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Molly Pittman – Mastery of Paid Traffic 2019


What you will learn
A whole new dive into the heart of the Facebook advertising platform
As a marketer, our job is to meet customers where they are already located. And where they are already, it's Facebook. With more than 2 BILLION active users per day, Facebook is the first platform for marketers to exploit prospects and sell products and services. Molly Pittman, Facebook advertising expert, will guide you through the ins and outs of the platform and show you EXACTLY how to design advertising campaigns that generate results for your business … quickly.

The automated traffic system in 3 steps

Create an automated traffic system that generates leads and sales for your business 24 hours a day. Learn all about the still important "traffic temperature" and how media buying is actually like creating A relationship in person.

Create a successful advertising campaign

Watch step-by-step videos on how to create successful ad campaigns on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Google and YouTube. Learn about the five elements of a high conversion paid traffic campaign and how you can use them to send thousands of leads to your business.

Metrics that matter (and those that don't)

Learn how to analyze the statistics that really matter so that you can "reduce the volume" of your campaigns and grow without generating additional costs. Stop wasting time analyzing unnecessary numbers for your result.

About your instructors

Molly pittman
Molly pittman

At DigitalMarketer, Molly spent more than $ 2 million on paid traffic and generated MORE than 300,000 leads (and tens of thousands of customers) while maintaining a positive return on advertising spending. She has consulted more than 150 brands in markets such as health and fitness, personal finance, beauty, crafts, professional practices, manufacturing, etc.

Mike Rhodes
Mike Rhodes

Mike is approaching "cunning veteran" status in the Adwords world. It is in its 13th year of creating and managing campaigns for companies and brands around the world. He is the co-author of the world's best selling book on Adwords "The Ultimate Guide to Google Adwords", now in its 5th edition.

Tom breeze
Tom breeze

Tom Breeze is CEO of Viewability, an international video advertising agency. Tom has built thousands of successful advertising campaigns, testing and tracking all the results. It all revolves around the return on investment for Tom: turning advertising spending into profit.

Become certified in control of paid traffic and discover a reproducible system to generate new prospects and customers …

Brand new module Tom Breeze, world renowned YouTube advertising expert, shows you how to master video advertising to generate more leads, more sales and increase the return on investment of your campaigns.
The all-new leading Google AdWords Authority module, Mike Rhodes, takes you step-by-step through how to use Google AdWords to effectively grow your customer base and drive conversions.
New examples of winning ads so you can model your own ads after PROVEN campaigns and continually launch winning campaigns.
Do you think you will need to take detailed notes to pass the exam? Think again. Each module includes a complete notes section that you can reference before, during and after the questionnaires.
Create a customer avatar for your ideal customer or customer so that you can respond to your messages to better target prospects who are more likely to buy your product or service.
Track the progress and success of your campaign by building conversion statistics that really matter to you, your business and your results.
Learn about advanced retargeting strategies and how to leverage multiple touchpoints on high value-added leads to maximize your efforts on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Google.
Control of paid traffic in the Lab platform
Control of paid traffic on laptop
Our brand new interface lets you easily navigate and consume content and track your progress on the road to becoming a master of paid traffic.
Identify your prospect's basic buying emotion to write an ad that triggers his deepest desires with a punchy copy that drives him to take action…
Determine your prospect's "traffic temperature" and use it to create ads that grab attention and speak directly to "the conversation in their head".
Find out how to structure the advertising copy for ANY company or industry, with demonstration and demonstration examples from e-commerce, B2B, B2C, etc.
Troubleshoot ads that you already run without wasting time and precious energy from scratch.
Carefully build a fully automated traffic system that generates leads and sales for your business 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Follow the step-by-step instructions to create multiple successful advertising campaigns on "Big 4" traffic platforms.
Discover the secret to scaling up your campaign once you have a winner so you can create MASSIVE subscriber lists while avoiding advertising fatigue that can drive up click costs.
When you are done, you will leave with a GUARANTEED TRAFFIC plan

What if you didn't have to "pay" for traffic?

Instead… what if the traffic “paid” you?

What if acquiring new customers was as simple as leveraging?

It may sound weird, but that's exactly what the Traffic Masters (aka customer acquisition specialists) do. And once you finish this newly updated master’s class, you’ll also know how to leverage traffic channels like Google, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube to not only grow your customer base…

… But to develop your clientele to a PROFIT.

Did you understand that?

You will no longer have to practice "hope and pray" or "wait and see" marketing.

Traffic will come, because you will know how to get it to come predictably and repeatedly.

But how do you actually do it?

How to send a message to the "unwashed masses" and convert strangers into friends without breaking the bank?

This is exactly what you will learn …


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Send targeted organic keyword traffic to the United States from 7 to 300,000 United States

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docker – Should an administrator apply HTTPS inside the kubernetes network, or just for outside traffic (via the entrance)?

In a microservices scenario, each web-api container must be used via HTTPS or is it correct to work internally via HTTP and configure all the entries with certificates and redirect them to port 80 of the containers?

I think the simplest approach is to protect only outside traffic, because to configure an Asp.Net Core WebAPI to use (kestrel) via HTTPS (for example), you have to mount the certificate in a volume and provide the certificate password. It's a bit complicated.

What is best practice?

I will drive high quality and safe American visitors for $ 10

I will drive high quality and safe American visitors


We'll help you get great website improvement, higher rankings, more visitors,
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Need 30 days of website traffic for 345 URLs

Hello to all website traffic providers.

I have a big customer who needs 30 days of website traffic for 345 URLs.

I need around 250 visitors a day for 30 days.

Traffic must come from mixed social media sites, FB, Twitter, Insta, Tumblr, etc.

It must be global traffic, the majority of which comes from level 1 countries, the United States, the United Kingdom, etc.

Please tell me your best offer / price.

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Thank you!

network – does OpenVPN encrypt my traffic between my computer and the VPN server?

I set up my own VPN by installing OpenVPN on an Ubuntu server, then I download client.ovpn file from Ubuntu server to my Windows laptop. And then, I import client.ovpn at OpenVPN GUI on Windows and finally, I connect to my Ubuntu VPN server and everything works fine.

I installed OpenVPN on the Ubuntu server using this instruction:

So I think the traffic flow will be like this:

My computer (browser,...) --> Ubuntu OpenVPN server --> Internet.

Does the OpenVPN GUI encrypt traffic between my computer and the Ubuntu OpenVPN server?

[WTS] Fully configurable NL and UK servers? Up to 30 IP addresses? Unlimited traffic?


Veeble offers web hosting services including Virtual private servers, dedicated servers, remote desktop solutions, web hosting, cloud hosting and SSL.

Netherland servers from $ 45

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Local bank transfer in the US, UK
SEPA transfer
Bank transfer / fast transfer

Learn more about payment methods here –

Our support

We work around the clock 24 hours a day to provide first-rate support and a wonderful customer experience.
You can contact us via

Email / tickets (24×7)
Live Chat (24×7)

Connect with us via social media



If you have any questions, log on to

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will promote, market and generate traffic for $ 2

promote, market and generate traffic

WELCOME TO MY MARKETING STORE, PROMOTION GIG. I will promote, market your e-commerce to boost your sales The marketing strategy and my concentration mainly focus on the e-commerce marketing and promotion website, the online store and the Shopify store. I have the experience and the strategy to get your website or store out of Wedlock and give them knowledge of branding, traffic and converted sales + a loyal customer. Marketing strategy to use for your store and site promotion: – Product search Marketing Social media marketing, etc. Please email me now for more details or any unresolved issues related to your order with immediate response guaranteed, you can also place your order directly while I get down to work to immediately deliver the expected results .


Deliver 1000 organic and social traffic daily with a low bounce rate for $ 5

Provide 1000 organic and social traffic daily with low bounce rate

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[] What is the bounce rate?
The bounce rate can vary depending on the structure and performance of the website, but it is usually around 15-25%.

[] How long is the visit?
The average length of visits can vary depending on the structure and performance of the website, but it is usually around 20 to 30 seconds.

[] Is this traffic safe to use with Google AdSense?
Yes, all of my concerts are perfectly safe to use with Google AdSense or any other ad network.

[] Could this service have a negative impact on my website in any way?
No, it is absolutely impossible for this service to have a negative impact on your website. Rather, the main objective of this web traffic service is to improve the optimization and overall exposure of your website.

[] What do you need me to get started?
In general, I need your website URL and one or more keywords, depending on your order.



You can receive sales or conversions or sign up, etc., but they CANNOT be guaranteed just because I cannot force visitors


pci dss – PCI DSS 1.2.1 Restrict inbound and outbound traffic to what is necessary for the cardholder data environment

A strict interpretation of this rule seems to prohibit web browsing by PCs on the same local network as a PC processing cards. However, it seems that the rule is interpreted in practice as if it said "Restrict inbound and outbound traffic to what is necessary to business environment. "Can someone provide confirmation or