Touch Bar – Alternative Key Combination to Display Application Controls

I hope someone can help.

I have my key configured as follows. This is essentially the same setting as the default for Mac Book Pros 2012 – 2015.

enter the description of the image here

I am a developer and I use code editors; so it's very important to me that my function keys match the prominent citizens on my keyboard. I also want to access the control band for controlling the screen and volume with the help of the fn keys (Otherwise, how can I easily access these functions?).


So now, how can I access the "App Controls"? Should I be able to configure say fn + option to give them to me?

Finding this very frustrating makes the touchbar even more useless if I can only have the settings I'm used to with a "Real" keyboard. It seems to me that I have to give up something to use the specific controls at the touch bar application.

macos – Apple headphones are buzzing except when I touch the area around the touchpad (frame?)

I've been using Apple headphones on my MacBook Air for a while now, but until recently, they were producing a very low buzz in the left atrium when I do not touch the computer. However, when I touch the areas around the keyboard, the trackpad and the screen (I do not know what this area is called .The frame maybe?), The buzz stops, but as soon that I raise my hand from the frame (?) it begins to buzz again. Even if I touch the frame very lightly, such as the tip of my finger, it stops. That being said, what's going on and how can I stop the buzz in that ear?

dnd 5th – If you attack a Tarrasque by swallowing, which AC do you use to touch it?

If you are swallowed by a Tarrasque, your only way out is to inflict enough damage to force him to regurgitate (60 or more damage in one turn).

There is no mention of AC when you attack from inside the monster. I suppose this means that the CA is the same as the outside CA, that is, 25, which is called "Natural Armor". This does not seem correct, however, because there is no natural armor inside a creature, at least nothing as strong as the shell of the creature . The inside of the creatures tends to be limp and vulnerable.

I guess this is just a juxtaposition of game mechanics and game flavor, but I'm pretty sure that if my fighter swallowed a creature, he'd be sure that it would not use my 26's AC for throwing jets. # 39; attack!


If you attack a Tarrasque by swallowing, which AC do you use to touch it?

usability – What is the optimal size of buttons for touch screen applications?

There was a not very recent article on the ideal size of the touch screen control buttons (sorry, there is no link, the website is now a trap to spam) that was based on the MIT Touch Lab Study form which gives some measurements of finger size and sensitivity.

As the author of the blog pointed out, this ideal contact size is well above the suggested size for Windows and Apple devices found in their design guides. I wonder why there is such a difference and it makes more sense to increase the size of controls on touchscreen applications or it is not really a problem. 39, a problem of use.

In addition, it seems that many websites and mobile apps seem to completely ignore these principles. I'm sure the size of the screen limits the size of the interface controls. Is it a simple compromise between being able to integrate as much information as the ease of interaction with controls? It is felt that the stylus is not very useful.

A similar question was asked about the minimum / minimum size that you can get, but I would consider this question to be different from the optimal size because the smallest size fits the minimum, while the optimal size The size is suitable for the best requirement of user-friendliness.

Original blog link (now spam trapped)

And here is another reference to (just to show that this is not the problem of the link but of the website ( 238425414)

UPDATE # 1: another new reference that has a very precise figure of a minimum of 44 x 44 points, not sure how exactly but interesting it is derived ( Read section 2. Provide large clickable elements.

UPDATE # 2: another reference, this time from microsoft citing the size of the touch target to a square greater than or equal to 9 mm (48×48 pixels on a display at 135 pixels per square inch on a 1.0x scaling platform). They also suggest avoiding using touch targets of less than 7 mm2.

UPDATE # 3: something from the guidelines for Apple developers I recently referred to, citing 44 x 44 points.

UPDATE # 4: NN / g has published an article on tactile targets on touch screens and the information / conclusions remain unchanged.

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Power button and volume issues. (Dragon Touch)

I have a Dragon Touch table and, for some reason, the power and volume buttons do not work properly. When he is on the button is useless and does not work completely. when the button off sometimes works, especially when I hold all the buttons. (Volume and power buttons.) I know it's loaded, because when I plug it in, it says, for example, that it loads at 38%. then he turns off again.

When I visited other sites, they did not help much. They had other problems, but none are bold with my question.

So, if you know what's wrong and / or how to fix it, help us.
(The volume is correct but the buttons fail.)

(Also, in footnote, the few inches from the bottom of my screen do not work.I have an application that displays your contacts and contacts are saved at the end of the glitch area. closer to where I touched it.It is not part of the main question, but I would like to know if this can also be corrected.)

macbook – No sound back when I press the volume (increase / decrease volume) buttons on the touch bar, even if the box is checked in system preferences

Suddenly, I have no sound when I increase or decrease the volume of the touch bar.
I tried to reset the NVRAM, the SMC, the safe boot mode to see if the problem was happening here too (the volume buttons on the command bar are disabled when I enable the boot mode secure) and I have also tried using another user. account – the problem persists. I've also connected my MBP to my bluetooth speaker and here I do not hear the sounds back either.

As you can see on my screen capture, the Play Back check box when the volume is edited is checked, along with the playback interface sounds. The sounds of the users of the interface seem to work because I can hear sounds for e-mails or incoming messages, even calls ring on my phone.

I went into system preferences, keyboard and custom touch bar. I removed the volume control, restarted the computer, added it to the touchbar and returned the sound momentarily. But now it does not work anymore.

I've also noticed that when I press the shift key on my keyboard and I press the keys to increase or decrease the volume of the keybar, the sound of return is again present. Strangely, when I'm doing it on my MBP, the sound is pretty normal but when I connect the laptop to my bluetooth speaker, the sound rattles and does not return by pressing the key each time. ..

PLEASE HELP! It all started today when I wanted to watch a video on youtube and find that I had no sound – not on youtube, nor on netflix, nor on itunes. I've been able to solve this problem, although I'm not sure how to either reboot repeatedly or, most likely, reset the NVRAM. Now, all my sounds work – no problem to play music or videos.
But why does not the volume up / down return work? I've also noticed that the sound of comments when I press the Shift key and the touch bar button is different from the sound used before.
I use macOS 10.14.4
enter the description of the image here

files – Drupal 8.7.0 chmod () and touch () operations not allowed

After updating drupal8 for versions 8.7.0 then 8.7.1, I have the following errors:

Warning: chmod (): operation not allowed in Drupal Component PhpStorage MTimeProtectedFastFileForageStorage-> save () (line 76 of core / lib / Drupal / Component / PhpStorage / MTimeProtectedFastFileStorage.php).

Warning: touch (): Utime failed: operation not allowed in Drupal Component PhpStorage MTimeProtectedFastFileForageStorage-> save () (line 100 of core / lib / Drupal / Component / PhpStorage / MTimeProtectedFastFileStorage.php).

This error appears for all twig patterns and only the first time the page is loaded. For the second time and at other times, no errors or patterns are created in the cache folder.

I have set 777 permission for all files. Owner of verified files. Is reading many forums and nothing …

Will Bitcoin touch it 10k?

Bitcoin is very bullish. In recent months, people said that Bitcoin was dead, but it reached 6k a few weeks ago. Is it a good time to buy bitcoin?
Will Bitcoin crash or reach 10k?

design mistletoe – Allows the user to manipulate objects in 3D space with the help of a touch screen

Our application Iyan 3D, allows the user to create a 3D animation using their touch screen mobile devices. We are targeting the casual market, so we are trying to find the easiest way to allow users to manipulate something in 3D.

The biggest challenge is that each object has 6 degrees of freedom. So we have 2 control modes.


Iyan3d motion control


Iyan3d rotation control

When the user drags one of these control objects, the selected object moves in that axis. To switch controls, the user has a switch. So, our editor looks like this.
Iyan3d Editor

Is there a better way to proceed or minor enhancements that allow casual users to do this without confusion?

We have tried many user interfaces in previous versions, but without training.
Iyan3d old ui
The user must select the objects, select the axis and roll the node to rotate or move the pin in the left to move the object.