How can I attract traffic from a certain country?


My website content is almost in English (movies and a blog) and I would like to attract more visitors from USA and UK. I use SEO to get traffic but only around 30% of my visitors are from those two countries.

Is there a SEO technique I should use to drive more British and American visitors? For example, I should have more backlinks from American websites!!


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Traffic Exchange Sites – MLM & Network Marketing

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Adsense is deducted almost all money for invalid traffic

I have an adsense account previous month the earning was about 189 USD but at the end of the month adsense account has deducted all the money saying invalid traffic what can i do now? All 189 USD what i will do now how will i get a status of same?

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Do we need SSL Certificate on both Firewall and WAF for inbound traffic?

We have a website hosted behind WAF(FortiWeb) and Firewall (FortiGate). The WAF already has the server valid SSL Certificate from public CA. Do we need to install SSL certificate on Firewall also for inbound traffic to make it more secure ?
Will Unscanned https traffic reach the firewall first compromise the network ? Shorten Paid Links – 2.0 usd / 1,000 Mostly traffic from Asia Countries. | NewProxyLists

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Which Is The Best Cpc or Cpm Network For Viral Traffic

Hi Pointers,i want to know that Which Is The Best Cpc or Cpm Network For Viral Traffic?,i have a Viral Website that receives 87K visits per day,and sometimes it goes upto 100000-200000 visits per day,currently i am using Revenue Hits,but actually i am receiving poor amount,so i ask your suggestions to recommend a best cpc or cpm network,even i am ready to put pop ads in my site

free traffic

Hello guys ,
i'm just asking how i can get traffic like on instagram or facebook page i want a method to get free traffic like engagement ?
and thank you all .