What is needed to have an Android app as a copy for test mode [migrated]

Is there a way to have same app twice on same device using some simple patch?

  1. One copy is current version downloaded from the store
  2. A testing copy is an APK coming out of a CI/CD system (built using React Native)

What I have tried so far:

  • Replace app name in the source file src/main/res/values/strings.xml; but on one device the copy replaces the original, on another device the install routing reports a general error without further detail.

warhammer 40k – Is the focus power test used for Opposed Willpower techniques?

A psyker makes a focus power test to use a psychic technique, he succeeds with 2 degrees of success.

However, the psychic technique requires an Opposed Willpower check.

In this situation, what should happen next ? :

  • The Psyker and his target make Willpower checks and oppose them.
  • The target makes a Willpower check and opposes it to the Focus Power test.

I feel like it should be option 2 because it would make your Psy-Rating relevant to the difficulty of the check but I didn’t find any rules that explains how exactly this should go.

testing – How to simulate test data to a database?

The best way to get the data for test in is the same way that it will get in in production, because its the most realistic.

So the question here is how exactly does this third part software get its data in? inserts, a sproc, an API, SSIS? use the same method to insert your test data.

If you don’t know or cant tell, then you could run the tool and check the database log, or monitor the network traffic. perhaps you can even rerun the transactions

How to write Dart Unit Test

How would you write a Unit test for the following Dart Code?

The test should check whether the code is printing the expected Outcome!

Expected output must match of : sam.move(45)

(Sedan) Sam is moving fast 🙂
(Sedan) Sam moved 45m

Expected output must match of : vic.move(15);

(Van) Vic is moving slow 🙁
(Van) Vic moved 15m


class Car {
  String _name = '';
  String _vehicleType = '(Car)';

  Car(this._name, this._vehicleType);

  void move(int meters) {
    print('${this._vehicleType} ${this._name} moved ${meters}m');

class Sedan extends Car {
  String _name;

  Sedan(this._name) : super('', '(Sedan)');

  void move(int meters) {
    print('(Sedan) ${this._name} is moving fast :)');

class Van extends Car {
  String _name;

  Van(this._name) : super('', '(Van)');

  void move(int meters) {
    print('(Van) ${this._name} is moving slow :(');


void main() {
  Sedan sam = Sedan('Sam');
  Van vic = Van('Vic');




Error generate new block with signet test

I have tried to test signet to generate new block but it is showed message as below:

bicoin-cli -signet -generate 1

ERROR: ProcessNewBlock: AcceptBlock FAILED (bad-signet-blksig, signet block signature validation failure)

Performance Test Website from China

I am looking for ways to performance test our website from various locations in China – something like BlazeMeter, but which runs from within China, would be ideal.

Does anyone have any advice or suggestions on services that do this? I’ve come across a few basic sites that do basic tests, but it’d be good to get some more metrics to establish how our site is performing from within China compared to from other regions.

The site is running on Azure App Services, so perhaps there’s an Azure tool that can help with this?

Thanks Greg

usability testing – AB test of image gallery on search results

Product description

Any kind of ecommerce site or marketplace where the primary user flow is:

  • A search page where the user searches / filters to find products that the user wants to buy with many product listings.
  • A product page that contains an image gallery and various calls to action to purchase or enquire.
  • A checkout or form funnel where the user converts.

Control Design

Currently the search page contains many product listings and each product has 1 image. The product page has an image gallery where users can view the rest of the product images.

Variation Design

Each product listing on the search page now has the ability to swipe or click through all the images of a product without going to the product page.


I am preparing to A/B test this feature and I’m curious to see if anyone else has attempted something similar and what results you found? How did it effect your users behaviour? If you did any qualitative research how did your users feel vs the quant data you collected?

The reason I’m asking is that my gut feeling and hypothesis says that this feature overall will result in a better user experience (which we will test qualitatively later), however there is a good chance that the number of product pages a user views will decrease. I also think that it won’t effect conversions negatively, as users will find products they like sooner.

I will add that the site I’m working on is a vehicle marketplace where we’ve found that images are very important in the decision making process of the user.

Any thoughts are appreciated.

Example wireframe of control & variation

Positive drug test in Singapore: How long do I need to avoid the country?

Good move getting out of Singapore in time, since simple possession of a controlled substance in Singapore (including cannabis metabolites in your system) is punishable by up to 10 years in jail. First time offenders usually get away with “only” 6 months in the Drug Rehabilitation Centre, which is located within Changi Prison and by most accounts isn’t much better than actual jail.

The bad news is that Singapore inherits most of its legal code from the UK, including the globally rare concept of having no statute of limitations for criminal offences. So, yes, I would strongly recommend never setting foot in Singapore again, even in transit. Sorry.

Do I need to quarantine in Colombia if I have a negative Covid test?

Colombia does require a negative Covid test for entry. If it’s impossible for you to take one they allow getting one in Colombia and quarantine until the results are in.

However, I have not found any mentioning of quarantine requirements (positive or negative) if you already have the test on entry.

The US embassy states https://co.usembassy.gov/covid-19-information/#:~:text=Quarantine%20Information

Are U.S. citizens required to quarantine?  Yes.

But it’s unclear whether this is a general requirement or only related to lack of testing.

Any other resource I found doesn’t mention quarantine or only in context of “no test”. However, I haven’t seen anything that specifically states: “No quarantine required if you have a negative test”.

database – How to test variable values which differ due to floating point inaccuracy caused by different DBMS types?

I am working on a program that needs to work on floating point values that are fetched from different database types: currently we support 12 different DBMS (for example, two of them are Sqlite3 and MariaDB).

My code applies some business logic to the values fetched from the database, a floating point score is calculated and values are ordered by the score. I have written tests for this business logic. Due to the differences in an order of magnitude about of 10^-6 between those values when fetched from different databases, the ordering outcome depend on the database type.

For production, I believe difference in ordering due to a difference of 10^-6 is acceptable. (Especially because we say the data integrity and quality is user’s responsibility for our product.) Also, our tests for fetching values from dbs test up to a 10^-5 precision.

What is the most effective way to test this automatically? Namely, ordering changes due to small differences of floating point inaccuracy.