mobile application development tools?


I want to know What is the best application development tool? And what programs do application developers use?

Thanks in advance


SharePoint Migration Tool – Only ID numbers?

Just completed a file share migration to a SharePoint Online library using the Microsoft SharePoint Migration Tool. The identification numbers generated by the document library are 2,4,6,8, … only even numbers. Someone knows why? Is this a bug? All data has been downloaded.

Brokers Are The Essential Negotiation Tool – Discussions & Help

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dnd 5th – Can a Warforged Envoy choose a land vehicle as an integrated tool?

There seems to be a split between the RAW and the rules as expected. Ask your SM if you want to do that and see what they want to do.

RAW: Probably

The functionality of the built-in tool indicates:

Choose a tool that you master. It becomes integrated into your
body, and you double your skill bonus for any ability checks you
do with. You must have your hands free to use this tool.

So, to be able to benefit from the built-in tool, something has to be 1) a tool with which 2) you master.

The vehicles appear to be listed as tools. If you look in the background of Sailor, for example, it is written:

Tool skills: Navigation tools, vehicles (water)

And the last entry of the PHB Tools table (p 154) says:

Vehicles (land or river)

The slight ambiguity comes from the fact that the vehicles are then described in their own section, with the exception of all other tools, which indicates that the rules may treat them as different from the normal tools. However, it seems that when you take it all together, this objection does not really negate the fact that vehicles are literally listed as tools in the table and they are also listed as tools for skills. The rules seem to consider them as tools.

So, if your character has a training that gives you total control of the vehicle (such as a sailor or a soldier), then you must meet both the requirements and be technically able to use it for your Integrated Tool function.

Design intent: no (ask your SM)

According to Keith Baker's FAQ on Wayfinder Guide for Eberron:

An envoy sent to warforged has an integrated tool that is part of his body and acquires expertise with this tool. In the PHB, the tools skills provided by the background include the vehicles. So, can I have a war with an integrated car?

All things require the approval of the SM. If your DM WANTS to leave you
having a boat built by boat is great. But the design
the intention is that this applies to the specifically identified tools
on page 154 of the player's manual. This does not include
mounts and vehicles, detailed on the next page
("Vehicles" are on 154, but not detailed).
Again, if you and your
DM is okay, go for it. But this is not the design intent.

google analytics – Model comparison tool based on calculated position of multi-channel funnel

If I try to compute a position-based model from the report or the MCF (Multi Channel Funnel) API, this does not correspond to what is stated in the position-based model in the # 39; model comparison tool.

This is explained by the fact that I would like to use the position-based model in another report and want to obtain this data automatically through the API. As the model comparison tool (MCT) does not have API, but the MCF.

The MCF Apparently has the required elements (via the mcf: firstInteractionValue, mcf: assistedValue, and mcf: lastInteractionValue metrics) (based on this article). And Google calculates the position-based model with a credit of 40% for the first and the last interaction and 20% for the intermediate interactions, I thought that I could do the calculation on the values ​​of the MCF and get the same number of MCTs. Which does not seem to be the case.

For the same source / campaign over the same period (a few weeks ago, a few weeks ago, in order to avoid any problem of data dating), the calculation made from the MCF gives a conversion value of $ 13,724.06. TMC reports $ 14,014.07 (MCT adds $ 290.01 more).

MCF calculation table

however, the First Click and Last Click report values ​​of the MCF report correspond to the Interaction MCT Fist and Last Interaction values. So the problem seems to be with the assisted conversion value. I tested this with other channels, and the difference was generally that MCT was higher, usually between 1% and 2%.

So, question:

  1. Someone else is trying to do that?
  2. Is this a problem with sampling assisted values?

Any help would be welcome, or at least an explanation of what's going on with the Multi Channel Funnel Assisted Values ​​compared to what I was expecting from
Model comparison tool.

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dnd 5e – Does Warforged Envoy's Embedded Tool feature give you a free tool?

This is quite clearly stated in the description of the features of the built-in warforged Envoy tool:

Choose a tool that you master well. This tool is built into your bodyand you double your skill bonus for all the ability tests you perform with.

Functionality alone allows you to choose a single tool with which you are competent; The tool you choose is then integrated into the body of your wrought character.

This is reinforced by the corresponding section of Keith Baker's FAQ on Wayfinder Guide for Eberron:

An envoy sent to warforged has an integrated tool that is part of his body and acquires expertise with this tool. In the PHB, the tools skills provided by the background include the vehicles. So, can I have a war with an integrated car?

All things require the approval of the SM. If your DM WANTS to let you go to war with a built boat, it's great. But the design intent does this apply to the specifically identified tools listed on page 154 of the Player's manual. This does not include brackets and vehicles, which are detailed on the next page (the "vehicles" are on 154, but not detailed). Again, if your DM and you agree, go for it. But this is not the design intent.

Tinker's tools weigh ten pounds! Can an envoy have integrated handyman tools? Or a complete set of dragonchess?

Certainly. The intention is that your warforged has a functional version of this tool. This does not in any way mean that it looks like the tools that a human would use to perform the same task. A weapon of war with a built-in herbalism kit could literally have a garden built into his back and extract the herbs he needs when he needs them. More importantly, consider that warriors are intrinsically magical creatures. They CAN physically modify their bodies (as indicated by healing and integrated protection) and as indicated by the spell conjuring it is possible to create small temporary objects by magic. Thus, an integrated tool could be fully functional at any time – a weapon of war with blacksmith tools has a hand that can work like a hammer. But it is equally valid to say that the warrior performs either a minor transformation to produce these tools, or that he literally produces a temporary tool. Your built-in thief tools might be locking fingers, but you could also study a lock and make a key. The FUNCTIONAL EFFECT is essentially that warforged always has an operational version of this tool, but it's up to you to decide exactly how it looks.

The first question cited mentions that the tool is tuned by functionality and is part of his body; Keith Baker, creator of Eberron and author of the book Wayfinder Guide for Eberron, does not contradict this statement in his answer. The answer to the second question quoted explicitly states that integration confers the possibility of using a specific tool at will – whether it is the tool that is itself part of the war, or the ability to produce this specific tool. (for personal use) at will.

In short, yes, this gives a free tool to Warforged. If this was not the case, it would make no sense to simply ask for mastery of the tool as a precondition, rather than asking you to have the tool at hand. -even.