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Changpeng Zhao, CEO of Binance, a major cryptocurrency trading center, predicted that Binance will resume crypto-fiat operations in the United States over the next two months.

The new platform will be operated by BAM, but will use Binance's portfolio and related engine technologies.

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Extreme Trade Zone Ltd –

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Date of online publication: 2019-8-18

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eraINNO is an investment company managed by cryptographic currency trading professionals. Successful achievements in the core business have enabled the company to develop partnership assets to gain access to new markets. Our program is for people who want to achieve their financial freedom but can not do so because they are not financial experts or lack time, or both.
eraINNO is an investment program supported by the cryptographic currency markets. The benefits of these investments are used to improve our program and increase its long-term stability.
eraINNO is a privately held operating and investment company incorporated in the United Kingdom. All of our miners are located in Europe's largest data centers, where we have direct access to high quality equipment and 24/7 support. Over the last two years, our The company experienced significant growth and we realized that the time had come to plunge into the market for cryptocurrency transactions. With our carefully selected methods of fund management and trading strategies, all investments are absolutely risk free, despite the volatility of the cryptocurrency market. We also allocate 10% of the company's revenues to our reserve fund to ensure that external investors do not have to take the risks.
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Last month, Bitcoin drew a diagram of "inner bars", making $ 13,200 the level to beat for bulls. Bitcoin continues to sell at a higher price in Argentina after a sharp currency devaluation.

Poloniex announced a new system for refunding users hit by an unexpected "flash crash", in which 1,800 BTC ($ 20 million) were written off from its margin trading loan portfolio in May.

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The advent of international trade has had many benefits, one of which is to consolidate the foundations of globalization.

While other factors, such as global peace and stability, played a crucial role in shaping globalization and the laws that governed it, international trade was needed to accelerate the process.

In doing so, the countries have been able to export crucial resources to other countries of the world and to import vital resources.

In addition, changes during the period have also led these countries to put in place a monetary system. Initially, these currencies were attached to a specific commodity – gold at the time – and then to the US dollar.

However, as history will have it, most countries eventually chose not to adhere to it and eventually adopted a floating monetary regime, in which a country's currency may fluctuate according to the forces of demand and the country's bid on the market and not controlled by a government or indexed to a specific dominant currency (as was the case under the above-mentioned regime).

As more and more countries have started to participate in international trade, the above-mentioned monetary regime has been widely adopted by these countries.

All of this progress was made at a time when the economy and finance were on a growth trajectory as more and more research was conducted on the pricing and hedging mechanisms for different financial products.

Research on stochastic methods, bivariate analysis and other complex financial models dominated this space, leading to new methods of forecasting the movements and future prices of currencies and other financial products. such as currency derivatives.

The result of the currency trading instruction was that currencies were at the top of this new paradigm of finance and that currency trading was resulting.

As with any new financial product, the evolution of financial markets has led to the rapid adoption of different currency pricing mechanisms. This led to a change in the hedging structures of these financial products, which led to the start of foreign currency transactions.

These exchanges were based on movements in the financial markets, in particular foreign exchange markets, which are themselves drawn both by foreign exchange – the import and export of a country's products – as well as by foreign investment.

in a country. with firmer policies encouraging investments as well as those with higher mechanization – used to ensure greater value added to their natural resources – had much stronger currencies than their counterparts).

Over time, new research has been undertaken in this area, which has resulted in a technical and fundamental analysis of current events. These methods have revolutionized the way different currency traders perceive trading, as well as the strategies and analyzes associated with them. In this article, we examine some of the currency trading strategies and briefly evaluate some of the tools needed to trade hard currency.

Forex trading strategies: an introduction

The means to understand the evolution of monetary transactions on the money markets, to accurately anticipate the anticipated changes and to exploit his understanding of future developments, while achieving an arrival / cash.

When negotiating monetary standards (otherwise known as Forex trading), various elements determine the strategy to follow. The key is to understand the term of your speculation: short, medium or long.

While some financial specialists hope for transient exchanges, for example minutes or even hours, some techniques work better with medium or long-term speculators who hold positions long enough, weeks or now and again months.

A review of economic situations also assumes an urgent job in forex trading. In addition, while it is seemingly rewarding to use more capital or to incorporate higher capital into its exchange to help profit, given the unstable idea of ​​Forex advertising, unexpected fluctuations can have critical results on his portfolio and wipe out his speculations.

As such, an understanding of the risk that executives are exhorted to financial specialists in this market.

In addition, it is imperative to point out that there are various variables that determine the quality of your Forex trading, some of which are explicit for different people. Although various techniques have been tried and explored by particular traders, inclinations and individual dispositions also influence the negotiation process.

As a result, although the strategies checked in this article have worked for previous traders, it should be tested for their particular exchanges to ensure that they work for them.

Types of trading strategies

There are various Forex trading techniques that have been adopted by the money markets, some of which are explicit to specific exchanges previously made. In any case, in this segment, we mainly audit systems that have been adopted, reviewed and tested by forex traders.

Transactions of the day

Daily trading includes those who hold their wallet for more than one day. These exchanges exploit intraday intraday, speculators thus study the transitional exchanges as a method to strengthen the development of their portfolio.

Similarly, as for the name, these exchanges should not last more than one day, which allows the speculator to maintain a strategic distance with the danger associated with the enormous developments of the Forex that can occur in the medium term.

In this way, these finance specialists will almost certainly participate in five to five hour exchanges, based on their research on specialized devices rather than on macroeconomic and key reviews.

The result, however, is that these exchanges are prone to significant changes, some of which can upset a whole position. They expect in this way to have a reasonable understanding of the specialized investigation, especially with regard to the planning of the passage and the exit of an exchange.


Likewise, with any cash, there are both costs offered and supply costs. The distinction between these two costs is called supply / supply. Scalping is a transient trading strategy that includes a trader trying to outperform the offer / bid spread and take advantage of hovering over a few targets before closing the stock exchanges.

In general, hawkers are enthusiastic about market downturns and how they can exploit them, which is largely analyzed using the request flow feature.

Although this is the case, the combination of automation and cash trading has made it possible to reform this fragment because of the much faster adjustment to changes such as (FIX API). When calculations verify this spread and allow for rapid exchanges, they prevent people from making "exchange openings" or evacuating their homes as in the case of scalping.

Scalping, in this way, expects everyone to reliably evaluate their exchanges (for a considerable time here and there) and make quick exchanges the procedure.

Finally, it is also necessary for citizens to provide high capital measures, because the exchange costs associated with these exchanges may compromise any advantage that can be generated by small exchanges.

Trading position

Unlike the last two, it is a strategy of bargaining for so much longer (maintain its situation for a considerable period, or even several months), which implies that a trader tries to take advantage of the enormous changes in the market. Given the enormous evolution of liquidity, most of these developments are motivated by fundamentals and changing macroeconomic factors.

For such exchanges, we first have a perspective of the macroeconomic conditions that influence a given exchange, for example, to understand the explanations that pushed the GBP to rely on the US dollar over a given period, the cost of state funding increasing in Britain.

Clearly, the merchant will examine at this stage specialized devices to determine the best time to enter an exchange when leaving the exchange. This procedure is known as formatting, and then its name.

This type of transaction presents a much lower risk compared to different types of trading, since the trader is not influenced by intra-day volatility.

Be that as it may, while it is generally more beneficial than other trading techniques, this strategy also involves injecting a lot of capital and having a reasonable understanding of the central survey.

Swing Trading
From time to time, the Forex market encounters remarkable unique developments. In fact, some of them are known as normal moving ricochets or withdrawals and disruptions, all of which see the market moving in one direction or radically influencing, going from bad to bad. A position leaning back to an advantage position. Each of these elements is integrated into a class called swing.

Swing trading allows a trader to trade on such huge and unique developments. This strategy is a short-term strategy that involves hiring the financial market specialist for a significant period (s) of time and having them evaluate value examples and try to take advantage of them.

Different positions for exchanges, there are more and more open houses to take advantage of alternative exchanges, so that financial specialists with a reasonable understanding of specialized investigative instruments can benefit considerably.

Moving average

Moving intermediate points structure a large part of specialized examination instruments. Moving Normal is a measurable survey toolbox that examines the normal incentive on one information progress: for a pool of information from one week to another, it will be used to break down the normal course incentive . last say a month.

At this point, this technique continues to return to normal over a period of four weeks recursively throughout the year. Moving normal is a relaxed normal and is useful for clarifying the distinction between short run and long run run.

Due to a normal upward movement, the present moment usually beats the long run and the reverse remains constant for the normal downward movement.

Associated with candlesticks, the above is an important bargaining toolbox. In this case, one can configure their technical tool to buy when the candlestick is above the moving average and sell when the candlestick is below the moving average.

The rationale is supported by the fact that, for the average of the former, there is an upward momentum that should push the currency higher than its average value in the short term and therefore a buy recommendation is given.

On the contrary, for the latter, there is a downward pressure that should lead to an underperformance of the security relative to the moving average in the short term, thus requiring a sale of securities.

50 pips Trading Pullback

The above is a bargaining option for scalpers that take advantage of morning movements. It works best with the most liquid currency pairs such as EUR / USD or GBP / USD. The trader sets a 50 pips perspective on the currency's position, both in recovery and in decline.

The trader opens two opposing positions, which means he's looking to take advantage of a reversal of the aforementioned positions. At the opening of any of the above positions, the other transaction is immediately closed.

As with other short-term strategies, the above is a risky strategy and requires the inclusion of a stop loss so that the trader does not incur significant losses. However, these movements tend to make traders make small profits early in the morning before other moves during the day.


Although there are many methods of trading; However, the six strategies above have been tested in the past and have proven to be effective for traders. These, however, do not include all strategies as more and more investors are developing their own strategies that have worked for them.

In addition, technical analysis tools such as Bollinger Bands, Candlesticks, Mobile Average Convergence Divergence (MACD), Alligator and Fibonacci tools also play a vital role in ensuring that investors actually analyze their transactions. .

In conclusion, even if there are different strategies, these must be evaluated and the most appropriate for each individual. Each of the above strategies is categorized based on the capital investment required to complete a transaction, in the short or long term, and thereafter.

While some investors prefer risky investments, others will need certainty to invest, which makes them less likely to take risks. Thus, different options will work better for different people depending on these different factors.

Overall, Forex trading is an important financial product that offers investors a great way to create wealth in short- and long-term trading options. Investors will benefit greatly from considering this wealth creation option.

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Lions Trade –

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LionsTrade is a hedge fund, private investment partnership. We attract investors to obtain a stable income. The core of our business is conducting financial transactions in international markets, while managing risk and securing profits.



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Lions Trade –

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Date of online publication: 2019-7-31

Investment plans: 140% AFTER 1 DAY 195% AFTER 2 DAYS 350% AFTER 5 DAYS 600% AFTER 10 DAYS 1200% AFTER 20 DAYS VIP 900% after 12 days VIP 2300% after 30 days VIP 4650% after 50 days

Min expenses: $ 20

Commission of Reference: 5%

Type of withdrawal Manual

Licensed script

DDoS protection by DDOS-Guard

Accpet payment: Payer Prefectmoney Bitcoin Dogecoin ETH Litecoin BCH Dashcoin

About the project:

LionsTrade is a hedge fund, private investment partnership. We attract investors to obtain a stable income. The core of our business is conducting financial transactions in international markets, while managing risk and securing profits.



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