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dnd 5th – Does Barovia's map extend beyond the top and bottom of the map?

I am currently running The curse of Strahd and plan to extend the adventure beyond the end of the published material. The party has not gone yet in a few places and I do not expect them to go there before the end of the adventure, but otherwise, I do not want us to pass again by the same places; I wanted to add new domains and additional content.

Looking at Barovie's map on p. 35, I can see that the left and right edges of the map are probably the edges of Barovia, since the right edge is marked A, which is the place where the party arrives for the first time after crossing the fog (which, in my opinion, means back in this direction simply leads them to get lost and spit back onto the map, as shown in "Mists of Ravenloft", pp. 23-24), and the left edge is probably more of that fog , given the description given in Chapter 14: Yester Hill (p.200):

Any creature that enters the deadly fog is subject to its effects (see "Ravenloft Mists" section in Chapter 2).

This is the reasoning I use to conclude that the left and right edges of the map are actually the edges of Barovie itself and that there is nothing left in either direction (though, if I wrong in this conclusion, I will be happy to answer this question in an answer).

My question is about the top and bottom edges of the map. At the top of the map are Mount Baratok and the various locations marked M. The bottom of the map is Mount Ghakis and a road that leads south to Amber Temple (though it may simply overflow from Barovia as A and the road to the west of Krezk, but there could to be a road to go elsewhere to Barovia). Nothing in this adventure implies that it is the edges of Barovia (yes, there is "fog effect" around the edges of the map, but I guess it's just for the style, otherwise Barovia is a clean rectangle – improbable).

Of course, as a deputy minister, I could simply decide that these are not Barovie's limits, because that suits my purpose, and if it turns out are what I will probably do, but I wanted to know if anything has been published on Barovia (probably from older editions of D & D, but there is something that I have missed in 5th, I would rather) who describe what could be beyond the edges of the map. Are there maps of previous editions that roughly correspond to the map I use, which shows everything north and south, or all that I missed in 5th The curse of Strahd?

Another way to ask: "Is Barovia the same size as the map, or is Barovia bigger than the map? "Also note that I'm interested in Barovia as a demiplan, the area of ​​dread, do not everything related to what was at the time was likely a place in the material plane before Strahd and the Dark Powers occurred.

In Lightning Engagement Transactions, what do the top 8 bits of sequence and locktime represent?

In the Bolt 3 specification of Lightning Network, for engagement transactions, it is stated:

locktime: the upper 8 bits are 0x20, the lower 24, the lower 24 of the hidden commitment number.

sequence: The upper 8 bits are 0x80, the lower 24 bits are the upper 24 bits of the hidden commitment number

What is the reason for these specific upper 8 bits? I understand that the lower 24 bits are actually arbitrary data used to store the masked commitment, but then why not use the 32 bits for both?

godot – An object with a rigid body appearing turns like a spinning top

Here is the code of the spawn object that is a rigidbody node:

func spawn_asteroid():
    var spawn_position: Vector3 = get_spawn_position()

    var asteroid_instance = asteroid_scene.instance()
    asteroid_instance.transform.origin = spawn_position

    # Push towards player
    var direction_to_player: Vector3 = player.transform.origin - spawn_position
    asteroid_instance.add_force(direction_to_player * asteroid_speed, spawn_position)


There is no add_torque nor any additional code to handle the rotation, however, when an object is created, it rotates like a spinning top.

I first thought that it caused the intersection of two rigid body objects that were pushing and causing rotation, but this was not the case.

I do not know why they turn. Is there anything that I missed? Unlike Unity, there is no way to stop their rotation. Use Godot 3.1.1.

bitcoincore development – what is the meaning (if any) of "ACK for top commit:" in git commit messages of bitcoin core?

There seems to be a reasonably standardized format for some, but not all, validation messages in the bitcoin git repository. For example, in addition to the usual expert validation message, this validation ( also includes:

ACKs for top commit:
    ACK 0e7c90e crocodile
    ACK 0e7c90e

Tree-SHA512: 6d954a0aaf402c9594201626b59d29263479059e68fa5155bb44ed973cd0c3347729dd78b78b4d5a2275e45da365dc1afb4cc7e3293dea33fcc2e3e83a39faf5

There are many validation messages with a similar structure. As these commits are buried under other commits, this is quite reminiscent of the aspects of the consensus mechanism used by the Bitcoin protocol itself.

In other words, if we look hard enough, it seems that the validation messages themselves partially encode a chain of blocks slow enough to be interpreted by humans.

For reference, here are some problems (
and where discussions are going on about the content of these messages, but unless you're already a main contributor, it's hard to understand what's going on . context here.

Is there documentation, informal or otherwise, indicating how / if these messages could encode aspects of consensus among contributors?

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How to remove the text "Web form content" located at the top of a block in Drupal 8?

Help me! I have several Drupal 8 web forms, some of which are integrated as blocks. At the top of each web form, I receive the text "web form content". How can I delete this text safely? See the attached image:

screen capture of text from web form content

edit: If I ask the wrong question, please let me know how to rephrase it – thanks!

SELECT TOP 1 in wp_query for each meta value group

Is there a way to use the wp_query class to execute the SELECT TOP 1 sql command by using groupby for each meta_value result. I need wp_query to select only the first of each group by meta_value results. Can not find on google an example with wp_query! I can only find SQL queries using the get_posts wordpress function but I do not want to use get_posts. Any help appreciated.

Thank you

Identify this – Yoshino, Japan – Where is the look on the cherry blossoms and the city at the top of a mound, surrounded by other hills?

I've already tried Google Reverse Image Search. I do not want to fish, but teach me how to fish! If you have never been here, please explain how you located.

Can I drive and get out of the car to watch? I do not want to hike! Or did the drone photograph that?

enter the description of the image here

Pic 2 on r / villageporn

enter the description of the image here