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I am thinking of entering scientific initiation. I graduated in CC, but I'm out of ideas. Any suggestion of problems requiring a solution or suggestion of subject to be developed.

Amazon Web Services – AWS Multiple SNS and Single Lambda Topic

I am creating several lambda messages on several SNS subjects and these messages will be received by another single lambda. Please clarify, is there a performance issue on this model.

The implementation can as below.

Lambda 1 -> SNS Subject 1

Lambda 2 -> SNS Subject 2


Lambda 3 -> SNS Subject N

SNS subject triggers (1 to N) -> Lambda DM

Lambda DM – separate messages according to subscription and send them to API Gateway.

Please give me advice, what are all the problems I might face.

Conditions inside objects | Easy topic |

   public class ContadorLimiteRegreso {
    private int valorActual;
    private int limite;
    private int incr;
    public ContadorLimiteRegreso(int lim) {
        valorActual = 0;
        limite = lim;
        incr = 1;
    public int obtActual() {
        if (valorActual == 0 && incr == -1) {
            incr = 1;
        if (valorActual == limite && incr == 1) {
            incr = -1;
    int ret = valorActual;
    valorActual += incr;
    return ret;

I was asked to create a class that creates an instance of the class (code attached at the top) with a limit of 2 and without using cycles. I must also invoke and print the result of this invocation 7 times so that the output is:


Thanks in advance.

user-centered design – is it possible to separate a topic from the context?

It is a bit theoretical, but I wonder if it is really possible to separate the context from the subject when studying the context of a particular subject.

For example, would there be a significant difference if I worked with UX and studied the background of a water purification plant worker without knowing anything about the chemistry or purification concepts of water beyond the basics? My position is that these "details" and the subject (chemistry) are necessary and are part of this context which is used to inform the user experience and create appropriate interactions and / or interfaces.

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amazon sqs – AWS JDK 2 create a queue and subscribe to a topic

I'm working on AWS with SNS / SQS and I'm trying to create an SNS subscription on a SQS topic. I'm using AWS Java SDK 2. I can create topics and queues correctly. The problem I am facing is receiving an error when creating the subscription between the subject and the queue. Below is the excerpt from my code:

public SubscribeResponse subscribeQueue(String topicArn, String queueUrl){
    SubscribeRequest subscribeRequest = SubscribeRequest.builder()
    return getAmazonSNSClient().subscribe(subscribeRequest);

Below is the error I receive:

{ "message": "Internal Server Error: Invalid parameter: SQS endpoint ARN (Service: Sns, Status Code: 400, Request ID: dabaeeb3-e77a-5873-861e-b8d0a7bf5c7f)" }

Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong?

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