[ Politics ] Open Question : Are there other domestic terrorists besides weather underground organization that are embraced by democrats and academia?

[ Politics ] Open Question : Are there other domestic terrorists besides weather underground organization that are embraced by democrats and academia?

[ Politics ] Open question: no loss of American lives, the 2 worst terrorists in the world are dead. Iran has retreated. America wins thanks to DONALD TRUMP! Aren't you proud?

If this is not the case, a plane leaves every few minutes for Iran Cuba or Venezuela …. GO! grundoon; Het dummass …. "smart people" believe what they see and know to be true, which means we don't believe you or CNN. Communist apostasy: Iran deliberately failed to save face. Are you really stupid?

Which political party do the main terrorists prefer to have in power, Republicans or Democrats?

They would prefer the Democrats.

With previous Democratic administrations, the response to terrorist attacks has been lukewarm and ineffective under the Clinton administration.

Under the Obama administration, the attacks that were necessary were ignored when strikes that had a large effect on the civilian population were launched, which angered the population.

Then we have the silver pallets that they have given to Iran.

So why wouldn't the terrorist prefer the Democrats to the Republicans?

How to convince white supremacists who threaten and harm refugee families not to be patriots but terrorists?

For starters, we need the official voices of the government to hear about the message that intolerance and hatred are not true American values. When Trump defends the white supremacists, he contradicts this message and blurs the problem (deliberately). You can not let racism really go out of style when one of our two political parties supports it and encourages it.

When / if Trump is defeated by a Democrat next year, the new Democratic president will have to make it clear that intolerance is NOT acceptable and that we will fight him in every possible way. This will not stop racism, but will not make racist heroes like the Republicans would like.

"The Taliban killed at least 48 people on a bloody day before the Afghan elections" It was the radical Islamist Trump terrorists invited to US soil?

The Carter administration has almost no lasting success: to start at Camp David and start negotiating a peace treaty between Egypt and Israel that has been going on since today. Was it wrong?

Negotiating with our enemies as an alternative to mass murder and / or a permanent occupation of Afghanistan (ask the Russians and the British how it worked for them) is a sensible alternative. I was frankly surprised that Donald Trump thought it was a good idea. Positive proof that even a broken clock is right twice a day.

We also know that Taliban leaders can not control their own extremists any more than Republicans and Democrats can control their own extremists. Should other countries refuse to meet us because we have morons who shoot at synagogues and schools?

It is time for us to bring those troops home and spend billions of dollars on taxes to reintegrate into our own society and let the Afghans determine their own destiny. We should, however, offer the Afghans who have worked for us the opportunity to come with us because their loyalty will lead to their probable assassination.

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I get nervous to know that Democrats want Muslim terrorists to invade America?

Russian TROLL ALERT! … and not very clever either. Either that, or a xenophobic far right extremist with a narrow mind. If you want to discover true national terrorists and know how to read, I suggest you get a copy of the book I sent to Robert Mueller as soon as it was published: "DARK MONEY: The hidden story of the billionaires behind the rise of the Radical Right by Jane Mayer.

Ilhan Abdullah Omar (D-MN), a democratically elected member of Congress, was elected mid-term by the Minnesotans in 2018 on a minimum wage platform for workers, affordable and accessible housing, health care for all, a student debt forgiveness and immigration reforms DACA and DAPA mandates of President Obama. Her story: Born in Somalia (Africa), the youngest of a little girl, Ilhan's mother died at the age of 2 years old. The family fled the war and lived in a refugee camp in Kenya until the age of 8. his father and grandfather taught him the importance of democracy. The family emigrates to the United States and eventually settles in Minnesota, where his father teaches and drives a taxi to support the family and sends his children to college. Ilhan Omar earned a degree in Political Science and International Studies and then won the Martin Luther King, Jr. Award for his activities involving public welfare. The only controversy faced by Representative Omar was her criticism of Israel from Netanyahu for violating the signed agreements and building unauthorized settlements on Palestinian-owned land – which I am quite d & rsquo; agreement. In my opinion, Netanyahu should be dragged to the World Court in The Hague for crimes against humanity and genocide. This is not a "terrorist" to tell the truth to power, misguided.

Two young American women who have the courage and sense of patriotism to run for public office – here's your idea of ​​"terrorist" and yet you ignore Mitch McConnell and his treacherous complicity in allowing Putin's restricted MAFIA circle to To interfere in our democratic processes? What kind of person are you?


Why do liberals honestly believe that white supremacy is a bigger problem than Muslim terrorists?

I believe it's time for people to wake up and stop hating each other.

I think the biggest threat to the United States is the veneration of Donald Trump and Republicans.

They seem desperate to start a world war with a foolish Russian agent in the White House. US bombers are heading to Europe and the troops are deployed. How is this a good thing?


[ Politics ] Open question: Republicans are programmed to think that only Muslims and brown people can be terrorists. Agree?

[ Politics ] Open question: Republicans are programmed to think that only Muslims and brown people can be terrorists. Agree? .

Why do Muslim terrorists like Kanye West arrive in our country and steal our white women?

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