How to 18+ website get traffics 100k Rank on Alexa / 2 months ?

Do you have any tips? I want to ask how does the XXX website get more visits in 2 months

networking – Monitor outgoing HTTP traffics using default linux tools (Plesk server)

I spent hours searching for solution , most answers required installing new packages tcpdump or a third-party tools e.g Fiddler .

I’m trying to develop Plesk extension to client similar to what WP Snitch plugin do , but on server wide to monitor outgoing traffics and the script the cause it , Apache mod_status had no enough information , and Apache do not log outgoing traffic e.g from file_get_contents("") php function

One solution I found is enabling iptables traffic log

iptables -I INPUT -i LAN_Interface -s -p tcp --dport 443 -j LOG

And retrieve the log from /var/log/messages

4 French Streaming Domains Getting Traffics

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tunneling – Tunnel All traffics to socks5 or another server

I configured a socks5 proxy server in ubuntu server .
the problem is , My country blocks all socks5 connections , now i want to tunnel all my TCP traffics to socks5 !
can i do this with only one server ? (socks is in layer 7 , TCP is in layer 5)

or if i want to use 2 servers i must tunnel all tcp connections to a socks5 server . how can i do this ?

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