New idea to increase website traffic

Hi guys,

do you have an idea to grow and generate more traffic
Especially for the site of finance and investments.

Happy if you can share here with me

Thank you

Be your virtual assistant for Pinterest Marketing to increase your traffic for $ 40

Be your virtual assistant for Pinterest Marketing to grow your traffic

Ifraz here to help you develop your pinterest professionally and organically. I will do Pinterest marketing of your account to look professional and popular in no time !!!
If you plan to use PIN-TEREST to generate sales and develop your brand, you're in the right place! I will professionally manage and develop your company Pinterest profile and will also teach you some of my tips. I will create, organize and manage your account tips and help bring it to a higher level.Service included:

-Use the most searched keywords / titles, as well as profile, pin and table descriptions so that your target audience can find you easily.

-Find group hints related to niches and join them to develop your relationships.

-ORGANIZE AND CATEGORIZE your boards so that they look sexy to help you attract followers

-Incorporate HASHTAGS

-Connect to 5 group tips (fashion, marketing, health, beauty, recipes and more)

-Pinning at peak times / spread over 3 times a day.


-Increase your traffic on your website
-Increase your click rate
-You get daily followers interested in your content

Let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you


Website Traffic Generator – Babylon Traffic

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Steps to increase the organic traffic of the website?

Thank you for sharing your suggestions

How can I increase the organic traffic of my site?

What steps do I need to follow daily?


Google Search Console Reports 75% More Traffic than Google Analytics Measures for Organics

For one of my websites, the number of Google Search Console clicks is 75% higher than Organic Medium's traffic data on AG. I really do not understand the problem because the GA tracking code is available on all pages of the site. And there is the same difference even for a particular page.

Here are the screenshots of the reports of the two GA tools and Webmaster:

Report of the AG
Search Console Report

seo – False "http-kit" traffic on my site

I've started receiving fake "http-kit" traffic that appears in the GA browser category. I am not aware of the origin of the traffic, nor the ability to track and obtain the IP address. I just found this in the browser section.

Would this affect my SEO? How can I stop this?

Thanks in advance!

Report of the AG

Hello everyone! How can I get traffic on my website?

Hello everyone! How can I get traffic on my website? Help me, please

Hello, I'm calling Odora Tonni. I am Soprts Repoter.
My website:
Thank you
Ender Guney

Cheap website traffic 1k – 0.80USD

I can give you cheap website traffic for 0.80 USD every 1k

Hello everyone! How can I get traffic on my website? Help me, please

Hello, I'm calling Ender Guney. I am a composer of kinematic music.
I share my music for free on youtube. I have a channel with 133,000 subscribers. "Ender Guney Music" but no traffic on my site. Can you help me with this?
Thank you
Ender Guney

Organic traffic and ranking


Can anyone know what tactics I need to take or take action to generate organic traffic to my website?

Thank you in advance.