macos – open terminal failed: not a terminal

Everytime I open a terminal, I get this error: open terminal failed: not a terminal
I tried to run ps to see what program could be the problem:

    PID TTY           TIME CMD
38282 ttys003    0:01.52 -zsh
38298 ttys003    0:00.01 -zsh
38740 ttys003    0:00.00 -zsh
38741 ttys003    0:00.00 -zsh
38743 ttys003    0:00.00 /Users/anako/.cache/gitstatus/gitstatusd-darwin-x86_64 -G v1.0.0 -s -1 -u -1 -d -1 -c -1 -m -1 -v FATAL -t 8
38746 ttys003    0:00.00 (zsh)
35876 ttys004    0:02.27 -zsh
35881 ttys004    0:00.02 -zsh
36349 ttys004    0:00.02 -zsh
36350 ttys004    0:00.01 -zsh
36352 ttys004    0:00.03 /Users/anako/.cache/gitstatus/gitstatusd-darwin-x86_64 -G v1.0.0 -s -1 -u -1 -d -1 -c -1 -m -1 -v FATAL -t 8
37800 ttys004    0:00.00 (zsh)

I have seen on other question that tmux does this error message but I don’t want to launch tmux at new terminal session and don’t remenber setting up tmux at all.

I’m using Iterm2 on macos catalina and it also happen on native terminal app so it’s not a problem with iterm.

terminal – How to get rid of phantom directories /Volumes on a Mac?

I have a couple of different but related problems. 1st, I have an AppleScript that can mount only 10 of my 13 volumes. The 3 I cannot mount are named Data 1, Data 2, and Data 3. I renamed those 3 volumes and now my Applescript can mount all of them. Using AppleScript I executed set mountList to do shell script "ls /Volumes. When I displayed mountList, it correctly listed my 13 volumes (with the 3 new names). In AppleScript, I set thisDisk to “Data 1”. When I executed if thisDisk is in mountList then display dialog thisDisk, a Mac window displayed Data 1 even though there is no longer a volume named Data 1. Somehow, Data 1 both is, and is not, in the list of volumes. I think this conflict is why I had to change its name. How do I get rid of the phantom volumes Data 1, Data 2, and Data 3? I have volumes named Photo Data 1 (and 2 and 3) and I have no problem with them, so this problem is not related to the spaces in the names. Also, the Applescript used to work perfectly but I just erased some hard disks and created partitions using some of the erased names.

Second Problem. In Terminal when I execute ls /Volumes, it correctly lists the 13 volumes (with the 3 new names) but it includes a volume I no longer have named TTSS. How do I get rid of the phantom TTSS? I executed ls -l / grep Volumes and it tells me drwxrwxrwx+ 3 root wheel 96 Nov 17 2018 TTSS

I should mention that I barely understand terminal commands and AppleScript, so I will probably need step-by-step help.

productivity – Monitor your terminal / file change activity

I’m trying to monitor all my activity to optimize productivity and I’m wondering if a system already exists to do so or how to set one up otherwise.

For example, I want to record the programs I execute on the command line and then track the diffs to my files to see how many times I run certain tests and patterns of test updates and code rewriting.

Essentially, I just want to track what I’m doing and figure out how to do it faster.

One hypothesis is that the 2 seconds it takes to run my unit test actually turns into 20 seconds on average because I forget what I was going to do depending on the test output.

Any ideas on how to set this up?

PC Games – BloodRayne 2 – Terminal Cut [FitGirl Repack] | NulledTeam UnderGround

BloodRayne 2 – Terminal Cut (FitGirl Repack) | Size :4.77 GB
Title: BloodRayne 2: Terminal Cut
Date:20 Nov, 2020
Developer :Terminal Reality
Publisher : Ziggurat
Genre : :Action​

About This Game:

Enhanced and updated for modern systems, this is the definitive edition of Rayne’s second adventure: a blood-soaked rampage of vengeance against the Cult of Kagan, a group led by Rayne’s half-siblings that seek to carry out their father Kagan’s legacy by creating a new era of vampire supremacy.


System Requirements :
OS: Windows 8.1 or higher
Processor: Intel 4th Generation Core i3, i5, i7
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 520 or higher
Storage: 15 GB available space
Additional Notes: Optimized for XInput controllers (Xbox 360, Xbox One)

Game intro in Youtube

Download Links

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terminal – “sudo crontab -e” not updating /etc/hosts

In my /etc/hosts file, I have records like this:

To keep me from getting distracted. When I need something on one of the sites I have blocked, I add # to the beginning of the line. Running this command, I can make it so all of the lines can be uncommented to remove access again:

sudo sed -i '' 's/#//g' /etc/hosts

To automatically remove access, I run sudo crontab -e and add this line

*/10 8-15 * * 1-5 sed -i '' 's/#//g' /etc/hosts

I also tried with sudo crontab -e -u root

After saving it, mac asks for permission for terminal to admin the machine, which I grant, and I figure it should be all good, but it doesn’t see that the command is ever run (the file doesn’t get updated). Is there something I need to do to get it to update the file?

vi – Quickly change the font size in Terminal

Why not open terminal preferences and choose to change the defaults. You can then open a new tab at the exact size and color you prefer?

That and using screen or tmux means you can have your environment run regardless of which window you place it in. The zoom increments are better for temporary small adjustments as you so correctly have pointed out.

terminal – Some man pages missing from apropos / whatis database

I used apropos and whatis to look for some command, but didn’t find what I needed. But there is actually a command that does what I wanted (it’s sharing). It does have a man page (/usr/share/man/man8/sharing.8), and the man sharing command displays it as expected.

However, this command and presumably many others don’t appear in any of the 2 whatis databases that I seem to have. The files I have are /usr/share/man/whatis and /usr/local/share/man/whatis. The whatis and apropos commands seem to search both.

So I tried to refresh them by running sudo /usr/libexec/makewhatis. It did update the /usr/share/man/whatis file, but this particular man page (and others I guess) is still missing.

I tried this on 2 different machines. One running High Sierra, and the other running Mojave.

Why are some man pages not listed, and is there anything I can do to have a reliable whatis database?

windows – How to changing the language of cmd terminal (chcp is not working)

I am writing a script that is responsible to read command output from Windows terminal. The intent is to read the command line output using the command “sc query <service_name>” and based on regex, consume and resend a more concise data to the user.

The problem is that given the user language, the output content can change completely. I should not write a script that will interpret the “sc query” in all languages possible. Better to set a common language before running the script, so I can work on a single output format, no matter are the user language.

The first thing that comes when searching is the “chcp” command. But it does not works for me, and that are not much further when search for when the command does not works.

You can check in the print screen my trials to change the language (twice) and a sample for output service outputed in portuguese.

Sample output of the trial on changing cmd language by chcp

What I need to do? Is there some other way to change the cmd language or I need to do something else to make the chcp command to work?

ubuntu – IS this error an Ancient “su – hostile” vulnerability in Debian 8 & 9 ? $ bash: cannot set terminal process group (-1): Inappropriate ioctl for device

Just received this error >>

bash: cannot set terminal process group (-1): Inappropriate ioctl for device

then the disk partition went into READ-Only mode ; also noticed gnome-software was communicating both upload and download over the internet.

Here is a description of this 2012 Security Issue (below) ** ; so I expect, but don’t know how to confirm True/False, that 2020 Security patches MAY have “Fixed This” by Bombing Out and Setting Disk Read-ONLY as I just Witnessed. 2012 Security Issue Description ** Ancient “su – hostile” vulnerability in Debian 8 and 9 ? Here >> and Here >>

Steps Taken so far: (Simply) Reinstalled existing software as per : gnome-software (version 3.20.5-0ubuntu0.16.04.13) will be re-installed gnome-software-common (version 3.20.5-0ubuntu0.16.04.13) will be re-installed

Any suggestions to confirm the hack failed, or to prevent the hack from setting partition to Read-Only from happening again appreciated.

mingw64 – Didn’t get the run terminal in mingw

I’ve installed mingw from mingw

While installing I stopped in mingw installation manager. I followed this tutorial :

In the Installation manager :
enter image description here

Then I reviewed those changes :

enter image description here

Then I clicked close. After that I didn’t get any downloads as said in the tutorial.

Then I opened my control panel to edit the environment variable.

In the control panel :
enter image description here

After that I clicked ok.

After all these works, I still didn’t get my run terminal in my windows 7 – 32 bit. Still I got only installation manager and shell. run terminal didn’t appear

What to do next to get the run terminal???

enter image description here