calculated column – SharePoint time difference calculation bug

I created a simple SharePoint list and I am having problem with a calculated field.
I have a “Duration” field that calculates the minutes between the start and end date/time columns, using the formula:

=INT(((RRT End (EST))-(RRT Start (EST)))*1440)

The odd thing is it works correctly if the difference in minutes is 62 or above, but 61 or below it returns an incorrect (-1) result. It does not seem to be tied to the dates themselves, It only happens if the difference is 61 minutes or less. See below.

Any idea how to fix without using a workaround IF formula?

enter image description here

bitcoin core – What if two people want to spend same input at the same time

Lets say me and my friend both have access to same private key which can sign some new transaction. What would happen if me and my friend broadcast transaction with same input at the same time to a different nodes ?

Also what would happend if i broadcast it 1 minute after him and pay much larger fee and his transaction is still unconfirmed? Would miner take my transaction than because it includes higher fee or would the stick with his transction because he broadcasted it first.


google – Publish Time and Update Time – SEO Best Practice

If a webpage (with static URL) gets updated frequently (like every few days) with new information/details, which of the following is the best practice from a SEO perspective?

1) Publish “Create Date” ONLY, like

<h1>Page Heading</h1>
**<p>Published on 12-May-2020</p>**
<p>main article content</p>

2) Publish “Updated Date” ONLY, like

<h1>Page Heading</h1>
**<p>Updated on 12-May-2020</p>** 
<p>main article content</p>

3) Publish BOTH “Create Date” AND “Updated Date”, like

<h1>Page Heading</h1>
**<p>Originally Published on 02-Jan-2020, Updated on 12-May-2020</p>** 
<p>main article content</p>

Which one fits best for SEO?

[OVH 120s server] From a long time customer of OVH, have been waiting 52 hours.

Hello, I’m here to share a bad experience with OVH, I’m kind of lazy to do something like this but this time it’s really piss me off.

On June 1st I ordered a 120s server of OVH, my payment method was already verified because I’m a long time customer (7 years, from 2013)

http s://

I though the service will be delivered quick, but no, after 14 hours, I sent them a support ticket:

http s://

Ticket content:

Hello, I’m a long time customer and I have purchased many servers in the past few years.
But this order, I have wait for more than 12 hours but its status still be ‘Confirmation’, while I am already a trusted/verified buyer.

I have an urgent work that need this server fast, if you could not provide this server soon, could you cancel this order so I could rent this urgent server elsewhere?

Thank you and have a nice day.

And they have not replied, from the time I ordered to the time I make this post, it’s already 52 hours. I cannot cancel the order too.

If they treat a long time customer like this (already verified, pay every months, renting many servers), I don’t know how would they treat new customer.

Thanks for reading.

dnd 5e – Are the instructions given in the “Planar Binding” spell part of the casting time, or can instructions be amended during the spell duration?

The Sage Advice Compendium has the following question/answer:

Is the sentence of suggestion in the suggestion spell the verbal component, or is the verbal component separate? Verbal components are mystic words (PH, 203), not normal speech. The spell’s suggestion is an intelligible utterance that is separate from the verbal component. The command spell is the simplest example of this principle. The
utterance of the verbal component is separate from, and
precedes, any verbal utterance that would bring about the
spell’s effect

By analogy, the 1 hour casting time of Planar Binding is filled with mystic words, and the instructions are intelligible utterances that are separate from the verbal component.

If the instructions were part of the casting time, it would answer the second part of the question (no, it would not be possible to amend the instructions). But since the instructions are not part of the casting time, there is no explicit guidance about whether they can be amended and thus it is up to the DM to rule on this.

Personal opinion: From a game-balance perspective, allowing the caster to continually update the instructions makes an already inordinately powerful spell that much more powerful. As a player, I would prefer that freedom, but as a DM, I lean toward limiting the power of the spell. Focusing on RAF (rules as fun), there are more opportunities for interesting interactions between caster and target if the instructions must be enumerated at the completion of the casting time (for example, in the 10 minutes after the spell is cast and the target fails their saving throw, all instructions must be specified and are locked in place for the duration of the spell).

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Is it time to declare George Soros an international terrorist?

Soros was behind the overthrow of Ukraine’s democratically elected government. What we are seeing is the same sop. What we haven’t seen yet is where the globalist snipers started killing their own, EU supporters in Kiev and pinned it on the Uke government. It was during that phase that the capital was overrun and the president fled.

[ Politics ] Open Question : Nine minutes is a LONG time. What do you assume was going thru Derek Chauvin's mind all that time while he was murdering George Floyd?

[ Politics ] Open Question : Nine minutes is a LONG time. What do you assume was going thru Derek Chauvin's mind all that time while he was murdering George Floyd?

weather and climate – Which is the best time of year to visit Bali?

It is a tropical area, other than the density of the rain there is no much difference in the weather, temperatures are from 28-30C around the year.

Dry season: April – September. With May, June and July being the coolest months when temperatures ‘drop’ to 28C.

Monsoon season: starts in October and ends in March.


Convert string to real date time value?

Here is my current input:


And yes it seems there is a line break in the cell…

Here is example sheet:

How could this be turned into an actual date and time?