Trump's speech in prime time on the government's closure

President Donald Trump will hold court in court tonight as he delivers the speech of the Oval Office of

hope to convince the American public and skeptical lawmakers that there is a crisis on the southern border. latest avant-garde news

His goal: to get billions of dollars of funds to build the "big, beautiful" wall he promised in a context of partial closure of the government that has no end.
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Jared Kushner has an "exclusive" interview tonight on Hannity. Who is watching?

No need to watch. This is how it will be.

HANNITY: "Tell me Jared, how much do you like America?"

KUSHNER: "Well Sean, I'm glad you asked, I like America a lot."

HANNITY: "Yes, I see, so it can not be true that you helped the Russians, is not it?" You just said that you loved America, that proves your innocence, is not it? "

KUSHNER: "It's true Sean."


What are you going to have for dinner tonight? – Everything else

My husband is preparing something new for tonight's dinner. He recently went to North Carolina for a business trip and he came home enthusiastically to prepare me a new side dish that he tried during his stay. .

Corn chips.

These are small balls of sweet corn and corn cream, breaded with cornmeal and then fried.

He said that he hopes that I will like it.

I do not see how I would not like it.

He said it reminded him of my scalloped corn (if you've never eaten scalloped corn, you have not lived), except in small fried pieces.