macos – Developer of a tool says I need to run an exe file and chmod it on mac

I am trying to use a tool written to help convert output of one program to a file useable by another.

The tool when downloaded is a lot of files and a .exe file.

I assumed this is not the Mac version, but the developer says that it runs on Mac OS and I need to CHMOD +x it and it will run.

I can’t even get to the stage of trying that as my mac defaults to use the Unarchiver for .exe files. I have tried both SwiftDefaultApps and RCdefault apps to try and de-allocate the unarchiver to those files, but neither works.

I’ve changed the suffix manually to .app and tried to run that but am told “You can’t open the application because it is not supported on this type of Mac.”

I have dug into the terminal and think I have chmod -x the file.

Is there something I should be doing, or is it just that an exe just never going to work on a mac?

I’m a bit confused.

Thanks for any pointers.

Websites monitoring tool – need recommendation please

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Which is the best link building SEO tool?

Which is the best link building SEO tool?

Need tool to increase PBN DR, DA


Creating PBN, doing good content, design, creating backlinks by hands.

Want to increase DR, DA from 12 to 40-50 can I do this with GSA, or other tool?

Which GSA tool I have to buy, to create backlinks? 

Tool for VPS automation

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Designer-friendly Database Tool for Pokémon-like Game

I’m programming on a game that relies on a database for a lot of the creatures and items in the game (think Pokémon). Currently, we have a Google Sheet that the designers are making. They will be using it to populate all of the items necessary for the game, so it acts as a ‘source of truth’. However, to translate this into the database (SQLite) we’ll need to write some code to pull the data, format it and put it into the database. The maintenance of this will also be pretty annoying, as we already need to maintain the database schema and the code representation (Unity C#).

Before writing this code I’m exploring other options. I’ve looked into Microsoft Access (and similar programs) but they seem to be geared towards making applications now and don’t have much in the way of SQLite integration.
I’m leaning towards using a visualiser tool like DB Browser for SQLite or SQLiteStudio, but the lack of cloud syncing might mean a janky solution with Google Drive or AWS.

I’m looking for a solution/tool that:

  1. will be accessible for game designers (who have little to no SQL experience, but willing to learn)
  2. will keep changes between designers synced
  3. will be easy to manage and maintain for the codebase and SQLite database.

Is there anything out there that does this? I realise some compromises will have to be made for both areas but has anyone had experience with this?

Thank you!

bitcoincore development – How will the migration tool from a Bitcoin Core legacy wallet to a descriptor wallet work?

The migration tool will go through all the keys in the legacy wallet and create descriptors for them. This requires considering everything that IsMine matches on. From the Bitcoin Core release notes:

IsMine refers to the function used to determine whether a script belongs to the wallet. This is used to determine whether an output belongs to the wallet. IsMine in Legacy Wallets returns true if the wallet would be able to sign an input that spends an output with that script. Since keys can be involved in a variety of different scripts, this definition for IsMine can lead to many unexpected scripts being considered part of the wallet.

For HD wallets, it is pretty simple to compute the xpriv for the HD seed using a single descriptor. For non-HD wallets but still only key things, it’s a descriptor for each key. The set of scriptPubKeys is finite and O(n!) so it is doable.

For watch-only wallets and multisigs it gets more complicated. Also getting the Descriptor Wallet to treat as IsMine any future script that the Legacy Wallet would have treated as IsMine is probably impossible for all edge cases.

Thanks to Andrew Chow and Pieter Wuille for answering this question on IRC. Any errors are my own.

What is the Best Keyword Ranking Report Tool?

Hello everyone,
I’m looking for a free keyword checker tool that can compile a list of all the keyword phrases that a site ranks for along that keywords position in the SERPs.

bios – Blinking cursor/underscore on older computer when booting off Windows Installation USB Key prepared with the Windows Media Creation Tool

In attempting to install Windows 10 on a newly-installed SSD in an HP Pavilion DV9000 laptop, I created a Windows Installation USB Key using Ventoy and the Media Creation Tool. While I’m able to boot into Ventoy, and select the Windows.iso, I’m then faced with a blank screen with a blinking cursor.

What I’ve tried, without success:

  1. Waiting 20 minutes to see if something changes
  2. Using a different, similarly-prepared USB Key, in a different USB port
  3. Using Balena Etcher to prepare the USB Key
  4. Using a Windows ISO with both 32 and 64 bit versions of the OS
  5. Using Rufus to prep the USB Key with Partition Scheme: GPT and Target system: UEFI
  6. Look for options in the BIOS related to UEFI (there were none)
  7. Look for a BIOS upgrade (none officially available from HP since the machine is over 10 years old)
  8. Check to see if Q4OS loads (it does)

What is actually group buy seo tool and is it safe?

I hope you are doing great. I am curious to know about groupbuy system and how it works. Is it safe for seo purpose or not? I have seen Groupbuy agency provide many tools with cheap price and they manage website for this. As they operate everything through website so any tool authority like ahref can block my account? I am a web developer and currently engaged in seo. That’s why I want to know details about it.
Thanks a lot