captcha – Can reCAPTCHA's resolution help Google train its artificial intelligence

I came across this issue on different forums where Google uses our answer when resolving reCAPTCHA to drive its artificial intelligence. For example, some say that spotting stop signs and cars in reCAPTCHA drives Google's standalone AI. I am not sure of the authenticity of these claims, but I doubt that it is even theoretically possible to train an AI this way.

ReCAPTCHA asks the user to locate or identify a certain thing and, by answering it incorrectly, asks you to try again. This means that Google already has the knowledge of the correct answers to the challenge. He already knows what pictures are stop signs and cars. Is not it enough to train an AI? Why is my contribution to the puzzle necessary to train the AI?

customs and immigration – entry / exit by train – UK / Schengen

I am not a citizen of the European Union, I will travel from Paris to Manchester next month. I was wondering therefore, since most countries follow the dates of entry and departure, if I use the train to change country and that they do not control it, my Schengen visa will look like an entry YES but no departure. Same for the UK, I will not have a date of entry but I will leave,

Will it be problems later? Do they control that in the trains? If not, is there anything I should do before?

Can I take a train earlier or later than my originally scheduled Amtrak train?

I will fly to Chicago (O & # 39; Hare) in a few months, then I will take Amtrak to St. Louis. I could take two trains from Union Station. Part one three hours after the arrival of my flight and the other nearly five hours after.

If I buy a ticket for the previous train but I miss it, can I take the next train?

If I buy a ticket for the last train but that I arrive early enough at the train station, can I take the first train?

What are the rules of Amtrak on this? (I could not find information about the same day changes on their website.)

Forgot to add a 10-year-old child to the list of passengers of an Indian train

I have forgotten to add my 10 year olds to the passenger list when booking a ticket on the Indian Railways. What should I do now? Is there another option to pay half a ticket without a seat? I can not travel without my child.

Shortest route from all origins to all destinations via train stations

How can we find the shortest path between one of the origins and one of the destinations via a number of waypoints using the Dijkstra algorithm?

You can visit these train stations in any order. There will be several origins and several destinations, but a path from all origin to all the destination will suffice as long as it is the shortest.

Solutions for a warm trip by plane and train – Advertising, Offers

People go from old times for various reasons. Traveling does not take us very far and familiarizes us with various people, but it will also help us break the gloom of our lives. S & # 39; venturing is an approach to get information and maybe a mission to find answers to their questions.

For this, many people want to go to remote and isolated places. For the faithful, it is a look at God and to increase higher education and other people; it's a chance to have internal harmony. They may or may not discover what they are looking for, but such a meeting positively improves their lives.

The Tibet Tour is definitely a place you know, but you probably did not realize that many people were heading towards it. This could be a headache for you, something you have not considered to visit significantly because it just did not tell you that it was an imaginable place to visit. Recognized worldwide as the roof of the world, Tibet is a truly exceptional and breathtaking place.

The remoteness and confinement of the region have made it a puzzle, according to the world. The path that reigns there is not simple, with its high altitude and its separation from society. However, the few people who have met Tibet realize that it is justified, despite all the trouble.

The best tourism agency in Tibet is the best coordinator for individual and collection travel and the central point of movement data. If you are sick and traveling abroad for the travel industry or for business purposes; especially if you notice it for the first time, you will save time and effort when you leave a respectable travel desk to organize your trip.


frontend development – Frame / Grid pattern to train and reverse

In desktop applications, the usual approach to editing records is to display a grid, select an element, display a modal form, edit, return to the grid, and the grid keeps the selected record , all very quickly.

That's exactly what we did with bootstrap 3, but since the hardware design and the bootstrap 4, there are no modals. Therefore, which model or structure do you recommend / use to allow the user to quickly select a record in a grid / list, then edit it and return to the grid without losing the selected record?


enter the description of the image here


enter the description of the image here

Note: the form can have many more fields, this is just a quick example.


Does a US citizen need a transit visa for Belarus to travel by train from Moscow to Warsaw?

I plan to travel from Moscow to Warsaw via Belarus by train. I am an American citizen. Do I need a transit visa and where can I get one?

machine learning – How to train on plain text paragraphs and return key phrases?

I am currently working on the extraction of key phrases. I was able to create some features and execute the candidate sentences as well as the features to form a machine learning model for classification using random forest.

From now on, out of curiosity, I want to experiment in depth because I want to manually remove the functionality extraction layer and define the features by itself and generate a model by simply transmitting text documents and corresponding key expressions (1). / 0 (correct or incorrect) for each document, I want to know if a training model accepts plain text instead of float values ‚Äč‚Äčtraining model

Even tried to create a model using the Keras sequential model (example given)

model = sequential ()
model.add (Dense (18, input_dim = 14, init = & # 39; uniform & # 39 ;, activation = & rdquo;) & nbsp; & nbsp;)
model.add (Dense (14, init = & # 39; uniform & # 39 ;, activation = & quot; replay & # 39;))
model.add (Dense (1, init = "uniform", activation = "sigmoid"))
# Compile the template
model.compile (loss = "binary_crossentropy", optimizer = "adam", metrics =['accuracy'])
# Fit the model (X, Y, epochs = 300, batch_size = 10)

Please provide me with informative resources to get started and also have code samples.

Public transport – Go by train between Hongik Univ airport and Incheon: possible with the T-money card?

T-money is a versatile transportation card used for public buses, subways, taxis and convenience stores that accept it as a form of transaction (most do). The function of a T-money card looks like a debit card, in which money is deposited in the card and used to move in Seoul city and in Gyeonggi-do district. Can I use my T-Money card for the all stop train to the airport?