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woocommerce – How to track product price changes?

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gps – Is it possible to track the location only during a small predefined time window?

I am looking for a way for an Android phone to record (preferably locally on the device) its GPS position (accuracy of 10 to 20 m) with a fairly high frequency (eg every 30 minutes or every 30 minutes) seconds), but ONLY during predefined periods. , for example weekdays from 19:30 to 20:00 and from 13:15 to 13:45. The rest of the time, I want nothing done and I do not use any resources.

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Ben Cummings – Amazon Fast Track UPDATE March 20 19


"I just touched $ 114,000 a month in my Amazon business … I rank on the front page for every product I publish … and I did all this work" part time ".
Would you like to earn this type of money from your private label company?
I can tell you that it is entirely possible.

I know, because I am living proof.

I am on "amazon" for a relatively short time. I have already reached $ 114,000 a month, which allows me to keep a big profit.

But the reason for my success on Amazon, is because I do things much differently than what is taught in ASM, which is largely totally counterintuitive …

… and especially…

I've developed a series of unique "marketing and ranking" methods that nobody uses, that work exceptionally well and that I've proven to work within my own Amazonian businesses.

There are only 3 things I need to focus on in my Amazon business:
1) Rank my products on the first page as quickly as possible.

If you are on page 3, you might as well be on page 300! Just like ranking a website in Google, if you are not on the first page, you will have no relevance. Amazon works the same way.

2) Get so many five star reviews as soon as possible for my new product.

When people use Amazon and click on your list, if the title and images are attractive, what do they do?

They scroll down to read your comments!

If you only have a few critics, you will not win their impulsive purchase … and … you will not succeed in "sticking" to the standings either.

3) Find hot products for sale

I have a simple goal:

Make $ 10,000 / month per product.

It's a conservative goal, because I've learned that you can do more than that – but that's my initial goal.

To reach $ 100,000 / month of sales, I must launch 10 good products.

I like to keep things 'simple'. And earning $ 100,000 a month is as simple as that.

In fact, I've recently exceeded this goal, having reached $ 115,000 in sales with less than 10 products.

"I think I've cracked the code on how to rank a product on the first page on Amazon"
But there is something else that I have to show you …

Something that will really open your eyes.

For every product I've personally launched on, I've been able to proactively get its ranking on page 1 on amazon, usually in less than 12 days.

Yes, in any case.

Yes, even in two ultra-competitive niches

Yes – in several categories of products.

"What the hell is your secret?"
As you can see, my success on Amazon is not a coincidence.

I have provided you with many proof screeshots, income, and proof of grading, which are for my own and all recent products.

I hope you have already proved that I know my shit. As my amazon business grows to six digits per month, you'll see me leave the guru job to find my entrepreneurial roots, lead our phenomenal growth and phase out all private slave customers, no-effect projects. of leverage.

The reason I am raising this issue is that you will no longer have access to "Ben Cummings" as a coach in the future. Frankly, why bother to do some training and consultations while I can do a lot more (with less time and effort) in my Amazonian business?

My goal has always been to create a large company that could be sold for several million dollars and "retire" to the island of St. Barts. I focus on the laser on achieving this goal over the next 36 to 48 months.

So, if you want to "tap into Ben", this is probably the last chance to do it, to have access to my brain, and to learn from me how to crush on Amazon, to learn these marketing mastery, so that you too can reach your own version of "retreat to St. Bartholomew".

Which brings me to the purpose of this "last" sales letter that I write to you …

Amazon Fast-Track Monthly Coaching Club – A very limited opportunity.
I recently hired 10 private students for an individual coaching, but I closed the door on this because I just do not have the time to do "private consultations" …

And unfortunately, I plan to never engage private clients in the field of individual coaching.

But as soon as I stopped recruiting new clients, we continued to receive daily emails from people wanting to learn from me.

What to do???
I decided that instead of doing individual coaching, I would be willing to coach a small elite "brain group" of serious performers and meet "virtually" through intensive training webinars.

Not only would it be fun.

It would not only be a great network for both of us.

It would also allow me to take many of you "driving" to the top of the Amazon as we prosper and grow together.

This was for me an exciting prospect and the reason why I decided to launch this very limited Amazon Monthly Coaching Club.

With that, let me tell you the details of what you are going to get …
First, to qualify for a place, you MUST have purchased the ASM course and not have it refunded, as I do not teach ASM anything in this program! This coaching program is not meant to replace the great content you learned from the ASM course. This coaching "goes to the next level"!

Secondly, Jason Fladlien and Wilson Mattos recommend and endorse this coaching club at their ASM Masters … which is great! If you know anything about these two, they almost never lend their name behind projects, unless you believe it wholeheartedly! I was therefore very flattered that they have joined this project and support it. (Thanks guys!) This monthly coaching club is only offered to ASM masters, so you must be an ASM master client to be eligible.

I keep the format of this simple and powerful. It will train you, teach you my many methods of launching marketing and promotional, and then take action. It will also involve collecting five stars and locking your rankings once you get them. And finally, there will be a rapid expansion of your business on Amazon so that you can achieve the biggest numbers that lead to financial freedom and a big business. It's a "this is what Ben is doing this month to crush him on amazon and you have to look over his shoulder every month thinking you're duplicating his successes in your own coaching club.

Summary – This will be an intimate monthly "Amazonian Coaching Course", which will meet twice a month on the webinar, during which I will continuously teach my tactics and methods to help you grow your Amazon business. quick success.

Amazon Fast-Track Monthly Coaching Club – Details:

1) You will participate in two live webinars per month. The first webinar is dedicated to the "Amazon Growth & Marketing Training Webinar", which will last from 60 to 90 minutes.

This is where I will teach you (on a permanent monthly basis) EXACTLY what I do on amazon to grow, market and evolve. You have a glimpse of my activity and my Amazonian methods, with the idea that you take what you have learned to duplicate my results!

2) Then, each month, we will organize a second webinar, which will be a monthly "QUESTION & RESPONSE Webinar" monthly

On this amazon Q & A webinar, you will have the chance to ask me ALL the questions you want, get valuable help on the issues that arise … help with marketing issues … and everything you want or need.

In summary:
You will be part of two live webinars per month
Webinar, teach Amazonian tactics and tips, which I will NEVER reveal outside this coaching club.
The second webinar is an intensive monthly webinar of questions and answers with members of our coaching club.
If necessary, I will share documents, emails, announcements, tips, documents, contracts, etc.
You will get reruns so you can watch future and past reruns whenever you want.


advertising – How to label and track 2 different types of pages (with or without advertising) in the analytics?

Using Google Analytics, how can I tag pages on my site so I can view individual stats in Google Analytics?

For example, I have over 500,000 pages on the site and I want to compare site speed for pages containing ads versus pages not containing ads.

At the application level, I control where I show or do not show ads, but I do not know how to pass it to Analytics, I guess I need to add a html code such as: add_page_label('page with ads').

It is not necessary that it be ads, for example, I would like to label the pages as follows: guest visitor against logged user and compare things like the speed of the page for both.

I remember seeing that Analytics had this exact function, but the way to implement it merged at that time.

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Track son

My son thinks he is old enough to do what he wants and that he himself makes the decisions, but that is not the case! Whenever he goes out in the night, I want to know his location, but he does not tell me!

google analytics – Is it possible to track conversions if the user converts on a different page than the one in the ad?

In Google Adwords, the goal of my client's conversion is the submission of the contact form.

They show ads on different pages of the site.

Is it possible to track the conversion if the site user uses a path such as:

click on the ad -> go to "about the page" -> click on the "contact" -> submit the form

Does Adwords store data from the entire session for this to be considered a conversion? Or should the conversion take place on the same page, that is, the user must receive the advertisement from the contact page, go directly to it and submit the form?

bitcoin cli – how to track sendtoaddress / sendmany in case of network failure

Suppose you call sendmany or sendtoaddress on bitcoind RPC.

Suppose the transaction is created and sent to the network, but the RPC timeout and the sending process are impossible to read on the txid.

Suppose that there are several shipments to the same address with the same amount btc.

How can this be monitored by program?

I know you can send comments to each mailing, but I do not know how I can collect them on a scheduled basis.

reference request – Keeping track of the best algorithms

Is there a site that keeps track of the "best current algorithms", for example for some combinatorial optimization problems?

In the latter case, there is a whole range of classic problems such as MIN st-CUT or MAX FLOW, for which the best algorithms seem somewhat hidden in the literature.