dnd 5e – Trying to stage an alignment change and friendship between two player characters with much tension

I have a D&D 5e group of 5 (Four PCs, one DM), of which I am a player:

  • My character – Chaotic Neutral Human (however hope to gradually move
    to Chaotic good following an epiphany) – (Rogue (lvl 7)-Bard (lvl 1))
  • The other player in question’s character – Probably Chaotic or True
    evil – (lvl 8 Elvlish Sorceress with Chromatic Dragon-blood)
  • An Aismer Cleric – Lawful Good
  • A rock-gnome druid – lawful good

My hope is that my character and her character will become friends in order to bring the party more cohesion, and I have discussed this with her. We’re trying to figure out the best realistic way of that happening, but I’m struggling to figure it out. Her character is very hot-headed, very prideful, very power-hungry, and my character seems to get on her character’s nerves quite often. Her character seemed to appreciate my character’s poetry, but beyond that, there seems to be no kindness towards my character. Her character had a bad upbringing – as a lab rat – raised to value power over everything else – however she has a good uncle who I have met. I was thinking of using the disguise of the uncle alongside charm person to essentially extract backstory information, use that in a grand plot to befriend her, however even that would be risky.

Do you have any advice as to how to do that?

Many thanks,

Rhythmic Sheep

Trade without any tension and without haste – General Forex questions and help

A proverb always goes in English that Slow and stable wins the race, so it is true that haste cannot reach the appropriate destination, this can make us more loose. At the first stage, I opened a Micro account with the broker OctaFX and I just deposited only 50 USD and now my total balance is around 2000 USD. The bottom line here is that I have not been in a rush, I have just followed the paths of my personal manager.

role play – How to manage the tension created between the characters after a role play session?

I am the DM for a long game, we have been going on for 2 years, and although there was a difficult start and a few characters changed, we were in a good position. There was a Barbarian Tiefling (original), a Paladin Dragonborn and a human fighter / warlock. About 2 months ago, we added a Dragonborn assistant to the party, and this has been a welcome addition so far. Tonight we had a relatively long role-playing section, first a meeting with a prominent NPC who has been there for a while, then the characters discussed stories and tales over dinner in a tavern. During this role-playing session, the wizard, fully in character, used the suggestion to draw the backstory of the Tiefling (which has yielded practically nothing so far). This has created tensions within the party (in-game only) and has the potential to completely derail the campaign. I want to respect the players agency, and I trust the players not to blow this out of proportion, but I also don't want to give up a whole main quest because of it. I am in conflict and therefore request divergent views on the issue. Thanks in advance. Feel free to ask for information, I am happy to help.

How to avoid hyper tension?

How to avoid hyper tension?

Tension problem: USA

I plan to take my laptop to the United States. The adapter indicates that the input voltage is between 100 and 240V. However, the agreement connecting the adapter to the plug mentions – 2.5A 240V ~
I have joined the two pictures.
Help kindly. Will the laptop work with the charger in the United States? Will the agreement have a problem when connecting to an American plug via an adapter?AdapterAgreement

Ag.algic geometry – Tension with finite plane dimension complex in the derived category

Let $ (R, m) $ to be a local Noetherian ring, and $ X $, $ Y $ to be finite generation complexes $ R $ modules. assume $ X $ is delimited above and $ Y $ is delimited below. Let $ S $ bean $ R $-Algebra of dimension to finished flat.

Q. 1) Prove that $$ { bf R} Hom_R (X, Y) otimes_ {R} ^ { bf L} S cong { bf R} Hom_S (X otimes_ {R} ^ { bf L} S, Y otimes_ {R} ^ { bf L} S) $$.

Q. 2) If $ X $ and $ Y $ are $ R $ modules such as $ Tor_n ^ R (X, S) = 0 = Tor_n ^ R (Y, S) $ for everyone $ n geq 1 $ then prove that $$ { bf R} Hom_R (X, Y) otimes_R ^ { bf L} S cong { bf R} Hom_S (X otimes_RS, Y otimes_RS) $$.

PS: The answers could be simple, but it would be very useful for you to explain them with kindness. Thanks in advance.