blockchain – What is the best way to pull miner’s fee associated with a list of transactions?

I have a spreadsheet containing the transaction ID, datetime, and BTC amount of 800,000+ transactions associated with a BTC address (includes both sent and received transactions). Now I am trying to add another column listing the fee paid for each of those transactions. What is the (1) fastest (2) easiest (3) most efficient way to do that? Please explain in detail if technical know-how is required, because I am a novice in coding.

Why isn’t Replace by fee default for all transactions?

I know it’s a wallet implementation and a flag, but when it was introduced why wasn’t this change a rule for all transactions so that anyone could RBF if they wanted to instead having had to set the mandatory flag?

google analytics – Summary of e-commerce transactions [deleted sales]

It happens to me that every 24 hours the data of the purchase transactions is erased.
This problem has never happened to me as I have not had the opportunity to track sales on a website.
The website is developed in a CMS [WordPress] has the plugins configured to carry out the monitoring, the code is set correctly, the data is sent correctly to the analytics but we have had the problem that every 24 hours the data is deleted of purchases, the values and the transactions carried out are removed, this does not help us since we need the information to make improvements in the products.
We do not use TAG MANAGER, we follow up directly with ANALYTICS.

transactions – Should I deposit 0.01 bitcoins?

Hey everyone I’m about to ask a noob question as I don’t know about bitcoins (I hear about it all the times but in terms of buying, selling, I don’t know). I recently won 0.32 in bitcoins as I have been getting into NFT and I wanted to sell the bitcoins that I won but in order for me to withdraw the bitcoins it’s asking me to deposit 0.01 bitcoins is this process usually like this? The website is would it be smart if I invest in the 0.01 bitcoin to be able to withdraw it all (as the 0.01 deposit is just a verification step) I would then withdraw 0.33 bitcoins. Thanks so much everyone

blockchain – Does anyone know if Elastico supports cross-shard transactions?

blockchain – Does anyone know if Elastico supports cross-shard transactions? – Bitcoin Stack Exchange

address – If Cryptocurrency offers anonymity, why is it considered by forensic professionals to be the best currency for fighting illicit transactions?

I read about this in

I have categorized privacy and anonymity involved in Bitcoin transactions as (based on few cases that I have studied):

  1. Network layer
  2. Blockchain
  3. External

Networking: Use of full node, Tor, i2p, etc.

Blockchain: Information available publicly for every transaction like amount, type of transaction etc.

External: Lot of users share information about their bitcoin addresses or transactions on social media. Example: You can search for “” on Telegago to check lot of transactions shared in different telegram groups or channels.

In terms of it being digital this makes sense, and of course the public ledger would showcase all transactions, but aren’t the identities of those transacting hidden cryptographically?

It is mentioned in the paper: “(It) is easier for law enforcement to
trace illicit activity using Bitcoin than it is
to trace cross-border illegal activity using
traditional banking transactions, and far
easier than cash transactions.

Yes, its easier to trace digital payments compared to cash transactions. One of the reasons governments are moving towards to cashless economy. Demonetization that happened in India few years back and usage of digital payments since then is a great example. Although I am not sure about banking transactions because it varies from one bank to another and different places in the world. There are lot of other things used by criminals which exist since years but I consider them to be off-topic here so will not go in to details.

If Cryptocurrency offers anonymity, why is it considered by forensic professionals to be the best currency for fighting illicit transactions?

I am assuming its because of their confidence in the use of tools they find helpful in tracing Bitcoin transactions. Also we cannot blame the privacy or anonymity of Bitcoin transactions in every case because most of the cases involve things like address reuse, using KYC exchanges, information shared on social media etc.

Michael Morell (Former CIA Director) has mentioned few things that support my arguments about their confidence in the use of tools used for tracking:

Blockchain analysis is a highly effective crime fighting and intelligence gathering tool.

But that is not all. Perhaps even more interesting to Morell was how analytic firms such as Chainalysis, CipherTrace, and Elliptic can employ forensic and artificial intelligence tools to find illicit actors and activity on blockchains. In fact, he said that he was “literally blown away by how they find illicit activity…this is great intelligence work.”

I don’t trust everything shared by firms like Chainalysis and artificial intelligence is helpful but has its own issues when using for analyzing Bitcoin transactions. I have mentioned the details of an independent investigation related to Mt. Gox case: You will find the investigator had to assume lot of things for tracing Bitcoin transactions.

Will share few charts that looked interesting although as I mentioned above firms like Chainalysis have incentives in promoting their business and mislead people about privacy and anonymity in Bitcoin:






You can check other details here:

Lastly, how do we improve privacy and anonymity involved in Bitcoin transactions? Quoting sipa from one of the Reddit post:

Nothing is “sufficient” for privacy. It’s a goal to work towards, but it is so multi-faceted that no single piece of technology can “solve” privacy.

I have mentioned the difference between privacy and anonymity, best practices for Bitcoin transactions and few other things in this answer:

Can the Cash app dispute Payment scam transactions?

Yeah, Cash app dispute Payment scammed transaction if you have issues with any. Actually, if you get that your transaction gets stuck and the amount also debited from your account, then you need to take immediate action before freezing the amount. Here you can cancel the transaction or contact the support team if any issues.


transactions – My bitcoin hasn’t been received for good 10days now

I have sent my first Transaction from a bitcoin machine and waiting for it to arrive at another address but when i click on the Transaction ID of the addresses is Unspent? It only required 3 Confirmations but is now 115? Where is my bitcoin and how do i receive it?


transactions – Minimum for sending BTC from BTC wallet

Is there a particular minimal amount of Bitcoin one is allowed to send?

0.00005460 BTC.

According to Paxful

Before making any transactions or depositing Bitcoin to your Paxful wallet, it is important for you to know the minimum BTC amount allowed by the blockchain network for a transaction.

Currently, the smallest amount of Bitcoin you can send or receive in a transaction is 5460 Satoshis, which is equivalent to 0.0000546 BTC.

One of the reasons behind this limit is to prevent spamming transactions.

Although Paxfull isn’t Saint Bitts LLC (owner of they are talking about Bitcoin network limits, not proprietary company limits. So it applies. See also What’s the minimum transaction with bitcoin?

To send smaller amounts you’d have to use something like the Lightning Network (LN).

Currently 0.0000546 Bitcoin equals approximately 2.71 EUR

Your 0.001707 BTC is larger than this limit. So this is not the cause of your problem.

I keep on receiving the error at confirm “Insufficient funds for fee”

Take the transaction fee into account

“Insufficient funds” is an entirely different problem. When you send x amount of money, for the recipient to receive x you also have to send a transaction fee y. So the amount needed in your wallet at the start is x+y.


The size of y depends on

  • The complexity of your transaction (especially amount of small change rustled up to make the amount)
  • How busy the network is
  • How long you are prepared to wait for the transaction to go through. Minutes? Hours? Days? Weeks?

Many wallet programs help you to choose an appropriate fee. You can also use a search engine to find sites that report on current fee-rates.

mining reward – What happens if there are no transactions in a block?

The mining reward must be collected with a transaction, so technically there is at least one transaction in each block.

The mining reward was designed to enable the initial distribution of bitcoins and to encourage the creation of a powerful bitcoin network with a lot of computers to support it, therefore it makes perfect sense that a miner gets the block mining reward regardless of how many transactions were included.

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