javascript – prevents time reset with LOCALSTORAGE

I have a code that when you click on the button, it starts a countdown of 5 seconds, and it displays a message on the same button, that's all.
But I would like that when the page is updated, it will not restart, but that I continue counting until it reaches zero. I understand that it is possible with the local storage, I try but I still do not get anything, and I would like that one can help me with that. and if it is possible that the time passing is indicated on the same button, but if you can with local eStorage, I am very grateful to you.
Thank you for your time, my friends.

openButton male;

initial function () {
document.getElementById ("initial"). innerHTML = ".................";

openButton = setTimeout (function () {
document.getElementById ("initial"). innerHTML = "CLICK";
}, 5000, "JavaScript");

waiting time, waiting for the captcha result. last answer: CAPCHA_NOT_READY -. :: GSA SEO & Marketing Forum ::.

Hi, I have to show this error to the GSA community ->
I'm using 2Captcha and I've added the 2capcha API to GSA SER. But I do not know why I'm getting this error?
Can any one help me understand the problem I am facing with this 2Captha?

Below, I will copy-paste this complete error into the text:

SerEngines: failed with 2Captcha: delay waiting, waiting for captcha result. last answer: CAPCHA_NOT_READY –

Should I use another captcha support? or it is a recurring problem that will be solved automatically by 2capctha (riddles). Looking forward to hearing from the community.

Get the exact time of the button / key entry

Is there a way to make the time of an event entered (a key or a button pressed) more accurate than the update call, by subscribing to input events and by managing them immediately?

identity theft – Is it possible for a hacker to spoof the time spent on the Internet or an http response?

I want to create an application that self-destructs after a certain date (for example: January 1, 2022).

For this I will get the internet time and then compare it with the given date. If the date has expired, the application will not start.

But is there a way for a hacker to continue using the application after this date, by writing a tool to successfully return an incorrect time when my application checks the Internet time?

applications – Difficulty running these 3 applications at the same time

I am on Android 8.1.0. (Not rooted LG LM-X212TA.)

I would like to run the following three applications at the same time, but some seem to continue to crash when they are running at the same time. (I suspect conflicts related to [some of] their VPN capabilities, but I'm not sure.):

NoRootFirewall (version 3.0.1 (build 41))

Orbot (version 16.0.5-RC-2-tor- (version 2.0.7 (396))

Looks like and Orbot have a conflict, or some other problem[s].

I've disabled the "VPN Mode" of but that did not seem to help.

No advice?

Thank you.

python – Reading this list takes time

Below is the listener function containing 3 million items, then
creates another dictionary for further research.
This is an extremely tedious feature that, after multiprocessing, takes about 2 hours with 6 processes. I want to optimize this function. All the indicators that help me reduce the time of execution are appreciated. Thank you

                def create_lookup_dict (words):
#dish_groups is the dictionary of skipgrams on all the names of parables in the database
result = []
      for word in words:
dish_lookup_word_level = {word: list (set (i[0] for i in self.dish_groups.items () if word in i[1]))}
final_dishes = []

        if self.ztag_dict.get (word, 0) is 0:
print ("No tag")
final_dishes.extend (dish_lookup_word_level[word])
elif self.secondary_category_tag_dict.get (word, 0) is 0:
print ("No sub-category label")
final_dishes.extend (dish_lookup_word_level[word])
for i in dish_lookup_word_level[word]:
if self.ztag_dict[i].intersection (self.ztag_dict[word]) and
self.secondary_category_tag_dict[i].intersection (self.secondary_category_tag_dict[word]):
final_dishes.append (i)
result.append ((word, final_dishes))

Check point / WAL buffer empty time during serialization isolation

I have a doubt regarding the time of dump / check WAL buffers when serializing isolation in Postgres. Is it possible to lose recognized writes even if the transaction executes at the serialization isolation level? What happens if the transaction has been validated in the WAL buffer and the machine subsequently hangs without the possibility of recovery? Does Postgres still validate serialization isolation transactions on disk?

It's time?

Post your current time now!

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I create a game, how to implement the function of choice of time [pendente]

I need in my game a menu function in which the player chooses a game time of between 1.2 and 3 minutes. Copper game