The username text box is gone! Pls help

Drupal 7: login page, the Contact Us page does not have a user text box and therefore cannot log in. How and where can I fix it? Restoring previous backup copies does not work! Pls help!

python – procedural generation for a text adventure game

I'm working on a text adventure game written in Python and I'm at a point where I need to implement procedural generation for the map. As the user moves, spots are generated, so the entire map is not generated at once, but rather as the user gets closer. For example, the user starts at position (0, 0) and therefore the spots generated at the start of the game are the eight spots / squares surrounding (0, 0) and of course (0, 0) himself.

I'm having trouble finding a simple way to decide if a "spot" or square is a plain, a forest, a beach, an ocean, mountains, etc. I don't want it to be totally random, I want there to be some strength.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

cryptography – Search for the existence of a sensitive substring without revealing a substring in clear text

I have a list of very sensitive strings and I want to make sure that these strings do not exist in a set of documents (potentially very large documents).

However, these substrings are therefore sensitive that I do not want the third party performing the search to be able to see or have access to my substrings in clear text.

I just want a simple yes / no answer from the party to find out if my substrings are found.

A very naive and ineffective solution consists in supplying the substrings in the form of hashes and the third party can hash all the substrings of the documents to arrive at a response.

Is there a better way, is there an algorithm designed for this purpose?

forms – Empty / missing value in the input fields – text area, etc. (best practice)

I like your question because it shows why UX is important and how it can add value to products. Another thing is that it justifies the emergence of a new breed of professionals specializing in UX copywriting.

Designing good experiences requires deep understanding of the product, the technology that drives it and user behavior. I think what you should do is consider how the target audience for the app would better understand the information.

It is not a good practice to put "?" because it only makes sense for the people who created the app and who know how it works (it's you :)). So, unless the app arrives in the office of a UX writer or someone in charge of the product who will then create the copy for you, my advice is to ask a user or stakeholder how they would like to see this information on the app. You can also search for similar apps and see how they handle missing information.

What is certain is that you should not hide the fields or put "Unknown" or "?". Remember that missing information is also information.

text – Is there an advantage to adding the punctuation symbol in parentheses when referring to punctuation?

When writing documentation with reference to punctuation such as a comma, is there an advantage in readability to then include the symbol of this punctuation character in parentheses?

For example, is this sentence:

When referring to a long web address, add a line break before a slash (/) if possible.

… more readable than that:

When referring to a long web address, add a line break before a slash if possible.

Or does it only add complexity?

If a user does not know the name of the punctuation, could he not search for it to understand what it is?
On the other hand, adding the symbol is useful for annoying punctuation like colons / semicolons, dashes, em dashes, etc.

Would it be more beneficial to include only embarrassing punctuation? Or is consistency more practical?

And finally, from a UX point of view, only the first occurrence the punctuation mark used to limit repetition?

How to change email text of lost password using custom wordpress plugin?

In wordpress, I want to add an additional parameter (ABC) in the password link lost with the key (lost email password).

I have added many hooks.

  1. add_action( 'password_reset', 'password_reset_hook', 10, 2 );

    this hook does not work

  2. add_action( 'wp_loaded', array($this, 'process_user_lost_password' ), 20 );

    when i call the above action, the lost password key is generated and updated in the database.
    Again, the default lost password action is called and also generates a new key and updates for
    database again. So when I deal with an old key, the message "Invalid key" appears. How can i fix it
    problem. How do I stop the triggering of the default mail reset password by programming.
    What is the hook to change the text of the lost password email for wordpress?

  3. add_filter( 'retrieve_password_message', 'my_retrieve_password_message', 10, 4 );

    This filter does not work.

Help me, please.

Should all button text start with a verb?

I would say depends on the action of the button. When dealing with calls to action (CTA), your main goal is to communicate action to a user, as this article outlines on writing effective CTAs, which means:

The very first piece of advice from the classic Writing Tools book
encourages writers to start sentences with subjects and verbs. in the
English language, we read from left to right, and verbs and subjects
help us quickly glean the meaning of a sentence
. As basic as these
the facts can be, recognizing this when developing your online
the call to action is crucial when the attention of readers is more
elusive as the shadow of a flying bird.

By not including a verb in the CTA copy, you are not inviting readers
take action, which can adversely affect your clickthrough rate
call to action and negative impact on conversions.

enter description of image here

In fact, verbs are part of
speech that generates the most shares on Twitter, than HubSpot Social
Media scientists Dan Zarrella reported in his Social Media Science
research. It turns out that verbs beat adverbs, adjectives and nouns
in terms of their potential to attract Twitter shares!

I also recommend consulting this article for additional information on why CTAs should be direct and should start with a verb.

Be direct: Your website is not the place to beat around the bush. It is imperative that you let your visitors know exactly what you are doing
and exactly what you'd like them to do. Visitors should not have to
think what to do next; be clear with your guidelines: "sign up"
"Download", "submit", "start".

Be demanding: Your CTA must always have an action (duh). But make sure your action is short, simple and strong, to the point
to be demanding. Say exactly what you want the potential customer
do: "download", "watch", "buy". Avoid weak words than everyone else
website uses, like "click", "get", "view" or "try".

However, if you are dealing with buttons that are just affirmative in nature, here's what Microsoft has to say:

  • Start the labels with an imperative verb and clearly describe the action the button performs. Do not use end punctuation.

Exception: The following standard labels are accepted without verbs: Advanced, Previous, Details, Next, Less, More, New, Next, No,
OK, Options, Back, Properties, Settings and Yes.

progress bar – What should be the text to display while loading data and what should be the style?

I decided to skip spinner and use "Loading …" or "Loading Data …" or something like that. What should the choice of text and style be? Referring to style, I am confused in the areas below.

Position: left alignment and center alignment? or center in the screen both vertically and horizontally?

Text style: bold? Mono space? Italics? Muted?

Text size:

Animation of three dashes?

What color should it be?

I currently have this style applied through my mobile app which is a financial product.
PS: the same style will also apply when there is no data and the current text is "No data to display"

enter description of image here

How can I OCR text from specific regions of a screenshot and then publish it in a usable format?

I'm trying to automate the logging of all games classified in Street Fighter – Yes, cheesy, I know. I have a spreadsheet, and in that I manually put the following for each ranked game:

  1. The username of the opponent
  2. Their character
  3. Their points before the match
  4. My points before the match

It's not a huge deal, but we're on Super User, right? Ideally, I would love to be able to take a screenshot of the screen that shows this information, and then have these details somehow automatically analyzed by OCR, from One way that I can then use further down the line .. one way or the other. How can I do it? I have no idea but I am sure it is possible.

Appreciate any help!

Automatically fill in the database text box when selecting the drop down menu item

How can I automatically fill a text box field with the text from the database and automatically display the associated text when selecting an item from the drop down menu.

Thanks in advance.