windows – Huge difference in transfer speeds when using separate directories for transfer

I was transferring around 12k images (total size around 2 GBs) from my laptop to my Android phone via USB. Initially, it was around 5-6 images copying per second and soon after around 500 images speed began to drop and reached more than 5 seconds per image. I tried copying them in batches of 500 images but that was no better. It was like the more the number of files in a directory the slower it is to add more to it.

Then what I did is make separate folders in the same directory and copy only about 500 images at a time to each. This way I got speeds of 5-6 images per second similar to what I was getting initially when I was transferring them all at once to a single directory. Later, I simply moved the images out of those folders using native file manager in my phone, which was almost instantaneous.

Why is that speed was decreasing exponentially when I was copying all files to the same directory?

$50 Large banner design contest for bitcoin money transfer

Please use your imagination to design a nice banner for my client website ( see attachment)

Banner most illustrates BITCOIN and GIFTS CARD money transfer to Anywhere in the world.

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fast payment via PayPal


youtube – Data transfer from web to machine when performing specific action

I’m sure that most of us know, that when you’re browsing YouTube you can hover over a video to see some scenes from that video. In Youtubes specific case we see a short part of the video when hovering over it.

My questions is: When exactly does the data for these short clips/pictures get transferred to your browser. Does it happen when I hover over the video clip? Or do I already get the data for the entire first page when I open the website? Or is there no general rule and each website/browser handles this differently.

PS: The original question was broader in nature, i.e. not focusing specifically on Youtube. If there is a general answer to the question, i.e. applies to the majority of modern websites, I’m interested in that as well.

I’ve been pointed to this SE (see this question). If this is not the appropriate place to ask this question, please let me know.

spicejet – Boarding & Internal Transfer facility conneting flight with 2 PNRin domestic flight

You will likely miss your connecting flight. If an agent booked this for you, it’s not a valid itinerary and they should change it at their own cost. If you booked this on your own, you’re out of luck, all you can do is ask Spicejet to rebook you on a different flight and (if you’re lucky) give you credit for the earlier flight.

Spicejet connecting flights FAQ:

Any Booking with respect to the Connecting Flights shall be required
to be booked in advance and both segments in the Connecting Flights
shall be confirmed on the same PNR, fees & surcharges will be
applicable only with respect to one segment.

Since your flights have two different PNRs, they’re not considered a connecting flight.

At the time of check-in passenger(s) will be issued boarding card(s) only up to the point of transit. … for domestic flights the check in starts 02 hours prior to the departure time and closes 45 minutes prior to the departure time.

Even if you have a connecting flight, you will be required to check-in again at your connection point.

How do I transfer my bitcoins from my wallet to my

I have 2 bitcoin wallets ie wallet and and I want to transfer bitcoins from wallet to how do I go about it?

Photo albums incomplete after transfer to new phone?

I had a Pixel 3, and I just switched to a Pixel 4 using the standard usb-c to usb-c transfer during phone setup. It seems all my photos are there, but they aren’t all in the albums anymore. The albums have half as many pictures as they did, and the missing ones are simply uncategorized.

Why did this happen and is there any way to fix it?


I am using the plugin Terra Wallet and I am trying to make it possible that if a customer purchases a product, the funds is registered straight in the admin wallet.
I have been able to make it possible that if a customer purchases a product with the wallet gateway, the funds will go directly to the admin wallet, this is the code I used:

add_action('woo_wallet_payment_processed', 'woo_wallet_payment_processed_callback');


    function woo_wallet_payment_processed_callback($order_id){

        $order = wc_get_order($order_id);

        woo_wallet()->wallet->credit( 1, $order->get_total( 'edit' ), __( 'Order recived #', 'woo-wallet' ) . $order->get_order_number() );



But I want a scenario whereby if it is purchased with any gateway, the funds still go directly

Amazon Cloudfront – Increase data transfer speed like tiktok

I have been trying to setup CDN using Amazon Cloud front. All configurations are done. But when I compare it with tiktok’s CDN, tiktok’s CDN is able to transfer 3.2 MB file in just 300 miliseconds.
screenshot: tiktok CDN speed

While Amazon CDN transfers 100kb in 700MS.
Can someone tell what I am doing wrong? I really need to achieve the same data transfer speed like tiktok.

Bluetooth transfer files between android and iOS devices

I’ve been tinkering with this for a while, and am pretty sure it’s not possible to transfer files using Bluetooth between Iphones (5s at least) and Android (I’ve tried with a J2).

Please, assume I don’t trust the person in the other device, as many of us would like a general solution of file transference. (without the need of any Clouds -icloud, g drive, etc.)

Is this the case? Is it the only way to install an external app? Would you go any other way?

PS: I’ve also tried to transfer files from Iphone to my Lenovo 320 ideapad (ubuntu OS), and after hours I gave up. So I’d appreciate any tip on this too.