What is the useful tool for checking backlinks?

Hello friends,

What is the useful tool for checking backlinks?

android – Data visualization tool based on the games of the user

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visualization – is there no effective visualization tool for C language?

I am a second year student of physics at the university 🙂

And I'm particularly interested in numerical analysis and computer physics. I'm trying to find a good visualization tool that works well with the C language.

Recently, I spent a lot of time finding such a tool or header file to occupy me with many topics related to data processing and visualization. But I could not.

Is there any software or useful techniques related to the visualization of scientific data? I hope that I can get very good information.

Thank you 🙂

dice – What is the name of the tool that makes it less likely to launch the same number sequentially?

I am looking for an online tool used by a friend in a role play game once, which has adjusted the odds of a dice throw otherwise just to make it less likely to run the same number multiple times. So, if you get 1d6 and get a 4, your next 1d6 result will be less likely to be a 4 than if you get 1, 2, 3, 5 and 6.

This made the game quite interesting, as it required a wider distribution of dice values ​​than we would otherwise have seen. We always drove the same number on average, but the distribution was wider.

Does anyone know where I could find this tool?

Choosing the Ads Tracking Tool: RedTrack Solutions to Address Affiliate Marketing Sector Changes | NewProxyLists


Hi guys

New useful article is HERE !!

Affiliate marketing is a constantly evolving sphere. But there is a good algorithm that helps us overcome any unpleasant and abrupt turns.

1. We are watching the market
2. we listen to you
3. we are not afraid to implement new solutions

Using this algorithm allows us to stay abreast of the latest trends in user needs.

In the article – The five main changes in the market and our solutions:

▪️ Growing volume of affiliate frauds

▪️Market development and diversification

▪️Privacy issues of users

▪ Automation of processes

▪️ SaaS products go up

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How to Easily Repair a PST File – Inbox Repair Tool – Everything Else

MS Outlook is a very popular email client and stores all data from the user's mailbox in a PST file, but due to technical issues, this file is vulnerable to corruption. It often happens that minor errors in the PST file can be solved by the inbox repair tool, but due to poor knowledge, users have lost access to their file and have started to use the third party PST repair tool. So, to get the recovery from Inbox Repair Tool, here is a very informative guide on Microsoft Inbox Repair Tool.


What is the best tool to run the Landing Page Unbounce or Axure user test?

We plan to run various tests to validate the best solution for a landing page to increase lead generation. I am thinking of creating prototypes (some prototypes because we also want to run A / B tests), to publish this prototype and to promote campaigns to generate traffic in this prototype in order to collect user inputs. Thus, it will be very important that this prototype is high fidelity with refined interactions.

The problem is that I am in conflict with the owner of my product to find out what tool we should use to generate these prototypes.

I am very inclined to use Axure. In addition to being more familiar with the tool, it allows us to have great flexibility and create a high fidelity prototype that seems to be a final website. However, she insists that we use Unbounce.

I can not find an answer that can help me choose the best way to go ahead with regards to the tool to use.

does anyone have any comments on this that could help me clarify this issue?

Thank you

Tool to perform server migrations to Azure

I plan to migrate ~ 500-600 to Azure from ~ 30 data centers.
Data centers run VMWare, Hyper-V, and some bare servers.

Since most servers are production servers, we need to minimize downtime and deal with the other services as efficiently as possible.

Planning is about upward and out-of-the-box migration, and then focusing on consolidation, as we want to decommission multiple data centers as quickly as possible.

What do you think is the best migration tool to Azure?
Is RSv site recovery the tool to use or is it a double plug that gives additional benefits for migration?

Which tool or websites can help rank?


Which tool or website can help me rank my blog in Google from the 4th page to the 2nd page.

your suggestions needed ..

so please share names that are free and easy, i can understand and use them ..