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updates – If I buy the cheapest possible Android smartphone today, how long can I keep it without having to buy a new one?

I’m forced to get a “smartphone”, even though I want nothing to do with them, simply to be able to use as a “digital identification” thing and similar things for companies that refuse to provide a website — only an “app”. So I’m trying to find the cheapest possible one.

There appears to be only two “kinds”: iPhone (ridiculously expensive beyond words) and Android (less expensive, but infested with Google). Since I don’t actually want to use them for their intended purpose, and will only power it on briefly when forced to, I’m going to have to pick an Android one.

The cheapest one I can find where I live is $189. A bit more than I expected. Could’ve sworn they sold sub-$100 ones not long ago. Either way, what I’m wondering is if they are going to make me keep buying new ones every few years, or if I can just perpetually update that one with new versions of the “Android” OS? Or do new versions eventually require newer phone hardware and refuse to install, leaving me with a rotting brick which eventually stops working?

I have a feeling that these things are made to become obsolete rather quickly. Is that feeling correct?

sql server – How to Cast today data as bigint to Data – 202104171830

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Microsoft Teams – As of today I cannot log in on one of my organization anymore

I am in two organizations, I use #2 much more than #1. Today I switched to #1 to work a little, when I tried to switch to #2, the program restarted, loaded #2, then it restarted again and loaded again #1. From now on, this is what always happen.

I am using teams on linux Mint 20.1. Logging out and in did not help, not rebooting several times, I already tried purging the package (which did not delete any data because when I restarted I was still logged in, which is very bad, Microsoft), so I uninstalled teams, manually deleted everything in ~/.config/Microsoft and ~/.config/Microsoft Teams - Preview and reinstalled it again. All the settings were gone and the authentication too of course, but the problem still persists.

Apparently, teams online works fine or firefox. Also on my android phone I am still logged in #2, but I dare not to log out because I cannot be locked from there too. I haven’t tried teams on other desktops, but this is my main machine and I need to solve this problem.

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design – Is Pressman’s Software Engineering book relevant today?

I am teaching Software Engineering for quite some time. And Pressmans’s book is considered as the bible of Software Engineering.

However, I hate this book as it is full of stories.

  1. It mixes SSAD and OOAD without distinguishing them.
  2. He invents his own methods (of course referring to various papers)
  3. The example used throughout the book is good for nothing (Safe Home)
  4. He confuses with Web development and OOAD (trying to put web development as a part of OOAD).

And many more. I guess nothing is relevant for today’s software development process.

Suggestions and opinions are welcome.

cryptography – Future strength of encryption today

I see that in several training quizzes the “correct” answer is to store encrypted data where somebody could copy it and save it, when it can be done so that the encrypted data is only in RAM and then (hopefully) deleted after it is no longer used. In this example it was sensitive data used to bootstrap an EC2 instance. The recommendation was to store the data with the image. Who knows how easy it will be after 20 years or 50 years to break that encryption? If someone has the encrypted file and after a long time technology will be quite difficult to withstand any new code breaking technology, similar to how easy it is today to break the DES from 1970s.

Today, can I safely use CSS Flexbox and Grid in order to develop my Magento theme?

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covid 19 – Is eating permitted on Southwest Airlines today?

From Southwest’s FAQ—When the Federal law requires Customers to wear a mask (emphasis added):

Customers will be required to wear a mask over their nose and mouth at all times during their Southwest travel experience—while checking in, boarding, while in flight, deplaning, retrieving baggage; and any other time they may engage with a Southwest Employee or another Customer. Customers are required to wear a mask in order to board the plane.

The following are times when a Customer may need to briefly remove their mask:

When necessary for identity verification purposes such as during Transportation Security Administration screening or when asked to do so by our Employees or any law enforcement official

While eating, drinking, or taking oral medications. Prolonged periods of mask removal are not permitted for eating or drinking; the mask must be worn between bites and sips.

While communicating with a person who is hearing impaired when the ability to see the mouth is essential for communication

If, on an aircraft, wearing of oxygen masks is needed because of loss of cabin pressure or other event affecting aircraft ventilation

If unconscious (for reasons other than sleeping), incapacitated, unable to be awakened, or otherwise unable to remove the mask without assistance


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