Thesis survey regarding stock agencies

Hello everyone!

I am an interactive media student from Tampere University of Applied Sciences and I am currently writing my bachelor’s thesis on the use of stock agencies during COVID-19 times. I am trying to research how COVID-19 has affected the usage of stock agencies from the perspective of their customers. I am looking for people who have ever licensed any kind of content from a stock agency to answer my Google Forms survey. The survey is short as it will only take roughly 3 minutes to answer. Your answers would really help me to graduate! Your answers will be handled anonymously, and they will only be used for research purposes for the thesis.

Link to survey:

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask me in this thread.

Thank you in advance!


What to include in practical part of thesis about websockets load balancing?

Will it be enough if I describe the problem of balancing, basics load balancing algorithms and made simple
load balancing algorithms implementation for websockets?
Which papers and blogs you can recommend about load balancing?

church turing thesis – Every real world simulation on a computer seems to require some kind of “God”

Disclaimer 1 : This question is more a “meta computer science” question so maybe it does not belong here

Disclaimer 2 : I used the word “God” in the title but maybe “mastermind” would have been more appropriate, this post has nothing to do with religion and i am not trying to prove the existence / non-existence of any god.

This is a thought that I had several times during my coding session : imagine you want to simulate the world in a simple way : you want to create two spheres, moving in any way you want, but you want to have collisions between them.

In order to do that, a simple way would be something like creating two sphere object, and at every frame, check wether they are colliding or not. This method requires some kind of “god” : indeed the “main program” is omniscient and has access to every entities in the word.

Of course there are many ways you could improve this implementation : maybe you could juste give a list of the existing sphere in the world to the spheres, and let them decide for the collisions by themselves, maybe there are some heuristics which allows to sometimes not have to check for collisions etc…

But at the end i feel like to simulate collisions between thoses spheres, there need to be someone which is omniscient, and which is aware of everything which is currently in the world. On the other side, interactions in the real world seems to work in a totaly different way : if you drop a bowling ball on the ground, the ball will stop on the ground because the ground is here, because there are some forces that doesn’t allow it to go further.

One thing you might say, is that this difference between programming world and real world only exists because my virtual modeling is too simple. Maybe i would need to simulate the world with atoms, forces, maybe even some quantum physics etc… But at the end i still think that, at some point, we will have to model interactions between entities. Even if we decide to simulate atoms and forces, at some point we will need to be able to tell to some atoms “hey you are currently in a magnetic field you should do something”.

And here is a clear formulation of my thoughts : i feel like in the current way programming works, if we want to model interactions between entities / objects, there needs to be an omniscient entity somewhere (wether it be a “mastermind” which supervise everyone, or that an entity know the existence of every other ones), while in the real world interactions doesn’t seems to work like that.

This is something that i have been thinking for some days now, and i’m just wondering if it is our current model of computation (Turing machine) which is not the right one to model the world, or if there are things which needs to be discovered to model the world more precisely (or maybe I missed a point and my thoughts are just not relevant). I don’t have a clear question to ask you, but if you have any thoughts on why what i said is not interesting / not relevant / etc. Don’t hesitate !

penetration test – What is a good offensive security topic for writing a research thesis?

I have to choose a topic for writing a research paper in security(Information, Network,..) and I’m stuck all the suggestion people give me are in the defense field, like detecting malware,DoS and such but what about offensive security field? almost every thesis is in the defensive field!

can you guys give me a good suggestion in the offensive(which actually includes pentesting websites,apps,… and write research paper based on the results) type of security that is actually needed in the security industry?

And I am preparing for my CEH as well if any topic which can relate both will be helpful.
And If this is not correct place to ask this question can you please specify any website, where i can find answer to my question.

Master's thesis – Marketing Management

Hello, I am an italian student from Bocconi University. I am attending the Master of Science in Marketing Management. For my master's thesis I am working on a project concerning the pasta purchasing habits during Covid-19 in the US market.

If you currently live in the US, I'd appreciate if you could fill out this survey. I don't know many american people, so I am struggling to get answers to the survey. Your help is much appreciated! Thank you!…

Master's thesis – Marketing Management

reference request – Where can I find W. Browder’s thesis

I’ve been looking for W. Browder’s thesis Homology of loop spaces for a while now, and I really found nothing except for articles and book having it in their bibliography. Does someone know if it can be found somewhere on the internet, whether it be for free or not ?

data mining – good suggestions for the machine learning thesis?

I don't know if this is the right place to ask this question but still. Anyone have any good ideas for topics that could be used as an undergraduate thesis based on machine learning? Note that what I have never learned is from the Internet and not many university courses.

I am quite confused as to the complexity of a thesis like this

algorithm analysis – Why is the N-Queens problem not used as an experiment in a CSP thesis?

I am studying CSP for my master thesis. I have found that many CSP-based theses have described N-Queens as an introduction and they are actually experiencing random CSP problems.

If yes, when I do a master thesis in CSP, it is reasonable to experiment with algorithms with N-Queens.

How can the problem of N-Queens change CSP parameters like sealing, stress density to experiment?

I wonder why many researchers test their CSP algorithms with a Zebra, sudoku, random CSP problem but why not an N-Queens problem? Is the N-Queens problem with CSP not working better?

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