domains – How to preserve SEO when transferring registrar?

Changing the domain registrar doesn’t really have anything do to with SEO (probably why you couldn’t find a similar question).

When you change registrar you are changing the organisation through which the domain is registered, that is all. The DNS does not necessarily change. However, if the DNS is also managed by the registrar then you will need to make sure that the appropriate DNS records are also configured at the new DNS host/registrar.

As far as the end user (and search engine bot) is concerned, nothing has changed. So, no change in SEO.

litecoin – Core connected to peers, but not transferring any block data

I build an own crypto coin using core 0.15 and got the following problem.

On my main server, I’m mining my coin, with the config file like below.


On my second server, I’m just running the wallet with the config file like below.


So after I started mining on my main server the wallet on my main server shows me up-to-date, but on my second server, I can see on the debug window in peers that I am connected to a peer this also stands right-under. But my second server stays syncing and isn’t receiving any data from my main server while I’m connected.

I also created a YouTube video of the error here:
GitHub project:

Thx, for helping 🙂

lost some bitcoins while transferring to blockfi

I initially had some bitcoins in wazirx wallet(I bought from it)
then I transferred my bitcoins to given BLOCKFI bitcoin wallet (interest account).
after but to my surprise BLOCKFI took half of my bitcoin.
is there hidden charges even while depositing in

Transferring bitcoin from old bitcoin core wallet to electrum

I have a 7 year old wallet.dat file that was created by the bitcoin-qt program (

Downloading the blockchain takes too long and I experienced that the downloaded chain risks getting corrupted. I decided to use Electrum so I can access the wallet’s contents sooner.

I tried following the steps from, but I’m stuck at the step dumpprivkey, because I don’t know what <your bitcoin address> means. I have installed a new bitcoin-qt version so naturally the list of receiving addresses is empty.

I have also tried another approach with dumpwallet. This yields a 250 kb file with thousands of lines and I don’t know what to do with that. Surely importing every single private key from that file isn’t feasible?

whois – How to determine, who to contact for transferring my Domain

My client’s domain,, is hosted at They tell me though, that the domain itself, is not.

I’ve spoken with two different customer supports at and they both tell me two different things. One says “I have to get in touch with” and the other one tells me that “I have to get in touch with“.

According to my whois search, the registrar is Joker and the name-server is Webhosting, and according to the control-panel over at, I don’t have any domain registered, but I can however login with my information (e-mail and re-generated password).


I want my domain transferred to – which one (Joker/*Webhosting*) should I ask for the transfer?

applications – transferring data from an app that hides it

I’m transferring data from an older phone (LG G5 running Android 7) to a newer phone (Nokia 8.3 running Android 11). I’ve transferred most of it using backup + restore, or manually using syncthing. But I have one app where I can’t find the data. The app is called “guidebook”.

guidebook has a dir /Android/data/ .
But I don’t see any actual files there, either under internal storage or on the external SD card.

I tried to download the guidebooks again on the new phone. But my old guidebooks are no longer available to download. Probably because guidebook is now charging the orgs per download. They don’t even give me an option to buy them.

I know that the guidebooks are being stored locally because I can access them offline, with wifi and mobile data disabled.

I contacted guidebook support. They say they don’t support transferring the guidebooks between devices.

Anyone know how to transfer them? Or how I can even go about finding where they are hiding the files?

I tried the Android debugger, but that won’t run because I don’t have symbols for libraries.

NB: if others want to play with this, the app is free, and it’s possible to download current guidebooks for free.

Transferring ‘ownership’ of a simulacrum

Part of the spell description of Simulacrum states:

At all times the simulacrum remains under your absolute command

Is there a rules legal way for a caster to transfer this ‘absolute command’ to another character? Assume any option from D20 Wotc published material is available in order to achieve this.

customs and immigration – Filipino transferring between Narita and Haneda, do I need a transit visa?

As stated by Timatic, the database used by airlines:

Visa required, except for Holders of onward tickets transiting
to a third country can obtain a Shore Pass on arrival for a
max. stay of 72 hours only if there are no connecting flights
on the same calendar day.

Which means, if you’re making an overnight connection, you do not need a visa, and will get an entry stamp for 72 hours.

Otherwise, you do need a transit visa

Transferring funds from banxa to Binance

I am trying to find my Binance account from banxa which is not an exchange.
It is a payment gateway for crypto,now my problem is I am unable to deposit banxa funds to Binance.
I get to the deposit address for Binance but then does not direct me to the banxa platform.

When transferring funds, the service gives this error, what should I do?

When transferring funds, the service gives this error, what should I do?

This wallet is currently frozen.

BitGo will not sign any transactions on this wallet until October 11th 2060, 7:00:00 PM.