Less than 6 months of passport validity transit through Doha

Is it possible to transit through Doha Airport (without leaving the airport) with validity of less than 6 months on your passport? If entry is allowed at the destination location (Sydney)

reservations – Do I need a transit visa for a stopover in the Shengen area, I am a Cameroonian and permanent resident of Canada

Citizens of Cameroon generally do not need visas for airside transit to change planes in the Schengen area, as long as you do not need to go through them ;immigration.

However, if your airside transit is in France, Greece or Spain, these countries make require airside transit visas for Cameroonian citizens. If your transit is in one of these countries, your permanent residence in Canada should nevertheless exempt you from the visa requirement.

IP transit contacts

Hi everyone, I was wondering if any of you could help me here. Looking to get contacts for IP transit quotes from sales representatives who have been … | Read the rest of https://www.webhostingtalk.com/showthread.php?t=1802446&goto=newpost

British transit visa acceptance rate for Indians

I plan to transit by LHR en route to FRA (Frankfurt, Germany) from BOM (Mumbai, India). I am applying for a DATV for transit through LHR.

I was reading several articles online about transit via LHR and I read that most transit visa applications are rejected. Is it true?

(Before someone asks me, I would like to mention that I chose this route rather than Lufthansa because I had quite a few Avios).

Edit: I plan to travel towards the end of May. My Schengen visa has been approved.

I have an old crime conviction (1996) in Japan and I cannot visit: Can I transit there?

In 1996, I was sentenced for serious importation of 23 grams of jar. I served 23 days in prison and paid a fine of $ 11,000 and I had 30 to leave the country. In 2018, I tried to go back to China and Vietnam. I was detained at Narita Airport, held incommunicado for 18 hours and boarded the same plane as the one I returned to, in Portland, against my will.
I will never be able to visit Japan again. But, can I transit there, on the way to Hanoi, without being distracted and being sent back again.
We are scheduled to leave on April 15, so time is running out for this response.
Thanks for any help

Can I transfer a US transit visa to an online visit visa only without going to the US Consulate

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Transit via Mexico for the holder of an Salvadoran passport

I have to travel to El Salvador (SLV) from my country of residence (Austria). I live in Austria with a Niederlassungsbewilligung (Forscher) aka a researcher establishment permit. The flight is no problem but the return flight connects to Mexico City for 7 hours. I will have a ticket to continue and no checked baggage. Will i need a visa? I tried to call the Embassy of Mexico here but they do not answer their phone and it is rather urgent.

Customs and Immigration – Why are the entry / transit restrictions for the four countries most affected by COVID-19 inconsistent globally?

The four countries with the highest infection levels are China, Iran, South Korea and Italy. https://www.worldometer.info/coronavirus/#countries

Although many countries have introduced entry / transit restrictions for these four countries, not all have done so, and no restrictions have been consistently introduced among those who have . For example:

  • Canada has no restrictions other than the passengers who were on the cruise ship "Diamond Princess"

  • US has restrictions on China and Iran only

  • The UK, like many EU countries, has no restrictions.


What is the reason (s) for this seemingly erratic approach? The obvious answer is that each country is free to set its own restrictions, but it seems illogical and simplistic to me in the face of a global threat of such magnitude.

Edit: this question may be relevant for short-term travel, as new restrictions seem to be imposed without (much) warning

Transit visa to the United Kingdom for an Egyptian

I am Egyptian, I will travel to Ireland via London
Do i need a UK transit visa if i don't change the airport
I'm just going to change the terminal inside heathrow airport

Thank you

Can I transit through GRU Airport (Brazil) without a visa, if I have a single ticket without check-in luggage?

I am traveling from Addis Ababa to Paramaribo (Suriname) next month. I booked a ticket on kiwi.com from Addis Ababa to Suriname (single booking number) with Turkish airlines from Addis Ababa to Brazil (GRU) and from Brazil to Suriname with of GOL airlines.

  1. Can I get my boarding pass for my entire trip from Turkish airlines as they have a interlining agreement with GOL Airlines. I have already sent an email to Turkish airlines, but I have not yet responded.
  2. kiwi.com says: they do not support online check-in for this route. So how do I get my boarding pass back if Turkish airlines don't provide one.

Note: I have no check-in baggage and 3 hour layover at GRU airport.
Thank you