Terminal singularities and canonical logic

Let $ D $ to be a divisor with at most terminal singularities in a smooth projective variety $ X $. Is the pair $ (X, D) $ canonical log?

virtualenvwrapper message on each new terminal

I have never tried to uninstall virtualenv or virtualewrapper nor touched the directory. Both were installed across apt. When I open the terminal this message appears at the top:

bash: /home/name/.local/bin/virtualenvwrapper.sh: No such file or directory

How to hide files and directories in a terminal

I'd like to know if I want to hide my private files and folders on my storage with a less setup password, as I do in Windows with the command "atrrib"

to add a sanskrit keyboard with the help of the setxkbmap command in the terminal?

I'm trying to find an effective way to type the correct roman transliteration of Sanskrit characters. This is done using a special keyboard that allows you to type diacritic marks in unicode. Standard diacritic marks for Sanskrit are available in Unicode. I can type this very effectively on OSX on my Macintosh without any problem, using a keyboard called "Easy Unicode" created by Toshiya Unebe. Attempts have been made to emulate this for Linux, such as at https://garudam.info/sanskrit-transliteration-keyboard-on-linux/, but I found that this code does not did not work. A Unicode keyboard IAST is available for use with Ibus, but it is quite buggy and seems to cause conflict. I've tried several solutions over the years, looking for a good option. It is important to me because I am responsible for the editing and translation of books in Sanskrit and Bengali. There are keyboard options available for native input of these languages, but I have always found the best option for Roman transliteration input, as shown above. I wish to be able to switch between a keyboard of transliteration English and romanized Sanscrit. I've also tried FCITx and different m17n, but it seems to crash and / or create conflicts with Ibus. Thank you very much for your suggestions.

Opening of pdf on ssh in a Mac terminal

As the title says, I do it

> ssh user@host.de 
> cd documents/ 
> okular example.pdf 
QXcbConnection: Could not connect to display 
Aborted (core dumped)

I connect to an OpenSUSE machine via SSH from a Mac operating system.

How to resize MP4 videos using the command line on a mac terminal?

I try to write scripts that automatically resize photos and videos to specific sizes / percentages of the original.

However, I have not found a solution for the videos. Ideas?

Mac terminal "wbk-er-10-132-118-162: ~ johnjara $" – What does "wbk-er-10-132-118-162:" mean?

The title of my mac terminal is: what is wbk-er-10-132-118-162: ~ johnjara $.

I do not understand what "wbk-er …." means. Is this the name of my mac? How can I change it? Why would this be used by default unless you install something (recently homebrew) that changed it?

Terminal – Copy backup directories on Mac from one external drive to another

I decided to follow the safest approach to make copies of my backups. In other words, my Mac backs everything up to an external drive, and then I copy the entire backup directory to the second external drive.

I did some research and found that this command allowed to move and synchronize all files from one source directory to another:

rsync -av --delete /Volume/Drive1/MyPictures/ /Volume/Drive1/MyPictures

This worked well for all the directories stored on the external hard drive, except the Mac backup directories. Running, this causes an error:

rsync -av --delete /Volume/Drive1/Backups.backupdb/ /Volume/Drive1/Backups.backupdb

failed: Operation not permitted (1)
rsync error: some files could not be transferred (code 23)

Any suggestions how to solve this problem? I have tried rsync -rtb and has the same error. Manual copying using the Finder also generates alerts with The operation can’t be completed because backup items can’t be modified.

databases – MySQL terminal hack?

Well, is it possible to enter a MySQL terminal (tracking and sending queries) without a username, password and IP address?

I have a game server and some guys just shared some details about our users on pastebin (like password – unhashed!). They send queries such as setting their own money in a database (money in the game). We use sha256 MySQL hash for password hashing, general logs are enabled, we have special mysql query logs on the server hard drive with all queries sent from the game.

We thought that there might be an SQL injection problem, but there is nothing in the mysql logs of the game. Their queries are logged only in the general log and the general log indicates that the request is sent exactly from the server user and from the IP. Second, real user passwords (unhashed) are only visible in queries when users try to connect. In the database, there are only hashed passwords.

Thus, it generally seems that they can track all queries and that they can send queries on behalf of the game server (as if they had been routinely sent from the game).

We protected phpmyadmin (VPN protection), the game server is on dedicated, mysql is on VPS but on the same dedicated server. They can not connect to the database from phpmyadmin.

After the first pastebin data sharing, we did a lot of things. First, we get a new VPS, protect it, change the user name and password of the database, check everything in the script. Perhaps an hour later, they simply send new requests, as if we had not done anything.

I've read this: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/11854231/mysql-database-hacked-not-injections And it's a very similar problem, but there's no problem answer for us.

linux – How to properly clear the terminal history in Node.js

I create my own cli (for my use only) and I'd like a "clear" method that works like the "reset" command of macos (or linux). Mainly the fact that it erases all text from the terminal, even the previous text, located outside the terminal display window. Ideas?

I tried child_process & # 39; exec() and I've tried methods that "erase" everything and move the slider to 0.0. But neither one nor the other does what I want.