luggage – Checked baggage for domestic transit in China from an international flight

I plan to travel to Xiamen, China, from Berlin, Germany, and some flights stop in a Chinese city like Guangzhou or Beijing. In this case, do I have to pick up my luggage as soon as I arrive and re-register my luggage for the domestic flight to Xiamen?

Do I need a transit visa for Germany? I am an Indian citizen traveling from the United States to India via Frankfurt which is a stop. I am on student visa

I travel from Detroit to Frankfurt to Bangalore and return from Bangalore to Frankfurt to Detroit. I am under OPT and my VISA student dates back to 2021. My stopover in Frankfurt lasts respectively 6 hours and 2 hours (return). Do I need a transit visa?

transit – New international transfer from Istanbul airport with Turkish Airlines 1h 5 minutes is enough?

I hope to be able to get advice and consider booking a flight with Turkish airlines from London to Luxor, Egypt, with a transfer from the new airport of Istanbul. The duration of the transfer to the airport of Istanbul is only 1 hour and 5 minutes. Is it really enough time?
Has anyone ever experienced such a short transfer time in this new airport and performed his international connecting flight?
Is there a chance to get a buggy to drive us between the terminals, as this will be faster than on foot?

I will be very grateful for all the advice and experiences you can share with me.
thank you very much

Hong Kong transit visa

I am going from India to Japan. I have a visa for Japan. My flight is via Hong Kong.
The transit time is about 5 hours. Is it necessary to have a Hong Kong visa?

Transit in Amsterdam for 10 hours

I plan to go to Luxembourg via Amsterdam from Jakarta, Indonesia. I will use KLM, arrive in Amsterdam at 6am and leave for Luxembourg at 16h50. I have a valid Schengen visa. my questions are:

  • Is it possible for me to have a transit time outside the airport of Amsterdam to visit the city?
  • Do I have to pick up my luggage in Amsterdam or Luxembourg?

Is there a way to find out if I need a transit visa for Canada?

Here's a Canadian government website that will guide you through the steps you need to take to determine if you need a visa to visit Canada, either for transit or a longer visit.

You can enter your country of citizenship and any other information about your trip. It will tell you if you need a visa and what visa you need.

Some general rules:

  • If you do not need a visa to visit Canada, you do not need a visa to transit through Canada. This includes the citizens of the United States, the United Kingdom, the EU and many others. However, with the exception of US citizens, you almost certainly need an electronic travel authorization (ETA). You can apply for an ETA online. It's cheap and fast, but you have to do it in advance.
  • You can not stay more than 48 hours with a transit visa
  • The Visa Free Transit Program (TWOV) and the China Transit Program (CTP) allow certain foreign nationals to transit through Canada to and from the United States without a Canadian Transit Visa (or ETA) when traveling to Canada. they fulfill certain conditions.

You can apply for a transit visa by completing the temporary resident visa application and selecting the transit visa from the list of options on the form. You may not need a transit visa if you are traveling to or from the United States.

If you have doubts about your eligibility, you can contact the nearest Canadian Embassy by e-mail or otherwise.

Do I need a transit visa for Canada from the United States?

I want to know if I need a transit visa. I hold a US F1 visa and I stop over in Vancouver for 2 hours.

Transit of check-in luggage

On my return trip from the United States to India, I will fly from Oklahoma to Calcutta via Chicago and Abu Dhabi: Domestic flight OKC to ORD AA, ORD to AUH and AUH to CCU by Etihad.
Will my luggage be checked until the CCU while I check in at OKC?

Transit stay at Cotonou airport

Go to the ivory of Pakistan via the Turkish airline, have a visa for ivory, but during the transit time will take visa for Bennin also will also pay the departure fee to them on visas for transit

transit – Virgin Australia connecting Etihad to Sydney – is this transfer time possible?

You are probably good. From domestic to international, you do not need to re-check your bags. Upon arrival, simply head to Gate 46 for the Virgin Bus Transfer. In the international terminal, security and immigration in Sydney are generally quite efficient, with most passengers able to use autogates. On average, I have less than 10 minutes combined on my last six flights.

In addition, if Etihad / Virgin sold you this itinerary in one ticket, they would take responsibility and put you on the next flight if you missed the connection. However, if you have a separate connecting flight from Cairo, this is no longer their responsibility.

Finally, the connection in the other direction is narrower because the immigration on arrival is slower (although autogates help here too), you have to pick up the luggage, pass it to customs and then re-register it. However, there are also very frequent SYD-MEL flights, so missing one does not matter.