cache – Configurable product is showing varation for for first time but then variation is not shown

I am facing a weird problem , the configurable product is showing variation

Some products are showing variations and some are not
they are having same attributes filled up at the backend

Kindly guide if you know why this is happening ?

also we are using varnish and want to disable it but don’t know how?

What is more reliable for daily backup, rsync or Time Machine?

Time Machine in macOS Big Sur, when set up with an APFS volume, uses a completely different system for keeping your versions separated and organized.

If you are using Big Sur, I strongly recommend this approach. Use Disk Utility to make sure your disk is formatted with APFS then add it to Time Machine. Your backups will now appear as “volumes” inside the disk and can be browsed easily with Finder or with Time Machine’s custom UI.

Highlight missing form fields one at a time or all at once?

A form has many required fields some of which have been left blank. When the user clicks the submit button, there is functionality in place to highlight the first required-but-empty field by giving it a red outline and a warning icon beside it. Is this ideal (as it doesn’t overwhelm user with warning colors and warning icons all over the form) or would it be better UX to highlight all missing fields at once?

gm techniques – How to reveal a time limit without videogaming it?

I am under the impression (so correct me if I’m wrong) that having a close time limit on objectives could be fun if there is not an abuse of the game mechanic.

So one hand, I want my players to find out about this time limit in the right moment:

Oh no, the truck where we hid the MacGuffin just left west, that’s the direction of the
bridge that was blown up! And in the foggiest day! Let’s us hurry up pals!

But on the other hand I don’t want to video-game the event* or spoonfed them the info. The truck is going to leave at 9, and crash at 11 if nothing is done. Only the guard and some employees know this. If my players think getting a drink after a rough day is more important than taking care of the MacGuffin, that’s part of TRPG.

Still I’d like to give my players as many chances as possible to find out there is a time limit, or to connect the dots.

DM: So the guard tells you that truck just left to another town via West Street, the
unique, long street that reachs out of the city.

Player: (Doesn’t remember the bridge is west) Mm okay, maybe we could find out tomorrow
where it’s headed.

This is even trickier for events the party doesn’t know about, BBEG plans, rituals, man-made catastrophes (“Hey let’s open this cursed ancient tomb in the name of archeology”). In this case it’d feel even more unfair, as the players didn’t get to make any decision, they were just slow or oblivious, and we completely miss on the adrenaline rush .

How can I improve the odds of players finding out about time-sensitive events at the right moment? Better even if they are slow or dense that day.

*Where the event doesn’t happen if the player character is not there.

looking for full time writer to fill empty site.

Hi everyone.
I have just started a new site for Manu followers and started a fans club within the site.
I have no content and no members yet, so i need to start filling some content not big and i don’t care about how it’s written, as long as it is about Manchester United only and it’s new, and please, no copy and paste from other sites.

I don’t have max number of blogs i want, but at least 20 a week.
I only need about 50 – 100 words per article, here is a sample of what I need: we just want to read about the latest things that are going on in Manu club like, gossip, transfers, rumours, game day, post game comments, club finances for transfers and more..

Please, reply or pm me with your best quote.

My budget is low but i will pay every Friday through paypal, I am in Australia so there will be a time difference.



Time Machine not seeing my external backup drive

The external (1TB) WD drive that I use as my Time Machine Backup filled up and stopped backing up.

Rightly or wrongly, I saved the most recent backup file to another external drive and then via Disk Utility repaired then erased all.
I then transferred the most recent backup onto the erased (1TB) drive.
But the Time Machine is not seeing it anymore so I can’t “select” it? It shows in Finder etc.

I have spent hours and hours trying various online fixes – namely, in “sharing” checking the AFP option along with the SMB but nothing seems to work? Any advice very gratefully received.

Does google maps personalize the walking time to your destination?

Google maps has a lot of o data about how far and how fast you move around. When you search for a walking route to your destination is the app calculating the walking time based on your average walking speed? If not why is that so?

How can I use budget and time as a constraint in a software design specification

The prompt:
enter image description here

How can I add budget and time as a requirement if I don’t know the client’s budget and time frame for completing the project?

Secondly, How can I list that requirement as a design constraint?

I feel that I need to make unnecessary assumptions because the prompt does not provide many details about what the client wants.

Thanks in advance.

office365 – Excel sheet to read data in real time from *shared* spreadsheet

I have an online quiz setup using Google Sheets, and I want to transfer it to Excel. Here’s what I have:

Team1,…,Team9 have their own ‘Answer Sheets’ which are Sheets with a cell, A2, where they input their answers. I have a ‘Master Sheet’ which simply has a column that imports the data from A2 from answer sheet 1, answer sheet 2, etc. The column is:

=IMPORTRANGE(“URL of Team1 answer sheet”,”Sheet1!A2″)

=IMPORTRANGE(“URL of Team9 answer sheet”,”Sheet1!A2″)

This means:

  1. Teams cannot see answers submitted by other teams.
  2. I can see everyone’s answers in real time. (Okay, not strictly real time, but only a delay of a few seconds at the most.)
  3. Teams don’t need to download additional software; they just open the Sheets in their browser.

All three are essential for the quiz to run smoothly.

Question: Is it possible to set this up using Excel? All teams have access to Office 365 but I cannot rely on teams being able to download the spreadsheets to use the Excel desktop app. Things I’ve tried / ideas I’ve had:

A: My Master spreadsheet contains links to other answer sheets, which I have then shared. The problem is that when someone else inputs their answer on their answer sheet, it doesn’t update on the Master sheet. I have to close and reopen the Master sheet, but even then this often produces errors associated with links being out of date.

B: (Haven’t tried this but I have doubts it’ll work) My Master spreadsheet is shared with everyone, and I have one worksheet per team, but I change the access so that Team1 only has access to worksheet 1, etc. Then, there is a worksheet only I have access to which reads the answers from all the worksheets. This will work, I think, but two issues: I want to scale this to 30+ teams and in my experience Excel shared sheets become very slow when so many collaborate on them at once. Also, it sounds like a nightmare to set up, changing permissions so every team has a unique point of view on the workbook.

Is it possible to accomplish what I’m trying to do?

I love Excel, but it’s sharing functionality in many respects seems to be far inferior to what Sheets is capable of at times.

SharePoint Migration from on-prem to online Date time minus 1-hour issue

I’m working on migrating SharePoint 2016 hosted apps to SharePoint online with all contents in all lists.
The issue that I have faced that always I get date time minus 1 hour on all columns type date-time.

For example, I have a list that contains 2 columns plus created and modified:

Column Name Column Type SharePoint on-prem 2016 SharePoint online
Title Text Reservation Reservation
Need At Date Time 8/13/2018 11:00 PM 8/13/2018 10:00 PM
Created Date Time 8/15/2018 10:47 AM 8/15/2018 09:47 AM
Modified Date Time 9/21/2018 04:55 AM 9/21/2018 03:55 AM

Those are the solution that I have tried:

  • Regional time be the same.
  • Change the regional time in SharePoint to +1.
  • Migrating to SharePoint on-prem 2019.
  • Change site collection.

But always the same issue…

Please note that I’m using SharePoint online migration tool powered by Microsoft and Also I tried my own PowerShell script when I have tested with SharePoint on-prem 2019.

Could you please help me on that?