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sybase sql Anywhere – SqlAnywhere Migration Tool to MSSQL

Is there a migration tool that supports SAP SqlAnywhere 17 to MSSQL (any recent version)?

I already know about Sybase to SQL Server (SSMA) migration support, available for various platforms, including Sybase ASE, but do not compatible with the database previously called Sybase SqlAnywhere and now called SAP SqlAnywhere. I've already tried this, and the use of my SqlAnywhere ODBC drivers does not interest me.

Content Transfer Tool – cpanel + whmcs – need advice!

Hi guys, could really use some peace of mind! I just want to make sure I do everything right before I do it so I do not mess things up. In summary, we have a website hosted on with CENTOS 6.9 + WHM v78.0.17 and on which we operate WHMCS. We have been in business for over 5 years, so our WHMCS contains a lot of data. client. We want to update all systems without error or interruption of service for our customers. So we bought a new VPS (same host) that met the same specifications as the first VPS, but with CENTOS 7.6 + WHM v78.0.17. MYSQL on both is 5.6.43. The most important thing for us is to complete the transfer with everything intact, especially WHMCS and our mysql database is around 25 GB.

We therefore plan to use the WHM transfer tool to switch from an old vps to the cpanel account of this website.

My current plan, step by step, to use the transfer tool:

These are the steps we plan to take, please let me know if we forget something or if we should do something else

1. Put the WHMCS in maintenance mode and disable cloudflare
2. Launch the transfer tool on the new VPS
3. Edit name server information on WHM + Cloudflare
4. Access WHMCS and transfer the license.

Do I forget something? And does anyone have any idea of ​​the time required by the transfer tool if the size of the cPanel is 25-30 GB, as if we were talking less than an hour or so hours?

3 questions:

1. After adding the name server to the new VPS, what should I change on the old VPS, just as do I have to delete the name server information on the old VPS, etc.?

2. Oh, and should I use express mode for the transfer tool? I saw this warning and a little confused as to what exactly does this mean?

Use the express transfers feature only if the remote server controls the authoritative name servers for the domain. If the remote server does not control the authoritative name servers for the domain and you use this feature, DNS will not be resolved. This will cause downtime on your sites.…erTool-Abtxfer

3. I've also read that firewalls could interfere with the transfer tool. Should I disable CSF on both VPS? Anything else that I should turn off when doing the transfer?


Thanks in advance, you are awesome !!

Automatic Video Annotation Tool – Stack Exchange Software Engineering

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How to run the bitcoin bx tool in my terminal

I read the Mastering Bitcoin book. At one point, I came across the bx command and tried to run it in the same way that Bitcoin-Cli (I have a bitcoin base node running). But I just got the command not found message. How should I do it?

information architecture – What would be the best way to organize a form development tool with questions that could possibly be grouped into categories and sub-categories?

I'm building a form design tool that some clients can use to fill out certain questionnaires.

The form can be filled with questions that correspond to various form elements (text, selection, check boxes, etc.). These questions can optionally be grouped by categories and subcategories if necessary.

Consider this possibility:

| - Question 1 - Enter your name
| - Question 2 - Enter your identification number
| --- Category [Car]
| ---- Question 3 - In which year is your car?
| ----- Category [INTERIOR]
| ------- Question 4 - What color is inside?
| ------- Question 5 - Do you have any steering wheel orders?
| ----- Category [EXTERIOR]
| ------- Question 6 - What color is the exterior paint?
| ------- Question 7 - How big are the tires?

As you can see, questions 1 and 2 are not in any category. Question 3 is in Category CARand questions 4,5 and 6,7 are each in the subcategories INSIDE and OUTSIDE respectively.

I'm currently using the jQuery user interface with the draggable and sortable the interactions. Until now, it works pretty well, until I'm able to use categories for these things.

I have a gutter menu that contains the available form elements and the main panel has an empty area in which items can be dropped. Items removed from the gutter are cloned for reuse.

My problem is that I can not find a healthy way to organize these issues in a logical way that will not cause confusion among the administrators who will build these forms.

I took the initiative to create a movable room called Category which serves as a divisor in form, but it still lacks a bit in the entire user-centered design space. I must also determine the best way to add subcategories once a category has been added.

Any thoughts or comments are welcome! I am really puzzled over this one. I am usually a 70% developer and 30% UI / UX. But this one makes me feel that I should run and hide.

Octave Filter Design Tool

It's easy to start filtering the design tool of the radio companion gnu. If I use octave without radio gnu, how should I start the filter design tool from the GUI?

Can content really be a powerful tool to persuade consumers to buy the product?

Yes, you are right, because a long-term relationship with customers is necessary for marketing. Innovative content is necessary for marketing. When the content clearly answers all the questions that a customer can predict on a product, it increases its chances of buying the product through its quality description.

SEO tool for website auditing?

SEO tool for website auditing?

Mention what is the best tool for website auditing

I am new to the tool gsa

I need help to buy a GSA tool. I am totally confused as to how to buy a GSA tool because I've used the free version which is not good for easily creating links backwards, it's always showing captcha. so suggest me which version of the GSA tool I buy how to automatically fix the captcha problem because i do not have the time to always do it manually

Please suggest me how used GSA
Purpose of using the tool to categorize a third party website or parasite referencing