How do I keep voice to text active in gboard? Even during silences

I often use gboard’s text to speech to do voice typing. However, every time I pause speaking for a few seconds, I have to reactivate this feature by click the microphone on the keyboard. How do I keep it active for longer?

cryptography – Signing a text file using a pfx file in java

I’m very new to java cryptography. I’m trying to use a .pfx file that contains a public key, it’s private key and a digital certificate to sign a text file. I have been able to access the private key and certificates by loading the .pfx file to the java key store. I want to sign the data using the private key in the .pfx file and then append the digital certificate along with it. This snippet is what I wrote to generate a simple raw signature

I want to be able to do the same using the private key and certificate I get from the .pfx file. This is how I've loaded the key and certificate to the Java key store.

I’ve been stuck at this point for quite sometime. Kindly point me in the right direction. Thank you.

postgresql – Which web-based viewer for Postgres allows to wrap text in a cell?

Out of several web-based viewers for Postgres, I have tried pgadmin4. However, one thing that I find severely lacking is I didn’t find a way to wrap text in a cell containing a long string. If I resize the column width, the remaining text gets stripped off. Auto resize expands the column to the width of the longest text.

Is there any way to configure pgadmin4 to wrap text (thereby multiplying the number of rows a cell content takes up)? If not, is there any web-based viewer that offers this feature?

Can iOS shortcuts enter text at the current cursor position?

Can iOS shortcuts enter text at the current cursor position? – Ask Different

SharePoint O365 missing Format Text tab

Whether the page works well before?

Please access the edit page mode though the URL as “yoursite/Pages/YourPage.aspx?ControlMode=Edit&DisplayMode=Design”, check if the Format Text Tab appear.

Whether you add any web part or code to customize this page such as Content Edit Web?

If so, try to delete it and check again.

theming – Using TWIG in views global custom text to test for a specific content type

I am filtering for two custom content types to display on a page in Drupal 9 Views: “Artwork Page” and “Cover Page”. I want to apply special html tags to “Cover Page”. I have researched and tried many field names for “Content Type” but to no avail. In this instance, Views’ replacement pattern for Content Type is {{ type }} but using this in the TWIG if statement doesn’t work. I’ve tried both the machine name (cover_page) and value (Cover Page).

{% if type == 'cover_page' %}
{% endif %}

{% if type == 'Cover Page' %}
{% endif %}

Neither of these worked.

Email attachment changed entire text body

I received an email with an attachment years ago. I used to be able to read the attachment, but now the text in the attachment has been changed to random letters numbers and characters.

Hey guys, how do i convert a text file(.txt) to unity format(.unity3D)?

I’ve tried to convert it online but couldn’t find any converter

software – Is there any which can provide both audio and video to text transcription?

software – Is there any which can provide both audio and video to text transcription? – Ask Different

sublimetext3 – Sublime Text 3: Stop opening a blank window every time after building with Latex

I am using Sublime Text 3 on Windows. After I update it to Build 4113, it starts opening a new window every time after I build pdf with Latex. I check the changelog, and find the following updates.

I think this may be the problem. Then how to stop this?

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