posts – My website is showing today’s date instead of published date since db migration to a new wordpress

I exported my database and content to a new WordPress. Everything works fine, except that every post is showing under today’s date, instead of the published date like it should be (the actual published date is the good one in the dashboard though).

It was working correctly in my last WordPress (5.0.11). The new one is 5.6.1. Here’s the PHP related to the date in my theme :

<span class="post-date">
    $date = date_i18n( get_option( 'date_format' ), strtotime( get_the_date( 'r' ) ) );
    printf( esc_html_x( 'Publié le %s', 'Publié le DATE', 'chosen' ), $date );

Any idea what happened?

Restrict editors to only able fill today’s date in data validation date – Google sheet

I have used the data validation date > ‘valid date’ so that in the range of cells I want, will already show the calendar drop down. However, would like to ask for guidance on how I can restrict the editors to only able to pick today’s date & tomorrow, but not the date before today or the date after tomorrow.
would really appreciate the help, thanks!

optimization – What x86 instructions do todays best compilers use and/or ignore?

I am working on a compiler and am interested in x86 machine code statistics.

enter image description here

But what about all the rest of the instructions? How much work does a team put into a compiler to get more optimization out of it by using different optimized instructions?

Specifically, there are instructions like for crypto operations (eg CRC32). There are advanced bit manipulation instructions (eg BEXTR). There are MMX and SSE instructions (tons and tons of these), and floating point instructions. Etc.

Other than these top 20, what do compilers typically take advantage of. If it’s all over the place, that would be good to know, but I’m mainly looking for a sense of what the cutting edge is in terms of today’s compiler implementations, what instructions or groups of instructions they use, and what they ignore.

How to delete rows before Today’s date in a sharepoint list from the pnppowershell module?

I use a Sharepoint list with 4 columns. The first column contains a date.
What I would like is a ps-script that deletes every row before Todays date.
Is that possible? This is what i got so far:

connect-pnponline -url xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx -Credential $credential

Remove-PnPListItem -List “my-list” -Identity ($TheItemId)


design – Why does today’s companies follow old RFC’s?

Let me start by saying that of course conventions are important, there should be a rule of thumb for some cases that is representing the best action to follow by, in order to prevent mistakes and make stuff more simple.

Now for the topic of the question/discussion.

I am working on a side project of a DNS server written in Go, and have been reading RFC 1034 & RFC 1035.

RFC 1035 describe the Zones master file that stores all the DNS records inside of it, with some other data like TTL, record type and authority who sent it.

RFC 1035 was written in 1987 and I understand why it was using a text file in order to store its data.

While designing my project I was thinking about using a local database like PostgreSQL serving under the localhost.

While looking a bit more into the subject, I found out that big companies who serves DNS servers like Microsoft are using the text file format as well, I guess that its because of keeping the convention “alive”, but I just cant find any reason not to kill it and improve the system.

Do you think I should use the text file, or a local database?

Why does companies keep using old methods?

Thank you for any answer, that might point to something i didnt think about.

How to open a specific tab based on today’s date (google sheets)

I’ve made a ‘Google Sheets’ with 31 tabs for the dates of the month (1-31)
How do I write a script that makes the spreadsheet open to that days tab?
eg. open tab 25 if today is Aug 25th

I imagine (from a few other scripts I’ve seen) that it’s something like:

function onOpen() {
  var date = getDate(now,'d')
  var ss = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSpreadsheet();

but I’ve never used this programming language and have no idea.

also, the tabs are named 1, 2, 3.. etc if that’s any easier to code

Thanks, Joe

Dashboard based on Todays Date – From a table

I have a list of students with responsibilities and I would like to create a dashboard in Google Sheets with information about the current month.

As an example:

enter image description here

then in September 2020, I want the dashboard to show:

enter image description here

… and also update automatically to Jose and Gina once we are in Oct 2020

Here is the demo sheet:

Thanks for any help!

sharepoint online – Populate today’s date in a field based on item selected in drop down list?

Apologies in advance, I am extremely new to SharePoint.

Looking for some assistance if I could please? Is there anyway to populate a date field with today’s date based on whatever item I select from a drop down?


Drop Down:

Option #1
Option #2
Option #3

Date Field:

Option #1
Option #2
Option #3

IF Option#1 is selected in Drop Down, THEN enter today’s date into Date Field Option#1 ELSE

IF Option #2 is selected in Drop Down, THEN enter today’s date into Date Field Option#2 etc.

Any guidance would be great, thank you – Essentially, we have a self developed workflow at work (not created as a true workflow, it is just a LIST interfaced with an Infopath form).

Thanks you, any help/guidance would be greatly appreciated!

highlighting – In Microsoft Outlook (2016), how can I highlight only today’s elements, for single and series appointments

In Microsoft Outlook (2016), how can I highlight only today’s elements, for single and series appointments?

I learned (here and here) how create a rule that highlights single elements that start today, but the rule will highlight also all series elements – even if they have no element starting today (see picture below). I want all elements on “MONTAG” (German for “monday”) and “MITTWOCH” (“wednesday”) to be green, and only all elements on “DIENSTAG” (“tuesday”) to be red.

Example Outlook appearance

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