c ++ – Analysis "pick up" the action in a textual RPG

I'm coding a text RPG and my controls work: a string checks what you write against a table of if statements.

He can do things properly with anything other than my recovery action.

My if statements are stated as follows:

int game_main() { 

    string PlayerOption;

    //I have a few lines of cout statements just for my gui/hud

    cin >> PlayerOption;

    if (PlayerOption == “look”) { 
        //it’s then just calling a script from a separate header file 
    else if (PlayerOption == “pick up”) {
        //another script from that header 

My look order and all my others work, but I do not know how to configure it properly.

I tried to put it as "pick up", I tried as "pick" "," "up" and some other ways, but I do not know how to write the phrase correctly.

Even in this case, my problem could be related to my channel and not to my statement though, so any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

And I think @DMGregory may be right about the word limits because even with this command, if I accept it, "pick" it works, it's only when I ask him two words that it really breaks

Is it possible to work around this problem?

Choice of architecture for fragmented data, tracked over time, including millions of textual data

I want to organize business data items on several companies.

I have 1 to 10 million of these articles and I collect some metadata about it.

  • Location (categorical)
  • first "appeared" (date)
  • division (categorical)
  • description (300 – 100 words) text or html
  • up to 20-30 additional metadata (optional).

On average, an item contains information on 5 to 10 of these available metadata.

Information about these items is updated daily. I need to collect the information in which the article was available.

My attempts

Since the data are recorded over several years, the data is very scarce. I therefore thought of a fragmented matrix to follow the time horizon when the product was available. (The quality of the data is pretty bad, so it is possible that a product is falsely displayed as unavailable, then reappear, so I consider following every day if the product is available).

For item descriptions, I considered a non-SQL approach but decided not to use it. Since Globally, the data is quite structured.

Currently, the data is still saved in flat files. If I modify a database, is there a volume restriction if I have, for example, 1, 10, 50 million items?

Why am I asking here?


Update: (based on the comment):

terminology – Aggregate textual data of a particular column

I have a dataset as follows

last_name firstname age Description Hobby
Smith John 20 High School Music
Johnson Robert 45 gardening software developer
Williams David 15 Junior Baseball School
Davis Michael 65 Traveler Skydiving
Miller Molly 25 Scientist Cycling 

Now I have a question from a mission that Aggregate textual data under "Description" and "Leisure"

I do not understand what is the meaning of aggregated text data?

If anyone understands the question, please share their point of view. I want to know theoretically how aggregated text data could depend on the Hobby description and column.

This is a python coding task. But currently, I do not care about coding. I want to know the theoretical meaning of this question and want to solve it manually.

Thanks in advance

seo – How can I check if some textual content is used elsewhere?

I have ordered a blog post for my website, which was written by someone else. Now I've received the text from the original author, but I'm a little worried about it copying the content from other websites, which will have a pretty good SEO result negative for me.

My question is: how can I be sure that he has not copied the content ordered elsewhere? Is there some kind of tool or something? Thank you.

seo – Reciprocal links or textual links

Reciprocal links (especially those of the site) are not as effective as several years ago.

Nowadays, a good link exchange would be a text link from a publication's content (at the beginning if possible) using your brand names as anchor text (to make the link almost natural) . The two links can point to the homepage of the other site:

  1. A link from a blog post from Site A pointing to the home page of Site B
  2. A link to a site B blog article pointing to the site's home page A

In addition, make sure that the theme of the two websites is as close as possible and that these links can help visitors to the websites.

Otherwise, using keywords like anchor text for links can be penalizing if you have a lot of links like this; that is why I advise you to use your brand names.

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