pr.probability – Time scale of a Brownian motion with drift

Let $ (B_s) _ {s_ geq 0} $ be a standard Brownian motion and fix $ t> 0 $. For $ u> $ 0, together $ T_u = inf {s> 0, B_s + s t> u } $. Consider now $ x> 0 $ such as $ sup_ {0 leq s leq x} (B_s + st) = B_x + xt $ and as $ T $ jump to $ x $. Is this the case $ B $ reaches a local maximum at $ x $?

Benefits of custom software solutions

Custom software is completely tailored to the needs of buyers, unlike a comprehensive software developed on the market that offers the same functionality to all.

L & # 39; Integration

For many companies, the satisfaction of their different requirements requires a lot of software. But, it could be very boring to use and maintain different programs. Businesses in this situation could benefit from the benefits of a single custom software designed to integrate multiple processes.

This helps to accomplish more of what is needed while reducing stress. When developing a custom software, a developer can adapt the level of expertise of users. In addition, any change in the use of the application or staffing could be resolved by producing additional updates or modules. In this way, the solution might be familiar depending on the direction taken by the company.

L & # 39; scalability

Business growth imposes new demands. A ready-to-use solution that seems perfectly adapted to the needs may not evolve in all its duration. It will not necessarily be able to make changes later because of the growth of the organization.

A custom software development company hired to design a custom solution determines how the support fits the growth of the organization. In addition to generating an initial solution, one could, in the long term, develop a program by ensuring that it evolves effectively.


Developing custom software can sometimes be expensive, but it will prove its value later. Custom software does not need constant development or modification to meet the needs of the business, as standard software does. A customized solution could be used without considerable investment for a long time.

Maintenance and support

When dealing with a ready-to-use solution, a company is at the mercy of a software developer to provide the service. In the event that they go bankrupt and decide not to maintain software any more, a company would be in a difficult position because it would suddenly have to change to fully managed and supported software. The sudden expense could be damaging for any organization.

One of the most significant benefits of custom software is an effective and reliable technical support plan. A company can have full access to a technical support team familiar with the application development process, providing an effective solution to any problems encountered.

In addition, the development of custom software offers more security with less risk of compromise or intrusion, because hackers are not familiar with the system, unlike commercially available products. A bespoke software plays an important role in the growth and efficiency of a business.

Business operations can be complicated and each organization has different problems and needs. The many advantages of custom software development prove that it is better to create customized solutions than those available on the market.


how to make a bat file that starts a file at a specific time without a task scheduler

I've created a .bat file that backs up my files, but I want to create another .bat file that can run my first program as an administrator on schedule (without using the task scheduler). I do not want to use the task scheduler because it does not run the program as an administrator.

how to make a bat file that starts a file at a specific time without a task scheduler

I've created a .bat file that backs up my files, but I want to create another .bat file that can run my first program as an administrator on schedule (without using the task scheduler). I do not want to use the task scheduler because it does not run the program as an administrator.

python – Pandas group per hour with a specified start time with non-integer minutes

I have a database with signals of one hour. I want to group them in buckets of 10 minutes. The problem is that the start time is not exactly a "multiple" of 10 minutes. Therefore, instead of getting 6 groups, I get 7 with the first and the last incomplete.

The question can be easily reproduced by making

import pandas as pd
import numpy as np
import datetime as dt

rng = pd.date_range (# 1/1/2011 00: 05: 30,, periods = 3600, freq = 1s #)
ts = pd.DataFrame ({a: np.random.randn (len (rng)), b: np.random.randn (len (rng))}, index = rng)

interval = dt.timedelta (minutes = 10)

ts.groupby (pd.Grouper (freq = interval)). apply (len)

I've tried to solve it as described here, but based takes only a whole number of minutes. For example above (from 30 seconds after 00:05), the code below still does not work

ts.groupby (pd.Grouper (freq = interval, base = ts.index)[0].minute)). apply (len)

How to set a generic start time for the group?

Python – Can I print more than one chart at run time?

I use Spyder to print graphics in the IPython console. It works, but only displays one graphic at a time. I can not print two charts and compare. Is this behavior expected?

I print a histogram and an area chart from a block of data. These work individually (I comment on one of them), but when I do both, I have wrong results.

df['some field'].plot.hist ()
print (break  n)
df['some field'].plot.area ()

The output I receive is unlike any of the above. Is it possible to print one after the other?

multithreading – Notify millions of subscribers at the same time (or with minimal delay) in C ++?

I am working on a problem in which I have real time weather information from different cities around the world. I expose the subscription function to interested people / customers, with the following information: – location (it would act of the name of the city) and time (HH :: MM :: SS).

Suppose now that N number of people subscribe to Location => (Paris) and time => (20:10:17). So, how can I publish / notify N of subscribers to exactly 8:10:17 p.m. for Paris I mean that if iterating on the list of subscribers, then, this list processing would take delta time, some subscribers would receive information with delay.

What data structure should I use, for example, a list, a map or a vector, etc., and how should I deal with it, I mean, a threading model, so that I might be able to publish information to a number N of subscribers at the same time with any delay?

The resolution is up to a few seconds, I mean, the delay of a few seconds is ok.
server hardware capable of running millions of threads.

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