Gmail inbox “snippets” don’t match the email – text is there but hidden from human view – how?

I am curious about Google’s Gmail “snippets”. From most emailers, the snippet is the first few words of the email, or in some cases, the Google A.I. seems to pick out what it thinks is an important sentence to display (which usually it gets right). But from a few emailers — notably Facebook — somehow, the snippet displayed is not even mentioned in the email. For example —

Gmail shows "snippet" of an email I received.

The email from Facebook, about a post my friend made on Facebook, displays text from his post; but the email itself contains nothing about being diagnosed with cancer:
The email displays no content related to its Gmail "snippet".

When I search for info on Gmail Snippets, I find instructions for turning on and off in “settings”, and I find advice for email marketing people about tailoring the email to display an effective snippet (like, don’t have your first line be your unsubscribe link); but I have found nothing about how to make the snippet be unrelated to the content of your email.

When I view source with ctrl-U, all I see is a wall of CSS and (what I think is) Javascript. When I ctrl-F to search for “cancer” and “diagnosed”, it comes up empty.

When I ctrl-F to search for “cancer” in the message, it says it found one instance, but nothing is displayed:
Searching finds something but it is not displayed.

When I forward the message to an old text-only system where I have an account, I do see the snippet as the very first line of the message (prior to a bunch of Facebook links and then CSS and HTML that doesn’t render on the text-only interface).

So, how is Facebook doing this? Are they using a 0-size font, or something? (I think they are not using a font color that matches the background, because then it would be displayed, highlighted, by ctrl-F.) I think that cannot be it, because I would see the markup on the text-only system. Is there some rule that you can hide text from human view in Gmail, if it comes before the HTML? This has been bugging me for a few weeks, so thanks for any insights.

Somebody knows what is the decode or decrpyt of this text?

I find the following content in a file called vigenere.txt: pyctbfpszc:SAcMk4nD03YgvubkXJIK, but even if I decrypt it, it doesn’t make much sense:



decryption – How to alter text that was encrypted with AES CBC using PKCSPadding7

Assuming, I had a ciphertext along with its decrypted plain text result but not the IV or the Secret Key. (keep in mind that the text was encrypted with AES/CBC/PKCSPadding7).

How would I go about changing specific characters in the ciphertext?

For Example:
Ciphertext: 08226C1C87A83DDF02C54CF0802624D8
Plaintext: Apple1

How would I change the ciphertext to decrypt to Apple2?

text – Convert bulleted and numbered list HTML code to Markdown in AppleScript?

I have this text to manipulate in AppleScript (e.g. the text of a variable):

Example note exported from Apple.

    <li>*Further* indent</li>
      <li>Even **further **indent. With a (link)(</li>

End note.

I’m converting it all to Markdown from HTML. I need to clean up this remaining bit of HTML which is the bullet list, so that the result is:

Example note exported from Apple.

- Indent
    - *Further* indent
        - Even **further **indent. With a (link)(

End note.

It has to be able to cater to nested indenting with some rich text inside the items such as this example. I prefer Markdown output to use hyphens and either a tab or two spaces for the indenting.

It also has to be containable inside the applescript – no external .py files etc, and to not require homebrew or a third party tool to be installed.

html – Will Google Images ignore images with empty alt text?

You can put images that are just decorative into a HTML document like this, by setting their alt text to nothing:

<img src="decorative.png" alt="" />

This means that screen readers won’t announce the image, and that if the image doesn’t load, it won’t show anything.

My question is, will Google Images ignore these images as well, and will it hide them in search results?

How to select part of the text of a link in Safari 14.0 on macOS 10.15.7

I asked a very similar question before: Select and copy part of the text from a link in Safari

How can I copy only a section of text from a hyper link? For example in google results:

enter image description here

How can I copy “Inosuke Hashibira” from that link?

Previously, the only solution was to use a custom extension or userscript.

Now two years have passed, and I can’t figure out how to add custom extensions anymore. I also don’t really want to go through all the trouble of installing a userscript manager just for this, especially since Safari’s not very friendly to extension developers and often breaks them every update, and (probably because of this) developers don’t seem to care for supporting Safari.

How can I select part of a link in Safari nowadays?

Mọi người thường đặt mấy archors text cho 1 url ?

Mình có archors text " tin nhắn sms chúc 8/3" đang là top 1. Vậy theo mọi người khi đã lên top 1 rồi thì có nên tiếp tục seo archors khác cùng 1 url ko.và archors text " tin nhắn sms chúc 8/3" có bị mất top nếu đổi archors text khác ko? mọi người thường seo mấy archors text cho 1 url?


Xu hướng mua bán text link chỉ nhằm mục đích trong SEO gia tăng sẽ tồn tại trong bao

Hiện tại để website vượt lên trên đối thủ của mình không ít các công ty chọn phương pháp đi tắt đón đầu bằng việc mua text link mà ở đây chẳng có tác dụng gì về mặt quảng cáo hay tăng lượng truy cập cả. mà chỉ nhằm mục đích đẩy từ khóa mà công ty đó muốn SEO. theo các bạn xu hướng này sẽ tiếp tục gia tăng hay chỉ vài tháng nữa là google sẽ ra phương pháp đối sách để đối phó việc này. do đó những đơn vị nào coi việc mua bán text link là ưu sách thì xin hãy cẩn trọng vì google không dễ gì cho việc này diễn ra mới mật độ ngày càng gia tăng như vậy. Bên mình chưa bỏ ra 1 xu nào mua text link cả nhưng giờ thấy đối thủ mua link và đã vượt xa bên mình giờ cũng hơi nản đây. không rõ thời gian tới google thay đổi ra sao nữa.


seo – Affecting text content of list items in Google’s search results preview

First time asking this kind of question, I hope it is the right place.

One of my pages is showing like this on Google search results:

enter image description here

Which is great. But it has redundant text (SaveRemove from List. Save)

What is the best way of removing it and leaving only the hobby name?

user behavior – Multi-Line Text Box vs Single Line Text Box

We have a ‘Notes’ section in several of our webpages that is currently only displayed as a single line text box. We tend to get short responses (5-7 words) describing what they need. This almost always results in the need for a follow up before any action can be taken.

Would providing a Multi-Line text box lead the user to believe that we were looking for a more robust (see: lengthy) response? I’m basing this solely on intuition so if there is any research for or against this thought I’d love to know about it.