macos – Can’t solve ‘passwd: Authentication token manipulation error’ error

I’m trying to SSH into a Hills server for my local junior college. The system asks for my (current) UNIX password, however, when I enter the password I get the following error:

(current) UNIX password:

passwd: Authentication token manipulation error

I’ve included a photo of my terminal w/ the error:
enter image description here

I appreciate everyone’s help, thanks in advance!

same site cookies – Blazor WASM Anti-Forgery Token

I am working on securing a Blazor WASM site. So far I have a Auth API so that my multiple apps can use one auth service. I also have a Blazor WASM site. I am tying to mimic the Anti-Forgery Tokens that a Asp.Net site would have. Since my site is a Balzor site I cannot write out a anti-forgery token from the server.

My Solution:
When my login page loads I create a get request to the server. The server generates the anti-forgery token and sets it in a http only, site only cookie. From there when the user hits login that cookie is passed back to server. The server then checks to see if the cookie contains a valid anti-forgery token, before performing any tasks.

Is this a secure solution? I have seen where others have used cookies for security, but is my implementation good?

Thank you,
Travis Pettry

30 AIC Telegram token Reward

30 AIC Telegram token Reward

Join as same telegram information automatically.

Go to wallet and create and finally 30 AIC token.

authorization – get the token to be assigned to the single course. – SAS Token

It is such that I am looking for ideas for my proposal.

In relation to SAS on Azure blob storage, the customer has the opportunity to purchase access to the course via single payment and monthly payment.

I want to hear about how I should be safe in relation to whether the CUSTOMER can see / download content etc.

My thinking about this: Let’s also say that the customer buys a membership for 6 months, well then the token must apply to that customer for 6 months, after which it will be renewed.

With this, my second thought is that the customer single purchase that applies token only for all the time you want.

My question is:
In relation to the token, do I have to save it on the purchased invoice table for the customer? Which is set the same with the single course.

magento2 – Magento 2 REST get all Orders with admin token. CustomerID?

When I try to get all orders of my store…

Similar to this one: Magento2: REST API GET all Orders

I receive this message:

message: Does not exist the entity with %fieldName = %fieldValue",
    "parameters": {
        "fieldName": "customerId",
        "fieldValue": null

How I get all orders??

Greenworld – Grw Token

GreenWorld – GRW Token – Thread
GreenWorld – GRW Token
$ 3.28 March 25, 2021
$ 2.97 March 24, 2021
status PAYING
Review has been published on BLOG! READ it before you invest!

integration – Find buy price, sell price for a token amount defined by a bonding curve

I have a token price defined by the following bonding curve:

TokenPrice = 0.05 * TokentsAlreadyInCirculation^2

From there it is really easy to compute the current discrete price (buy or sell) for a token, for example if there is 80 Tokens currenlty in circulation, the price is 0.05 * 80 * 80 = $320.

Now of course in the real world things get more complicated and users have the ability to buy or sell a continuous number of tokens, for example buy 4.35 tokens.

I’ve looked at different ways to get these by using integrals to find the bounds for the area under the curve that starts at the current tokens in circulation and trying to find the other bound matching the area representing the transaction volume but without success so far. Maybe I’m going the wrong way with this.

The formulas I am trying to get here are:

  • By buying $xx of tokens and given the current tokens in circulation yy, how many tokens would I get?
  • By selling zz tokens and given the current tokens in circulation yy, how much $ will I make?

Any ideas?

Netbox – Get free 20NBX token and more | NewProxyLists

You probably already know the cryptocurrency project integrated with the Brave browser. it was really successful. And the project below I want to talk about is similar. I will show you step by step to get more tokens. Don’t worry whether the project is good or not as this token is currently being traded on 2 exchanges at the current price of $ 0.06 / 1 NBX. Let’s get started.
Step 1: Install the browser
Click on the homepage link
In the new tab, you proceed to download the installation file and install it normally like when you installed the chrome browser.
Note: Please register under my referral link, you will receive an additional 10 NBX tokens when using the browser continuously for 1 month.

Step 2: Sign up for an account.

After the installation is completed, you sign up for an account. This account is like your login to chrome browser. However, you should set this account login password different from your email password.
After you sign up, you will receive an email sent by the support team of the Netbox browser to your email. Please click on the link provided in that email to verify your email account registration.

Step 3: Save the security phrase of your NBX wallet

You get the seed phrase. Please save it. Remember, Blockchain technology gives you full control over your assets with a seed phrase or private key. No one can help you get your assets back if the seed phrase or the private key you own is lost. So I recommend making multiple copies and storing them in a safe place. This is very important in the blockchain platform.
Step 4: Receive free coins to your NBX wallet.

Update Blockchain data for your wallet. To receive 20 NBX tokens you need to complete this final step. You have received the token but your wallet needs a blockchain network connection to confirm completion.
Step 5: Get more NBX in your wallet.

The registration under the referral link of others will help you receive 1 NBX token. In addition, every day when you use the Netbox browser, you will be rewarded for that activity. You can introduce your friends to use this browser to receive 10 additional NBX tokens. And you can use the NBX coin number in your wallet to Staking to get a bonus again.
Currently, the NBX project provides you with other options such as buying lottery tickets with NBX tokens or playing a linked 3rd party game right in the browser to receive bonus NBX tokens.
Step 6: Set up payment password

Payment password will help you log in and manage your assets like other crypto wallets.
After this installation is complete, you need to store 3 main information: browser login account, seed phrase, and payment password.

Step 7: Buying and selling NBX tokens

Currently, the exchange supports the exchange of NBX tokens.
In particular, the exchange does not require identity verification to fully execute money transfers and withdrawals. The major exchanges have not been listed yet as this is a new project and they need time to review. However, with the success of the Brave browser, I think this project is even better.
1. You can earn this extra token with another account with your smartphone. The app is available on the CH play or you can scan this code which will lead to the store. Currently, the developer has not announced the application for apple phones.

2. If you have more than one computer, you can create a separate account for one computer to receive more. Please note that you should not use the same IP address to create an account.


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