macbook pro – Renamed an icloud drive folder with the .tmp extension and files have disappeared

I read that I could rename a folder to have the..tmp extension to prevent it syncing over. I did this to a folder that had some confidential files, but I renamed the folder in my icloud drive and the files have all disappeared.

I found a copy of the folder on the desktop, but that was also empty. Any idea where I could locate these files or are they lost?

openvpn: client-connect script cannot write to /tmp file

I have the following in my server.conf file…

client-connect /etc/openvpn/scripts/client-connect.bash

client-connect.bash so far looks like this…


touch /tmp/testfile.txt

sleep 10

exit 0

I know that the script executes, because the client pauses for 10 seconds, and then successfully connects.

However the file /tmp/testfile.txt is never created.

I can’t figure out what could be going wrong.

I was hoping to be able to write to /tmp, to allow me to echo environment variables etc. to help with finishing the actual script functionality. However without being able to write somewhere I have no way to see what’s actually happening in the script.

files – Drupal – Cannot write to tmp folder

A single Drupal instance is failing to write to the tmp directory and I cannot figure out why… All my other instances are fine.

tmp - root:root - 1777

Any tips or tricks I can try?

The specified file 'temporary://fileLT79zp' could not be copied because the destination directory is not properly configured. This may be caused by a problem with file or directory permissions.

DrupalCoreFileExceptionDirectoryNotReadyException: The specified file 'temporary://fileLT79zp' could not be copied because the destination directory is not properly configured. This may be caused by a problem with file or directory permissions. in DrupalCoreFileFileSystem->prepareDestination() (line 488 of /var/www/mysite/core/lib/Drupal/Core/File/FileSystem.php).

codeigniter – session_start(): Failed to initialize storage module: user (path: /tmp)

Hola buenas tardes esto trabajando con php 7.4.9, MySQSL y iis pero cuando quiero visualizar el proyecto por medio de la URL me está mandando el siguiente error Fatal error: session_start(): Failed to initialize storage module: user (path: /tmp) in C:inetpubwwwrootIntranetUCQsystemlibrariesSessionSession.php on line 143

Captura de pantalla del error

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Configuración archivo config.php

$config('sess_save_path') = '/tmp';

Ruta directorio tmp

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Espero que me puedan apoyar.

Saludos y excelente inicio de semana.

cloudlinux – Cloud Linux 7 mount /tmp with exec in fstab

I have the following fstab

UUID=3d301281-7be7-4a53-8f19-42f8c7d061d2       /       xfs     defaults,uquota 0 0

#/usr/swpDSK    swap    swap    defaults        0 0
#/usr/tmpDSK    /tmp    ext3    defaults,noauto 0 0
/usr/tmpDSK             /tmp                    ext3    defaults,noauto,exec        0 0
/var/swap.1   swap    swap    defaults        0   0

However when I reboot my /tmp looks like this

/usr/tmpDSK on /tmp type ext4 (rw,nosuid,noexec,relatime,discard,data=ordered)

If I do:

sudo mount /tmp -o remount,exec. It looks like the below

/usr/tmpDSK on /tmp type ext4 (rw,relatime,discard,data=ordered)

What do I put in fstab so it does NOT have noexec on reboot?

Need advice on deleting “.tmp” file in DCIM/Camera

The DiskUsage app shows that I have a 1/2 GiB file under DCIM/Camera, called something like 20160701_173401.tmp

DiskUsage will run HexEdit and show me the file…so I can see it’s an mp4 video file, but since the filename suffix is “.tmp”, it won’t play it for me.

I’d like to get rid of the file …
Unfortunately, DiskUsage also won’t remove the file 🙁

The Camera app, and other apps aware of videos/images, can not “see” the file (or, said more precisely, it probably ignores it due to the “.tmp” suffix). (I’ve also tried several “file explorer” type apps…no luck.)

The phone (Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge) is not rooted.

Is there a way to delete this file, short of resetting the entire phone?

I haven’t tried yet, but am willing to write a special-purpose Solar2d (Corona SDK) app to “open” and “remove”, but I’m not sure that’s going to work.
…nope. Did that, fails for “no permission”.

BTW, full name of file is:



How can I keep / tmp during reboots?

I just want / tmp (/ private / tmp) not to disappear if the system is restarted. (Yes really.)

It doesn't seem to be mounted on a special file system, so something happens at startup.

I'm running Mojave right now.

How to create files in the private tmp directory of a systemd unit?

For a service, I need a few directories available inside /tmp. But I also want to use systemd PrivateTmp=yes. Is there something like AssertPathExists=/tmp/x who also creates the path?

try to avoid something hacky like ExecStart=install -u x -m 0770 -d /tmp/x && /usr/bin/x or something worse, having the binary itself create and set permissions on the tmp subdirectories.

whm cpanel + cloudlinux (Exploit / tmp)

I am using cpanel + cloudlinux.

There are vulnerable sites on the server.

I would like to know which user sends "exploits" in the / tmp … | Read the rest of

linux – How to create / tmp on centos 7 after installing the server?

I have a new installation of centos 7 on a new server and I need to create a / tmp partition. I have found some guides but I don't know if this is correct.

# lvcreate -n tmp -L 10G tmp
Logical volume "tmp" created.

# mkfs.xfs /dev/mapper/tmp

add to / etc / fstab:

/dev/mapper/tmp /tmp xfs loop,nosuid,noexec,nodev,rw 0 0


# mount -a

check if fitted

# df -hT | grep /tmp

Does this sound correct or are there errors? If yes, help me.