c – Attack by buffer overflow, obtaining the password of a locked text file

So, I'm trying to exploit this program that has a buffer overflow vulnerability to get / return a password behind a locked .txt file containing the password. I should not need to use GDB for this.

vuln.c // no changes


int main (int argc, char ** argv) {
unsigned pidgeon int = 20;
unsigned int correct_pwd = 0;
unsigned int cock = 25;

char pwd[100];
char entry_pwd[100];

FILE * fptr = fopen ("/ assignment1 / password.txt", "r");

if (fptr == NULL) {
printf ("Error opening passwords safe!  n");
output (1);

fscanf (fptr, "% s", pwd);
fclose (fptr);

scanf ("% s", entry_pwd);

sleep (1);
if (strcmp (entry_pwd, pwd)) {
printf ("Incorrect password  n");
correct_pwd = 1;
printf ("correct password  n");

if (pidgeon! = 20 || cock! = 25) {
printf ("Stack smashing detected !!");
returns 0;
if not (correct_pwd) {
printf (" nYou are now authenticated, you deserve a cookie!  n");
fptr = fopen ("/ assignment1 / secret.txt", "r");
if (fptr == NULL) {
printf ("But the cookie jar is broken ...  n");
secret of tank[1024];
fscanf (fptr, "% s", secret);
fclose (fptr);
printf ("% s", secret);
returns 0;

attack.sh // to edit

#! / usr / bin / env bash
echo -en "dddddddddddddddddd" | / assignment1 / vuln

python << @@
print Hello Python! & # 39;
of subprocess import call
call ("echo" I like potatoes ", shell = True)

I know I can cause a segmentation error if I repeat a large enough string, but that does not get me anywhere. I know that fscanf and strcmp are vulnerable areas. My thought process is that I have to pass the conditional statement "if (strcmp (entry_pwd, pwd))" to retrieve the password. And to do this, I would need to execute code that defines entry_pd as pwd.

But I am so lost that I spent hours looking for examples and how to do that and I got stuck. Any help would be appreciated, thank you

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text editor – What "alphabetic" keys are commonly used on Qwerty for cursor movements?

For the game, it is very common to use the awsd layout. Gaming Keyboard even has special caps for these keys.

For your question, I see the difference in the way you can place your fingers:
In awsd, you use only 3 fingers (index of the ring) of the left hand. From this position, a player can access many other important keys and use his right hand for mouse interactions.
In the hjkl or jklö as someone mentioned, all the keys are on one line. This means that I have to use 4 fingers because moving a finger aside is very difficult. This may be more difficult for some users to coordinate more fingers. On the other hand, the position of the hand appears more striking and the user can request more keys.

Now, for your question, I would suggest thinking of the group of users who would use your solution first. Are they more users of text or game interface? Second, should a user be able to access the other keys quickly and easily? And third, determine how to place the hand? Since I have never used the hjkl layout, I do not know if you are using your right or left hand to use these keys. But I guess you use the left hand and that means you have no interaction with the mouse.

How to wrap in a text box with Javascript or Jquery

$ (document) .ready (function () {

$ ("# showMsg"). hide ();

$ (# Message) keyup (function (e) {
if (e.keyCode == 13) {
sendMessage ();

function sendMessage () {
var message = $ ("# message"). val ();
if (message == "" || message == "" || message == null) {
} else {
$ ("# showMsg"). html (message) .show ();
$ ("# message"). val (& # 39;);
#btnEnviarChat {
position: inherit;
float: right;
top margin: -50px;
right margin: 10px;
opacity: 0.5;
transition time: 1s;

#btnEnviarChat: hover over {

transition time: 1s;
opacity: 0.9;


.boxMessage {
resize: none;
width: 100%;
height: 50px;
border: 1px solid black;


Press Enter to send

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To validate the text box, use only 4 separate values ​​in the category category when you click the Save button.

enter the description of the image here

In the template files:

<tbody id = "_container ">

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The goal of the project is to read a text engraved on a matte metal surface. As below:

enter the description of the image here

The target (targets) moves on a treadmill and contains text and numbers.

We planned to try different lighting techniques to capture the contours of the engraving. We have complete control of the ambient light. We plan to get an illumination as in the picture below:

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However, for data collection, one of my colleagues suggests using mobile phones with an application to click on continuous shooting. Is it a good idea for an industrial application?

Would it be better to use a camera designed for this purpose?

In addition, you would be grateful to suggest capturing a video (moving target) with a low number of frames per second and an optimized shutter speed and using these video images as training images. ?

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  • = ISOWEEKNUM (TODAY & # 39; HUI ())
  • Calendar week

"Calendar week" being the name of the whole column is only a text I would like to keep and the week number would be a help to see which week it is in (before or after the "Calendar Week").

adb shell input text ignore characters

In an android adb shell emulator, I send the following command:

entered text !  $  # ? % shelllllllooo

And result:

enter the description of the image here

All the same characters (exclude specials like ? # $) been ignored.

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Can someone help me to achieve this?