GOOGLEFINANCE in Google Sheets to track my portfolio

I wanted to keep a track of my portfolio using google sheet.

e.g: if i buy a share let’s say on 07th April 2021 and i know my trigger price, Target 1 , target 2 & SL. i want google sheet to mark each of them with specific color as soon as CMP matches one and another of trigger price, T1, T2 & SL until i sell them.

Share CMP BUY T1 T2 SL Buy Date Sell Date
HDFC 2450 2400 2550 2600 2390 07/04/2021

How to acheive it, i tried comparing CMP columns with other columns but as the prices keeps changing i am unable to track it.

tracking – Can you track an event in Google Analytics when the phone call is made, as opposed to just when the user clicks on the number?

If I understood correctly, and “flow 3” is still on the site, you can track it by throwing a gtag event when a user presses yes to the “do you want to call 0850 XXX XXX” prompt, and then, set the goal on google analytics to record a conversion once the event is sent. If there are problems with throwing ga events, I highly recommend using GTM (Google Tag Manager), which should make implementing this behavior pretty straight forward. Again, all of this is assuming that “flow 3” is still on site.

Good luck!

Use Analytics + Tag Manager to track link clicks of specific URLs

For a PDF brochure that is accessed through a banner link, how would one track the clicks on that banner using Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager?

I’ve been following this tutorial, and this one.

Because a PDF isn’t a page that people land on, nor is it outbound, I need to do this a little differently than in the tutorials (which focus on tracking outbound link clicks).

I’m a noob with Tag Manager, so please include details, and don’t hesitate to explain the obvious. Thanks.

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ffmpeg – Strip specific audio track from multiple files with batch script

I am trying to create a batch script that will strip a specific audio track from multiple video files using “ffmpeg”.

The audio track has the same ID on all files.
after performing “ffmpeg -i file.mkv I get:
enter image description here

What I want to do is strip the DTS-HD MA audio track. So I created a batch script:

if not exist muxed md muxed
for %%g in (*.mkv) do (
    ffmpeg -i %%g -map 0:1 -c copy muxed%%g

But unfortunately what it does is it strips video track and second audio track (DDP 5.1)

I have tried other ID combos also:

  • 0:0 – Strips both audio tracks
  • 0:1 – Strips video track and second audio track (DDP 5.1)
  • 0:2 – Strips video track and first audio track (DTS-HD MA)

I simply want it to strip the DTS-HD MA track. the closest I came was with 0:2 but that also removed the video track.

What am I doing wrong?

mathematics – track 2D offset after rotation

red is my origin point, blue is my offset, both are 2D vectors, how can calculate blue after rotation?

this is the code I’ve been trying(just throwing things against a wall to see what sticks)

public static Vector2F CalcPointWithRotation(Vector2F origin, Vector2F point, float rotation)
    return new Vector2F((float)Math.Cos(rotation) * origin.x, (float)Math.Sin(rotation) * origin.y);

enter image description here

logging – Do external harddrives keep track of the computers they’re plugged in to?

I know that it’s possible for a computer to set up logging or auditing, and keep track of what devices are plugged into IT. But do external harddrives keep track of what computers THEY are ever plugged in to? Intentionally, or unintentionally? (Assume they have just been taken out of the box from Best Buy — specops IT hasn’t loaded anything on.)

I’m trying to analyze a Samsung T5 right now but I want to know in general.

If the answer is Yes, or Maybe, should wiping the hard drive get rid of this information, or is it stored DEEP in the drive, somehow? I’m always suspicious of how much “wiping” does, even with a multi-pass algorithm.

How to see Word Track Changes in Google Docs/without Microsoft Word?

I don’t have a local install of Microsoft Word, but I’m getting writing feedback in the form of .docx files with track changes on. Ideally, I would like to see the tracked changes in Google Docs, but I haven’t been able to find a way to do that. I would prefer not to have to dive into the XML, but I’ll do it if necessary.

Using Google Analytics to track popularity a series of checkboxes on a webpage

I have a WebPage page that has lots of checkboxes on. Each one does something different. I would like to know which of these checkboxes is most popular with users.

I am aware that I can assign Analytics Events by class to these checkboxes but that would either require me to:

  • Give every checkbox the same class and assign a blanket event
  • Create a new event for every checkbox, using a different class each time

If i were to go with the former and give every checkbox the same class, is there a way in the Analytics dashboard to disaggregate those events by the checkbox ID, or some other variable that differentiates them from each-other?

Equally, is there a better, alternative, way of approaching this?

unity – Why can’t I play 2 animation track at the same time in Timeline for additional Camera?

I try to move and rotate camera at the same time in timeline. To do this, I added two animation track to camera. One animation track changes position of the camera. And the other one changes rotation of camera. But they are not working at the same time. When I press “preview” button, only rotation of camera changes

enter image description here

This video may help understanding if question is not clear