safety – design of the subway station preventing people from killing themselves by throwing themselves under the train

You can not design a panel that prevents people from doing this, you need something physical that makes it impossible to get into the rails, like in cities like Singapur, where a gate is placed in front of the rails which only opens when the train has opened so that people can enter.

What you can do is place something like a line print 1 meter ahead of the rails on the floor with flashy colors like yellow / red / pink, etc., and place a text like "Watch your step" etc.

Bonus Points If you do not use only a printed line, but a physical line having a different texture / height than the ground, people will automatically realize that they are close to the rails when they walk on it.

Found an example on google that shows you what I mean

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tickets – Train from Geneva Airport to Fiesch

I see no reason why you could not do it. There are ATMs and workstations in the Geneva airport station. As long as you have money or an acceptable card, this should be pretty simple.

There are two trains per hour, so even if you have to queue a little, that should not be a problem.

However, I do not see any reason for not being able to buy tickets online. Have you tried

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Traveling from Düsseldorf to England by train

I want to know if I can travel from Dusseldorf to the UK by train for one day only. I only have a valid Schengen visa.

If yes, what would be the procedure

Thank you

Cross Iran by train

I decided to travel to Iran and use the train to go to different cities.
For reservation tickets, would you recommend local or international sites?

settings.php – Data from the database to train with a different class

Can you help me?

I want to accept 5 lines of the database.
I want to add this data from the database to the elements of the forms.

$ db = DB ();
$ vyber = $ db-> query ("SELECT * FROM hodnotenie ORDER BY id DESC LIMIT 5;");
foreach ($ vyber as $ item) {

One element of this form, for each line, is added by the user.
I want to send this form to another page where it is being processed.

The problem is that I can only accept one element of the variable.
Because when they receive data from the database, they do not have different classes.

I can not divide by id, because id is different each time.

trains – What is the purpose of the boarding points on Indian train tickets?

In most countries of the world, if you want to travel from A to B, you buy a ticket from A to B and that's it.

However, in India it is possible to buy a ticket from X to B, to designate a boarding point in zone A and to board the train at A. Makemytrip explains how it works:

What's a point of embarkation?

You can choose a boarding point from where you will board the train.
It can be any station located between the booking station and
Booking up to the train station. By default, your reservation from the station is
also your boarding point.

You can choose a boarding point like any station on the
train, you will have to pay the applicable fare for
Reservation of – Reservation to the stations. For example, if you are
to book a ticket from Mumbai Central to New Delhi and choose the
boarding point like Kota Jn, you can board the train only to Kota
Jn and not between Mumbai Central and Kota Jn. You would have
pay the fare for central Mumbai in New Delhi

The unanswered question is why would you do that? It would make a lot more sense and cheaper to buy a ticket from Kota Jn to New Delhi.

irctc – Can I get on my train from the booking point located a station before my boarding point?

If I understand your question correctly, the train goes from A to B and from there to C. You are in A and buy a ticket. A is your "point of reservation".

The ticket you have purchased is good for the passage from your "point of embarkation" (B) to your destination (C). The ticket from B to C allows you to be transported by train from B to C. It does not give you the passage from A to B.

In other words: a ticket from a point of embarkation to a destination does not necessarily include the passage from the point of reservation to the point of embarkation. If you want to go from the reservation point (A) to the destination (C), you have to buy a ticket between these two points. Because the A-C distance is longer than the B-to-C, the A-C ticket will be more expensive.

Your first sentence is "If I board from my reservation point which is a station before my boarding point, will I be considered without a ticket between the booking and the boarding point. " Assuming that it's a question, the answer is "Yes, you will be considered to be without a ticket."

Norway – Flexibility in the timing of pre-booked train tickets

If you are traveling by train in Norway with a pre-booked ticket on, are the tickets explicitly valid ONLY for the departure of the specified train, or would they be on an equivalent route?

for example. If I miss a Oslo R10 train to Oslo S, can I take a R10 train? A similar train (eg r11)? Or should I pay a penalty?

Thank you!

fares – Train price difference from Aachen to Munich

I want to travel from Aachen to Munich on January 24, 2018. I have checked the price on Train prices started from $ 36 to $ 150. and I also checked on the DB train's website, it's approximately starting at $ 100.

I am confused about whether to buy a $ 36 ticket or not and I also have a luggage with me: a 20 kg bag and a purse. Am I allowed to wear it with me?

enter the description of the image here