Test your skills on Demo Trading

If you want to need a test any kind of strategy or indicator you want to use in real account, then first you have to use these all on demo account, to know that it works or not, if it works then apply on real account to earn good amount of money.

A/B test in the moderated User Testing

Just wondering if it’s common and practical to show our participants another version of our design to get their thoughts? My concern is validating version A without observing version B wouldn’t be a useful approach.

[ Politics ] Open Question : Who do you believe would do better in an IQ test, Donald Trump or a newborn squirrel?

I believe that the squirrel would do better in pattern recognition and logic, but Trump might just top it in concepts that involve language.

windows 10 – How am I supposed to check Defender’s capability when it trusts me blindly after I mark a test malware file as “allowed”?

With enormous amounts of fighting with Windows/Microsoft Defender, I finally managed to download the “test virus” file from https://www.ikarussecurity.com/en/private-customers/download-test-viruses/ onto my desktop.

However, Defender (on the command line) still just says:

Scanning C:UsersJohn DoeDesktopeicar_com.zip found no threats.

No threats? You just had me work for 30 minutes straight to make you not remove the file before it ever even landed on my desktop, and now you consider it to not contain any threats? Is this just because I have “allowed” it?

My entire point of downloading this file was to check if Windows/Microsoft Defender returns a “1” code instead of “0” when it detects a virus (and what it says as text output), but now I can’t even test that because it thinks that the file is not “harmful” just because I allowed it to exist temporarily on my system for the purpose of testing this?

Bottom line: I can’t see any way to test Defender’s output/return code for an actual malware-detected file because it doesn’t even allow me to have the file on my desktop without “allowing” it, which apparently makes it believe me blindly as an authority.

algorithms – Intersection test for convex polygons

I need to check if two convex polygons intersect of not, in a efficient way. The intersection itself is not required.

I know the method of separating axis, but it takes $NM$ tests for polygons of sizes $N$ and $M$.

I also know the efficient methods based on rotating calipers (Toussaint), “edge chasing” (O’Rourke), sweepline (Shamos & Hoey), Voronoi diagrams (Yang & al.), which all take $N+M$ tests.

Unfortunately, all these are designed with the idea that the polygons do intersect and the focus is on computing the intersection. For this reason, they don’t really describe what happens when the polygons in fact do not intersect and how to cope.

So what I am after is a simple procedure not taking more than $N+M$ tests and able to tell if the polygons intersect of not (or if one is wholly inside the other).

ansible – Test cases to verify that VM image is working

I’m currently working on my homelab using automation. I’m currently building Ubuntu images which are supposed to be distributed to my students when they are having labs.

I’m wondering: Is it possible for me to create tests that can be run to verify that the updated image is usable? I would appreciate if you could come up with some tests that is crucial for an image.


  1. Let’s say I’ve recently updated the image (added new software, patches, etc.).
  2. Now I want to run automatically tests to verify that everything is working: I want to check that it is possible to login using GUI and certain services.

No funciona la test de expresiones regulares en javascript


        function validarconexpresionesregulares() {

        var re = new RegExp("((mailto:|(news|(ht|f)tp(s?))://){1}S+)");
        var cadena="http://";
        if (re.test(cadena)) {
                subcadena = ' contiene ';
            } else {
                subcadena = ' no contiene ';
            }     }

No ejecuta el script, se salta la pregunta test.

Sin embargo, si tengo

        function validarconexpresionesregulares() {

        var re = new RegExp("((mailto:|(news|(ht|f)tp(s?))://){1}S+)");
        var cadena="http://";
        alert(re.test(cadena))      }

Me lo ejecuta, aunque me da false el test.

¿Qué puede ser?

Muchas gracias.

vpn – OpenVPN: test security from external point of view

How would I test an OpenVPN environment from external, kind of black box pentest.
I have the public server-IP (port 1194, udp, tun).

I have found NO online ressources on how to do that, or whether some tools are available (e.g. for IPsec there is the ike-scan tools), nmap has no scripts for that, metasploit has no plugins, kali has no tools (only OpenVAS looks like it has a module, didnt try that yet).

Is there any way to test or analyse the security of OpenVPN from an external point of view?