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Average cost of developing an application

What factors determine the cost of the ERP system?

An ERP system is a complex solution that can include a variety of modules, each implementing the particular functionality. As a result, the average cost of developing an application can not be explicitly evaluated. Nevertheless, we can divide the development and deployment process into several parts, which will help us perform more or less accurate calculations:

1. Implementation.

If you want to deploy an ERP system on your enterprise servers, remember the impact of this decision on the overall cost. Each ERP system is a fairly complex system. Therefore, such a system requires the attention of experienced professionals to be installed and configured. It is likely that you will need to upgrade or modify your servers to launch the ERP system correctly. You will need to include these implementation costs in the total price of the ERP system.

2. training.

It may not be so easy for your employees to immediately start using a newly adopted ERP system. This is why your staff may need additional training on the use of such a system. Often, the ERP provider provides on-demand training at a standard hourly rate, which also increases the overall cost.

3. Redesign of business processes.

If your company moves to a complex ERP system, you will have to rethink many processes, which can increase the overall cost of adopting an ERP system. Many manually managed daily tasks will be automated by the ERP system to increase accuracy and efficiency. Such changes require time and effort. As a result, you can expect some changes in your company's business processes to coincide with those of the software.

4. Maintenance.

It is necessary to maintain your ERP system, so you must also consider these costs. This factor includes hardware, network and IT staff costs to ensure that the system functions properly.

5. Upgrades.

Your ERP system needs to be updated constantly, which can increase the overall cost. Otherwise, it will become obsolete and less useful. You must take into account the frequency of upgrading your ERP system and its cost. Also, be aware that each upgrade may affect business processes or require additional hardware or software.

6. Support.

Most likely, your staff will face problems while using the ERP system. Therefore, you must make sure that your software provider will provide you with technical support that will help you to resolve these issues. Ask the software developer if technical support is included in the license fee or an additional cost.