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8 – Trade 2: personalization of the payment form

I have to fill in the billing information form with the data that the user has filled in on another page of my trade site.

I did a hook_form_alter with the following weird code (with the help of kint):

function HOOK_form_alter(&$form, $form_state, $form_id) {
   switch ($form_id) {
    case 'commerce_checkout_flow_multistep_default':

It works with the name but does not select the country code; I would also like to hide certain fields (like address2) … is there a way to deactivate () or hide () a field? If I try to hide ($ form (….)) it does not hide it because it only contains the value of the element. I have not found a way, indeed, to modify / insert fields for this form.

I know I can do it via CSS, but I would prefer to do it in form_alter.

The best pair to trade – discussions and help

Personally, I like both EURUSD and GBPUSD. In fact, I only trade these two pairs. I don't like to swap lots of pairs. But between EURUSD and GBPUSD I like GBPUSD more. It is a good idea to select one or two pairs to trade. It gives you the space to learn all the trading patterns of this unique pair. I trade with the broker XeroMarkets which has more than 77 trading instruments. You can choose your best from here.

Trade 2 Twig and Retail Price

I have a use case that I need to add the retail price to a receiving twig next to the reduced unit price. I tried every possible field syntax that I could think of trying, I looked everywhere and puzzled …

{{order_items.i_need_the_retail_price …}}

Is it possible to get this field associated with a twig syntax? It does not seem to be transported in the order articles.

How To Make Money Online Earn $ 15 A Day Through Olymp Trade (For Beginners) – Discussions & Help

Want to make money online through Olymp Trade transactions? Make Olymp Trade your passive income channel? But are you new and you don't know where to start? In this article, I will show evidence every day that I have managed to make money with Olymp Trade. Then I will show you how to trade, win and successfully withdraw from Olymp Trade.

Proof of earning money with Olymp Trade

This is the total amount that I have withdrawn from the Olymp Trade platform. Although it is not a large number, it is regular. I usually withdraw $ 15 from Olymp Trade each day from my Visa / Mastercard account. Every weekend, I will withdraw both the interest and the principal, then deposit again at the start of next week.


And that’s when Olymp Trade goes to my Visa / Mastercard account.


How to make money with Olymp Trade

Step 1: Register an Olymp Trade account herehttps: //

If you haven't registered an account on the Olymp Trade platform, create one here to get a free $ 10,000 DEMO account to redeem. At the same time, I will give you 1 promotional code to earn 30% of the total value you deposit.


Step 2: Deposit to your Olymp Trade account

To trade and earn real money at Olymp Trade, simply deposit $ 15 into your Olymp Trade account. Click on Deposit on the Olymp Trade interface


After that, choose the appropriate deposit method. I often use Visa and Mastercard to deposit and withdraw money at Olymp Trade.


Next, select the $ 15 for the first deposit.


Use the promotional code "OG3YA" to receive an additional 30% of the total deposit amount.


Fill in the information on Visa / Mastercard to make the payment.


So now, your Olymp Trade account has $ 20. You can start earning money.

Step 3: How to trade simply but effectively at Olymp Trade

There are 2 things you need to do:

The first thing: customize the Olymp Trade interface

First, choose the currency pair to exchange. EUR / USD is the best. It is the most profitable and easiest currency pair for beginners to play.


Next, select the Japanese candlestick chart to comfortably observe the price and open orders later.


so, in the indicator tab, you select the Bollinger Bands indicator. It is the most reliable technical analysis indicator during the Olymp Trade transaction process.


Finally, you select the delay for the display graph to 5 minutes. At the same time, the expiration time for 1 transaction is also 5 minutes.

So you have prepared everything. Now is the time to start opening the controls.

If you want to learn the full configuration, please check it here: –

homebrew – Should Healing Skill Be A Trade Or Knowledge?

Heal (in my "Medical" game) is a bit of a weird skill in the system that I write and thought I wanted to get advice from others. I wonder if you think Healing should be a skill based on craft or knowledge.

In my system, all of the crafting skills require a character to actually practice crafting in order to advance the skill. That is, if they want to advance their forge, they will need metal to work, an oven, a hammer, an anvil, etc., and literally do something, if not for themselves, then for an employer (another blacksmith) in exchange for money or a rebate, etc.
However, knowledge only requires a person with access to more knowledge, through a tutor / teacher or a book / manuscript on the subject on which they wish to know more.

With that in mind, where do you think Heal as a skill would fit best? … and would transportation around body parts to dissect later be hilarious or reasonable? LOL

Trade Fortune –

I'm not an administrator,

About us,

QUOTE was established around 2007. provides transaction execution services and direct market access to high volume traders, large national and international hedge funds and other trading professionals. stock markets. is a large international company based in the United Kingdom. now has a huge team that works for and generates profits for and its customers.

Whether it is your first investment attempt or whether you are an experienced investor, it is always important that you have confidence in your investment company. We are the independent service provider and we have a huge team of professionals, including traders, brokers, auditors and bankers to monitor our business 24/7. They are always there to provide solution designed to give you maximum performance.

The staff at has over 10 years of experience in stocks, currencies, bonds, commodities, energy, commodities and mutual funds. We have people from all over the world who are experienced in their respective fields and help our trader analyze trends in the foreign exchange market.

After investing with us, you have access to current statistics on your money, 24/7 consultancy and security at the highest level. FSI is a secure investment project , designed specifically for people who want a reliable and profitable source of real net income. We have worked as the largest British listed companies. We have enough funds of more than 5 million euros and this is increasing day by day. So join us and get your financial freedom.

Our commercial operations are internationally recognized. We continue to expand internationally on a daily basis with thousands of members from all parts of the world finding financial freedom. As previously described, our annual income is generated through various successful trading options. We are expanding its network to our client base and increasing our capital by providing investment opportunities to millions of INTERNET users around the world who value time a lot and want to make financial decisions.

This project was developed with the perspective that the business would not be linked to a specific region. And if people from economic regions in financial crisis do not have the opportunity to invest, the company can work with investors from rich regions without opening a new office, optimizing its costs.

IPB image

Investment plans:
– 34% every hour for 4 hours,
– 58% every hour for 4 hours,
– 86% every hour for 4 hours,
– 122% every hour for 4 hours

Amount invested:
– $ 10 minimum
– Maximum $ 5,000

Accepted payment:
– Perfect money
– Pay
– Bitcoin
– Ethereum

Referral committee: Up to 5%

Program features:
– GC HYIP script
– SSL certified by COMODO RSA
– Secure DDOS protection hosting
– Instant withdrawal

Register here – Trade Fortune –

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exchange – How to trade bitcoin in bitcoin?

I'm curious about how to trade bitcoins for bitcoins. I want to do this because it measures the gains (and losses) of crypto. I do not intend to do this with leverage for security reasons. So what I mean is (but don't say that) Bit-MEX (for the most part): the price doubles and the amount in real dollars quadruples. This amounts to negotiating with leverage x times where x is the current price divided by the entry price with negligible or no liquidation risk. I would prefer it to be for Coinbase because that is what is popular.

Example based on previous data:

The price of BTC was $ 3,150 in December 2018 … 0.05 BTC bought for less than $ 200.

The price of BTC is $ 13,400 in June 2019 … 0.21 BTC sold with ~ $ 2,750 in return.

Note: Don't tell me to use Bit-MEX, Bitfinex, etc. because I live in the United States.


Early 2019-12-09. PerfectMoney verified, 0 trust point (s) (United Kingdom) GB.GIF "src =" "/>), Payeer, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin 
<p>	Languages: EN
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Nexus Trade is a fully registered online trading company based in the UK. Our main activity is Forex trading and financial investments. Our traders choose to trade Forex because the foreign exchange market is the cheapest market to trade. So why is Forex the cheapest to trade? Different traders have different reasons for choosing FX-market. The truth is that Forex has a lot to offer any type of trader and there are many reasons to trade Forex online. Our traders determine the following reasons as an answer to the question of why the FX market is the cheapest for online trading. These include volatility, accessibility, technological advancements, opportunities and regulation. Forex trading is heavily monitored, and many Forex brokers are regulated by more than one authority. This shows that the foreign exchange market is one of the safest markets to trade. Forex is an innovative way to trade online. Advances in software make our lives easier, and the same goes for online business. Compared to many other online trading markets, technological advancements are certainly the reason why the FX market is one of the most lucrative markets to trade.

Investment plans:

1.5% per day for 20 days (+ principal) (minimum $ 20 / maximum $ 999)

or 1.8% per day for 25 days (+ principal) (minimum $ 1,000 / maximum $ 4,999)

or 2.2% per day for 35 days (+ principal) (minimum $ 5,000 / maximum $ 19,999)

or 2.7% per day for 45 days (+ principal) (minimum $ 20,000 / maximum $ 49,999)

or 3.5% per day for 60 days (+ principal) (minimum $ 50,000 / maximum $ 200,000)

or 250% after 25 days (minimum $ 50,000 / maximum $ 100,000)

or 500% after 45 days (minimum $ 20,000 / maximum $ 75,000)

or 1000% after 60 days (minimum $ 10,000 / maximum $ 50,000)

Our deposit:

22.12.19 14:42 Transfer sent Payment: 150.00 USD to the account U21273614 of U1294xxx. Lot: 294913669. Memo: Basket payment. Deposit on NEXUS TRADE – The smart way to trade allhyips of Forex users.


Minimum deposit: $ 20
Maximum deposit: $ 200,000
Reference commission: 5%
Payments: Manual
Features: SSL, DDOS

Who is:

Registrar NAMECHEAP INC NameCheap, Inc

Dates 14 days
Created on 2019-12-08
Expires 2024-12-08
Updated on 0000-12-31

Name servers
NS15.STRONGNS.BIZ (has 31 domains)
NS15.STRONGNS.NET (has 41 domains)
NS19.STRONGNS.NET (has 41 domains)
NS9.STRONGNS.BIZ (has 31 domains)
NS9.STRONGNS.NET (has 41 domains)

S & # 39; REGISTER