virus covid 19 – TAP Airlines refuses to reimburse Top Executive tickets

Currently, many airlines refuse refunds and offer travel vouchers or a new reservation instead, even in cases where they are legally required to refund in cash.

It will be very difficult to assert your legal rights here, as some governments may in fact provide legal cover to airlines (France for example) and it is unlikely that they will apply existing laws. There has already been a class action in Canada against Air Canada.

Your best plan is probably to try chargebacks with your credit card company.

I'm working on compiling a list of the top 25 cybersecurity companies – have I missed them?

1. Cisco – $ 156.7 billion

2. McAfee – $ 4.2 billion

3. Forcepoint – $ 1.9 billion

4. Palo Alto Networks – $ 16.7 billion

5. Carbon black – … | Read the rest of

Google sheets – Adding data from top to bottom

I want to create a spreadsheet to capture all of my future credit card transactions. Obviously, this sheet can become long quickly.

I would like to know if it is possible to dedicate a line at the top of the sheet specifically for entering new data and to make it push this data to the line below. I don't want to have to scroll to the bottom of the sheet or manually insert a new line for each new transaction at the top of the sheet.

Basically, in visual form, here is what I am trying to do:

|       Date |      Payee |    Amount |
|            |            |           | <- This row is dedicated to inputting new data
| 01/01/2020 |  Company 1 |      $123 |
| 01/01/2020 |  Company 2 |       $96 |
| 01/01/2020 |  Company 3 |       $45 |

When I enter new data in the line, in this case, say I made a payment of $ 50 to company 2 on 02/01/2020, I would like it to push it to the line below, to delete this line for another entry:

|       Date |      Payee |    Amount |
|            |            |           | <- This clears up
| 02/01/2020 |  Company 2 |       $50 | <- And my data gets pushed here
| 01/01/2020 |  Company 1 |      $123 |
| 01/01/2020 |  Company 2 |       $96 |
| 01/01/2020 |  Company 3 |       $45 |

How can I do it?

How to make a curved angle between the left menu bar and the top menu bar?

I am trying to make the curve that you can see in this image between the left menu bar and the top bar. I want to do it in Adobe XD or Illustrator, but I don't know how.

2013 – SharePoint List StickyHeaders – How to change the relative position of the headers from the top of the page?

After spending a fair amount of time troubleshooting the StickyHeaders script (How to make a custom list with sticky / floating headers), I finally made it work (awesome!) … There was one important detail missing in & # 39; answer & # 39;: The Content Editor calling the jquery and StickyHeaders scripts should be placed AFTER the SharePoint List View Web Parts (2013) on my page.

Now to my question … I have custom HTML in another Web Part that places a link index at the top of the page in a fixed position using CSS (-95px high; in meetings, we develop the SharePoint page in full screen and the table nicely at the top). When I scroll down, the StickyHeaders appear above my link table. Does anyone know where / how in the StickyHeaders js file I can adjust the fixed position where the header appears so that it appears under my table?

Complete js for StickyHeaders available here:

I suspect the part of the code I need to modify is in the next section of the code, but I don't know what to change …

var style = ".stickyHeader {" +
                        "border: 1px solid grey;" +
                        "background-color: white;" +
                        "box-shadow: 0 0 6px -2px black;" +
                        "z-index: 1;" +
                    "}" +
                    ".stickyHeader > th {" +
                        "position: relative;" +
                    "}" +
                    ".ms-listviewtable th .ms-core-menu-box {" +
                        "top: auto !important;" +
                        "left: auto !important;" +
                    "}" +
                    ".stickyHeader th:not((id^=spgridcontainer)) {" +
                        "border-bottom: 0 !important;" +
                    "}" +
                    ".ms-listviewtable.addPadding {" +
                        "padding-right: 26px !important;" +
        var div = jQuery("
", { html: "­" }).appendTo("body");

Some screenshots:

1) Loading page …
When the page loads

2) Header sticking in normal view (the header is above the table, I want it below):
The header appears above the link table

3) In the expanded view (called "focus on content"), it looks great … I want it to appear that way in the normal view as well.
Extended view ("focus on content") looks good

Catalina Process Eliminated with CPU Consumption – Top of the List!

On my Catalina – 10.15.3 – Mac, I found high consumption with the process removed
Thank you for your answers

Analyze the following text:
517 sampling process for 3 seconds with 1 millisecond of execution time between samples
Sampling completed, symbol processing …
Sampling analysis suppressed (pid 517) every 1 milliseconds
Process: deleted (517)
Path: /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/CacheDelete.framework/deleted
Upload address: 0x10a948000
Username: deleted
Version: 383.60.1
Type of code: X86-64
Parent process: ??? (1)

Date / Time: 2020-03-22 11: 31: 43.895 +0100
Launch time: 2020-03-22 07:45: 47.869 +0100
Operating system version: Mac OS X 10.15.3 (19D76)
Report version: 7
Analysis tool: / usr / bin / sample

Physical footprint: 5588K
Physical footprint (peak): 5672K

camera controls – What is the use of the top LCD screen of a DSLR?

I find it repetitive and without any use in digital photography, at least some cameras have fairly dark rear lcd designs, causing no obstruction in night photography, have a lot more information, the menu doesn’t is really not a thing when you make the same settings on the rear lcd with the speed and ease of the top screen because you use the same buttons.

I have used Nikon and Canon in analog photography, nowadays I use a Sony DSLR and I lack for nothing. (yes, blaze me, I use Sony, I like their overall quality and entry-level pro price, in addition, I had a huge range of lenses minolta mount and at the time I also had a lot of bayonet adapters for other brands of lenses).

I think it's just an anchor of analog photography and it makes no sense to have it.

I even sometimes have night sessions, use a 7 & # 39; & # 39; screen attached to the hdmi for precise focusing. BTW, IMHO, in the night sessions, you don't really need the night vision of our eyes, but dealing with the sensitivity and behavior of the cameras makes a lot more sense.

How can I add a widget area at the top of the dashboard?

I am interested in adding a widget area at the top of the dashboard page to the site URL / wp-admin to display some important notes for site editors / developers.

How could I do it?

iphone – Top best sirens and horns – air horn sound – noisiest ios air horn apps

Air horns are pranks or fun apps that surprise your friends and family, there are a variety of sounds. You can choose according to your tastes, so let's discuss different ios apps that have different sounds and varieties. Basically there are many different types of sounds like music, folk horns, sirens and other different sounds

Mermaids and horns
There are many ios apps that we use, but the sirens and horns app is one of the best ios apps used by thousands and millions of people. In this sirens and horns application, various sirens and horns are available which you can easily use without any hesitation. The app is used for ringing, alarm ringing and for the fun and surprise of your friends and family, it is really easy to use.
Image result for photos of sirens and horns app

air horn – the loudest air horn
This horn and simulator app is the best app and it is louder than other sounds, you can easily wake up your friends by playing these sounds. You can even slide your finger from one horn to another or press 2 horns at the same time to make them play together in the air horn sound simulation app.
Image result for photos of sirens and horns app

loudest air horn
The loudest horn sound occurs suddenly and can easily shock your friends and family. It is a really amazing and real horn, you can use this horn in matches like cricket and football etc. and your loudest horn sound will definitely be louder than the stadium speaker
By using the loudest air horn, you can transform your smartphone or tablet into a horn, loudspeaker, siren (car or emergency), mountain horn, trumpet, horn, perforator, gong, bell or bell. school and a whistle. In addition, the program can reproduce the sounds of broken glass, the swaying of the putter, the breaking of the paper, pressing a toy on a creaker, shuffling the cards and opening a heavy door.
Image result for siren and horn applications
Air Horn is a truly amazing ios app, you will certainly surprise your friends with the horns. In fact, you can use this air horn app on different occasions like concert matches and other events, this air horn increases your happiness and makes your events memorable and incredible

Image result for siren and horn applications
Above all apps it is really easy to use, you just need to install from the store and open it, there will be different graphics of sirens and horns, you don & # 39; just press any favorite icon, then automatically your horn will create voice.

Google ad at the top …?

Hello friends,

Tell me, how can I place my Google ad at the top …?