Download files from a sharepoint document library that has exceeded the listview threshold

I’m trying to download all documents from a SharePoint library that has more than 200K documents and has obviously exceeded the listview threshold and I haven’t been able to find a script that will allow me to download these files. Is there a way to download all of these files using Powershell to a file share?

Filtering Sharepoint Server 2013 list with multiple “OR” column view filters above the 5000 item threshold

I have a list that’s butting up against the 5000 item threshold and I’ve added a couple dummy items so I can experiment with the threshold before I cross over with real data. My list is structured so that each item is unique (enforced) but can be assigned to multiple projects. Then I create a view filter for each project number which displays (and lets me manipulate) only the items assigned to that project.

The 256 character limit on “single line of text” columns has forced me to create several “project” columns over the years and many of my items have entries in each column. Each project view uses a filter on all project columns, so “Project1 contains (project number), or Project2 contains (project number), or Project3 contains (project number), etc”. Each view returns about 50-100 items, so it should work fine with Sharepoint’s large site rules.

This scheme works perfectly under 5000 items, but as soon as I cross over it errors out. I’ve indexed all project columns but it still doesn’t work. I think it may have to do with using multiple “or” conditions on the view, but I haven’t found any official guidance or workarounds yet.

Does anybody have any suggestions on how to handle this? It seems like I either need a new way to filter the list or some way of combining all of the project columns into one. I’d love to consolidate all project numbers into a multi line column, but apparently those can’t be used for filtering.

I still have the nuclear option of opening up the threshold to some number that I’ll probably never hit, but I would prefer to do it correctly. I’m the only user of this list, so I really don’t care about the resource hit as long as the list still functions.


sharepoint online – Querying document library (which contain more than 5,000 documents) using FolderServerRelativeUrl will raise error “exceeds the list view threshold”

I have a document library which contain 6,000 ++ items, and i wrote the following code inside a remote event receiver to get the documents which are inside certain folder using FolderServerRelativeUrl, as follow:-

ListItemCollectionPosition position = null;
      CamlQuery camlQuery6 = new CamlQuery();
      camlQuery6.ViewXml = @"<View Scope='Recursive'><Query></Query><RowLimit>5000</RowLimit></View>";//string.Format("<View Scope="RecursiveAll"><Query><Where><Neq><FieldRef Name='ID' /><Value Type='Text'>{0}</Value></Neq></Where></Query><RowLimit>{1}</RowLimit></View>", "0", "3000");
      camlQuery6.ListItemCollectionPosition = position;
      camlQuery6.FolderServerRelativeUrl = context.Web.ServerRelativeUrl + "/ArchDocs/" + currentFilingSystemItem("DealName").ToString();

      ListItemCollection collListItem6 = context.Web.GetList(context.Web.ServerRelativeUrl + "/ArchDocs").GetItems(camlQuery6);
      context.Load(collListItem6, items => items.Include(
                                                  item => item.Id,
                                                  item => item("FileDirRef"),
                                                  item => item("Title"),
                                                   ), items => items.ListItemCollectionPosition);
      position = collListItem6.ListItemCollectionPosition;

              foreach (ListItem listItem in collListItem6) // collect the items we found in this chuck of searched items
while (position != null);
foreach (ListItem item in foundListItems)


but my above code will raise this error, although i am using paging which should allow me to query large document libraries :-

The attempted operation is prohibited because it exceeds the list view threshold enforced by the administrator.

any advice on this please? Thanks

Windows 10 – Send email only when disk drive is below threshold

I have researched on Google and tried several different options and none of them provide the result I am looking for. This script produces the email with the data I'm looking for, but it sends the email regardless of the threshold. I would appreciate help in knowing what to change so that the script only sends the email when the reader is below the threshold.

$freeSpaceThreshold = 5GB
#$computerName = "mycomputer"
$drive = "C:"

$driveData = Get-WmiObject Win32_LogicalDisk -ComputerName $Computer -Filter DriveType=3 | Select-Object DeviceID, @{'Name'='Size (GB)'; 'Expression'={(math)::truncate($_.size / 1GB)}}, @{'Name'='Freespace (GB)'; 'Expression'={(math)::truncate($_.freespace / 1GB)}}

if ($driveData.FreeSpace -lt $freeSpaceThreshold)
        $from = "" 
        $to = "" 
        $subject = "Low Disk Space!" 
        $body = "Free Space Remaining: " + "$($CDisk.FreeSpace)GB" + " Drive" + $_.deviceid 
        $smtpServer = "" 
        $smtp = new-object Net.Mail.SmtpClient($smtpServer) 

REST API threshold error in Designer Workflow but works on a page using Javascript

Note: My document library contains 5500 items (the threshold limit is 5000. So it has already exceeded the threshold limit).

I am trying to get the ID of a folder using the rest API in the SharePoint 2013 designer workflow. I get an error from threshold.

Below my URL –


But when I tried the same REST URL in a page using Javascript, it works perfectly and I get the ID.

I know what the threshold limits are and how to increase them. But my concern is, here it works in the Javascript REST API but gives a threshold error in the Designer workflow.

According to my understanding, this should give errors in both approaches or it should work in both approaches.

Can someone please explain to me the reason for this behavior.

Also, if anyone has an idea on how to get the folder ID using the folder name without increasing the threshold limit, please suggest me.

Thanks in advance.

development – How to get an article by ID if the list exceeds the threshold

In my client-side object model CSOM code, I use the following 2 methods to get an item by ID, using CAML, for example: –

CamlQuery camlQuery0 = new CamlQuery();
camlQuery0.ViewXml = string.Format("{0}", "6001");
ListItemCollection collListItem0 = context.Web.GetList(context.Web.ServerRelativeUrl + "/lists/" + "CustomSettings").GetItems(camlQuery0);
items => items.Include(
                        item => item("Title"),
                        item => item("SettingValue")

or using GetItemById: –

ListItem currentItem = context.Web.GetList(context.Web.ServerRelativeUrl + "/lists/" + listname).GetItemById("6001");

then will these 2 methods allow me to get an article if the underlying list exceeds the threshold? let's say i want to get the item with id = 6001 can i do it?

consensus – When did the BIP16 cross the 550/1000 threshold?

BIP16 indicates on February 01, 2012, if more than 550 of the 1000 previous blocks include "/ P2SH /" in the parts database, then BIP16 will activate on February 15, 2012 (Source).

BIP16 was then revised. On March 15, 2012, if more than 550 of the previous 1000 blocks include "/ P2SH /" in the parts database, then BIP16 will activate on April 1, 2012 (Source).

After looking for the base of coins for each block, it seems that the threshold of 550 blocks has been reached at block height 171 455 on 03/16/2012 22:07:16. Given that this date is later than the evaluation date of March 15, 2012, how / why was it considered to cross the threshold on the deadline, when this was not the case?

Any help appreciated. It makes me crazy 🙂

algorithms – Finding the largest sum of $ k $ elements below the threshold

You can use meet-in-the-middle to reduce the time $ O (n ^ { lceil k / 2 rceil}) $.

To simplify, I guess $ k $ is same.

The idea is as follows:

  • Partition $ A $ in two parts.
  • For each part, calculate a sorted list of sums of $ k / $ 2 parts of the room.
  • For each $ k / $ 2-sum in the first part, use binary search to find the best $ k / $ 2-sum in the second part conforms to the constraints.

As noted, the idea poses several problems:

  1. It assumes that the optimal solution contains exactly $ k / $ 2 comes out of each game.
  2. It works in time $ O (n ^ {k / 2} log n) $.
  3. He uses $ O (n ^ {k / 2}) $ Memory.

To manage the first difficulty, there are several options. We could just repeat the whole algorithm $ sqrt {k} $ time. Alternatively, there could be deterministic means to achieve the same goal. Here is a hybrid solution:

  • Randomly partition $ A $ in $ k ^ 3 $ rooms $ P_1, ldots, P_ {k ^ 3} $ (something much bigger $ k ^ 2 $ would work). With a high probability, each element of the optimal solution is in its own part.
  • Consider all possible partitions of $ A $ in two parts of the form $ P_1, ldots, P_i $ and $ P_ {i + 1}, ldots, P_ {k ^ 3} $. One of them will contain exactly $ k / $ 2 elements of the optimal solution.

To manage the second difficulty, we must be slightly more careful in the implementation. Using fusion (the familiar mergesort routine), it should be possible to calculate $ k / $ 2– sums of each part $ O (n ^ {k / 2}) $. The last step can be implemented by $ O (n ^ {k / 2}) $ using a classic technique with two pointers (the first pointer goes up on the first half, the second goes down on the second half).

There are tricks to reduce the memory required from $ O (n ^ {k / 2}) $ at $ O (n ^ {k / 4}) $: further divide each part into two sub-parts. You can easily review all $ k / $ 2– are in the first part considering all the pairs of $ k / $ 4– are in its subparts. Binary search on the second part can then be implemented using the two-point technique.

Break a large list to avoid the limit view threshold on Sharepoint Online

I find solutions to this limit view threshold problem in Sharepoint Online. I have already read the steps recommended by Microsoft (Managing a large list and library in Sharepoint) and I have seen that the former IT manager had done all the steps.

I am thinking of breaking this list down into separate libraries. Any of you able to do it? Or am I better with the retention policy for SPO?

Thank you!


machine learning – Neuron: question on the NO door and the threshold

It is a neuron of a NON gate as illustrated in the book ML by Rojas. I have a question about his behavior. I understand that the neuron produces a signal if it entered $ x_1 $ summed are $ geq 0 $.

In the following image, if $ x_1 $ is 0, then threshold 0 is reached and there is an output from this neuron. Yes $ x_1 $ is 1, then the threshold is always reached and the neuron leaves 1?

Appreciate if someone can provide advice on how this neuron works with the inhibitory signal.

Thank you

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