seo – Filter blog traffic in Google Analytics

I have a WordPress site with a blog section, but also a lot of other content, which is not directly related to the blog. Now, I want to use Google Analytics and see only the traffic on blogs, that is, the users who click on blog posts.

I know that there are ways to filter this, if the blog posts are in a subfolder, like on my site, the link structure does not have it. It's like this:

What would be a good way to filter this traffic in Google Analytics? This should also work for all future published articles. The Google Tag Tag Manager is connected. Maybe this could be a viable option?

seo – Why do I receive traffic on a page while its ranking is very low?

According to the Google Search Console, a certain page of my website displays a ranking of ~ 50, but its traffic is becoming more and more organic. For example, today, there have been about 10 unique visits from Google. How is it possible when the ranking is so low and has not changed much in the last month? Could it be that Google is experimenting with my rankings by sending traffic my way?

vpn – How can I transfer web traffic from mac to ipad?

I'm trying to install the ipad as a development station. Managed ssh from my mac, but the problem is, on the mac, I have to connect to a VPN to be able to access certain websites. These websites would be accessible from the Mac, and I would like to use the Mac as a proxy, so that the ipad can also access the same type of resources. Does anyone have any advice on how to get them to work on the ipad?

openvpn – routing Internet traffic when connecting to an AWS VPC private subnet over a client VPN connection

I have established a VPN connection with a VPC client VPC. The VPC has only private subnets and the client VPN endpoint is associated with one of the private subnets. There is therefore no Internet access inside the subnet.

However, I still expected to be able to access the Internet while I was connected to this VPN. I thought that the connection would only add routes on my computer to the subnets associated with the VPN, so Internet traffic would always be routed through the default routes (my home router). In this way, I could always connect to private subnet resources using their private IP addresses, but connect to the Internet through my usual ISP.

I'll add that Tunnelblick warns me when I connect to the VPN:

The DNS server address is not a public IP address and is not
being routed via the VPN. is my default gateway (router), so I think this message is accurate although I'm not sure why it tells me that.

Is it possible or is it fundamentally wrong for me to work on a VPN connection to an AWS Client VPN endpoint?

traffic – DDoS testing one's own site hinders innocence

I planned to test my own site to see the capacity of my site, but I gave up because I saw that word.

The DDOS attack does not magically hit the target. This will violate many innocent network infrastructures between.

If that is true, then this test means that I could even face the charges of these infrastructure providers for the damage they would have suffered.

I wonder if this is true, can anyone help me? Thank you!

Google analytics Keyword spam traffic [on hold]

While I was working on something, I would like to take a look because I have this problem and I can not find the real problem.
Please watch the video. help kindly.


Massive drop in traffic over the past 3 days, how and why?

Hello people!
This is my website:
There is a high traffic of 3k + UV per day, but in the last 3 days the traffic has dropped to 200 UV per day. I continue to regularly update fresh and original content and also work on creating backlinks, etc.
Last year, the website reached more than 10,000 UV per day, but slowly, it tends to drop, but has remained at over 3,000 per day over the past year.

Can any one please help me find out what's wrong here? I…

Massive drop in traffic over the past 3 days, how and why?

co.combinatorics – Reference on the faces of the traffic polytope

Page 4 of Generation of all the vertices of a polyhedron is difficult, it is mentioned that the facial structure of the circulatory polytope * is well understood. I'm trying to find a reference for that.

I know how to show that the vertices correspond to simple directed cycles,
but I'm looking for a combinatorial description of the higher-dimensional faces of this polytope in terms of the underlying graph. In particular, when are two vertices adjacent?

* The circulating polytope of a directed graph $ (G, A) $ is defined by:

$ {x in mathbb {R} ^ E: x geq 0, nabla cdot x = 0 } $, or $ nabla: mathbb {R} ^ E to mathbb {R} ^ V $ is the operator of "graphical divergence", $ ( nabla cdot e) (v) = sum_ {(i, v) | (i, v) in E} x _ {(i, v)} – sum_ {(v, i) in E} x _ {(v, i)} $.

Do you use a traffic exchange? | Promotion Forum

The exchange of traffic is one of the most popular methods to promote a website. I've noticed that many webmasters use traffic exchange sites such as easyhits4u to promote their website. But I do not think that the exchange of traffic really works for all types of websites. For example, if you have a forum, you will want an active member to make it busy. But with the traffic exchange, you will just have a few non-member visitors! So, I think that the exchange of traffic is not a good method to promote a community forum. However, this can be useful for other types of websites. What do you think about this ?

Network – How to disable NetBIOS traffic on Mac OS?

After running Responder on my internal network, I noticed that my MacBook Pro Mojave was sending NetBIOS name query queries in search of __MSBROWSE__ and WORKGROUP to which the responder will send a poisoned request. I know __MSBROWSE__ must be maintained by the NetBIOS primary domain browser and WORKGROUP is the default domain to which all Windows operating systems are initially bound, but I want to disable this behavior on my MacBook Pro. I tried to disable and unload the NetBIOS daemon with the following commands, but I still noticed the same behavior.

sudo launchctl disable system/netbiosd
sudo launchctl unload -w /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/
sudo launchctl unload -w /System/Library/LaunchAgents/