transit – Tocumen international airport (PTY) international connection time

I have the following route below. Can someone tell me if 1.2 hours is enough for taking the connecting flight in Panama? This will be international to international (arriving from GRU and departing to NAS).

From my research, it seems this is a tiny airport with only 2 terminals and the videos online showed that it is virtually empty due to COVID. There will also be no checked in luggage…only luggage will be carry on.

Legend: CMB - Sri Lanka, DXB - Dubai, GRU - Brazil, PTY - Panama, NAS - Bahamas, FPO - Bahamas

                 CMB      DXB      GRU      PTY      NAS      FPO
      03/26      02:55    05:55                                             Emirates
                          09:05    17:20                                    Emirates
      03/27                        01:30    06:24                           Copa
                                            07:48    11:42                  Copa
                                                     15:30    16:15         Bahamas Air

Tocumen international airport – Has anyone tried to transit over 12 hours without VISA?

IATA says Sri Lankan Nationals can transit through Tocumen international airport (PTY) in Panama upto 12 hours without a Visa.

My connecting flight however takes 22 hours layover (overnight) in PTY. Has anyone tried to transit longer than the 12 hours at PTY? If I’m staying in the international air side only, what problems could there be??

I called the Panama embassy (in a different country) and they said it maybe possible to make an exception and to email the consulate and they will research)

Can I transit in the US travelling from South Africa

I am a citizen of Haiti, currently working in South Africa. I have to travel to Port-au-Prince for family reason. Can I transit to the US? I have B1/B2 visa and will take a covid test prior departure.

Turkish transit visa on arrival

I’m flying from London to Mumbai in May, and then back from Kathmandu to London later in the month. On both journeys I have a short (1-2 hours) stop over in Istanbul. If everything works, I know I don’t need a transit visa because there isn’t time to leave the transit lounge at the airport.

However I’m concerned what happens if I miss my connection. Obviously as I have a through ticket the airline will get me on a later flight and that won’t significantly inconvenience my later plans. But on my outwards journey I’m on the last flight to Mumbai of the day, so if I miss it, I’ll have to spend the night in Istanbul. If that happens, I’d rather pay for cheap hotel than try to sleep in the airport. Is it possible to apply for a transit visa on arrival in those circumstances?

Edit: I’m flying on a British passport, and there are no obvious reasons why I would be refused a visa.

transit visas – Reliable options to travel back to Philippines from Chennai, India

I am currently in Chennai for a 1 week business trip. Yesterday was supposed to be my flight back to Manila (I am a Philippine passport holder). My Itinerary was:

(Indigo)Chennai -> Bangalore -> Dubai (Gulf Air) -> Bahrain -> Manila

However when getting my boarding pass, they said I cannot go because I am not holding Transit Visa for Dubai. Said it is their protocol and they also confirmed with their counterpart in Dubai.
I have all the booking details, negative PCR test result, no luggage. Now I am back in the hotel planning how to get back to PH.

Question now is:

  1. When booking for my next flight, which countries can I select for connecting flights which will not require transit visa?
  2. If I book with Emirates and supposed they can help me with getting the transit visa, how long will the processing take?

Additional info:
I booked this roundtrip flights with When going to India, I also had connecting flight through Dubai and I also don’t have transit visa at the time but I was able to move from Terminal 3 to Terminal 2. I read that having no luggage, you don’t need to go through immigration.

Seaman Schengen Transit visa is valid to go tour in Spain

Good day
Here I have one question with you guys. I am a seaman I mean working on a ship. So I have valid multiple c grade Transit Schengen visa from Spain that visa is one year validity . So now I am on work break .my next joining in the ship two month to go. So I would like to go for tour in Spain Madrid, is this visa eligible for me to go Spain for tour? There any problems….pls kindly answer me about this.enter image description here

transit – Do I need a covid-test when transiting in Germany?

I am a Czech resident, planning to travel from Tel-Aviv Israel to Prague, Czech republic via Frankfurt international airport. I was not able to understand if in this case I need to take a negative Covid test before boarding a plane from Tel-Aviv to Frankfurt?

Dominican Republic – Transit without visa

According to the Emirates Visa Requirement Tool:

TWOV (Transit Without Visa):
Passengers with a confirmed onward ticket for a flight to a third country on the same calendar day if the carrier coordinates the transit and takes full responsibility. They must stay in the international transit area of the airport and have documents required for the next destination.

If I have separate tickets OR part of the route is on a single ticket (let’s say the part to Dominican Republic but onwards is a separate ticket to Bahamas) under 24 hours (possible overnight), do you think they will allow it?

Also, does Dominican Republic have a eVISA? I checked wikipedia and it has eVISA for Sri Lankan nationals but I wasn’t able to find it.

schengen – What’s the process of transit these days in countries with a covid ban?

I am a Canadian-Hungarian dual citizen, residing in Canada. As such, I can enter Hungary at worst I will need to quarantine. The question is, should the need arise, how would travel happen? I mean, there are a few flights but there never was anything direct and given the state of affairs I would count myself lucky if I could get there in two transfers (I am aware of the YVR-AMS-BUD option but I don’t count on it). Now, how does that work? I guess if you never leave airside then there’s no problem but what if you want to sleep en route? To be more specific, let’s limit the question to Amsterdam and Frankfurt as those are the most likely. Can you enter as a citizen of an EU/Schengen country? If you enter do you quarantine — which would obviously make the stop not practical.

If it matters: the only possible reason I would risk such a trip would be if one of my parents were on their deathbed or passed. Not sure whether this creates a special case.

air travel – Mexico, Transit without Visa, does this count as double transit on stopover?

This is related to my last question:
Confused about this stop over – Turkish airlines – Istanbul (IST) to Cancun (CUN)

TK181 flight goes in a triangular pattern: Istanbul (IST) to Mexico City (MEX) to Cancun (CUN) to Istanbul (IST).

According to the emirates visa requirements tool, as a Sri Lankan national, I can transit through Mexico airside upto 24 hours without a VISA aslong as the onward flight is out of mexico. This doesn’t allow double transit.

Since my destination is Sri Lanka to Bahamas and part of the route is above (from Cancun, I will go to Nassau Bahamas), can I transit through Mexico without a VISA given the stopover of TK181 in Mexico city?