bitcoin cli – How to get the total number of transactions on the network with RPC

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How to install McAfee Total Protection? – Discussions and help

1. Move your mouse over My account.

2 Click Subscriptions.

3 Click Add Device next to your McAfee subscription.

4 Select the type of device.

5 Click Download.

6 Select the McAfee product you want to install, and then click Download again. NOTE: If you want to reinstall on another computer: Click Send Link.

For more information: Mcustomer service number cafee | Phone number of Mcafee assistance

Windows App – OneSafe Total PC Care | NulledTeam UnderGround

OneSafe Total PC Care | 6.5 MB

Complete maintenance, security, and performance enhancements for your PC.

The Adaware antivirus provides seamless protection against the latest threats to online security. Its antivirus detection system automatically scans, blocks and eliminates the latest threats before they harm your computer.

Complete maintenance, security, and performance enhancements for your PC.
Protection against real-time threats
The Adaware antivirus provides seamless protection against the latest threats to online security. Its antivirus detection system automatically scans, blocks and eliminates the latest threats before they harm your computer. Antispyware protection protects your user names, passwords and personal information. Better still, the anti-virus adaware stays up to date and works in the background for a peaceful online experience.
Increase the performance and speed of your PC
Our PC cleaner will remove unnecessary files that accumulate in your computer, which can make it slow and no longer respond. It will also optimize the startup time and settings of your computer so that it runs as quickly and efficiently as possible.
Make your PC work properly with Driver Manager
Manufacturers are constantly updating their products to solve problems or improve their performance. With regular scans of your PC with OneSafe Driver Manager, you can rest assured that outdated or corrupt drivers will automatically be found and replaced.
Automatically create and store passwords
SafePasswords will automatically ask you if you want to register your login for the websites you visit. Just click "Yes" to save. The next time you visit a site, you will be automatically logged in. You can even launch sites directly from SafePasswords.
Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 / 8.1, 10


How many BTCs have been paid for in total?

Is there a graph or data points for the total fees paid by BTC?

I am interested in the total BTC in% of the BTC issued at various times.

3.5nd dnd – In a two-weapon battle, do you have the option to add your total attack bonus to both your main hand and your small arms when attacking?

OK, for starters, there are two different, related, but distinct things called "two-weapon combat". There are two-weapon fights, a combat option available to all, and the two-weapon combat feat, which enhances your use of the two-weapon combat option. No, this naming scheme has not been well thought out.

The two-armed combat-fight option is something you can choose to use when you perform a full attack, ie you pass a complete action to perform all your attacks. If you do not attack completely (for example, if you use the standard action attack), you can not choose to use a two-weapon fight and you only suffer as a result. 39, an attack.1 Comprehensive attacks in general are necessary for all kinds of multiple attack situations – if additional attacks come from high BAB, haste fate, fight with two weapons, it does not matter. Full attack is the way to get those extra attacks.

When you choose to use the two-armed combat-fight option, you inflict a penalty on all attacks during this full attack. You also define a hand as "main hand" and all other hands are "casual". If your secondary weapon (or your weapons, if you have three or more hands) are all light weapons, you take the lowest penalty; if some of them are not light, you take a heavier sentence.

The two-armed fighting feat simply reduces the penalties you take when you use the two-weapon combat-fighting option.

In the end, the option of two-armed fighting is worth it only if you have the gift of fighting two weapons and if you use a light weapon in your left hand. The penalties that you take otherwise are simply too heavy to be worth it, so I will only propose calculations for this situation. With all the small arms and the two-armed combat maneuver, the penalty you take for all attacks during a full attack is -2.

So, OK, an example then: 3rd level thief, so BAB +2, and Dexterity 16, for a bonus of +3. Suppose the feats are Combat Two Weapons, Finesse of Weapons and Concentration of Weapons (Short Sword) and you brandish a pair of short swords.

Your normal attacks are made to

$$ BAB + Dex + WF_ text {short sword} = +2 + 3 + 1 = +6. $$

When you choose to use the dual-combat combat option, it becomes

$$ BAB + Dex + WF_ text {short sword} + P_ text {two-armed fights}, $$

or $ P_ text {two-armed combat} $ is your penalty for using a two-weapon battle: -2 with a light weapon (short sword) and the feat of two weapons. So

$$ BAB + Dex + WF_ text {short sword} + P_ text {two-armed fights} = +2 + 3 + 1 – 2 = + 4 $$

Therefore, your options are to attack once, at +6, or (assuming a full attack) to attack twice, at +4 for both attacks. C & # 39; is, yes, all these bonuses apply to both attacks.

This is not necessarily always the case. Suppose instead that you use a spear and a short sword, instead of a pair of short swords. The weapon focus (short sword) would not apply to the rapier. So when you use a two-weapon fight, you attack +3 with the rapier, then at +4 with the short sword.

You did not ask, but note that the -2 penalty only applies during this full attack. As soon as it's over, the sentence disappears. For example, if you completely attack someone by attacking twice at +4, then in turn, they would move away from you and trigger an opportunity attack, this opportunity attack. would be +6 and not +4. because the punishment of -2 fights to two weapons has disappeared.

In addition, keep in mind that the use of two-armed fighting is always a choice – you can choose not to use it and not to have additional attack, so to avoid the penalty of -2. It's not usually worth it, but the option is there. The mere fact of carrying a second weapon does not make the use of two-weapon combat mandatory. In fact, you can even use both weapons in a full attack without two-weapon fights, if you have multiple attacks for other reasons. You only use two-weapon combat and take the penalty only when you get the extra attacks.

Finally, some important information to know:

  1. Except that sometimes you get more, for example with the Cleave exploit or the Snap Kick feat of Battle Tome. The fact is that relatively few options allow more than one attack as standard action – you usually need a full attack to get more than one attack.

views – Drupal 8 Add multiple line attributes as total

I have several attributes in the content as a number and I try to summarize these attributes consecutively.

When I use aggregation, the attribute is displayed as a string when I use it (REWRITE RESULTS
Replace the output of this field with a custom text)

{{field_attr1 | number_format}} + {{field_att2 | number_format}} + {{field_attr3 | number_format}}

Can any one help me how to sum up in total column

D20 – D20 system and total skill points

Suppose you have to study a level 9 character sheet created by another player. How do you determine if the correct number of skill points has been awarded to the character if he has been able to gain one or more points in INT at some point in the past? However, you can not know if the player has added extra points to INT or can not ask him. Thank you.

Can I get the total number of files, folders, and sizes for a sharepoint online document library

Inside the share point (on-site and online), we can get the total number of items in a document library (including files and folders) from the content page of the site.
but I have a library of documents with about 28,000 articles and I want to know the following information: –

  1. Total number of files.
  2. Total number of folders / subfolders
  3. total size.
  4. number of files for certain types (.docx, pdf, etc) ..

Now, I'm trying to run the "Generate a file plan report" for the document library, but I've had this error The attempted operation is prohibited because it exceeds the list view threshold enforced by the administrator.since my distribution list contains more than 5,000 items. So, can I get the information I need using PnP?
Thank you

pr.probability – Convergence of GC Developments for Random Variables in the Total Variation Distance

Suppose that a random variable $ Y $ can be written as $ Y = g (Z) $, or $ g $ is a function and $ Z $ is a random variable. When $ Z $ is a continuous random variable with finite absolute moments, we consider a sequence of orthogonal polynomials with respect to the density function $ f_Z $, $ { phi_m (Z) } _ {m = 0} ^ infty $which is called the base of generalized polynomial chaos (CPG). then $ Y $ to the following extension:
Y = sum_ {m = 0} ^ inftyle y_m phi_m (Z), quadri y_m = frac {E (f (Z) phi_m (Z))} {E ( phi_m (Z) ^ 2)}. $$
These extensions can be generalized to random vectors $ Z $ and have many applications for solving stochastic systems. An introduction is presented in the book Numerical methods for stochastic calculations, a spectral method approach, by Dongbin Xiu (2010).

As stated in the book, the convergence of CPG extensions applies in the square sense when the support of $ Z $ is delimited. Moreover, this convergence is spectral (the most smooth $ g $ that is, convergence is faster; if $ g $ is analytic, the exponential convergence is valid). In the newspaper On the convergence of developments of generalized polynomial chaos, ESAIM: M2AN 46 (2012) 317-339, it is proved that the mean quadratic convergence holds when the problem of the moment $ Z $ is only solvable.

My question is to know if there are theoretical results in the literature that guarantee the convergence of GC developments in the total variation distance.

recursion – Find the total number of emails in a folder (with all subfolders)

The definition of the folder structure below is given:

 type Folder struct { 
    ID int
    emailCount int
    childFolderIDs ()int

Description of the fields are:
Id: folder identifier
emailCount: number of emails in the folder
childFolderIDS: If the folder contains subfolders, this list contains the IDS folder of the subfolders.

I'm trying to write a function:
– The function takes two parameters:
The first parameter is a list of all the folders in the mail application.
The second parameter is the id of the folder of a folder.
– Function will return a total number of emails with ID = folder ID and all its children recursively.

For example:
The first parameter is:

 var folders = ()Folder{
      Folder{1, 30, ()int{2, 4}},
      Folder{2, 10, ()int{3}},
      Folder{4, 60, ()int{}},
      Folder{3, 20, ()int{}},

The second parameter is:
– 4 the function must return 60 (there is no subfolder)
– 2 the function should return 30)

I am a beginner to go.
My Go code is below:

  package main

  import "fmt"

  type Folder struct {
      ID int
      emailCount int
      childFolderIDs ()int

  func InsertIntoMap(data_arr ()Folder) map(int)Folder {
      var retval = make(map(int)Folder)
      var child_folders ()int
      for _, elem := range data_arr {
        child_folders = elem.childFolderIDs
        var folder Folder 
        folder.ID = elem.ID
        folder.emailCount = elem.emailCount
        folder.childFolderIDs = child_folders
        retval(elem.ID) = folder

      return retval

func GetTotalEmailCount(p_map map(int)Folder, folder_id int) int {
      total := 0
      var child_folders ()int
      child_folders = p_map(folder_id).childFolderIDs
      total = total + p_map(folder_id).emailCount

      if len(child_folders) == 0{
        return total
        for e := range child_folders {
          return total + GetTotalEmailCount(p_map, child_folders(e))

      return total

  func main() {

    var folders = ()Folder{
      Folder{1, 30, ()int{2, 4}},
      Folder{2, 10, ()int{3}},
      Folder{4, 60, ()int{}},
      Folder{3, 20, ()int{}},

  var m = InsertIntoMap(folders)

  fmt.Println(GetTotalEmailCount(m,1))  // result is 60
  fmt.Println(GetTotalEmailCount(m,2))  // result is 30
  fmt.Println(GetTotalEmailCount(m,3))  // result is 20
  fmt.Println(GetTotalEmailCount(m,4))  // result is 60