Fix any Google Webmaster Tools or GSC errors for $ 105

Fix any Google Webmaster Tools or GSC errors

For a quick index of Google search results, you must manage your Google Webmaster without error. Google sends website owners various messages that you can find in your site's posts. These messages can alert you to problems with your website or simply give you tips on how to improve your website.


What are the web test tools?

Selenium. Selenium is a test framework for testing web applications on different browsers and platforms such as Windows, Mac, and Linux. Selenium helps testers write tests in various programming languages ​​such as Java, PHP, C #, Python, Groovy, Ruby and Perl.

database design – Web service specification – examples, methods, and tools

I hope my message will not be too irritating, but that it will be useful to someone in the future.

I've already made some progress myself (I'm talking about a raw and unfinished version of the technical paper) and I've done some research on the web – but any additional clue will be welcome.

Below I will give a sequential (but precise) abstract description.

What I have:

On my current job, I have a web service. He has:

  1. a user interface,
  2. some validations performed in filling forms within this interface (at the client level),
  3. list of variants of certain fields queried in an internal database using specific SQL conditions
  4. background logic for processing submitted forms
  5. basic logic / database to store information from the submitted information
  6. a frontal logic to recover information already submitted
  7. probably something else that I forgot to mention)))

What I need to do:

I have to compose a technical description (with text, tables and probably diagrams) of how the system works (both frontend and backend).

Why do I need it?

we (me, system analyst and my supervisor and developer team) are going to get this description. Then we will examine it and think about what we can and / or will change. Then I will make a technical drawing for the things we will change / add (if there will be any).

What problems did I encounter:

  1. I do not really find any example document of this type, which would be well designed and easy to understand.
  2. I was looking for online courses on this subject, but they all look very generic.
  3. The "1" and "2" points above refer to the technical description document that I have to create now and to the technical design document – in the future.

I hope for your help. And, as I say in the usual, the answer is appreciated, ignorance will be understood.

What are the web test tools?

Hello friends,

What are the web test tools?

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XSS operating tools written in PHP / python comparable to BeEF

I have already asked a similar question. But for the most part, what I was asking for was not clear. Now, I do my best and clarify as much as possible.

I have tested XSS operating tools: JSShell, BeEF, xssshell-xsstunnell and JShell. But was not satisfied (reasons below).

BeEF and co. are simply "command & control" (C & C) tools (with some extra exploits added as bonuses) that must obviously run on a public server to create a "communication channel" between an attacker and a victim. Now BeEF is written in ruby, but most websites use PHP (79.1% in 2019) and have often also natively python installed. Many web hosts do not give you root access. This makes it a little strange that someone comes to the idea of ​​writing C & C in ruby ​​or even ASP.NET since it is expected to be written in PHP or python.

I wanted to bypass such restrictions (if even possible?) And continue to use it (!) On my local machine, while allowing it to be accessible from the outside. Yes! Using VPN and reverse proxy:
But I'll have to test it and, as long as it's not, it's still a problem for me and I'm just going to try the existing tools.


Is there C & C tools of comparable quality to BeEF (because it offers many useful features that I miss in other tools I have tested so far) but written in PHP or python? Most of the tools I've seen so far are not comparable in quality to BeEF or written in other scripting languages ​​or for other platforms such as Windows Server. I've googled but maybe I'm neglecting something.

Because it currently appears to me that if you want to fully exploit XSS you need to rent a server that supports ruby or ASP.NET. This is absolutely valid, but not far from the ideal.

Asp.Net Zero Power Tools 2.0.2 Cheap Buy

You are the project Asp.Net Zero Core version 7.1.0
Using an Asp.Net Core 2.0.2 fermenter

Learn more about actions, não dá erro nenhum.
O power tool connection tool or seguinte:

DEBUG 2019-08-14 18: 01: 51,342 [1] lVisualStudioExtension.AspNetZeroRadTool – Menu item clicked with parameters> loadFromJson: False, loadFromDatabase: False, showAboutForm: False DEBUG 2019-08-14 18: 02: 24,736 [1 ] dioExtension .Dialogs.EntityGeneratorForm – Generate a started entity. DEBUG 2019-08-

"CompanyName": "SmartProtection",
"Project name": "AbpZero",
"ProjectType": "Angular",
"ProjectVersion": "8.2.1",
"ApplicationAreaName": "App",
"LicenseCode": "LicenseCodePlaceHolderToReplace",
"AngularSrcPath": " .. .. angular src ",
"AngularMergedSrcPath": " .. src AbpZero.Web.Host ",
"CoreSrcPath": " .. src ",
"FileLocations": {
"DbContext": "AbpZero.EntityFrameworkCore EntityFrameworkCore AbpZeroDbContext.cs",
"CustomDtoMapper": "AbpZero.Application CustomDtoMapper.cs",
"AppAuthorizationProvider": "AbpZero.Core Authorization AppAuthorizationProvider.cs",
"EntityHistoryHelper": "AbpZero.Core EntityHistory EntityHistoryHelper.cs",
"AppPermissions": "AbpZero.Core Authorization AppPermissions.cs",
"LocalizationFile": "AbpZero.Core Localization AbpZero AbpZero-pt-BR.xml",
"EntityFrameWorkProjectFolder": "AbpZero.EntityFrameworkCore",
"MVC": {
"AppNavigationProvider": "{{Namespace_Here}}. Web.Mvc Areas {{App_Area_Name_Here}} Startup {{App_Area_Name_Here}} NavigationProvider.cs",
"AppPageNames": "{{Namespace_Here}}. Web.Mvc Areas {{App_Area_Name_Here}} Startup {{App_Area_Name_Here}} PageNames.cs",
"BundleConfig": "{{Namespace_Here}}. Web.Mvc bundles.json"
"AppNavigationService": "app shared layout nav app-navigation.service.ts",
"ServiceProxies": "shared service-proxies service-proxy.module.ts",
"Module": "app main main.module.ts",
"RoutingModule": "app main main-routing.module.ts"

Click here to learn more about the configuration tools, as well as the following options:

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What are the best web design tools?

What is your favorite web design? I personally love Dreamweaver. I have created a particular CSS layout with the help of this program. It was easy to quickly see how nested div tags with runes of different styles could create a usable web interface. I can certainly improve, but I think it is the best tool available.

What do you use for web design?

dnd 5th – What is the capacity of the tools?

The DM is asking for capacity checks … but there are clues.

One of the things we've discovered is the same question you're raising: besides tools for thieves, what statistic do I use for a given capacity control when using a tool?

Mastering a tool allows you to add your mastery bonus to
any capacity checks you make using this tool. The use of the tools is not related to a
only one capacity, because the mastery of a tool represents a
knowledge of its use. (Basic rules, p.52)

If you dig into different capacity scores, there are some clues. For example, for games such as cards and dice, we found this:

Other information checks. DM may request information verification
when you try to perform tasks such as:
• estimate the value of a precious object
• Remember a craft or commercial tradition
Win an address game (Basic rules, page 64)

This last element convinced our DM to use intelligence score, not dexterity, when we used our skill to play a game of dice. (Yes, the magician won …). He also determined that my fighter's skills in land vehicles were based on wisdom and not on strength, as he believed that "to use judgment and experience" was the skill to use for use a vehicle. (Makes sense to me)

Wisdom shows how much you are listening to the world around you and
represents perception and intuition. A test of wisdom might reflect
an effort to read body language, understand the feelings of someone, notice
regards the environment or the care of an injured person. Basic rules p. 64)

The other indications come from this section of the rules in Chapter 7:

Variant: Skills with different abilities
Normally, your mastery of a skill only applies to a specific type of abilities check. In certain situations, however, your jurisdiction may reasonably apply to a
different type of check. In such cases, the deputy minister may request a check using an unusual combination of skills and competencies, or you can ask your deputy minister if you can apply a skill to another check. For example, if you have to swim from an island off to the mainland, your deputy minister could ask for a constitution check to see if you have the stamina to go that far. In this case, your DM may allow you to apply your track and field skills and request a constitution check (athletics). (Basic rules, page 62)

The same approach can be applied to tools.

Work with your DM to come up with a control base that "feels" just for both of you.

Penetration Testing Tools Free / Online – Information Security Stack Exchange

My employer has already used an outside consultant for intrusion testing, which has been very beneficial to the development team.

I am now working on some private development projects and I can not afford an external pentesting. I've started looking for tools online and trying them out. Has anyone ever used only free tools and what do you recommend? How does it compare to the use of a security consultant? I know it will not be as good, but is it really much poorer or are the consultants using very similar tools anyway ?!