reg IIS Pool recycle time limit

reg IIS pool recycles momory limit | Talk Web Hosting

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var sidebar_align = & # 39; right & # 39 ;;
var content_container_margin = parseInt (& # 39; 350px & # 39;);
var sidebar_width = parseInt (& # 39; 330px & # 39;)
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  1. reg IIS Pool recycle time limit

    I have 32 GB of RAM on the server, so that the maximum number of IIS pools must be maximized in Plesk Panel?


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Do search engines such as Google or Bing search all web pages for a single query each time?

Here is what I would expect to happen when I type a search query in google or bing:

  1. The search query is converted to a vector using pre-trained auto-learning templates. The vector captures the semantic features, etc.

  2. The search engine scans all the web pages that it has crawled and calculates a similarity score of each web page with my search query based on the query vectors and the web page. (Assuming that the search engine has already pre-calculated the semantic feature vector for all web pages that it has explored)

  3. The search engine ranks the similarity scores of all the web pages and returns the classified list.

For me, it just seems like searching all the web pages would be too expensive and I have a hard time believing that search and ranking are all done in milliseconds.

Can someone comment on it?

8 – Update the revision time of the node in hook_entity_presave

hook_entity_presave () can not save any entity, or save an entity will cause hook_entity_presave () to be summoned again. If your hook_entity_presave () the implementation is not able to understand that it is invoked for the second time and, if you register an entity again, this will cause an infinite loop.
Even if you implement hook_ENTITY_TYPE_presave () and save a different entity, you will cause hook_entity_presave () to be called more than once, which could be problematic.

In your case, if components is the type of entity being edited, you must implement hook_components_presave (), get the node for which you need to change the Last modification value, and save this node. As I said, I can not guarantee that there will be no problems, but at least your hook_components_presave () the implementation will not be called twice because it is invoked for the components entities, and it records a node.

algorithms – The longest common substring in linear time

It is unlikely that a better algorithm than the quadratic exists, let alone linear. For the problem related to the search for subsequences, it is a known result: In the article, "Results of tight hardness for the LCS and other measures of similarity sequences ". by Abboud et al. , they show that the existence of an algorithm with a duration of $ O (n ^ {2- varepsilon}) $, for some people $ varepsilon> $ 0 refutes the hypothesis of strong exponential time (SETH).

SETH is considered very likely (although not universally accepted), so it is unlikely that $ O (n ^ {2- varepsilon}) $ The time algorithm exists.

Although finding a substring is a slightly different problem, it seems to be just as difficult.

sharepoint online – How can I set a Date / Time field as mandatory if a People / Group field contains a value

I am working on a custom list inside the classic online sharepoint user interface. and inside the custom list I have 2 fields: –

  1. "ResponsibilityOwner" -> People / Group that authorize a single value.
  2. "ResponsibilityAssignedDate" -> Date only.

Now, I want to force the "ResponsibilityAssignedDate" obligation in case "ResponsibilityOwner" would not be empty.

Thus, inside the new modification / modification list forms, I added this script to check if the "ResponsibilityOwner" contains a user value: –

function PreSaveItem () {
var result = true;
owner var = $ ("input[id*='ResponsibilityOwner_']");
var attr = owner.attr (value & # 39;)
alert (attr);
if (typeof attr! == typeof undefined && attr! == false || attr! == "[]") {

return the result;


but I have not found any way to check if "ResponsibilityAssignedDate" contains a date value or not. as when I select a date in the calendar, I do not find how it is stored in the "ResponsibilityAssignedDate" input field?

here are the 2 fields: –
enter the description of the image here

so can we give advice on this topic please?

What methods would you use to reduce the loading time of a website?

What methods would you use to reduce the loading time of a website?

server – How to get the date and time of the local system in the 2013 sharepoint workflow

Here, my workflow runs at the server's time, it's a virtual machine server. Now, I want to run my workflow with the date and time of my local system. For example, if my workflow is running on a server that is in the US base time and that the time of my local system is based on the Indian time. Now, my workflow must be run according to the system time and not the server time. How can I do it? Is there a way to do it?

Thank you in advance.

unit – create a random game of 7 cards each time they are all used?

It turns out that this week I was showing this method to my mechanics students of the game. 🙂

One of my favorite methods for working with a deck is to use an online version of a Fisher-Yates shuffle (also called Knuth shuffle).

IEnumerator ShuffleBag(params T[] articles) {
int remaining = items.Length;

while (true) {
// Choose a random object from what's left of our deck.
// (that is, the entries 0 ... remaining-1)
int drawIndex = Random.Range (0, remaining);
T drawnItem = elements[drawIndex];

// Removes the element from the platform by swapping it at the end.
goods[drawIndex] = articles[remaining];
goods[remaining] = drawnItem;

// Give the drawn element as our new .current element,
// and wait until we are asked to draw again.
yield return drawItem;

// If we have more cards when we ask for a new one,
// rework the scraps to make a new deck.
if (remaining == 0)
remaining = items.Length;

You can configure it as follows:

var bag = ShuffleBag (

Then draw a new tetromino from the bag as follows:

bag.MoveNext ();
var tetromino = bag.current;

A new tetromino will always be ready: the bag will automatically put back the rejects as soon as it is empty and will distribute them in a new random order.

LIMITED TIME OFFER: 40 FP per blog comment (next 24 hours) | Promotion Forum

For the next 24 hours ONLY (as of now), I will pay 40 FP per comment following the rules I've set. :)

This is an excellent offer that doubles the usual price. Enjoy and make sure they are of good quality!

rman backup takes too much time on oracle 10g

I have a problem that takes 2 days to backup the 450 GB database from my backup rman on the sl45 tape drive. The problem is that the log indicates that the backup is waiting too long before completing a given task and starting another task. F .:

Backup completed at 21-MAR-2019: 19: 28: 01

Start of the backup at 22-MAR-2019: 08: 33: 21

these 2 tasks in the same backup session, I do not know why it takes too much time between tasks … my backup script is: –

connect the target /;
run {
allocates the & # 39; sbt_tape & # 39; to channel ch1 of type ENV = (OB_MEDIA_FAMILY = IMC_ONLINE_DB) & # 39 ;;
allocate the parameter & # 39; sbt_tape & # 39; to ch2 channel of type ENV = (OB_MEDIA_FAMILY = IMC_ONLINE_DB) & # 39 ;;

please advice

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