What is the best way to get traffic?

Hello, please tell me what is the best way to get traffic? Any type of information appreciated. :] :] … | Read the rest of http://www.webhostingtalk.com/showthread.php?t=1777415&goto=newpost

My organic traffic is dying – have I been banned from the shadows?

I have been managing an alternative news site for almost 3 years now. My SEO is good. I earned about $ 500 a month with Google AdSense. Until June, when my traffic fell sharply. Today, August 22, I earn just $ 50, and the traffic seems to continue to fall.

I do not have a penalty warning though. Do you think I have been banned from the shadows or that this drop could be seasonal?

Here's a screenshot showing the graphs of the last 4 months …

See attachment 244746

linux networking – How to transfer traffic from a specific domain from apache2 to an LXC container

I'm currently running apache2 on my server, but I want to forward the http (s) traffic requesting a specific host (for example, lxc.example.com) to an LXC container that is accessible by using one of the following: a local IP address located on the box.

I looked at iptables, but I understand thatiptable did not handle http (s) traffic. That's why I can not apply any transfer rules based on the hostname.

I would prefer not to transfer traffic to a specific port (for example, lxc.example.com:8080), as this would make the URL unprofessional and would require an additional port forwarding configuration.

It seems like I'm probably missing an obvious solution, but my research has not yet revealed anything. Any help would be appreciated.

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Network – How to bypass the output traffic filtering for an inverted shell?

Let's say that I have access to a Linux server as a non-root user (RCE acquired with an exploit), say that I can only execute commands via http in bash / sh but I can not make sure that the targeted server reconnects to a server. remote server listening for connections.

How could I establish a reverse shell connection if there are output filters on the targeted server? Is there a way around using DNS tunnels etc? How could I achieve this just with netcat or bash?

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