How does a Lightning transaction work if a game starts without Bitcoin or wallet?

Let's say that Alice wants to give Bob 1₿, and that Bob still has no regular wallet address in the blockchain.

The classic example assumes that Bob himself locks a bitcoin on the blockchain, and Alice and Bob both finance a channel between them. But what if Bob does not have a Bitcoin yet and Alice wants to give it to him via Lightning? Then he could get Bitcoin from Alice, make transactions with him, with other parts of the Lightning Network, and make a slow, expensive, blockchain transaction only when he would be ready to cash out.

I know it's possible because I've been able to test that with two different Lightning apps with separate wallets. I've funded a Lightning wallet, and opened another app with 0 balance and no ordinary wallet. I was able to finance the second wallet instantly. But I'm not sure what is happening to get there.

corner binary – BNB – transaction hashing derivation

I would like to derive a tx hash, but I can not find any documentation about it
given a transaction, say at block 28973905 (which has a transaction)
How can I get transaction data:


to the actual transaction has as seen here:

but the first thought was to do a double sha256 – but it did not work

How to decode the Rootstock (RSK) input data in a transaction?

Consider this transaction: 0x528c4eef2f0dbcd95c5928cb573552b263bc13f26da2f8ef258a51ee6e755cdf

result": {
"hash": "0x528c4eef2f0dbcd95c5928cb573552b263bc13f26da2f8ef258a51ee6e755cdf",
"nonce": "0x00",
"blockHash": "0x769ec3f5c3122ff1901a80c643b314eef222f4c93ed77c29b13890cbbb923598",
"blockNumber": "0x191104",
"transactionIndex": "0x0",
"from": "0xcbb5394b627c0dcaea2de9462d7e16e6b8fa695a",
"to": "0x2acc95758f8b5f583470ba265eb685a8f45fc9d5",
"gas": "0x015f90",
"gasPrice": "0x0387ee40",
"value": "0",
"input": "0xa9059cbb0000000000000000000000009ac376f749fff5b70d893f63b70ffa9e2f5012f70000000000000000000000000000000000000000000003635c9adc5dea000000",
"v": "0x1b",
"r": "0x4b59819970de26e61054c88433d24c1610b7e7482dbba8b9fb7d0c5182753af6",
"s": "0x5ce32a3a05db7da0abb56305dd0faa50138c88ef80184acc9ade46bdd00955c9"

How to decode the data in the input field?

"input": "0xa9059cbb0000000000000000000000009ac376f749fff5b70d893f63b70ffa9e2f5012f70000000000000000000000000000000000000000000003635c9adc5dea000000"

Is there a CPP call for this? or?

transaction log – The log file will not be reduced – suggestions?

I have a 225GB database with a 390GB log file, whose size has recently exploded. I'm trying to reduce it – according to these instructions:

I can not reduce it on SSMS or by the DBCC SHRINKFILE command. I've been trying to wait until it's no longer used and I've also tried a backup of the log, and then run DBCC SHRINKFILE again, but to no avail. Any ideas on what I can do?

I saw in this article ( that he was saying that I could try to toggle the Recovery model on Simple, run the discount, then return it to Full, but it seems risky to me, so I'm careful to try that.

It should also be noted that my database is mirrored and currently locked in a suspended state.

Wondering if you could give me some advice? We are your typical shop without DBA, so I appreciate any advice or suggestions from novice-conscience! Thank you!

script – Bitcoin transaction generation: signature verification error

I have the following raw transaction (basic P2PKH) that I'm trying to send to Bitcoin Testnet 3:


Shipping address:

Private key of the sending address:

Reception address:

Transaction validation error: error while running script for input 0 referring to c8b8be849653169784dabce7d97d340eaf249f8463a0e15c5ba2faa31b5547 at 1: the script has NOT been successfully verified ..

sendrawtransaction RPC error: {"code": – 26, "message": "non-canonical script-scriptable-check-flag (non-canonical DER signature) (code 64)"}

We do not know what's wrong with the transaction, but the errors seem to indicate that it's in the signature (scriptSig).

I've broken down the transaction as follows, it seems like everything is as specified in the standards.


  • version: 01000000
  • number of entries: 01
  • Previous output hash: 47551ba3faa22b5c5ee1a063849f24af0e347dd9e7bcda849716539684beb8c8
  • previous output index: 01000000
  • script duration: 8a
  • sig scenario: 4730440220b7bfb52963d1ad6da2ac67f18d52c9d2cd6ac58283319a69dd76d3ee4d9bf7780220260f335d75cfdc95f7dc9eb3d404dde65f59e484fcedaeddd6dabe4ee58ac122014104157cb2fdf61362a10869604fb3db1841b424006d3fa4f52300eec9a7fecc3a615deabef656b081f64115ad91e6c780c68e20c0bfcd4aafdf9f52af685d7910de
  • sequence: ffffffff
  • number of outputs: 01
  • worth: c0c62d0000000000
  • length of script: 19
  • scriptPubKey: 76a91435d263246f0c03b1f62aa814142d2f3a08421a1788ac
  • locking time: 00000000

ScriptSig BreakDown:

  • signature length: 47
  • sequence: 30
  • length: 44
  • integer: 02
  • length: 20
  • A: b7bfb52963d1ad6da2ac67f18d52c9d2cd6ac58283319a69dd76d3ee4d9bf778
  • integer: 02
  • length: 20
  • S: 260f335d75cfdc95f7dc9eb3d404dde65f59e484fcedaeddd6dabe4ee58ac122
  • Sighash: 01
  • Length: 41
  • Type: 04
  • Pubkey X: 157cb2fdf61362a10869604fb3db1841b424006d3fa4f52300eec9a7fecc3a61
  • Pubkey Y: 5deabef656b081f64115ad91e6c780c68e20c0bfcd4aafdf9f52af685d7910de

scriptPubKey of the output of the previous transaction:

  • 76a9143d36696be89aef91cec3d54b4a1f5fe3a79ca08388ac

How to retrieve transaction details for the log table in SQL Server

I want to create a tracking table for changes to the database.
A tracking table called Logs must be created in which all the changes (insert' anddelete`) that are created in the database will be entered in the following tables: Author, Editor, Chapter
The fields in the log table will be:
DateOfLog (DateTime)
ActionType (varchar (15))
LogTable (varchar (15))
ActionData (nvarchar (max))

I created the log table and wrote a trigger to load information into the logs, but the problem is related to LogTable and ActionData the fields.
Please help me get the name of the table on which the action performed and the data in the chain that was performed.

bitcoinjs – How to get bitcoin entry transaction hash chain from bitcoinjslib transaction object?

I'm using bitcoinjs-lib and its Transaction object. Transaction.ins is an array of objects, each with a hash property and a script. These two properties are Uint8Arrays.

I'm trying to get the hexadecimal string version of the input.hash file, but Transaction.ins (i) .hash.toString (& # 39; hex & # 39;) generates an incorrect result. Is there a way to get this value correctly?

SQL Server – How to kill a stored procedure that is in open transaction?

Download SP_WhoisActive from here:
run it with this query: SP_who is active

the result will show everything that is running at the moment, you will be able to identify your stored procedure being executed.

then execute: kill [request_id of the query above]
the transaction will be canceled.

signrawtransaction – Sign a partially signed raw transaction with bitcoinjs-lib

I was trying to figure out how to use the bitcoinjs-lib. I was thinking if I could sign a partially signed bulk transaction in bitcoijs-lib.

For example – If I have a hexadecimal string whose entry1 is unsigned but the rest of the entries are all signed, can I sign this raw transaction using bitcoinjs-lib?

Mining pools – Can a block have multiple coinbase transactions? In addition, is there a limit to the number of signatures that a multi-signature transaction has or requires?

I'm wondering if a block can be created with multiple coinbase transactions. The US government regulates the mining pools that control the miners' portfolios. It would be fabulous to be able to work around this problem by carrying out several transactions in one or more portfolios. In addition, is there a limit to the number of signatures that a multi-sig portfolio may require?