The last view temporarily disappears

Why can I see the last time some of my friends were active on Facebook Messenger, but other times it doesn't show up?

Mysql Master-Master replication temporarily blocked

I set up a Master Master replication using GTID (Mysql 5.7.29 @ Debian). Its configuration for multi-source, but only two servers are currently used.

From time to time, the execution of transactions on one or the other slave is blocked – the counter Exec_Master_Log_Pos just don't move and Seconds_Behind_Master count to. I can see that this slave is receiving data (Relay_Log_Space increases). After minutes, sometimes even hours, the slave suddenly continues to move and replication continues (I have the feeling that this is related to the connection or disconnection of certain mysql clients). There are usually not a lot of transactions on each side, so this cannot be due to a high load.

I don't see any errors in the logs other than irregular repetitive messages like this:

2020-04-12T12:31:26.710412Z 836 (Note) Multi-threaded slave statistics for channel 'ce': seconds elapsed = 121; events assigned = 25724929; worker queues filled over overrun level = 0; waited due a Worker queue full = 0; waited due the total size = 1056; waited at clock conflicts = 0 waited (count) when Workers occupied = 1082828 waited when Workers occupied = 0

Where can I find the problem? I did not see this behavior before switching to GTID replication from binlog-position a few days ago.

theming – How to temporarily replace Drupal with static HTML pages?

Drupal only intervenes when a file does not exist. So if you create HTML files on the same path where a Drupal page existed, the HTML file will be displayed and Drupal will not be instantiated.

Example: you have a path named / node / 4.

If you create a folder in your webroot named & # 39; node & # 39;, and a file named 4, it will be recovered instead of Drupal being instantiated, even if Drupal exists in the webroot. You may need to do some work to set the file headers as text / html, since there is no file extension on the file to tell the processor that ; this is an HTML file.

Temporarily deactivate the screen saver on Windows 10 in an easy way

Pretty simple problem – I'm working on something, I need the screen to stay on all the time until I'm done. I don't want the screen saver to intrude on my work. While I am working I do not touch the keyboard or the mouse, but I have to look at the screen. I'm just using the browser, which doesn't deactivate the screen saver.

The screen saver is set to start after 10 minutes of activity and requires a password to unlock – which would be very intrusive when I'm in the middle of something.

On macOS, this would be trivial: create a hot corner, assign it "deactivate the screen saver" and move the mouse in this corner for the duration of the work. Once done, just move the mouse out of this corner.

Is there a way to accomplish something this simple on Windows?

Temporarily disable the connection to the domain via Powershell

I have many computers (Windows 10 Edu) in my Active Directory and I need to disable their ability to connect to their domain temporarily via PowerShell.
Only local accounts should be able to connect.
I also need a powershell command to re-authorize the connection to the domain.

Removing them from the domain is not an option.

Powershell commands are executed on a local administrator account and should not involve any user interface or confirmation with the mouse or keyboard.

linux – Temporarily disable swap on a production database?

If I need to increase the swap on a linux server mysql database to be able to increase the size, what would happen to the database?

The database uses 8 GB of swap. What would be the best way to increase the database to 16 GB?

He has 16 GB of RAM and a swapiness of 1 and he used all 8 GB of swap, wouldn't he also eat 16 GB of swap?

spells – Is there a way to have a creature temporarily treated as a different alignment?

I'm looking for a way (preferably by lot) to have a reluctant creature be treated as a different alignment, without actually actually changing it. I'm looking for a way to have things like Smite Evil to be able to affect them, or having a brandishing Axiomatic weapon gives them a negative level.

I know the Evil Domains Touch of Evil power, and the alchemists Change alignment Discovery. I wanted to know if there was anything similar to these abilities that can temporarily change the way creatures are affected by spells / abilities depending on their alignment.

Replace NA with its closest value temporarily in R

I need to change the NA of a data block with the last values ​​that this variable takes.

It is a basis for participation of companies in different fields, sorted by date. The variables are therefore as follows:

fecha <- c("2009-01-01", "2009-01-01", "2009-02-01", "2009-02-01", "2017-08-01", "2017-08-01", "2017-09-01", "2017-09-01")
empresa <-  c("A", "B", NA, NA, "C", "D", NA, NA )
area <-  c("zona 1", "zona 1", "zona 1", "zona 1", "zona 2", "zona 2", "zona 2", "zona 2"  )
participacion <-  c(0.5, 0.5, NA, NA, 0.5, 0.5, NA, NA)

DF <- data.frame(fecha, empresa, area, participacion)

You must replace the NA values ​​by the last value taken both by the company variable and by participation.

How can I solve it?

Thanks in advance

Temporarily leave work after a 3-year H1B extension (after 6 years) obtained using the approved I-140

My 6 years on H1-B are over. However, I have gotten a 3 year extension of my H1-B since I approved the I-140. If I temporarily leave this position, can I resume after a few months without going through the lottery. Thank you.