivial example could be compare Emacs, vim, atom, nano, sublimeetc.

In doing so, I sometimes lose track of the different packages I have installed. It's annoying because I end up finding myself with a clutter that I do not use, and I'm not sure I'll need more.

Is it possible to use apt, or another package manager, which will allow me to mark as temporary a package that I have installed, so that it is:

  • Be removed when I restart
  • Be removed when I autoclean/autoremove
  • Be removed after a certain period

I am aware that packages can be marked as manually or automatically installed with apt, and this can sometimes allow them to be deleted automatically.

Would it work as expected?
Is it recommended?
Do I have other options?

How to temporarily disable comment feed in a single staff

I flood the comments in my plugin in a reasonable way:

function log_my_comments ($ post_id)
$ my_comments = get_my_comment_data ($ post_id);

foreach ($ my_comments as $ my_comment) {
wp_insert_comment (
& # 39; comment_post_ID & # 39; => $ post_id,
& # 39; comment_type & # 39; => $ my_comment,
& # 39; comment_type & # 39; => & # 39; my_comment & # 39 ;,
// ...
} // endforeach

add_action (& # 39; save_post & # 39 ;, & quot; log_my_comments & # 39 ;, 9);
add_action (& # 39; new_to_publish & # 39 ;, & quot; log_my_comments & # 39 ;, 9);

He will flood the comment No more of 5 in one transaction. Now, when I use my function for the user role "author", it blocks me with:

You post comments too quickly. Slow down.

and does the job at waiting.

I can easily solve the problem by adding capacity moderate comments to the user, but it's an essential feature, and I do not want to hack the default author role. I just want to solve the problem from a local and not a global perspective.

I have therefore taken the easiest way to proceed:

function log_my_comments ($ post_id)
$ my_comments = get_my_comment_data ($ post_id);

// Disable Flooding Comments
add_filter (& # 39; comment_flood_filter & # 39; __; return_false & # 39 ;, 11);

foreach ($ my_comments as $ my_comment) {
// wp_insert_comment ();

// Turn on the comment feed again
remove_filter (& # 39; comment_flood_filter & # 39; __; return_false & # 39;);

But it does not work. I have tried in priority 9 also. Need your suggestion, how can I fix this problem?

5th dnd – Is banishing a viable option for temporarily getting rid of a live spider?

In a fight against a live spider on a material level, would the Banning spell be a viable option to temporarily keep a live spider out of the fight?

According to the Banishing Spell, the target creature would be banned in a harmless destruction plan and would be disabled if it is native to the Material plane, but banished to its original plane if it originates from another plane.

Removing the spider phase from the fight for a minute would be the desired situation. But I do not know the birth plan of Phase Spiders. To banish him on the ethereal plane would produce an unsatisfactory result since it would allow Ethereal Jaunt to return directly to the fight.

woocommerce – How to fix the problem: "The resource you are looking for has been removed, if its name has been changed or is temporarily unavailable." after cleaning the malicious program

A few days ago, we were hired to optimize a WP site that manages a multi-vendor site on woocommerce. the site has been infected with malware and can not access ftp or cPanel because the owner does not have the information to do so. I searched the web and found the plug-in "Anti-Malware and Brute-Force Security by ELI".
After running the scan, it quarantines the following files:
enter the description of the image here

I logged out and now that I am trying to log in to work, the message "The resource you are looking for has been removed, if its name has been changed or is temporarily unavailable." On screen display.

The home page is open, but if you click on a link, the message will reappear.
The site is

I do not know exactly what plugin uses to connect, or if it's important, but I can not access the dashboard.

I hope you can help me.

Thank you and sorry for the bad english.

How to solve the WordPress error: temporarily unavailable

I had a problem with WordPress; an error appears here and there saying: temporarily unavailable. Whenever I try to access pages, publications or products, this error appears. In addition, all media files have disappeared from the dashboard although I can see them in the file manager. I've tried to change the theme and disable the plugins but the problem persists. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Can I prevent Windows 10 from resizing open windows by temporarily running a lower resolution than the native resolution?

Some old games only work in specific resolutions. Sometimes, there are ways to force them to use resolutions that were not even thought of when the games were developed by manipulating a .ini file or something similar.

Others can simply run only in one resolution (the VGA is the most likely candidate, but the 800×600 formats for games of the XP era are also common). Since running them in a window, even at a native resolution of 1080p, makes any difficult click, the only sensible solution is to play in full screen.

It works pretty well, the game starts, the resolution changes, you play and Windows automatically returns to the standard resolution at the end of the game and even when you ALT + TAB outside.
What Windows do not However, the open windows are as before.
On the contrary, it resizes them, so they correspond to the smaller resolution – while they DO NOT have the focus and are actually not even currently visible.

I realize that this is useful if, for example, the graphics driver can not be loaded and that a VGA resolution is the last resort for troubleshooting and that the operating system shrinks and / or move open windows so that they are visible in the new resolution. However, it is awkward to manually resize and resize my windows to their preferred positions at each change of resolution.

Is there any way – probably via a registry entry – to prevent Windows 10 from resizing and moving windows open when changing resolution?

PS: I'm aware that closing all other programs before changing the resolution would prevent the problem, but it's not a very realistic solution.

magento2 – Whenever the GIT source code sends source code to Magento Cloud, the message "Service temporarily unavailable" is displayed.

Whenever GIT sends source code to Magento Cloud, the message "Service temporarily unavailable" is displayed.
I've googled a solution that removes the .maintenance.flag file in / var.
But this action I have to do after each GIT push action. is there another way to solve this problem?

service temporarily unavailable
The server is temporarily unable to respond to your request due to maintenance interruptions or capacity issues. Please try again later.