repair – Toma M900 Novacam I: My film rewinder is not advancing the film correctly

As you have noticed, the Toma uses an electronic motor to automatically wind the film. At this point, it is a very old electronic device with an unknown story bought from a store without a camera (the store has no incentive to fix it / fix it).

It could be used after priming and simply wear out (likely), it could have fallen / been damaged, it could have been wet, all the lubricants that could have been used have definitely exceeded their primer.

So the sad reality is that this camera is cheaper to replace than to repair. (I found a brand new one in the box on eBay today for $ 25, for example). So I would simply recommend replacing it. If you want to break it to see if you can fix it yourself, you can too. Do not be sorry if you destroy it in your attempt.