8 – Get the title of the item referenced two levels deeper with Search Api

I have three types of content: A, B and C.

Referred to B
and B refers to C

Now, with the use of the search API module, I search my content types and I only wish to generate C. But in the result, I want to show under what elements the C is put. So, some kind of Ariane thread. A line of sight should look like:

Type: C

Title of the node

Found in: A> B

I'm able to release the title of B but for some reason, I can not get the title of A. I've tried working with relationships in sight, but the A the reference is not displayed even when I'm adding B as a relationship. I've tried adding the content types to my search index, and then adding them directly as a field to my search index ( field_content_B: entity: field_content_A: entity: title ). But nothing works. Can someone help me understand what's wrong?

design – what should happen to a prominent application bar with a long title and two lines, when scrolling

A free form text like this is not a good material for the application bar. Move your title to … a page title 😁

Example of long descriptor as page title

In response to the PO comment …
If the company mark is to be reflected in the application bar, you can set the constraint that the application bar does not exceed a certain depth. Depending on this requirement, you can allow the customer / user to download an SVG logo (according to the size guidelines), which can be resized to work in the allowed space.

Whenever you ask something to the user, you will need a backup solution. If the user did not download his logo, you can set his name by default, which can be truncated for more space and added an elipsis. ....

ajax – The CPT search does not find the results from the title of the articles

I have a search bar to search for CPT (properties) on a page and display the results below, including on a map. The search works if you search by address, but does not work if I search by the name / title of the article.

I did not write this code, so I'm looking for a preview.
Thank you.

<a href = ""class =" btn-orderby "style =" margin-left: 15px; margin-bottom: 18px; "> Reset

seo – My title on SERP does not exactly match my tag Tittle

This question already has an answer here:

Can someone here help me about my title problem in google?

My title in the Google results page does not exactly match my title tag. If you search with the keyword "itclax furidacchi" in google, my title is an anime word. I do not use anime word in my title. I do not know what I have to do again, I inspect the element does not work, nothing animates in my site element!


NB: one of the authors makes that my question is duplicated, but I can not solve my problem with reading the duplicate post.

View selected fields of the referenced node rather than just the title of the referenced node

I've been looking for an answer to this question, I do not find it for my whole life.

I want to display in a node additional fields selected from the referenced nodes, not just the title field of the referenced node.

As following:

Title: Employee 134
First name: John
Name: Smith
Content type B Reference: Job 3

Title: Job 3
Job: carpenter
Description: Built tables and chairs.
Picture: carpenter.jpg

I can currently only display for A1:

Employee 134
Job 3

I want it to display:

John Smith

website design – Term for a title automatically changing to an interval?

I'm looking for a search term and, ultimately, examples of websites with similar elements:

It's beautiful

Where the word Pretty would change after a few seconds to Unbelievable or Stunning.

I know how to implement this but it must have a name? For now, all I've been able to find are questions about how to implement something like this.

After some extra research, you came across a carousel of typing or a text that is very close to the effect.

design – what should happen to a bar of significant appearance with a long title and two lines, when scrolling

In hardware design, if the title is long, we should place it in an important application bar like this:
enter the description of the image here
The title should not be truncated or reduced. so, when the content scrolls up, should I turn the foreground application bar into normal? if so, what would happen to the long title, since it should not be truncated or reduced? Or should we leave it like this all the time?

[cXF] Block Title Icons

AnimeHaxor has proposed a new resource:

[cXF] Sidebar Block Title Icons – Add Icons to Block Titles on the Sidebar

Would you like to have icons in the sidebar block titles like this one?
See attachment 23958

Here is a simple DIY tutorial on how to do it.

The following is the code for the most common sidebar blocks.

Open your extra.less model and …

[cXF] Block Title Icons

How to change the product title displayed in the Trade Registration pane at checkout

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gnome – Double title bar Ubuntu 19.04

I do not know if it's an Ubuntu or Gnome problem, but I just updated the Ubuntu version to 19.04 and I noticed that some windows have a double bar title. This does not happen in all, but it happens in Terminal, File Properties and a few others. I enclose a photo.
If it is a question of configuration, I really have not found where to change it.
I have tried the following commands without success:

sudo apt-get autoremove
sudo apt install --reinstall gnome


Ideas? Thank you all!

PD: I do not know if it is important, but I had installed 18.04 and updated to 18.10 and immediately to 19.04, so I'm not sure if the problem appeared in 18.10.