Transportation – How To Buy Discounted Single Tickets With A SL Access Card

As far as I know and remember, if you use an SL access card on the Stockholm Tunnel, you can buy a single fare by simply using the card at the door to enter. But how does it work if one is entitled to a reduced price because of youth or old age? Should vending machines be used to get the discount?

seo – JSON-LD for events that do not require tickets / artists

I am developing a page for an upcoming unicycle competition, which will be attended by teams from across the country and the entry will be totally free for all.

I've tried to support my SEO by inserting structured data in the form of JSON-LD, but the Google Search Console and Structured Data Test Tool complain about not having d & # 39; Performing offers and performers. These are "warnings".

Is it better to ignore the "Warnings" or do I have to enter this data in one way or another and if so, how?

My current data (actual data replaced):

"@context": "",
"@type": "SportsEvent",
"name": "Competition",
"description": "Some Fine Descriptiont",
"image": "",
"startDate": "startDate",
"endDate": "EndDate",
"location": {
"@type": "Place",
"name": "Arena",
"address": {
"@type": "PostalAddress",
"streetAddress": "Street",
"addressLocality": "City",
"postal code": "12345",
"addressCountry": "DE"

You missed the connecting flight, separate tickets on the same airline – who is responsible?

Now who is responsible for the missed flight?

Unfortunately, you are there.

When flights are purchased as separate tickets, the responsibility of the airlines does not flow – their obligation to you ends when you reach your destination on the ticket. In this case, you had two tickets with two destinations. This basically defines everything here.

The second plane left at the time and your boarding was not denied. So, in the eyes of the airline and, above all, the EU regulations on compensation, you simply have not managed to introduce yourself.

The first plane took you to your destination, your connecting airport, 90 minutes late, but according to your itinerary on this ticket, the connecting airport was actually your "final" destination for this ticket; to obtain compensation, you must have a delay greater than 3 hours at your final destination.

The EU261 FAQ has this to say about missed flights due to delayed inbound connecting flights:

Do I have any rights if I am not allowed to ride in my connecting flight because I arrived late at the gates because of a delay with the first flight?

YES – if the flights are part of a single booking, the carrier must offer you the option between the refund of your ticket and a round trip flight to the departure airport as soon as possible or rerouting to your final destination at the earliest opportunity for re-routing at a later date at your convenience under comparable transport conditions, subject to availability of seats. If you are rerouted and you reach your final destination with a delay of 3 hours or more, you are entitled to compensation.

Note the very specific mention of a single booking. Your tickets are multiple and separate bookings.

You can contact the airline to find out if it can book you a cheaper flight or no cost, but it has no obligation in this case.

When does Megabus publish new tickets?

I will be traveling to Chicago at the end of September. I would really like to try to find one of these $ 1 tickets. I consult the megabus website every two or three days, but since September 10, no date is available. Does anyone know how often megabus adds new dates to his schedule?

Spam Tickets | Talk Web Hosting

If that is for the WHMCS site in your signature, I see that you are using the default captcha of WHMCS. From my experience, this is not worth it and does not prevent spam from submitting tickets. Instead, have you thought about using Google's reCAPTCHA?

Invisible reCAPTCHA is probably your best option as it will not slow down clients (nobody likes to fill in the Captcha form).

However, we tried this ourselves and there were a handful of reports from people who were making mistakes saying that they had not filled the captcha, making it impossible to open the door. a ticket via WHMCS. This is certainly not specific to the WHMCS, however, as I maintain a number of forums that use it, and have seen similar reports on these. Obviously, telling (potential) customers to do x, y, and z to "fix" this is not really an option – because they will have left your site and gone to competition in the blink of an eye.

If spam tickets arrive via email (imported into WHMCS), consider enabling RBL filtering, using solutions such as SpamAssassin or SpamExperts, and so on.

Do Blesta administrators remove paid customer support tickets?

I recently moved from WHMCS to Blesta for billing and managing web hosting services.

At this moment, I think I have made a terrible mistake.

I've had some problems with one of their own modules (Centos Web Panel module), in that it refuses to automatically provide services on my Centos Web Panel server. I have tried to solve the problem, but it seems that the information available on this module is limited and that the documentation is nil.

I've therefore sent a forum request to Blesta administrators … giving them full access to both my Blesta installation and the root user on the CWP server itself (via pm).

I received an answer to the request of the forum saying that they had examined the issue and that nothing was happening. Imagine my disappointment when I connected back to the server and found that it was not resolved … the module still refuses to provide new services. Not only that, but as far as I know, they did not do anything to test on the server in order to make sure it was actually working before responding to me!

Yesterday, I decided to send a report request via the customer ticketing system (this is a paid service). I received a confirmation email yesterday stating that the ticket had been received by them.

This morning, I connect to to check the status of my ticket, but only to find that this ticket does not exist … it was clearly deleted intentionally or because of a technical problem.

So I'm now paying a monthly lease on a system that does not work with my server, which does not respond to forum help requests and removes "paid" customer support tickets asking for help setting up modules designed and developed by Blesta themselves.

I advise anyone considering using blesta … to pay a few extra dollars a month and use whmcs instead!

The following plane tickets

SU 263 C 13MAY 1 NRT SVO HK1 1 1215 1605 77W E 0 LS
SU 024 C 13MAY 1 SVO LED HK1 B 1710 1835 32A E 0 S
SU 019 C 20MAY 1 LED SVO HK1 1 1450 1625 73H E 0 S
SU 260 C 20MAY 1 SVO NRT HK1 D 1900 1030 + 1

[ Politics ] Open question: How can people on food coupons afford to buy smartphones, tattoos, multiple children and lottery tickets?

[ Politics ] Open question: How can people on food coupons afford to buy smartphones, tattoos, multiple children and lottery tickets? .

airline tickets – Should I buy Sydney – Melbourne plane tickets long in advance?

According to Google Flights, there are reasonably priced tickets (~ 100 USD) between Sydney and Melbourne (round trip) for all dates, including in a few days. Is this typical? If I plan to fly in August, should I book my tickets now or is it not necessary to do so well in advance?

Air travel – How to get cheap flight tickets?

Many airlines offer airline tickets, but United Airlines offers the best affordable airfares for our travelers. All people want to save money and time, but this is only possible on unified airlines. We offer a direct booking process for calls to the United Airlines Reservations Phone Number at 1-866-491-3099.
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