How long does it take for connecting flights to Schiphol – separate tickets

I travel from New York to AMS on Delta. The flight is scheduled (if it is at the time) at 5:55. Is it possible to take an Easy Jet flight to Berlin at 9:10? There is a flight KLM at 9:50 or 12:30, which would give more buffer but at a higher price. I have never been to Schiphol and I was wondering what would work best.

Thanks in advance!

tickets – Train from Geneva Airport to Fiesch

I see no reason why you could not do it. There are ATMs and workstations in the Geneva airport station. As long as you have money or an acceptable card, this should be pretty simple.

There are two trains per hour, so even if you have to queue a little, that should not be a problem.

However, I do not see any reason for not being able to buy tickets online. Have you tried

plane tickets – Qatar economy booking classes

Qatar Airways advertises "fare families" to facilitate the viewing of what is allowed, authorized for a surcharge or prohibited with a special fare:

  • Promotional price
  • Saver price
  • Price of value
  • Flexi rate

But which reservation class code reserves in what types of tariff? The economy class fare codes are B, H, Y, V, L, K, M, O, T, N, Q, S.

What is the best time to buy plane tickets for July 5th to get the best deals for 6 people?

Know that there is no guaranteed minimum price so far. tariffs can go up and sometimes go down.
You are traveling on a Friday in high season, do not expect most fares to drop.

BUY when you find the flight you want.
WARNING Most advantageous rates do not allow any changes or refunds if you change your mind.
Tickets can be sold.
If you are not sure if you can travel that day, suggest looking for travel insurance to cover a missed flight.
People can book flights about a year in advance, many of the cheapest seats have already been purchased.
Expect ticket prices to start rising for most flights after spring break.

If you want to sign up for rate alerts on the many search sites. Be prepared to react quickly to any transaction that may occur.

Of course, you have actually looked for many ways to go from A to B and not just the fastest routes. Large search sites are looking for the fastest connections, but not all possible ways that a 100,000 daily flights offer a cheaper way if you are willing to travel more than one hour to trade your time against $$ , waiting an hour or two more for a connection.

As the final destination of most people is not far from the airport terminal, we also suggest that you inquire about prices to get to where you want to go to sleep. Bus, train and fare schedules may change for the summer season.

The ticket for SEAT is part of the price. Also check if there are any other charges, such as luggage fees. To add to benefit from a favorable rate.
The school is over, millions more are going too.
BUY SOON. When you are sure you can leave. Indication that your work holidays have been approved.


trains – What is the purpose of the boarding points on Indian train tickets?

In most countries of the world, if you want to travel from A to B, you buy a ticket from A to B and that's it.

However, in India it is possible to buy a ticket from X to B, to designate a boarding point in zone A and to board the train at A. Makemytrip explains how it works:

What's a point of embarkation?

You can choose a boarding point from where you will board the train.
It can be any station located between the booking station and
Booking up to the train station. By default, your reservation from the station is
also your boarding point.

You can choose a boarding point like any station on the
train, you will have to pay the applicable fare for
Reservation of – Reservation to the stations. For example, if you are
to book a ticket from Mumbai Central to New Delhi and choose the
boarding point like Kota Jn, you can board the train only to Kota
Jn and not between Mumbai Central and Kota Jn. You would have
pay the fare for central Mumbai in New Delhi

The unanswered question is why would you do that? It would make a lot more sense and cheaper to buy a ticket from Kota Jn to New Delhi.

Norway – Flexibility in the timing of pre-booked train tickets

If you are traveling by train in Norway with a pre-booked ticket on, are the tickets explicitly valid ONLY for the departure of the specified train, or would they be on an equivalent route?

for example. If I miss a Oslo R10 train to Oslo S, can I take a R10 train? A similar train (eg r11)? Or should I pay a penalty?

Thank you!

plane tickets – Ryan Air plane card

I have a Ryan flight from Copenhagen tomorrow morning. Do I really need to print the boarding card because in the PDF document it is stated that a visa check is required? Unfortunately, I could not take the impression because everything was closed today.

If so, is it possible to print the boarding pass at the airport in the morning?

Can I get cheaper plane tickets using a VPN?

Use NordVPN for cheap tickets on KAYAK.

In a video of ADVChina on Youtube, the speaker recommends using a VPN in China for various reasons and to register using his referral code.

He says that there are various practical uses including "You can also buy cheaper plane tickets by browsing different countries." and shows a screenshot of a flight website called KAYAK, with VPN software moving his country to Italy.

Is it possible to get cheaper plane tickets using a VPN in this way? I have never heard of KAYAK, but if I use something like Skyscanner, is it common for the price of a ticket to be different, depending on the country of origin? the IP of the user?

Is it because of different taxes in different countries? So, could it be illegal to get discounts like this? Or is there an airline pricing strategy to charge different amounts depending on the country of purchase?

Can we book plane tickets between the United States and India from Goibibo?

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tickets – Greyhound from NYC to DC

By selecting a route on the Greyhound website for your desired pair of cities, you will be able to see the location of the relevant bus stations.

For example: Click Show Route, and then hover your mouse over the city name. The information on the terminal is displayed:

Greyhound booking indicating the address of the bus terminal

For all the schedules I've watched, it seems like all from among them depart from the bridge terminal GW. I could not find any that left the port authority after a quick glance.