What type of server should HAproxy obtain for approximately 9,000 online users at the same time?


I would like to have your recommendations on the specifications of a HAproxy server that I would like to put online for about 9000 users at the same time …

I prefer to have a dedicated server …

I would also like your opinion on how to develop a MariaDB database around 80 GB with 80% of reads and 20% of writes …

Should I use Maxscale or Proxysql? Keep all servers synchronized at the same time or keep one server for writes and the rest for reads? How to scale the records also?

I find the sharding a bit complex for now …

Thank you

spells – Can you extend the time out?

I mean, you've pretty much presented the options. There is not much more to say.

I would say that stop time is do not snapshot, even from the outside – technically, this greatly speeds up the caster, but a limited amount of "real" time passes. So if you double that time, and stop time the caster is still fast, they should have twice as much "apparent time" to work.

And, by the way, there is nothing in Extend Spell to suggest that it only applies to "real" durations – it doubles the duration, whatever it is, or less as long as it can be said that this one has a "length".

So RAW, my feeling is that prolonged shutdown—And worse, persistent time out-is legal. This does not mean that the designers wanted it, that you have to allow it or that you can expect someone else to allow it. The RAW is not precisely airtight, and in any case, the RAW is not necessarily the same as the intention or the way things "should" be managed.

As for what I would do personally, it's a bit questionable for me – I don't run games that come close to allowing 9th level spells, and hypothetically speaking of games that do … Does it matter even more? You have level 9 spells, and you can metamage them in one way or another – you've already gone far beyond the point where 3.5e can pretend to balance, or even to stability. It is a monstrous effort to even have a consistent campaign at these levels of power, even with cooperative actors.

dnd 5e – LONG POST – First time, longtime fan, should I abandon this group?

I will try to be as brief as possible.

Our group is a group of friends who met online in an MMORPG (classic wow). Me and another guy are long time DND fans, read books, follow streams, etc. always. The other three guys are new arrivals without ever hearing about it. Our MD is apparently a very experienced MD who has more than 10 years of running campaigns. For this reason, I am inclined to trust him however, as I myself have a lot of "follower" experience and I have seen things happen on countless streams times, I begin to doubt that this guy has ever run a campaign in his life. His campaign takes place in a somewhat magical setting with "realism" as the theme we are looking for here.

Let me set the stage for you

This is our 2nd session (we started at level 2), there are four of us, a Barbarian, a Bard and two Warlocks. Our Paladin couldn't do the session sadly. We find ourselves exploring a cave in which we followed a group of cultists. The cultists kidnapped neighboring villagers for sacrifices, but during our trip we discovered that the cultists are (at least some of them) villagers from the same village.

The cave itself has a magical entrance which closed once we entered, the rocks closed and there was no way out. The cave has been described as a "natural cave, not some kind of fortress or something". When asked to describe the interior of the cave, "just rocks and pebbles, you know, a cave." Along the walls of this natural cave are torches every 20 feet (extinct), so it was dark. Fortunately, our warlocks have dark vision, which meant that we could see in the dark … in order to keep us from looking just by looking, our DM decided to use: " HEAVY METAL DOORS "preventing warlocks from using dark vision to see ahead in rooms and tunnels. I would totally agree with this if we were exploring a fortress, but a natural cave filled with doors caught us all off guard, as it seemed that they suddenly appeared because we started using dark vision, for the sole purpose of blocking our vision, you know … Anyway, Bard used his skills to unlock those doors if they were locked, which wasn’t more often the case.


Behind one of these doors, we heard two voices speaking. Our bard failed to unlock the door and its tools broke with a "pinch!" The guys behind the doors shouted "Alarm we are under attack" who immediately started the fight.

Our Forces: Barbarian, Bard, Warlock#1, Warlock#2
Enemy Forces: Fighter#1, Fighter#2, Sorcerer#1, Sorcerer#2

Round 1

The fighters charged us, opening the door and were greeted by our Barbarous. One of the wizards used sleep on us and managed to put one of the wizards to sleep.

L & # 39; other warlock asked him if he could close the door, cutting off the view of the enemy casters (see photo below). The DM said this was not possible because one of the fighters was apparently on the way. The wizard then decided to use Command to make this particular fighter flee and succeed.

With Fighter #1 away, the Bard wanted to try to close the door, but according to the DM: "The Fighter 2 was in the way. "How exactly was he in the way, I don't know. (See photo below)

Fortunately, we dropped the Fighter 2 on this turn due to the critical hit and godly barbarian jets (did 24 damage) as well as bard helper with Vicious Mockery (2 damage roll) who finished the guy. However, even after his death, the door could not be closed because "his body was on the way" (check the picture of the position of fighter 2, I do not know how a body in this place prevents this door to be closed but whatever …)

2nd round

In the next round, our barbarous used its action to move the dead body, bard closed the door (he is a halfling, so he needs a full action to close the door apparently because of his size – even if according to normal rules the door can be closed as part of the movement) and the warlock woke up the sleeping ally. Wizards throw things behind closed doors, Fighter#1 walking backwards, probably.

Round 3

The bard kept the door closed, but that didn't stop the enemy Fighter#1 to charge through, "he nudged the door while he was crossing" (check the roller's dexterity for Bard to avoid being knocked over). So all of our round # 2 with all of our actions was basically canceled "just because" the enemy fighter decided to bend the door, hitting our bard face down …

So I was quite shocked that an enemy fighter could "bend the door and have our group member knocked down" while the corpse of an enemy who was not even on the way (according to the grid) prevents us from closing the door at all. I just thought DM didn't like the fact that we were using his precious doors against him because they were clearly meant to stop vision, except when we want to use them to do the same thing

enter description of image here

We are a group of 4 level 2 characters, these monsters are a minimum of CR2 if you compare them to anything in MM. He claimed it was only "CR1" and even if they were, four CR 1 monsters are a deadly encounter for a group of four level 2 characters. However, according to him, it was "an easy encounter". And house rules mean that we can hardly rest to get healthy.

Opinions? I'm particularly interested in hearing your opinion on his use of the doors, but being upset, we are trying to use them against him. Little magic, but the caves have magic entrances, a bunch of villagers are just two wizards and guys with swords and strength scores of 18 … Sure, they are cultists but there are strong chances that they haven't received proper training if we're going to play a role- play … Am I just salty?

dnd 5th – How does the Time Stop spell interact with the duration of a Pearl of Strength?

At the start of a dangerous encounter, we were able to save our bacon by trapping an archmage with a force pearl, effectively removing it from combat for 1 minute.

We managed to eliminate its allies several rounds later, and then we started to gather around the sphere in which the archmage was trapped so that we could cut it into pieces as soon as the sphere was gone. There were two turns left before the sphere disappeared.

DM decided to make it launch Time Stop and decided that it would give it time to wait for the sphere, then launch Teleport to escape, while being frozen in time.

We all disagreed, saying that because the passage of time has stopped for everyone except the Archmage, we and the sphere would normally proceed from our point of view and the Archmage would just have more time to write his last will and testament before the sphere disappears and our dog stacked it.

If the water continued to flow, if the sand dials continued to flow, if the spheres of force walked closer to expiration, then time did not stop, is not don't you? In this scenario, sensitive life was frozen as time went by, and that is not what the spell says. It's Time Stop, not Life Freeze.

What do you think Was the DM correct in his decision, or should the archmage have been torn apart by voracious adventurers?

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dnd 5e – Are there any planes in 5e that have faster time?

It can happen in the Feywild

The DMG has a section on airplanes, and the Feywild in particular has the possibility of a Time Warp (DMG p. 50) occurring (underline mine):

Temporal distortion

While time seems to pass normally in the Feywild, the characters can spend a day there and realize, leaving the plane, that a longer or shorter time has passed everywhere else in the multiverse.

Whenever a creature or group of creatures leaves the Feywild after spending at least 1 day on this aircraft, you can choose a time change that best suits your campaign, if applicable, or launch the Feywild Time Warp table.

In addition to suggesting you simply choose the exact value of time warping, the table includes possibilities for how time is distorted has an option for "Days become years" that seems to match what you want.

How to display average time data on a line graph?

Suppose I have data collected every minute. If I want to display this data on a line graph with average data every hour, is it assumed that a label on the horizontal axis is the measurement from the start of this hour to the start of the next hour? Or should the data point be the average of that hour +/- 30 minutes?

enter description of image here

[ Politics ] Open question: Greta Thunberg is named "Person of the Year" by Time Magazine. Thoughts?

[Politics] Open question: Greta Thunberg is named "Person of the Year" by Time Magazine. Thoughts?

Why does Trump and his base even lose their time with Greta Thunberg?

Trump is incredibly insecure, that's why-

He does not like it either when a] the projector is not on it and b] when someone says something negative about it. This is a role model, each time one of these scenarios occurs, he takes it out on himself and usually attaches an absurd nickname to the person he takes it out on.

Trump feels threatened by it! At 16, here is this young woman who is alone, trying to improve the world and do it without having to lie, to bribe people, to threaten or to resort to blackmail. Trump wants to be able to do these things, but knows that he does not have the moral courage, the ability to be honest, etc. that is why he envies him.