gui design – Floated label form fields – displaying hint text and validation

I’m making updates to a form, which features form fields with floated labels. I want to add hint text to some of the fields, but I’m unsure how to format these fields when I need to display validation errors.

I tried the following, but I’m worried this might be confusing to users. Any suggestions or feedback is greatly appreciated.

Note: I’m trying to avoid hiding the hint text in tooltips.

enter image description here

Posting a long comment with text of the video on YouTube

Is it a good idea (to increase traffic) to post after each my video on YouTube very long comment with full video text transcription (especially for the videos that are in Russian and YouTube does not automatically add subtitles)?

Is there a specification for OS-default mouse and keyboard text navigation and selection behavior?

On desktop platforms, each OS has a (relatively similar) set of behavior for text input navigation and selection. Some simple things include moving the cursor left, right, up, and down when tapping the arrow keys. Holding Ctrl (on Windows) jumps one word at a time, and holding Shiftcauses the selection to be highlighted.

But there are many intricate and subtle details about this behavior. For example, selecting text with the cursor creates a selection where Shift and arrow keys will expand or contract the selection from the side it was released from the cursor. Home and End jump to the start and end of a single line, while CtrlHome/End jumps to the top or bottom of the entire text region. Navigating text with arrow keys from a line of a certain length also remembers the length of the line when moving to other lines that are a shorter length, so a subsequent line of text lets the cursor return to that distance to the right of the line start. Jumping vertically between lines is also measured based on pixel width, not character counts.

Getting more into the weeds, this could also include the behavior between text entry fields like the usage of the Tab and ShiftTab keys to switch between text boxes, Space to activate a highlighted input element, and so on. Such input navigation behavior not directly pertaining to text boxes would be a bonus for the scope of this question, but I am primarily focused on text entry.

In order to reimplement all of these features in a built-from-scratch desktop application that does not use OS-provided GUI APIs, I am looking for a complete specification that describes all of this behavior related to text navigation and selection using mouse and keyboard (and, as a bonus, touch or other input methods). In order to maintain consistency for users of each operating system, I would ideally like to find something from each OS vendor or from a source that mentions the distinctions (for example, macOS uses the Option instead of Ctrl for jumping word-by-word), and there are surely more distinctions. The more complete this specification is, the better.

highlight – What part of UI should be highlighted or focused? text or the label?

Image with label and text

Above image is the example, let me know if this is the right way to do it?

Okay will make it more clear:

This is SAAS based application where the user will see set of data of themselves, In that context this just one example image i am attaching it to the question.
label -> Experience (not highlighted)
Text -> Intermediate (highlighted)

Now i would want to know which part of the design needs more focus? I know there is no right answer to this question but i would like to have, Pros and cons at least on these.

What should be highlighted? text or the label?

Image with label and text

Above image is the example, let me know if this is the right way to do it?

What should be hilighted? text or the label?

Image with label and text

Above image is the example, let me know if this is the right way to do it?

links – Repeated Anchor Text while internal linking for SEO

Having many interal links to any single page that has the same anchor text is fine. On this site, almost every link to a question will have anchor text of the title of the question. Repeated anchor text just indicates that the site is powered by a database. There is no penalty for having a database driven site. It is a very common case.

There are some cases where anchor text can get you into trouble internally. Repeating the same words in a list of links is really bad SEO these days. Consider the following list of links:

  • Lounge Bars Dubai
  • Lounge Bars Paris
  • Lounge Bars Copenhagen
  • Lounge Bars New York
  • Lounge Bars Taiwan

That looks really spammy. Users are not going to appreciate that. Something like this looks much better:

Lounge bars in other cities

  • Dubai
  • Paris
  • Copenhagen
  • New York
  • Taiwan

A few years ago, internal anchor text was very important. It was best when it matched the pages that it was pointing to. To rank well you had to use “Lounge Bars Dubai” as your anchor text on links to those pages.

That is no longer the case. Internal anchor text doesn’t count for much of anything these days as far as I can tell. Only anchor text from external links seems to have any keyword weight.

In fact, Google has started to penalize spammy repetition more. You are much more likely to penalized for keyword stuffing than get a boost for exact match anchor text if your list of links looks like the first one.

I would also recommend putting no more than 10 items in any list of links. Users almost never use more links than that in a list. Long lists of links are another sign of spam.

Forum title text font rethink | Forum Promotion



Originally the “Total was meant to be silver-ish, but certain effects made it look more white-ish. I’m still using the same “Federal” font but an alternate one that creates this unique line within. There is a reason also why the top text goes from a gray to a dark red – to do with our faction history, it is a choice based on history; not randomly chosen.

plugins – Getting value from dymanic text variable into Contact Form 7

I have an inscription form and I’m using Contact Form 7, Conditional Fields plugin and Dynamic Text Extension.
I want to show different prices according to the option selected and get the price for showing on the email confirmation (and save into database with Contact Form DB).

With the following code the price is displayed correctly on the web, but always appears with the same value in the confirmation email

Service type (select* serv_type "Regular" "Exceptional")
(group g_regular clear_on_hide)
  Price (dynamictext amount readonly "65")
  (dynamichidden price_value "65")
(group g_exceptional clear_on_hide)
  Price (dynamictext amount readonly "45")
  (dynamichidden price_value "45")

The conditional code is

show (g_regular) if (serv_type) equals "Regular"
show (g_exceptional) if (serv_type) equals "Exceptional"

And the email template code is

Subject: Inscription registered ((serv_type))    
New (serv_type) inscription with (price_value)€ ((amount)).

The price and amount value is always 65 on the email confirmation and should be 45 if is selected Exceptional

android studio – En el activity_main.xml no se visualiza “design” y “text” ¿ como puedo solucionarlo?

Hola buenas noches red !!!!

Soy un usuario nuevo en Android studio y estoy tratando de configurarlo para poder iniciar a practicar, pero cuando abro mi proyecto no me muestra design” y el “text”en la parte inferior, les adjunto la imagen, ya he estado buscando en Internet, pero a un no logro tener éxito.

Gracias de antemano

introducir la descripción de la imagen aquí