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Google Calendar Time Zone off 2 hrs – causing to shift all meetings

my Google Calendar is showing Gibraltar time as 3pm, while we got here 5pm and shifting by 2 hrs every meeting I set up.

Tried to feedback them, but not holding my breath, my mobile device is showing time as per location, my google account the same and I have not shared with anything else but Calendly, so what the heck?

Anyone able to help?



usb on the go – Why does otg mount take long time on some mobiles? Can it be sped up?

I have an external 500GB SSD drive. I connected it to android devices via otg cable.

It works fine. Once it’s mounted, it’s pretty fast.

The only problem is the mounting time. At some devices, the mounting time is fast and about 6 seconds. This is fine to me. But at some devices, the mounting time will take up to 50 seconds. They are all running Android 10 with different models and brands.

I am wondering why the moutning times are so different among devices and is that possible to speed up the speed on the slow devices (without root).

Thank you very much.

algorithms – Time complexity of finding median in data stream

I was reading a solution to the problem in the title on leetcode and the article says that the time complexity of the following solution is O(n)

  1. setup a data structure to hold stream value and insert new element in the right place using linear search or binary search
  2. return median

my solution is as follows:

class MedianFinder:

    def __init__(self):
        initialize your data structure here.
        self.arr = ()

    def addNum(self, num: int) -> None:
        idx = bisect.bisect_left(self.arr, num)
        self.arr.insert(idx, num)

    def findMedian(self) -> float:
        # self.arr.sort()
        if len(self.arr) % 2 != 0:
            return self.arr(len(self.arr)//2)
            return (self.arr(len(self.arr)//2 -1) + self.arr(len(self.arr)//2 ))/2

My question is about the time complexity of the push method. the binary search will take O(log n) to find the index. the insert will take O(n). but since the method will be called on the stream, will the complexity be O(n^2) or O(n) ?

enter image description here

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TIME magazine will publish a video series about the cryptocurrency space. It was announced that an agreement was made with the Grayscale company on this issue. Grayscale will pay with Bitcoin to the TIME magazine, according to the agreement reached. In the statement made by TIME magazine, the…

can one use epsilon in polynomial time reduction when proving the NP-hardness result?

Specifically, given a known NP-complete problem, whether we can construct an instance of the target problem which contains epsilon -> 0?

differential equations – time dependent hamiltonian with random numbers

I have a Hamiltonian (Z) in matrix form, I solved it for time independent random real numbers, now want to introduce time dependent in such a way at any time the random real numbers change between the range {-Sqrt(3sigma2), Sqrt(3sigma2)}, here is my code

Nmax = 100; (*Number of sites*)

tini = 0; (*initial time*)

tmax = 200; (*maximal time*)

(Sigma)2 = 0.1; (*Variance*)

n0 = 50; (*initial condition*)

ra = 1; (*coupling range*)

(Psi)ini = Table(KroneckerDelta(n0 - i), {i, 1, Nmax});

RR = RandomReal({-Sqrt(3*(Sigma)2), Sqrt(3*(Sigma)2)}, Nmax);

Z = Table(
    Sum(KroneckerDelta(i - j + k), {k, 1, ra}) + 
     Sum(KroneckerDelta(i - j - k), {k, 1, ra}), {i, 1, Nmax}, {j, 1, 
     Nmax}) + DiagonalMatrix(RR);

usol = NDSolveValue({I D((Psi)(t), t) == 
     Z.(Psi)(t), (Psi)(0) == (Psi)ini}, (Psi), {t, tini, tmax});

What can I do for introduce this time dependent and solve the differential equation(usol)? I hope my question is clear


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finder – How to restore files from time machine backup (on Apple Time Capsule) of a different computer?

I need to find some files located in a time machine backup of an old computer. It’s a backup located on an Apple Time Capsule.

As it’s used as my router, I’ve tried going to Finder, then clicking on the Time Capsule under locations, entering the password and connecting. Then there’s a folder called ‘Data’. Within it there is the backup for the old computer in .dmg file format. From other things I’ve read, when it’s a backup on an external drive there should just be a folder you can click in to, to look at files. That’s not the case here when it’s on a time capsule. If you ‘show package contents’ of the .dmg there’s nothing usable or viewable, just lots of exec files.

I’ve also tried go to time machine in the menu bar and press alt, ‘browse other backup disks’ but that doesn’t seem to work and just shows me a today finder window for my finder.

It would be great if someone knows what to do here. Thanks

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