Trying to run Python tool on Windows by following Linux instructions

I have installed Python 3.9 as well as the StereoVision package. I don’t know how to run one of the included tools though.

I am trying to follow this tutorial:

Optimizing point cloud production from stereo photos by tuning the block matcher

Here is the example command line for Linux:

me@localhost:~> tune_blockmatcher --help

Trying to execute tune_blockmatcher at the Command Prompt in Windows results in a “not recognized as an internal or external command” error.

Not sure exactly how to proceed, and would appreciate some help. Thanks.


Package description is here:

uml – Which tool can be used for viewing/editing Visual Studio class diagrams?

I’m working with Visual Studio 2017 Enterprise, and I just installed the feature for viewing and editing Visual Studio class diagrams, as explained in this URL.

I would like to share class diagrams with other team members, who don’t need Visual Studio installed on their PC. Is there another tool which can be used for viewing and editing of Visual Studio class diagrams (*.cd files)?

Thanks in advance

P.s. I know that it’s forbidden to ask for external tools at StackOverflow, therefore I ask this question here. If this is forbidden here too, please inform me which StackExchange site I can use in order to get an answer on my question.

safe vs. unsafe languages: trends in tool support

I’d like to obtain diverse, recent, experience-based perspectives on
a thesis that I first encountered in the mid-1990s:

A book about “developing software for high-integrity and
safety-critical systems” (1) suggested that, according to the best
evidence then available, extensive “tool support” can compensate for
the deficiencies of an unsafe programming language and make it
suitable (indeed, positively preferable) in unforgiving contexts
that demand exceptionally high-quality software.

Since then there has been much improvement in analysis methods
underlying software tools for unsafe languages such as C and C++.
However there have also been countervailing trends, e.g.,
improvements in optimizing compilers that can expose latent defects
in software that previously “worked” (accidentally) but that runs
afoul of increasingly picky language standards. Recently I studied
one major variety of un-safety thoroughly enough to document traps
for the unwary:



Furthermore I have experience writing business-critical production
code in both Java and C/C++, but I’m seeking broader knowledge that
may include other safe languages.

My question is: To what extent have trends in software analysis
tools, for both safe and unsafe languages, undermined (or amplified)
the inherent attractions of safe languages, particularly for writing
“high-integrity” software? I’m interested in both static and dynamic

I ask because I’m planning projects with high-integrity requirements
and I want to choose languages based on current expert knowledge.

Many thanks in advance for your thoughts.

(1) Safer C, McGraw-Hill 1994. ISBN 0-07-707640-0.

kubeadm – kube-adm tool fail to initialize cluster when –advertise ip address is DNS Entry instead of actual IP address

kubeadm – kube-adm tool fail to initialize cluster when –advertise ip address is DNS Entry instead of actual IP address – Server Fault

Selling – A perfect tool by SpySERP to check your domain’s daily ranking [seo] | NewProxyLists

SpySERP allows you to simultaneously check domain ranking in multiple search engines of different regions and to accumulate both mobile and desktop search results.

SpySERP is more than just a keyword rank checker​

The core difference from other services of a kind is that we save all domains, URLs, and snippets that make top-100 by semantic core of the project. There’s no need to invest time and resources into competitors’ search and analysis. With this tool, you can track all your rivals for a chosen keyword as well as pull keyword ranks from all previously launched projects.

Start check the rank of 1,000 keywords for just $9!

All packages include:

  • keyword rank history
  • analytics of search results:
    • domain ranking
    • domain keywords visibility by the top-list visit depth
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    • number of keywords ranked at the top

  • Cumulative URL tracking
  • Semantic core clustering:
    • by SERP top visibility, by method (Soft/Moderate)
    • by links weight
    • by links amount

  • 1,000 competitor’s domains per project
  • SERP export, anchors and snippets incl.
  • export of analysis results
  • flexible report data filtering
  • Google Drive integration
  • email notifications
  • API

There is also an exclusive affiliate program with 50% on all first-time and 30% on recurring payments – during 1 year from the first billing.

Free trial

We’re open to collaborate with SEO agencies

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free magento 1 to magento 2 migration tool?

Does anyone know a free magento 1 to magento 2 migration tool? I found some but they are partially free, that is, after a certain amount you have to pay.

[] Blank XenForo (UI/UX Design Tool)

Admin submitted a new resource:

( Blank XenForo (UI/UX Design Tool) – A useful tool for experimenting with style properties

This unusual style is ready to be your friend if you give it a chance. 🤗


Read more

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do you guys have free tool like GA but i am able to obtain keyword vistors are using when they are hanging out on webiste?

do you guys have free tool like GA but i am able to obtain keyword vistors are using when they are hanging out on webiste?

theme – Please share ‘SharePoint Color Palette Tool’

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If you had a requirement for business intelligence tool, which option would you go with?

If you had a requirement for business intelligence tool, which option would you go for and why,
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